Can You Fit a Couch in an SUV? A Comprehensive Answer

Can you fit a couch in an SUV? Yes, you can, but it depends on the type and size of the couch and your SUV model. In cases when you need to move your couch but you don’t have a pickup truck, you may wonder if using an SUV may be your best option.

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Here, you’ll find out what couches can fit in what SUVs and alternative ways to move your couch if using an SUV won’t work.

Is It Possible To Fit a Couch in Your SUV?

Yes, it is possible to fit a couch in your SUV, depending on the SUV’s cargo capacity and the size of the couch. Many SUVs can accommodate items as long as 100 inches, with a maximum of 60 inches wide and about 40 inches high.

This cargo capacity is typically sufficient to transport couches and loveseats. If your SUV has a rear hatch that opens up, transporting longer items like couches becomes feasible. You can do that by securing them with straps and driving cautiously to your destination.

Cargo Capacity in SUVs

To determine how a couch can fit inside an SUV, it’s crucial to consider the specific type of SUV you have. You must know whether its cargo capacity is suitable for the couch you intend to transport. SUVs differ in cargo-carrying capabilities, and noticeable disparities exist between various SUV models created by different automakers.

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SUVs are typically categorized into compact, midsize, and full-size. Each of these categories offers distinct cargo space dimensions.

Compact SUVs

These are the smallest SUVs category available, typically offering seating for up to five passengers. They typically provide a cargo capacity ranging from 12 to 20 cubic feet with the seats in an upright position.

The capacity increases to 30 to 50 cubic feet when the seats are folded down. They are generally unsuitable for accommodating a full-sized couch, but a small loveseat could fit if the seats are folded down.

Midsize SUVs

Medium-sized SUVs, larger than compact SUVs, typically offer seating for around seven passengers. They generally provide a cargo capacity ranging from 20 to 30 cubic feet with the seats upright and 60 to 80 cubic feet when the seats are folded down.

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This indicates that it’s usually possible to accommodate a couch in such SUVs. But it would require folding down the backseats to make sufficient space.

Full-Size SUVs

This is the largest category among SUVs, typically offering seating for up to eight passengers. They generally provide a cargo capacity ranging from 30 to 40 cubic feet with the seats upright and a spacious 100 to 120 cubic feet when the seats are folded down. This ample cargo space makes it possible to transport a couch easily.

How Can You Fit Your Couch in Your SUV?

You can fit your couch in your SUV by folding the backseat to accommodate the length of the couch. You may require an additional space of two to three feet in front of the couch. This will ensure efficient loading and unloading.

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Couches vary in size, with the average length typically around 84 inches, width ranging from 32 to 40 inches, and a typical height of about 36 inches. As a result, most couches will only easily fit into a standard SUV if it’s a large one or if you remove the legs.

When searching for an SUV to transport a couch, it’s advisable to look for a model with a headroom exceeding 34 inches, which is the standard height of most couches.

The general rule of thumb is that some crossover SUVs can accommodate single-seat couches. Midsize SUVs should generally be able to accommodate two-seat couches, and some may even accommodate three-seat couches, given their decent cargo space.

Full-size SUVs are almost sure to fit three-seat couches, and huge full-size SUVs may even have room for four-seat couches.

What Is the Largest Couch Size You Can Fit in an SUV?

The largest couch size you can fit in an SUV is a couch with four seats, typically around 117 inches wide (2972 mm). Couches with five seats or more, typically spanning 144 inches in width (3658 mm), won’t comfortably fit in any SUV.

Thus, we’re primarily considering couches with one to four seats. You might be wondering how a four-seat couch can be fitted into an SUV. The technique involves placing one side of the couch closer to the front row’s right side and the other side in the left corner near the trunk.

This method may accommodate a four-seat couch in some of the most spacious full-size SUVs. They include the Ford Expedition Max, Jeep Grand Wagoneer L, or Cadillac Escalade ESV.

For three-seat couches, any full-size SUV should suffice. For those with slightly smaller cargo space, you can apply the same technique for four-seat couches. One and two-seat couches should easily fit into almost any SUV, including crossover SUVs.

How Can You Increase Your SUV’s Cargo Capacity To Fit an SUV?

You can increase your SUV’s cargo capacity to fit an SUV by following some simple steps. This may include using a hitch-mounted cargo carrier, a roof rack or a trailer. All these are aimed at improving the limited capacity of your SUV.

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  • Use a cargo carrier: A hitch-mounted cargo carrier offers a convenient solution for expanding your SUV’s storage capacity. It easily connects to the rear hitch of your vehicle and provides an efficient means of transporting larger items like furniture, luggage, or sports equipment.
  • Install a roof rack: Adding a roof rack to your SUV is a valuable method for expanding its cargo capacity. These racks securely fasten to the roof of your vehicle and enable you to transport bulkier items like kayaks, bikes, or luggage. Roof racks are typically constructed from aluminum or steel and are readily available at many auto parts stores.
  • Use a trailer: When moving substantial items like couches or furniture, using a trailer might be necessary. Trailers are available in various sizes and are typically available for rent at many hardware stores. This provides a practical solution for transporting sizeable items when your SUV lacks the required space.

What To Do if the Couch Doesn’t Fit Any SUV

SUVs are designed for passenger transport, making them a less preferable choice for transporting larger items like couches. If your SUV can’t accommodate your couch, attempting to force it may result in damage to both your couch and your vehicle. Instead, consider one of these alternative solutions:

Ask a Friend

Do you have a friend with a truck that you could borrow for moving your couch? If so, consider asking for their assistance and make sure to reciprocate when they need help with large items. If you secure a truck, remember to properly secure the seater couch to prevent any damage to either the couch or the truck during transit.

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If a truck isn’t available, check if your friends have a trailer. Ensure your SUV has a towing hitch and can tow the trailer if you decide to go this route.

Rent a U-Haul

If a U-Haul rental service is nearby, you can consider renting a truck for the day. This is a convenient choice, especially if your couch relocation is for a short distance.

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You might also use the rental truck to transport the rest of your furniture and possessions. This saves you from the hassle of multiple trips.

Use a Moving Company

If you prefer not to handle the couch move on your own, you can opt to hire a professional moving company. They come equipped with the necessary tools to ensure secure couch transport, and they’re typically insured to cover any potential damage.

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Like the U-Haul option, you can take advantage of their services to move the rest of your possessions and avoid making multiple trips. This becomes particularly beneficial when dealing with long-distance moves. They can transport both your couch and other items in their truck.

Sell the Couch

Consider the current state of your couch. If it’s still in good condition, you can sell it and purchase a new one for your new residence with the proceeds.

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You can list it online  for sale or host a garage sale. While this is a last resort choice, it’s preferable to leaving your couch behind.


Can You Strap Your Couch on Your SUV?

Yes, some experts suggest that you can strap a small couch on your SUV. If you decide to consider this option, the first step is to place blankets on the car’s roof. Subsequently, get assistance from at least one person to lift the sofa onto the car’s roof safely.

What SUVs Offer the Best Cargo Space?

The SUVs that offer the best cargo space include the Ford Expedition and the Chevrolet Tahoe. These are full-sized SUVs that are ideal for transporting large items, including couches. However, Toyota RAV-4 and Honda CR-V are great options for drivers looking for smaller SUVs with ample cargo space.

Do SUVs Have More Cargo Space Than Minivans?

SUVs generally offer more cargo space than minivans. This is because SUVs are larger vehicles and provide more storage space in the rear. Nevertheless, compact SUV models like the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 offer cargo space similar to that of a minivan.

When choosing between an SUV and a minivan, it’s essential to assess your specific requirements. If you prioritize increased cargo space, an SUV would be the most suitable choice.

Should You Remove Your Couch’s Legs To Help It Fit in an SUV?

Yes, you can remove your couch’s legs to help it fit in an SUV in most cases. You can do this by unscrewing them from the bottom of your couch. However, there are couches that may be too heavy or large to enable the removal of their legs.

Will a Loveseat Fit in an SUV?

Yes, a loveseat will fit in an SUV. Loveseats ate often between 48 to 70 inches wide. Therefore, most mid-size SUVs will accommodate a loveseat effectively. If you’re moving a loveseat and you have an SUV, you don’t have a problem.


As you have learned in this article, you can fit a couch in an SUV, provided you take the necessary measurements and account for the vehicle’s size. Here are the essential take-homes from the article:

  • Most SUVs typically offer a cargo capacity ranging from 80 to 100 cubic feet, which is generally sufficient for accommodating a couch or loveseat.
  • You might need to disassemble the furniture by removing its legs or folding down the backseats to make them fit inside your SUV.
  • There are methods to expand your SUV’s cargo space, such as utilizing a hitch-mounted cargo carrier or installing a roof rack.
  • In case you need to transport a large couch that doesn’t fit, using a trailer can be a viable solution. You can also ask for a friend’s trailer or hire a professional moving company.

It’s always a good practice to take precise measurements of your SUV’s cargo area and compare them to the dimensions of the couch you intend to transport. This is essential because couches come in various designs, and the one you have might have unique measurements that differ from standard dimensions.

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