Best 93 Octane Gas: Where Can You Buy This Premium Gas?

Best 93 octane gas is something that many car owners wonder where they can buy, because of the benefits they might have heard. 93 octane gas is said to prevent your engine from building up deposits and getting damaged quickly.

What Is The Best Ninety Three Octane Gas

You won’t see your gas meter empty when you’re using this high-octane gas, but you have to consider how much you’ll be spending just for gas. Let’s take a closer look at where you can buy this precious gas.

What Retailers Sell The Best 93 Octane Gas?

The retailers that sell the best 93 octane gas include top companies like Shell, Exxon, Costco, Chevron and Sinclair. You might have heard of Top Tier gas stations, which provide premium 93 octane gas located in the United States. You can check them out for your 93 octane gas.

Buying 93 octane gas seems like a good idea at first, especially with its great benefits. For instance, it does not give off a lot of emissions and the additives it is made with reduces the deposits in your car.

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It even gets better, as 93 octane gas reduces the deposits in your engine and stops the parts from corroding over time. You can save gas while driving, and even start your car despite all the snow. As for the downsides, we’ll cover that later. For now, here are the best retailers to buy 93 octane gas.


At the top of our list is Chevron, a reliable place where you can buy 93 octane gas on our list. The Top Tier station has gas that comes with different additives, unlike Shell that only puts additives in the premium options. Keep in mind that while Chevron has 93 octane gas, it’s scarce.

Luckily, you can find 91 and 93 octane gas at a lot of Chevron stations. There’s a good chance that there’s a station close to you, since the country has over 7000 of them. The state of California has 1,846 Chevron stations, so you’re in luck if this is where you live. Chevron was founded in 1879, so it is one of the long-lasting gas retailers in the US.


Shell Gasoline is another reliable option, which is a certified Top Tier station that provides top performance and clean engines. The Shell V-Power gas has 93 octane, and will protect your car against deposits, corrosion, wear and friction. Every car owner in the USA knows Shell, as it has been operating since the early 1900s.

If you’re looking to buy 93 octane gas, there is likely a reliable Shell gas station close to you. Simply look out for the stations with the icon of two turtles, and ask for their 93 octane gas. The Shell gas comes with nitrogen-rich additives which prevent deposits from gathering in the engine and pipes of your car.


Exxon is a pretty famous fuel brand, so it’s not surprising that you can buy octane 93 gas here. The Exxon 93 gas is called the Synergy Supreme Premium and comes with octane from 91 to 93. While Exxon sells its Synergy Supreme with an octane level of 93, some parts of the US blend it, which can reduce the octane level to 91 or 92.

Luckily, there are over 12,000 Exxon and Mobil gas stations in the United States offering easy access to car owners. Exxon also has some of the best prices for premium fuel in the United States, so they come with different types of pumps and stations.


Sinclair is also a renowned Top Tier station that offers octane 93 gas. The Top Tier gasoline is top quality for your car, but the company does not have as many gas stations in the United States as other gas companies.

Sinclair offers over 1,600 independent stations in the United States, spanning 30 states. You can easily identify their stations by the dinosaur logo and purchase your octane-93 gas. When buying gas from them, you can stack up points in the rewards program.


You can also purchase the best octane 93 gas from Costco stations around the United States. Costco gas is a Top Tier gasoline with an octane rating of 93. There is also gas with 87 and 91 octane levels available. Costco fuel is gotten from various refineries.

There aren’t a lot of Costco locations in the United States, about 600, so it might be hard to find one in your city. You can also get a Costco membership for better value when purchasing gas. You can easily find the stations near Costco warehouse club stores, and it is typically open round the clock.

What Does 93 Octane Gas Mean?

93 octane gas means gasoline with high octane levels, also known as premium. Since the gas is mixed with oxygenates, it has a better air quality. 93 octane gas will protect your engine from knocking and is considered better than regular unleaded gas.

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Octane 93 gasoline is the highest octane gas that you can purchase in the United States, and it is also called premium fuel. The octane level determines the quality of the gas, as the higher it is, the more quality your car would enjoy.

What is Different About 93 Octane Gas from Other Types of Gas?

What’s different about 93 octane gas different from other types of gas are higher additives and octane levels. Standard gas usually has an octane rating of 87, while topnotch gas is 91 to 93. The additives in the 93-octane gas would clean the engine and prevent deposits.

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Octane 93 gas is a quality gas, which makes it more expensive than standard gasoline. It can cost up to 50 cents per gallon higher than normal gas. In some states, it can also cost over 70 cents more than regular unleaded gas. But the price is worth it for the quality of your engine. This gas would help you save money on engine maintenance.

What Are the Downsides of Using 93 Octane Gas?

The downsides of using 93 octane gas include the high price and the lack of availability. High-octane gas costs more, which would add to maintenance costs. Also, not all stations have 93 octane gas, so you would have to go far to find it.

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It’s not a good choice if you urgently need gas as it costs more and you would have to look for a station that offers it. If your car is designed to run on 87-octane gas, there’s no point buying the 93 octane gas.  It won’t make a difference to your car or the engine, so check your specifications or contact the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 93 Octane or 87 Octane Ethanol-Free Fuel Best for Older Vehicles?

93-octane fuel is best for an older vehicle if the vehicle has a compression ratio that is designed to use the fuel. Consider using ethanol-free fuel if your car’s engine comes with a carburetor and not a fuel injection system.

Can the Engine Get Damaged by High Octane Gas?

No, the engine cannot get damaged by high octane gas; even if your engine requires an 87 octane level but you use 93 octane gas, there won’t be any damage. Instead, you would expect some benefits like lower deposits and higher gas economy.

Is Cummins Gasoline Company Associated with the Production of 93 Octane Gas?

The cummins ownership analysis does not indicate any association between Cummins Gasoline Company and the production of 93 octane gas. It is essential to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if Cummins Gasoline Company is involved in the production of this specific fuel type.


If you’re interested in the best 93-octane gas, you can purchase it at the Top Tier stations. Here’s a rundown of our article on this gas:

  • The places you can get the best 93-octane gas include Shell, Chevron, Costco, Exxon, and Sinclair.
  • 93 octane gas has better quality because it is mixed with oxygenates.
  • Octane gas with a 93 level is different from other types of gas due to its additives and higher octane, but it is also more expensive.

Whenever you’re on the road, you can look out for the stations selling the best 93-octane gasoline and protect your car. But, check if it is necessary for your car so you don’t waste time and money.


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