Problems After Using Cataclean: Everything You Need to Know

Problems after using Cataclean may put car engines at risk of getting damaged. The renowned engine-supporting Cataclean can be the fuel system’s destined soulmate to improve its overall performance. Although Cataclean will increase your engine power and provide good gas mileage over time, it will also result in some unexpected issues.

What Are the Problems After Using Cataclean



This complete guide will help you explore all the problems with using Cataclean on your engine.

What Are the Problems After Using Cataclean? 

The problems after using Cataclean may include wearing out of the engine, issues with the catalytic converter, issues with the exhaust system, damage to the oxygen sensor, clogging of fuel injection, smoking, and potential car damage. Take note that it is not a guarantee you will experience these problems.

Products containing Cataclean are very effective, and they deliver their functions quite well. However, using them in excess can cause several problems. These are some of the problems that can occur when you use Cataclean in your car for a long time:

– Wearing Out of Engine

One of the problems that can come up after using Cataclean is the rapid wearing out of your car’s engine part. Some of these parts play a very important role in the operation of any vehicle, and examples of these parts are fuel injectors, turbochargers, and catalytic converters.

Wearing Out of Engine

If any of these parts get damaged due to using this chemical, your vehicle’s performance will significantly be reduced, and it might even need a significant amount of repair work or a whole new engine. You should also know that Cataclean fuel additives can also harm your engine. 

It can reduce the performance of the engine or damage it if not dealt with immediately. If this is not fixed immediately, the performance will be reduced, or the machine itself may even be harmed. Some people believe this problem should be considered only when it involves fake Cataclean. However, it should be taken seriously when any Cataclean is used.

– Issues With the Catalytic Converter 

There could be serious repercussions if your catalytic converter fails. As opposed to the typical muffler or exhaust, a catalytic converter purifies the exhaust from your car before it leaves the engine and is released into the atmosphere.

However, when fuel additives like Cataclean cause damage to the catalytic converter, it loses its ability to operate correctly. Harmful gasses like carbon monoxide (CO) will not be removed when it occurs. Instead, they will be discharged into the atmosphere.

– Issues With the Exhaust System

You can clean up your fuel system and increase your vehicle’s mileage using Cataclean. Unfortunately, even though many people have tried and praised this product, it can negatively affect your car’s exhaust system.

Cataclean products frequently include chemicals that are injected into the gasoline tank, such as detergents, surfactants, and alcohol, to help dissolve deposits that have accumulated in the engine. Although these compounds are helpful for cleaning engine components, they can cause sensors that control the operation of your car’s pollution control system to malfunction.

– Damage to Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor keeps track of the amount of oxygen in your car’s exhaust emissions. Some issues might develop if your car’s sensor stops working. Your vehicle won’t operate effectively and it will consume more gas than it should.

The engine might not function properly if you drive at low speeds, and this can cause stalling or prolonged idling. The most common reason your Check Engine Light turns on is that there’s a problem with one of your exhaust systems.

It is important to always regularly run the OBD II diagnostic tests on your car’s sensor after using the Cataclean fuel additive to avoid these issues.

– Clogging of Fuel Injection

Despite the fact that Cataclean is a strong cleaner with the ability to remove engine residues, it has a history of causing fuel injector problems. Fuel injectors play a vital role in the performance of your car. Thus, they must be managed carefully.

Unfortunately, Cataclean’s chemicals have the potential to affect these delicate parts, resulting in decreased fuel economy or possible engine failure.

– Smoking 

There are various reasons your car might catch fire after using Cataclean. It is better to inspect the exhaust system first. A lot of smoke can come from the exhaust or muffler area. If the catalytic converter or sensor fails, your car will run poorly and use more fuel.

If your cylinder head or engine block isn’t receiving enough oxygen, carbon deposit can also cause smoke to come from your exhaust. These deposits build up to such a thickness that they block airflow through the valves and pistons, which can result in engine failure.

– Potential Car Damage

Although Cataclean is designed to improve vehicle efficiency, it can occasionally harm cars. Inappropriate use is one of the most frequent causes of Cataclean after-use problems. You may need to check the system’s condition before using Cataclean on your diesel engine or fuel system because it can put the car’s fuel tank in a terrible situation.

This product contains chemical components, especially acetone. Despite its effective cleaning capabilities, it can damage the catalytic converter. The other chemical solvents can dissolve metal, varnish, or plastic. As a result, they might damage the vehicle’s engine as well.

How Do You Fix Issues Following Cataclean Use?

To fix issues following Cataclean use, you can try draining the fuel system, using a fuel injector cleaner, getting a fuel filter, removing all traces of Cataclean, choosing the correct variant of the product, and doing some research. These are some effective fixes for the problem.

You have several options for resolving issues that arise after using the Cataclean fuel additive. They Include:

– Drain the Fuel System

While you look into the cause of the issue, it would be wise to remove the Cataclean additive if it is still unclear what is wrong. Some automobiles’ gasoline pumps and injectors have been known to malfunction while using Cataclean. Draining your fuel system will help you clear everything that is obstructing it.

– Use a Fuel Injector Cleaner

A fuel injector cleaner helps to clean your car injectors and engine, although it doesn’t work the same way every time. Consider using a fuel injector cleaner after using Cataclean liquid. They can work wonderfully to remove any residue that has built up in your engine. It is advisable to only use a fuel system cleanser that is appropriate for your gasoline, engine, and vehicle.

– Get a Fuel Filter

After using Cataclean on your engine, consider getting a fuel filter. If, after doing this, there’s still no improvement, then it’s time to consider getting your car seriously repaired.

Get a Fuel Filter

– Remove All Traces of Cataclean

Any damaged or destroyed parts by this chemical should be replaced. These can include fuel injectors, catalytic converters, sensors, exhaust system components, and filters.

– Choose the Correct Variant

There are two sizes of bottles available when buying Cataclean Liquid Science for your car. They include bottles smaller than 450 milliliters or bigger than 150 milliliters. You can choose any variant that suits you. Add the bottle’s contents to a gas tank that is only 1/4 full and normally drive for about 10 to 15 minutes and you’re good to go.

– Conduct Research

You may have seen commercials for gasoline additives that promise to improve your car’s performance or fuel efficiency. Fuel additives are substances added to gasoline or diesel fuel to improve engine performance. While others promise to improve your gas mileage, some guarantee cleaning your engine. There are extra additives that do nothing more than stabilize the gasoline, slowing down its deterioration.

Even though most of the industry’s top manufacturers permit the usage of different gasoline additives, it is essential to read your owner’s manual before using any product on your car. Certain extras could damage the fuel or engine if they are incompatible with your vehicle.

Why Does the Use of Cataclean Cause Problems?

The use of Cataclean can sometimes cause problems because of incorrect usage, which is the primary cause of after-use issues. You can forget to examine the system’s condition before using it on your engine or fuel system, and this causes the car’s gas tank to be in bad shape.

Another major issue with this product is using the incorrect ratio of Cataclean to fuel.

– How It Works

How does Cataclean work? Cataclean is a special chemical used in unclogging fuel injectors. Thanks to its original status and advantages, the brand formerly firmly asserted that Cataclean could optimally maintain and repair your complete fuel system. It could also maximize fuel economy and eliminate up to 60 percent of hydrocarbon emissions to the environment. 

Additionally, the fluid revitalizes and maintains the overall engine performance over time. A 12-year independent testing has proven that this fuel cleaner is quite popular and is one of the best auto products available for fuel system issues. In other words, Cataclean also performs the function of a simple catalytic converter cleaner

The science behind developing this liquid is for gasoline engines to clean the catalytic converter. As the system operates continually and uncontrollably, carbon deposits will unavoidably accumulate in the fuel system over time. This accumulation inhibits exhaust flow, which lowers engine efficiency and performance.

Cataclean consists of different chemical components and solvents. This component works differently, and they include:

  • These components help clear the clogging present in the catalytic converter.
  • They remove the impurities in the exhaust system.
  • This product might not be an alternative to fuel in the tank, but it can be added to diesel or petrol.
  • Cataclean and other fuel additives help to reduce the accumulation of carbon in your fuel system.
  • This liquid contains acetone, which helps boost the efficiency of the internal combustion engine.
  • This liquid enhances internal combustion engineering efficiency thanks to its acetone component.

– Cataclean Usage 

Cataclean is very easy to use. All you have to do is just use it on your gas tank before filling it up. It is compatible with all types of fuel, including ethanol blends. Cataclean should be applied every 3,000 miles or as needed for best results. Diesel and turbocharged engines are both safe to use. 

Cataclean Usage

To effectively and correctly use Cataclean, you must adhere to a detailed procedure. The top of the bottle’s stopper or seal needs to be removed. Add the necessary fuel to half of the gas tank.

Drive for around 15 minutes after that, and this process will enhance the penetration of Cataclean into your car’s components. Lastly, Increase the amount of driving distance. The cleaner increases the temperature to make it simpler to remove the impurities from the catalytic converter.

– Effectivity

Your car’s sensor, catalytic converter, cylinder head, and fuel injectors are just a few components that require the proper cleaning solution to be effective and efficient.

The carefully prepared catalytic converter cleaners are very efficient. Product reviews can be found online, especially on YouTube. This suggests that Cataclean is quite effective at maintaining and cleaning your car’s engine.

Your vehicle will operate more efficiently and simply if the catalytic converter is cleaned, preventing any issues with emissions. However, only some catalytic converter issues can be fixed using cleansers. You should consider replacing the catalytic converter, especially if it’s blocked with carbon.

What Are the Benefits of Cataclean?

The benefits of Cataclean include eliminating foul odors from the engine of your vehicle, keeping your engine safe, boosting engine power, its low cost, and the good it does for the fuel system. Here are some of the advantages of using Cataclean for your engine:

– Eliminates Foul Odor From Engine 

With time, the catalytic converter in some engines begins to smell like rotten eggs, and catalytic cleaners will effectively eliminate unpleasant odors. Using Cataclean has proven to be effective in removing these foul odors.

– Keeps Your Engine Safe 

Keeping your engine’s catalytic converter in good condition ensures that it receives the correct fuel and produces a clean exhaust stream. You get reduced maintenance requirements and cleaner, more effective engines.

Keeps Your Engine Safe

– Boosts Engine Power

Your engine performance may reduce drastically, especially if your catalytic converter is clogged. However, you might only need a catalytic converter cleaner to get back to full power without getting out the wrench.

– Its Low Cost 

Routine cleaning improves the MPG of your automobile, which also prolongs the life of a catalytic converter. It costs about $100 to repair any of these if they get broken, so continually maintaining it with Cataclean is sure to save you some bucks.

– Good for Fuel System

Cataclean solvents and carefully prepared chemicals remove deposits from the catalytic converter with only one application. As a result, it improves performance, efficiency and emissions, and reduces expenses. Cataclean is not only meant to be used with gasoline-powered cars; you can also use it in diesel and hybrid automobiles. To lower particle emissions and postpone the requirement for DPF repairs, Cataclean Diesel for diesel offers the same cleaning effect on the diesel particulate filter and catalytic converter.

There are also products for motorcycles where torque, braking horsepower, and throttle response get better after just one use. Based on research, you should see an improvement in how your automobile runs after using this product for around three weeks. Cataclean application is an easy process, but you’ll not achieve the desired result if you do not adequately adhere to the directions. You should pour half a bottle into the fuel tank, and it shouldn’t be too challenging to set up everything before refueling at the pump station, as it takes less than five minutes per tank.

Cataclean can also clean fuel injectors and the entire fuel system can be cleaned using Cataclean. You can also use it to clean the system by running it through the exhaust system.  The product performs excellently on antique cars sitting idle for years. Imagine you own a vintage car or motorcycle that hasn’t been driven in many years. In that case, the fuel additive Cataclean may be exactly what you need to thoroughly clean your entire vehicle and keep it in good working condition.


1. Can You Use Cataclean on a Full Tank of Gas? 

No, it is not recommended to use Cataclean on a full tank of gas. Adding fuel additives to the fuel tank is ineffective, so if you use it on a full tank, it reduces the vehicle’s efficiency. It also develops an ignitable engine system when you accelerate your car.

After using Cataclean, you need to start your engine and drive far before you can start seeing changes in how it performs. The gasoline combination in the fuel tank and Cataclean converter cleanser combine to create a cleaning solution. This explains why you should only use Cataclean in a partially filled tank. 

It is important that the solution applied to your gas is roughly at the prescribed volume before you begin cleaning. Do not make the mistake of adding Cataclean to a full tank. The suggested level is a third or quarter of a tank of gas.

2. How Often Should You Use Cataclean?

You should use Cataclean cleaners around four times a year. If you use cleansers frequently, you can stop the excessive buildup of carbon particles in your converter before it worsens. Make sure to use the correct amount of Cataclean and follow the instructions on the label.

If you’ve read any catalytic converter reviews in print or online, you could have come across remarks from folks who were duped by cleaning scams. However, it will take more than a bottle of detergent to finish the job and get your automobile operating smoothly, so don’t be deceived.


Answers to every question you have regarding Cataclean have been provided in this detailed article. Let’s have a quick rundown of some of the important points.

  • Products containing Cataclean are very effective, and they deliver their functions quite well. However, using them in excess can cause several problems.
  • Cataclean products frequently include chemicals that are injected into the gasoline tank, such as detergents, surfactants, and alcohol, to help dissolve deposits that have accumulated in the engine. 
  • Problems after using Cataclean include the rapid wearing out of your car’s engine parts.
  • Although these compounds are helpful for cleaning engine components, they can cause sensors that control the operation of your car’s pollution control system to malfunction.
  • Cataclean is very easy to use. All you have to do is just use it on your gas tank before filling it up. It is compatible with all types of fuel, including ethanol blends.

Cataclean is a good fuel additive that protects and boosts your engine. However, issues can arise if you don’t know the right way to use it, so go through this article to know how to avoid these common problems.

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