AAA Disproportionate Use of Services: Examining the Impact on Auto Clubs

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has been synonymous with roadside assistance and automotive peace of mind for motorists across the United States for over a century. With different membership tiers such as the basic, Plus, and Premier options, AAA aims to cater to a wide array of needs and preferences for its members. The Plus membership offers extended towing distances and the Premier membership includes additional perks like one car rental per year. These services are invaluable when we are stranded or in need of roadside help.

Various services being unequally distributed, with some areas receiving more than others

However, AAA may consider a member’s usage excessive if it is significantly above the average usage patterns. This causes the organization to re-evaluate the provision of services to certain members. Excessive use can lead to additional surcharges, limitations on service, or in some cases, cancellation of membership. It’s crucial for us, as AAA members, to understand the scope of services provided and to use them judiciously to avoid any potential downgrades or discontinuation of our membership.

Our reliance on AAA services, while pivotal in emergency situations, must be balanced with the understanding that the membership is designed to cover unforeseen circumstances, not routine vehicle maintenance or recurring issues. Being aware of our service usage and how it compares to normal member utilization helps maintain the benefits of AAA memberships, ensuring roadside help remains available when it’s most critically needed.

AAA Membership Levels and Benefits

When considering AAA membership, it’s essential to understand the different levels available—Classic, Plus, and Premier—that cater to various needs and preferences. Each tier offers distinct benefits, from roadside assistance to travel discounts and more.

Classic Membership

  • Roadside Assistance: Service includes up to 5 miles of towing.
  • Battery Service: Jumpstarts are provided if your car battery fails.
  • Lockout Service: Up to $50 towards locksmith services if you’re locked out.
  • Automotive Discounts: Savings on repairs with participating providers.
  • Travel Booking: Access exclusive travel benefits and discounts.

Plus Membership

  • Extended Roadside Assistance: Towing service extends up to 100 miles.
  • Free Fuel & Delivery: Free delivery and enough fuel to get to the nearest station if you run out of gas.
  • Increased Lockout Coverage: Up to $100 locksmith reimbursement.
  • Extrication/Winching Service: One driver and vehicle covered if stuck.
  • Plus-exclusive Discounts: Enhanced discounts on AAA services and partners’ offerings.

Premier Membership

  • Maximum Roadside Assistance: Up to 200 miles of towing and one tow up to 100 miles each membership year.
  • Home Lockout Service: Locksmith reimbursement extends to your home.
  • Complimentary Rental Car: One free rental car day with a tow.
  • Travel Interruption Protection: Trip interruption benefits if your travel is delayed due to vehicle issues.
  • Premier-exclusive Discounts: Highest level of savings with AAA and partnered companies.

Roadside Assistance and Related Services

We understand the critical nature of prompt and efficient roadside assistance, which encompasses a range of services to address common vehicular issues that can leave drivers stranded. These services typically include towing, locksmith aid, battery and fuel solutions, winching, and support with car rentals when your vehicle is immobilized.

Towing and Locksmith Services

When a vehicle requires to be towed, we ensure rapid response to move your car to a safe location or repair facility. Our locksmith services come in handy if you’re locked out of your vehicle, providing skilled technicians to resolve the issue without damaging your car.

Fuel Delivery and Battery Service

If you run out of fuel, our fuel delivery service can provide you with enough gasoline to reach the nearest gas station. A dead battery is no problem either; our mobile battery service is equipped to jump-start or replace your car’s battery on the spot.

Winching and Car Rental Solutions

In situations where your vehicle is stuck, winching services are invaluable to safely extract it from mud, snow, or a ditch. Should your car be inoperable for an extended period, we can facilitate rental car arrangements to ensure you remain mobile while your vehicle is under repair.

Membership Policies

As members of AAA, we must be familiar with the specific terms and conditions of our membership, understand the fees and charges associated with our services, and know the policies regarding cancellation and refunds.

Terms and Conditions

Our Membership Agreement: We are bound by the terms agreed upon at the time of membership activation. These terms include the scope of roadside assistance services (ERS) and the limitations on their usage.

The terms and conditions of our membership explicitly cover the frequency and nature of ERS calls. If service calls exceed the standard number normally expected for the average member, additional costs may occur, or service levels may adjust to reflect usage.

Fees and Charges

Service Standard Fee Additional Charges (if applicable)
Roadside Assistance Included with Membership Surcharges for Excessive Use
Battery Service Varies by Location Potential Cost for Replacement

We incur fees and charges based on the services we use. While many services like roadside assistance are included with our membership, repeated or excessive use could lead to additional charges.

Cancellation and Refunds

⚠️ Important:

Our membership may be subject to cancellation if we violate the terms and conditions, especially in the case of disproportionate use of services.

If our membership is canceled, we’re typically entitled to a pro-rata refund of dues paid, excluding any fees or discounts received. Contacting membership services directly will provide us with details specific to our account and any applicable refunds.

Additional AAA Member Services

Beyond roadside assistance, AAA offers a diverse range of services that cater to the various needs of our members. From valuable insurance policies and warranties to exclusive travel deals and partnerships, we ensure that our members have access to benefits that can save them money and provide additional peace of mind.

Insurance and Warranty Offers

We provide a variety of insurance policies and warranties designed to offer protection for our members’ vehicles, homes, and more. Members can expect comprehensive coverage options that suit individual requirements, with the added convenience of managing policies through AAA.

  • Auto Insurance: Tailored coverage for cars, motorcycles, and boats.
  • Home Insurance: Protects homes and rental properties.
  • Life Insurance: Offers financial protection for families.
  • Warranties: Extended warranties and service contracts for vehicle repairs.

Travel and Concierge Services

Taking a trip with AAA not only means top-notch concierge services but also specialized guidance from our seasoned travel advisors. Our services simplify travel planning while also providing valuable insights and resources.

  • Itineraries: Customizable travel plans.
  • Guidance: Detailed destination information.
  • Discounts: Slashed prices on hotels, cruises, and car rentals.

Exclusive Savings and Partnerships

AAA members have access to a wealth of savings and exclusive partnerships.
  • Hertz: Discounted vehicle rentals for members.
  • UPS: Exclusive deals on shipping and services.
  • Fuel Rewards: Save on fuel at participating gas stations.
  • Retailers: Discounts at partner retail stores and online shopping.
Partnership Service Benefit
Hertz Car Rentals Exclusive discounts
UPS Shipping & Services Special Member rates
Fuel Rewards Fuel Per-gallon savings
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