2005 Acura TL Oil Reset: A Simple and Quick Procedure

The “2005 Acura TL oil reset” procedure is straightforward regardless of how much you know about cars. Begin by turning on the ignition but don’t start the engine; hit the arrow controls on the dashboard over and over until the “Oil Life” percentage sub-menu appears on display, hold the “Select/Reset” button for 10 seconds, the choose the “OK” option to complete the light reset procedure. 2005 Acura TL Oil Reset We have explained the steps in detail below. Also, we have discussed answers to important questions you don’t want to miss in our FAQs section.

How To Reset the Maintenance Reminder on an Acura TL 2005?

To reset the maintenance reminder on an Acura TL 2005, turn the vehicle to the “ON-RUN” mode. Press the arrow buttons on the right-hand side of the dashboard repeatedly until oil life appears on display. Next, hold the “Select/Reset” button for 10 seconds then choose “OK” to reset. Your Acura TL’s maintenance minder automatically adjusts the vehicle’s servicing intervals based on your driving conditions, average speed, ambient temperature, and other factors. In addition to the engine oil change, routine maintenance may cover other fundamental services like fuel filter change, an inspection of the brake lines, cabin air filters, hoses, seals, drive axle boots, and brake pads. The oil life of a typical engine is between 3,000 to 7,500 miles. Once you have done the necessary servicing, you must reset the system to give you accurate readings for the next maintenance. The reset process is almost similar to most Acura TL models. However, there are a few differences from one model year to another. For example, the steps to reset the maintenance code are similar on models from 2004 to 2008. We will also show you how to reset oil life on Acura TL 2009 to 2013 and older models (2003 and earlier). First things first, here are the detailed steps for the 2005 models (as mentioned, the steps apply to all models from 2004 to 2008).

1. Turn the Key in Ignition to Position 11

To learn how to reset oil life on Acura TL 2006 or model between 2004 and 2008, insert the key into the ignition and turn it to position 11. People call that “ON/RUN” or “Accessory” mode. Don’t start the engine. Now move to the next step.

2. Display Oil Life Using the Arrow Buttons

Repeatedly hold down the arrow buttons (left or right) on the right-hand side of the dashboard (behind the steering wheel) until the screen displays oil life. With that on the multi-information display, the next step is easy.

3. Hold the Select/Reset Button

Press and hold the Select/Reset button for about 10 seconds. Holding Car Reset Button That action will open the “MAINTENANCE RESET” menu with a prompt to choose “OK” if you want to reset or “CANCEL” if you don’t want to reset.

4. Choose OK to Reset

Press the Select/Reset button to display the OK option on the screen. Your maintenance minder will be reset, and a confirmation message will be displayed on the screen.
  So, the 2004 Acura TL oil reset is as easy as that. And for those asking “how to reset oil life on Acura TL 2008” or “how to reset oil life on Acura TL 2007”, now you have the answer.

How To Reset the Maintenance Reminder on Acura TL 1999-2003?

To reset the maintenance reminder on Acura TL 1999-2003, insert the key into the ignition. Next, hold the select and reset buttons simultaneously using one hand for 10 seconds. Use your other hand to turn the key to position II and hold the buttons until the warning light disappears.

1. Insert Key In Ignition

Insert your car key into the ignition and let it sit in the off position. If the engine is running, turn it off, and don’t remove the key. With the engine off and key on position Off, proceed to step 2 below.

2. Hold the Select and Reset Buttons

Press and hold the Select and Reset buttons on the right side of the dashboard simultaneously for about 10 seconds using one of your hands. Move to the next step while still holding the buttons.

3. Turn Ignition to Position II

Turn the key in the ignition to position II with your other hand. That will switch the vehicle’s electronics so that the dashboard lights up. The engine should be off. Continue holding the buttons until the MAINT REQ’D light turns off.

4. Release Buttons and Turn off the Car

Release the buttons and turn the key off. You can now switch on the engine and confirm that you’ve successfully reset the maintenance reminder to 100 percent. Turning Off Acura Car Note that the reset process is more straightforward if you have the Acura TL model 1995-1998. You only need to insert the key into the slot on the instrument cluster. Hold the key in for 5-10 seconds, and the system will be reset!

How To Reset the Oil Service Light on Acura TL 2009-2013?

To reset the oil service light on Acura TL 2009-2013, turn on the ignition then press the SEL/RESET control repeatedly till oil life percentage is displayed. Hold the SEL/RESET button for 10 seconds then choose “reset” using the info button. Hold the SEL/RESET button again to reset.

1. Turn on the Ignition

Before you start, ensure your TL is in the park, and the engine is off. Also, make sure that you’ve closed the doors. After that, press the Start/Stop button twice with your foot off the brake so the engine won’t start. All you need is the dashboard lights to light up. Turning On Car Ignition If your vehicle uses a physical key, you’ll turn the key to position II. As mentioned, you don’t need to start the engine.

2. Navigate to the Oil Life

With the dashboard lights on, hold down the SEL/RESET control on the right side of the steering wheel repeatedly till you see the oil life percentage (or “Service Past Due” or “Service Due Soon”) displayed on the screen. Now go to the next step.

3. Hold the SEL/RESET Button

Press and hold the SEL/RESET button for 5 to 10 seconds. That will initiate the oil life remaining reset sub-menu with two options: “Reset” at the top and “Cancel.” You want to reset the maintenance light, so choose the “Reset” option.

4. Press the INFO Button To Choose Reset

Just above the “SEL/RESET” button, there’s an info (with an up arrow) button. Press it once to choose “Reset.” You’ll need to hold the SEL/RESET button for a few seconds until the light disappears.

5. Turn off the Car

That’s how to reset oil life on Acura TL 2012. But as mentioned, the step works for models 2009 to 2013 and on Acura MDX. What remains now is to turn the car off and then start the engine. If the oil change light reset is successful, the light will be off. Turning Off 2005 Acura TL Car But if it’s still on, the system doesn’t reset. You can repeat the steps a few more times until it’s done. If it doesn’t, there’s probably something wrong with the engine. Contact a specialist for a diagnosis and repair. You may also need to understand the meaning of basic Acura codes and sub-codes related to car maintenance. The two main codes are A, which means you need to replace engine oil, and B, which says it’s time to replace engine oil, rotate tires, filter change, check parking brake adjustment, front/rear brake injection, and other inspections. The main sub-codes are 1-6, each with a different meaning. For example, subcode 1 means that you should rotate the tires. In contrast, subcode 2 tells you to replace the dust/pollen filter, air filter, and cleaner element and check the drive belt. Suppose a code A1 is illuminated on your Acura dashboard. In that case, the code means you should change the oil and rotate the tire. B-codes and sub-codes are usually important for general vehicle maintenance, which you should perform as per the schedule. Please consult your owner’s manual or find it online to learn more about these codes so you know what to do when a particular code appears on your dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What’s the Best Motor Oil Grade for an Acura TL?

The best motor oil grade for an Acura TL is synthetic 5W-20. It’s a low-viscosity oil ideal for light-duty gasoline and petrol engines and cars that often drive in colder or low-temperature environments. The manufacturer usually marks the recommended oil type on the engine’s oil cap.

– Is It Safe To Drive With the Change Oil Indicator On?

Yes, it’s safe to drive with the change oil indicator on, provided some life remains on your oil. Generally, you have 300 to 500 miles when the system indicates 5 to 10 percent oil life. However, you should change the oil as soon as possible to prevent severe engine damage.

– Must You Perform an Oil Life Reset on Acura TL?

Yes, you should perform an oil life reset on Acura TL after every oil swap. If you don’t, your car may indicate an oil swap is due sooner than expected. Besides, it’s hard to remember when you should swap your oil if the system constantly alerts you at incorrect times.

– How Do You Reset the Oil Indicator on Acura TL 2013?

To reset the oil indicator on Acura TL 2013, turn on the ignition and repeatedly display oil life menu by pressing the SEL/RESET button. Hold SEL/RESET button for 10 seconds. Press the INFO button to choose the “Reset” option, then hold the SEL/RESET button again to reset.

Is There a Reset Procedure for Ford Keyless Entry Codes Similar to the Oil Reset Procedure for the 2005 Acura TL?

Is there a reset procedure for Ford keyless entry codes similar to the oil reset procedure for the 2005 Acura TL? The answer is yes. Ford keyless entry code reset can be done by following a specific sequence. It involves pressing a combination of buttons on the keypad, and then entering a new code. This allows you to customize and secure your vehicle’s keyless entry system.

Is the Procedure to Reset the Oil Light on a BMW Similar to an Acura TL?

The procedure to reset the oil light on a BMW is not similar to resetting the service engine soon light on an Acura TL. While both require accessing the vehicle’s diagnostic system, the steps differ between the two models. To reset BMW service engine soon light, you typically need to use a diagnostic tool or visit a BMW service center. Conversely, resetting the oil light on an Acura TL can usually be done through a combination of buttons on the dashboard.


In our guide above, you have learned how to reset oil life on Acura TL 2013 and older models. We leave you with a summary:
  • To reset the oil indicator on a 2005 TL (or 2004-2008 models), use the arrow and the SEL/RESET buttons on the dashboard.
  • For models 2009 to 2013, you’ll use the SEL/RESET and INFO buttons on the steering wheel.
  • If your car was made between 1998 and 2003, you’ll use the SELECT and RESET buttons on the dashboard.
Now you’re well-informed on how to go about the procedure on your specific TL model. Sit on the driver’s seat, do it, or consult a mechanic if the system doesn’t reset.
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