Porsche Paint to Sample Colors: Customizing Your Dream Ride

For enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the iconic German sports car brand, Porsche offers a unique customization option known as the “Paint to Sample” (PTS) program.

The PTS program is a testament to Porsche’s commitment to individuality. It allows us to select from a vast array of unique colors to tailor our vehicles to our specific tastes and personalities.

From the historically iconic hues to the modern and exotic, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

With the capability to order a Porsche in one of over 170 color shades across all model ranges, the brand ensures that the final product is not just a car but a personalized piece of automotive art.

A row of Porsche cars in various custom "paint to sample" colors, shining under the sunlight

The excitement surrounding the PTS program has increased in recent years, reflecting our desire to stand out and express creativity through our vehicles.

Porsche has responded by enhancing the PTS program, increasing order capacity and broadening the palette of available colors to include even more of the custom and historic shades.

This development signifies a closer connection between the manufacturer and Porsche enthusiasts, as we now have access to a broader spectrum to make our dream car a reality.

Through the PTS program, Porsche demonstrates its understanding of the emotional connection between us and our cars.

The car’s finish does more than protect—it narrates a story of our style and serves as a visual extension of our persona.

The program isn’t just about selecting a color; it’s about crafting a distinct visual identity for our Porsche, making it a true reflection of our individuality.

Whether through an Authorized Porsche dealership or the dedicated PTS Explorer, we have the resources to visualize and commission a Porsche that perfectly captures our vision.

The Paint to Sample Program

Porsche’s Paint to Sample program embodies our commitment to individualization, providing an extensive palette of bespoke colors. We offer a truly personalized touch to Porsche owners through this unique customization service.

How Paint to Sample Enhances Porsche’s Individualization

Exclusive Options: Our Paint to Sample program extends beyond the standard hues, granting access to an illustrious range of paints. It reflects our dedication to personal expression in automotive design, helping discerning clients tailor their vehicles to match their individual preferences.

For those who find the standard palette lacking, Paint to Sample delves into a vast spectrum of colors that had previously been part of Porsche’s history or entirely new, ensuring that each vehicle is as unique as its owner.

Exploring the Paint to Sample Process

Navigating the Paint to Sample program begins with the selection of the desired shade from our extensive color catalog or proposing a new, unique color for approval.

Based on model and production site, choices can vary. For instance, the 911 and 718 models offer over 100 additional color options.

Color Validation Application Process
Each submitted color is thoroughly tested for quality and durability before being approved for use on a Porsche. Colors are carefully applied by experts at Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur to ensure a flawless finish.

Paint to Sample Plus for Unique Customization

For ultimate exclusivity, our Paint to Sample Plus service allows for unparalleled customization.

This tier takes the personalization experience even further. Clients have the opportunity to present unique colors that are not part of our existing portfolio.

These are meticulously reviewed and, once approved, will result in a one-of-a-kind Porsche that truly stands apart.

Historical and Specialty Colors

In this section, we explore the rich palette of Porsche’s historical hues and the exclusive colors of special and limited series.

Uncovering Porsche’s Historic Colors

When we look back at Porsche’s palette, we’re greeted by a spectrum that is as much a part of the brand’s identity as the cars themselves.

Historic colors often serve as a nostalgic nod to the past, bringing classic designs into the modern era.

Among these, Guards Red stands out—a non-metallic color that’s as iconic as it is timeless.

Notable Historic Non-Metallic Colors:
  • Guards Red
  • Signal Yellow
  • Riviera Blue

Metallic colors have also featured prominently, reflecting changes in tastes and technology over the years.

A nod to heritage and a standout of craftsmanship.

Special and Limited Series Colors

And then there are the colors reserved for the most exceptional Porsches—special, limited small series, and editions that are a testament to the brand’s commitment to individuality and craftsmanship.

Some hues are so unique, they are only released for a specific model or limited run, elevating these vehicles to new heights of exclusivity.

Color Type Example Colors Associated Models
Special Series Acid Green 918 Spyder
Limited Edition Python Green 911 GT3 RS

Configuration and Pricing

When personalizing your Porsche, the Paint to Sample program allows a high level of customization with a range of colors. We consider both the configurator’s versatility and the pricing’s specifics to provide a clear pathway to your custom-colored Porsche.

Navigating the Porsche Car Configurator

The Porsche Car Configurator is an online tool that’s integral for customers looking to apply the Paint to Sample (PTS) option.

Through this platform, we can select from a wide array of standard and custom colors. The process begins with a feasibility check, ensuring that your desired shade can be applied to the chosen model.

It’s a user-friendly interface that guides us through each step and allows for a visual representation of what our Porsche will look like.

Understanding Pricing Structure

The pricing for the Paint to Sample program varies depending on the Porsche model and the complexity of the color. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Model Standard PTS Pricing Exclusive PTS Pricing
Most 911 and 718 Models $11,430 Contact for Quote
718 GT, 911 Turbo/S, GT3 Models $12,830 Contact for Quote

Porsche Dealers and Exclusive Manufaktur Partners

Porsche’s renowned for its Paint to Sample program, a service that allows customers to personalize their vehicles with unique colors beyond the standard offerings.

As a connection point between customers and Porsche AG, Porsche dealers play a pivotal role in this custom color selection process.

When a customer selects the Paint to Sample Plus option, they provide a sample to the dealer, which is then sent to Porsche AG for extensive quality and feasibility testing.

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur partners with dealers, embodying Porsche’s commitment to high-quality, bespoke automobiles.
Based in Werk 1, Stuttgart, this facility is Porsche’s hub for personalization and high-end craftsmanship.
The expert team at Exclusive Manufaktur ensures each custom request meets Porsche’s stringent standards for appearance and durability.

Additionally, Exclusive Manufaktur offers an expanded color palette.

With over 105 individual colors recalling iconic Porsche hues, customers are treated to a historical spectrum of choices, enriching the connection between past and present vehicle design.

Entity Role
Porsche Dealer Facilitates the custom color process for customers, handles sample submission.
Exclusive Manufaktur Conducts expert vetting, quality assurance, and actualization of custom colors.

For those seeking ultimate exclusivity, matching the caliber of craftsmanship found in a Porsche, our dealers and Exclusive Manufaktur partners ensure that every bespoke color request results in a personal piece of Porsche’s storied legacy.

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