Will a 55-inch TV Fit In My Car Easily? (Answered)

Will a 55 inch TV fit in my car?” is a question you might have while buying or moving a TV. Although it depends on the internal dimensions of your car, some practices can help you fit the TV easily without risk of damage.

In this article, you will learn how to transport a TV in a car and explore the practicality of fitting a 55-inch wide TV in compact hatchbacks, spacious SUVs, and other car models. This article is a good resource if you want a hassle-free journey while transporting a TV with the help of your car.

Will a 55-inch Wide Television Fit Inside a Car or SUV for Transport?

A 55-inch wide television will fit inside a car or SUV for transport as the SUVs are pretty spacious, and an average-sized vehicle can also accommodate a 55-inch television. If your TV doesn’t fit your car, remove it from its box to reduce the space it will take up.

So, if you are wondering: “Will a 55 inch tv fit in a SUV?” you should know that SUVs are known to be more spacious than other cars, like hatchbacks and sedans. Besides SUVs, an average-sized car can comfortably accommodate a 55-inch wide TV.

The various factors, such as the size or dimensions of the TV, the make and model of the vehicle, how the seats are arranged, and the design of the cargo space, determine whether such a TV will fit inside your car or not. Before trying to fit a 55-inch wide TV inside your vehicle, here are some factors to consider:

  • Measure your television’s width and height to know the exact dimensions to work with.
  • If the TV is still in its box, you can remove it to reduce the overall size.
  • Check the interior dimensions of your car or SUV, especially the cargo area or the trunk, and remember the cargo area’s shape, as some vehicles have irregularly shaped trunks.
  • Find out whether the vehicle’s rear seats are foldable or removable so that you can make up some space for the television.
  • Ensure you have something to secure the television once it is inside the vehicle and ready to be transported, like straps, bungee cords, and other restraints.

How Can You Carry a 55-Inch Wide Television Inside Your Car?

You can carry a 55-inch wide television inside your car by folding the rear seats of your car or removing them. You can also make up space in your vehicle by removing unnecessary objects, securing the TV with straps, and driving slowly and cautiously to transport the TV safely.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can transport a 55-inches TV safely and efficiently:

  1. Consider the dimensions of the TV and the car’s interior.
  2. Removing the TV from the TV box is better to reduce the size.
  3. Prevent direct contact of the TV screen with another object by placing a soft cloth or cardboard between the two. You can also wrap your flat-screen TV in bubble wrap.
  4. Fold down the car’s rear seats or remove them if possible to make more space.
  5. Remove unnecessary items and clean the cargo area to ensure an undamaged TV.
  6. Use restraints to prevent the TV from moving while you drive.
  7. Consider the various road conditions like potholes and bumps and plan the route accordingly.
  8. Drive cautiously when a valuable object like a TV is in the car.

If the TV won’t fit inside your car, there are some alternatives you can try. You can book a taxi that has a larger cargo space to do the job. Another way is to strap the TV to your car’s roof.

Although this is not the safest option, it could work if done correctly. Strap the television carefully with the help of ropes or belts and have some people firmly hold it down on all sides. People should be seated on the back seats to hold it down, and one person can hold it down through the passenger’s seat window.

You need to drive slowly and cautiously to avoid damaging the TV. Another option is Airtasker, a platform that links you to people with larger cars who can help you do this task in exchange for a fee.

Is It Possible to Transport a 55-inch Wide TV in a Hatchback?

It is possible to transport a 55-inch wide TV in a hatchback. The interior sizes vary in the different hatchback models. Midsize and larger hatchbacks are known for their abundant cargo space as they have foldable rear seats to accommodate large objects, making it practical to transport a 55-inch TV.

So, if you are wondering: “Will a 55 inch TV fit in a hatchback?” you should know that it depends on the dimensions of each model. Hatchbacks like the Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Hyundai Elantra GT can accommodate such a TV, but you must carefully plan this task. You need to be well prepared and take all the safety measures seriously.

It is because you are dealing with valuable objects, including your car and gigantic TV. Since now you know the answer to “Will a 55 inch TV fit in a Honda Civic?” or “Will a 55 inch TV fit in a Hyundai Elantra?” you can experiment by folding the car seats and trying different angles to fit the TV in a hatchback.

Can a 55-inch TV Fit in a Toyota Camry Without Getting Damaged?

A 55-inch TV can fit in a Toyota Camry without getting damaged. The trunk space varies with Camry models and may not be enough, but there’s ample space in the front and rear seats. Some planning and precautions are required due to the TV’s size and the available space.

A 55-inch television can fit in a Camry if it fits inside a Corolla. The Camry is a midsize sedan with a more spacious interior.

The car has a width of 72.44 inches, so fitting a 55-inch wide TV inside shouldn’t be an arduous task. It will be a greater challenge to fit larger TVs, such as 55 inches, in this car, but you can always experiment with different angles and possibilities.

Can a 55-inch Wide TV Fit in a Sedan for Safe Transportation?

A 55-inch wide TV can fit in a sedan for safe transportation; however, it can be challenging due to the limited cargo space, especially in the trunk area. You must carefully plan this task and make adjustments like folding the rear seats to transport the TV via a sedan.

If your question is: “Can a 55 inch TV fit in a Nissan Sentra?” or “Will a 55 inch TV fit in a Nissan Altima?” the answer to both these questions is yes. The Nissan Sentra is a popular compact sedan with a general width of 71 inches (without including the side mirrors). The width is just enough to fit a 55-inch wide TV.

On the other hand, the Nissan Altima is a midsized sedan with a general width of 72.9 inches (without including the side mirrors). Just like the Sentra, the Altima allows you to carry a 55-inch wide TV. You might need to adjust the seats slightly and experiment with different angles to fit and secure the television for both cars.

Is It Safe To Carry a 55-Inch Television Inside a Car While Driving?

It is safe to carry a 55-inch television inside a car while driving as long as you take several precautions to transport your TV safely. Otherwise, there will be the risk of TV damage, passenger injury, legal consequences, and more. So take precautions for a smooth TV transport.

If you try transporting a 55-inch wide TV in a car without taking the proper precautions, you can expect various accidents and risks. The TV screen is quite sensitive, and if poorly secured, it can shift, fall, and collide with other objects during transportation. This results in small cracks, internal damage, and even complete failure of the television.

Furthermore, a TV this size is pretty heavy, so if it shifts or falls while driving, it can injure car occupants. A falling TV can also damage the various vehicle components like the dashboard, seats, or other parts, and their repair is pretty costly. An improperly placed TV can obstruct the driver’s view or the various mirrors, increasing the risk of accidents.

Another thing that you should keep in mind if you are attempting to transport your TV with the help of your car is that in some areas, driving with unsecured cargo that can pose a risk to other people’s safety can result in legal consequences and fines. So, familiarize yourself with the local laws before attempting the transportation.


“Will a 55-inch tv fit in my car?” is usually followed by questions like “Will it fit a hatchback or sedan?” This post clears all these queries to enable you to carry the TV safely. Here is a brief overview of everything we have discussed in this article:

  • Hatchbacks like the Civic, sedans like the Nissan Sentra, and SUVs have enough space to accommodate a 55-inch TV.
  • You can adjust the vehicle’s seats and experiment with different angles when trying to fit the TV inside the car.
  • You can take other safety precautions, like covering the TV with bubble wrap or blankets and using restraints to secure the TV in place.
  • When you transport a TV with the help of your car, there is a risk of damaging the TV, injury to the car’s occupants, and legal consequences.
  • You can also hire someone else with a bigger car than yours to transport the TV.

Now you know whether a 55-inch wide TV will fit in your car and all the steps and precautions needed to perform this task perfectly.

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