Why Are Used Mercedes So Cheap And Should You Buy It?

Why are used Mercedes so cheap is a question that most people ask when they are thinking of getting a used Benz rather than a new car. If you’re in the market for a new car but something more upscale, you might want to check out a used Mercedes Benz.

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Some used Mercedes Benz models cost as much as a new Toyota or Honda model, but why are they so cheap as second-hand cars when they are expensive when new? In this guide, we will look at the reasons why used Mercedes models are cheap and more.

Why Are Used Mercedes Models So Cheap?

Used Mercedes models are so cheap because the used market is flooded, the repairs and maintenance costs are very high without the warranty, the equipment packages, and the fact that there are cheaper alternatives to consider. The type of owner of the Mercedes model will also determine its price.

The Used Mercedes Market Is Saturated

The used Mercedes market is flooded with different models because people usually sell their cars or lease them to get a more expensive model. Since the whole point of driving a Mercedes is showing off wealth, most people own their car for three to five years before keeping it in the second-hand market.

High Maintenance Costs

It’s very expensive to maintain a Mercedes-Benz car, especially since there aren’t a lot of car dealers that maintain Mercedes. Even if you find a dealer, they would also ask for a lot of money to maintain your car. The car has different driving aids, advanced system monitoring software, and an infotainment system that can be hard to navigate.

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Also, Mercedes dealers are usually specialized and have to be authorized by the brand. They might also need special tools to maintain your car. So, you cannot take the used Mercedes to any dealer. Since the car is expensive to run, it would be cheap to buy.

Costly Repairs

Another reason why used Mercedes Benz cars are cheap is the expensive repairs, and so many owners will sell the car once the warranty expires. Some people also use aftermarket parts and not factory parts when fixing their cars, so it causes the car to break down faster.

Although it might seem like a good idea to get an older Mercedes car, you should be prepared to spend a lot on repairs as the car gets more mileage and even major repairs later on.

Warranty Would Have Expired

Mercedes offers a warranty just like every other car brand. The limited warranty covers repairs and maintenance for four years or 50,000 miles. This gives the car owner peace of mind since the repairs will be handled for free. There is also a one-year warranty on pre-owned Mercedes models.

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Once the warranty has expired, most Benz owners will sell their car in the used market. This means you only get a year warranty before you will have to pay for your repairs directly. Older Mercedes models are not covered by the warranty, and this makes it cheaper when you buy it for the first time.

Low Resale Costs

Most luxury vehicles have a high resale value for their first five years, but after that, they depreciate very quickly. This is because new models would have been released, and the older ones would become less relevant. The same goes for Mercedes Benz models.

Used Mercedes models are usually cheap because they have depreciated over time. The resale value reduces as the maintenance cost increases. This is because the older the car becomes, the cheaper it becomes, and the demand reduces.

There Are Cheaper Alternatives

Mercedes models are one of the highly sought-after vehicles in the market, but this is not the same for older models. There are different alternative old car brands that are cheaper, like Infiniti and Lexus, which provide comfort and cheaper repairs and maintenance.

With all the expenses involved in repairing your Mercedes car, most people consider less expensive alternatives.

Frequent Change of Ownership

One of the reasons why Mercedes models are cheap is the fact that they change hands regularly. Most people want to show off their luxury car and will end their lease after a few years to get a newer model.

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So, if you’re buying a used Mercedes, there’s a good chance that it has a long vehicle history of being owned by two or three people before.

Equipment Packages

Another factor that reduces the value of Mercedes models is the equipment packages, but most people neglect this fact. Equipment packages usually increase the price of Mercedes cars, like floor mats, four-wheel drive, spare tires, and moonroofs. But, since this equipment is loaded in many of the high-end cars, the value diminishes.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Used Mercedes?

The benefits of buying a used Mercedes are the unmatched luxury and comfort, a reliable and powerful powertrain, and the affordable price. Buying a used Mercedes means that you get to buy a prestigious German car, and you can also reduce your resale loss.

Another benefit of getting a cheap Mercedes model is the fact that it would have gone through a thorough engine check before going on sale. Most people would change the fluids and parts to ensure it is working properly before it is available for sale.

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It would also go through an appearance inspection. So, even if it is a used car, it won’t look used but will be cleaned and waxed before it is available for sale. A used Mercedes comes with a one-year full coverage warranty, so while the repairs are costly, you don’t have to spend money on them for the first year.

Since a used Mercedes is affordable, you can easily get car financing for the purchase than if you were getting a new car. Plus, you can take advantage of cash deals and qualify for benefits like cash allowance or low APR on your used Benz rather than a new one. Ensure you carry out a pre-purchase inspection before buying.

What Are the Downsides of Buying a Used Mercedes?

The downsides of buying a used Mercedes include the expensive maintenance and repairs required without a warranty. The insurance rate will probably be high, and some features in the car will malfunction if the previous owner did not take care of it well.

If you no longer want to use the Mercedes, it would be hard to sell it because it has been pre-owned more than once. Also, there are cheaper alternatives to the Mercedes brand, like Infinity and Lexus, when getting a second-hand car. They might have a better build quality.

Mercedes-Benz cars usually come with different infotainment, driving aids, and tech systems. While these improve the driving experience, they are also prone to breaking down and would require expensive repairs. You might also have to buy factory parts to repair your Benz, but this makes it more expensive.

If you’re using a late-model Mercedes or you live in a small town with no dealership or Mercedes specialists, it would be harder to repair and maintain your car regularly. Fixing the luxury car at any store will reduce the resale value even more. You need to consider these factors before buying it.

What Are the Cheapest Used Mercedes Models You Can Buy?

The cheapest used Mercedes models you can buy include the Mercedes CLK, Mercedes ML/GLE, Mercedes CL, Mercedes CLC/C Class Sports Coupe, and Mercedes GL/GLS.

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Other cheap options include the Mercedes C-Class, Mercedes SL, Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes S-Class, and Mercedes CLA.

Mercedes CLK

The Mercedes CLK is known for its handsome exterior design, powerful engine, and quality trims. Despite this, it comes with expensive repairs, and it is not the most reliable vehicle. This makes it really cheap when it enters the second-hand market.

Mercedes ML/GLE

The Mercedes ML which was renamed the Mercedes GLE in 2016 after a facelift. The Mercedes SUV is not a reliable model, as the engine or electronic parts usually break down. This is why they are very cheap in the second-hand market. The parts are also very expensive.

Mercedes CL

If you want a Mercedes car loaded with toys and advanced features, the Mercedes CL is very cheap in the used car market. It comes with a huge engine and a lot of creature comforts.

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But, they are costly to maintain, and it would be expensive to get a warranty for the car.

Mercedes CLC/C Class Sports Coupe

You can also consider the Mercedes CLC, which was launched as an entry-level Mercedes. The car is really cheap today, but only because it isn’t very popular among buyers. Compared to other cheap Benz models, it is more reliable, although you need to consider the rust issues.

Mercedes GL/GLS

Another cheap option is the Mercedes GL or GLS, which is a full-size luxury SUV that comes with different tech features and a massive engine. But, the car is not fuel efficient, and the parts are very expensive when it’s time to replace them. Due to this, the dealers price them low.


With our guide on why are used Mercedes so cheap, you now know the factors to consider when you’re thinking of buying a used Benz. Here’s a rundown of what we covered:

  • Used Mercedes cars are so cheap because the market is saturated, the repairs and maintenance are costly, and the warranty would have expired.
  • The benefits of buying a used Mercedes are the affordable price, one-year warranty, luxury and comfort, a reliable powertrain, and minimal resale loss.
  • The downsides of buying a second-hand Mercedes include the expensive repairs and maintenance, selling it will be hard, and it might break down often.
  • The cheapest Mercedes cars you can buy in the second-hand market include the CLK, ML/GLE, CL, CLC, and GL/GLS.

If you can handle the expensive repairs and maintenance just to own a Mercedes, you can consider the used model. But if not, you should consider buying a new model or cheaper alternatives.


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