Mercedes E Class vs S Class: Comparing the Two Lineups

This Mercedes E class vs S class comparison article of the two luxury cars will help you know their differences and key features. Mercedes-Benz is a brand that is globally recognized for producing reliable and high-quality vehicles. Mercedes-Benz E-class and Mercedes-Benz S-Class are two lineups that stand out for their stunning performance and key features.

Mercedes E Class vs S Class
We’ll highlight their differences so you can choose which one suits you best, so read on!

Features Mercedes E Class Mercedes S Class
Standard Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive All Wheel Drive
Base Engine 2.0L Turbo I4 with 255hp and 273 lb-ft of torque 3.0L Turbo I6 with 429hp and 384 lb-ft of torque
Range Topping Engine AMG Enhanced 3.0L Turbo I6 with 429 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque 4.0L V8 biturbo with 496hp and 526 lb-ft of torque
Cost Affordable More Expensive
Size Smaller Larger


What Are the Major Differences Between Mercedes E Class and S Class?

The major difference between the Mercedes E class and S class lineups is that the E class is a midsize sedan, while the S class is a full-size sedan. This is why the S-class sedans have a longer boot and cabin, with more space for legroom and cargo.

Both brands belong to the same family, which is why you’ll notice that they have similar design cues. For example, they share similar bold headlights, dominant grille, and front fascia. However, a key thing to note is that E-class sedans are generally sportier than their S-class counterparts.

As mentioned earlier, the S class offers more space, and it measures 43.8 inches for rear-seat legroom and a trunk space of 14 cubic feet. On the other hand, the rear-seat legroom of the E-class measures 36-2 inches, and the trunk measures 13 cubic feet. However, this doesn’t mean the E class is less comfortable.

Another area of difference is the exterior design of the two brands. With E class, you get LED exterior lighting and the standard 18-inch alloy wheels. On the other hand, the S class offers more, which includes a panoramic moon roof and an intelligent LED light system.

The two brands are sedans, but they also come as 2-door convertible vehicles. This allows both brands to offer more headroom. There are other differences between the two brands, and we’ll take a deeper look at these differences to help you understand better.

– Interior Design

One of the factors that differentiates the two brands is their interior design. Mercedes Benz cars generally produce cars with the best cabins. However, comparing both brands shows that E-class has the best cabins, and it features many onboard technologies, immaculately built quality, and other luxurious materials.


Both models have similar features in their interior, and this includes dual-zone automatic climate control and heated front seats. However, when it comes to premium features, you’ll find more on the S-class models, which is not strange, considering that they are more expensive. Some of the premium features include front-seat ventilation, genuine leather upholstery, and soft-close doors.

Another additional feature is the Energizing kinetics included in the S class models, which is designed to make adjustments to the lumbar and backrest orientation, especially during long drives. This feature is designed to reduce muscle fatigue and back soreness.

– Performance and Drive

Another factor that distinguishes the two brands is their drive and powertrain options. Mercedes E-class lineups feature four powertrain options. This also includes a 2L turbo petrol engine as the base engine and can offer 273 lb.-ft of torque and 255 horsepower. The power offered by the engine makes it possible for the vehicle to go from 0 to 60 MPH within six seconds.

There are more powerful E-class options that you can opt for. For example, E450 features a 3L V6 engine, while AMG E 53 Sedan is equipped with an AMG-enhanced six-turbo 3L engine. Another very powerful option you can consider is the Handcrafted AMG 4L engine, which is featured on AMG e 63 S. It is generally considered to be the most powerful and can produce 627 lb.-feet of torque and a horsepower of 603.

On the other hand, the S class lineup is equipped with a turbocharged inline V6 engine that can produce up to 429 horsepower. This is more than some of the lineups under the E-class category. The S class lineup can move from 0-60 MPG within 4.9 seconds, even though it’s generally heavier.

– Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency is one of the major factors to consider when choosing between the two brands. The E class sedan is the smaller version of the two vehicles, and it’s generally more fuel economical than S-class sedans. The EPA estimated rating for the E class is 22 mpg when driving in the city and 30 mpg in the highway, while that of the S class is 19 mpg city and 28 mpg highway.

Despite these differences, both brands offer responsive, comfortable, and sporty drives, and this is because of the nine-speed automatic transmission and selective damping suspension they feature.

– Safety Ratings

Safety is also a feature to look at before choosing between any of the two vehicles. The rating for each car generally varies depending on the model year of the car. For example, the 2023 model of the Mercedes E Class currently does not have IIHS Safety Rating. However, it is rated five out of five on NHTSA Safety Rating.

On the other hand, the Mercedes S Class currently doesn’t have NHTSA and IIHS Safety ratings. Both cars come with amazing safety features, but it’s important to check through these ratings for an idea of the performance of the safety features they come with.

– Mercedes-Benz E-Class Standard Luxury Features

The standard luxury features of the Mercedes-Benz E-class include a top-notch 12.3-inch COMAND display with navigation, car-to-x communication, PRESAFE sound, Apply CarPlay and Android Auto, 64-color LED interior lighting, touch controls for steering wheel, and other amazing features. It’s also a more affordable option, unlike the S-class.

Price is actually the biggest advantage of the Mercedes E class as they are generally cheaper when compared to S class of the same year. This allows you to save more on maintenance and gas for a few more years or even buy a second car. Another area where the E class stands out is the station wagon body, which gives it more style, practicality, and visibility.

The price margin between the E class and S class brands might make you want to think the E class will lack many features. However, that’s not the case, as it is packed with features for sophistication and extra comfort. Another selling point of E class is that it is more fuel efficient, with an estimated EPA rating of 22 mpg when driving in the city and 30 mpg in the highway.

– Benefits of Owning a Mercedes E Class

The Mercedes E class model is a fantastic option to buy, and it’s known for its amazing interior and high-tech features. E class also boasts an amazing lineup of cars with potent engines. The car is available as a wagon, coupe, sedan, and cabriolet, which gives you different options to choose from. Even though it’s not the most agile and sophisticated vehicle from Mercedes Benz, it is a lot better than other rivals.

Luxury Features of E Class

Are you still wondering whether you should buy an E-class Mercedes car? The Mercedes E class remains one of the best options within the luxury midsize car class and a perfect option for anyone on a budget because it is more affordable than other Mercedes brands.

– Mercedes-Benz S-Class Standard Luxury Features

The standard luxury features of the Mercedes-Benz S-class are all the features offered by the E-class, with a few extra features. This includes heated and 16-way power-adjustable front seats, lane-keeping assist, blind spot assist, inductive wireless charging, and energizing comfort control. These added features make the car more expensive.

S-class is a flagship car, and it’s packed with different amazing features. Even though there haven’t been any changes in the design since 2014, the 2018 model is one that offers many updated features. For example, the power is increased, unlike the E-class counterparts.

S class features a twin-turbo six-cylinder engine, but there are high-end options that come with twin-turbo V12 engines. These engines are designed to produce up to 738 lb. Ft of torque and 621 horsepower. When it comes to the level of comfort offered, S class will make you feel like you’re in a palace. There are different features included to enhance comfort, and these include cooled and heated seats, rear footrests, airline tables, and rear seat refrigerators.

In addition, the S class also features premium features like seat massagers, music, ambient lighting, seat heaters, a fragrance-diffusion system, and energizing comfort system. All of these features together make the car feel super comfortable.

Another amazing feature of the S-class brand is the safety and technology features. These features are designed to make driving easier and also guarantee safety. An example of this feature is the magic ride control system designed to smooth out when driving through corners. There are many wonders included in the S-class, which makes it a worthy investment.

– Benefits of Owning a Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S class is an amazing model to buy even though it’s more expensive than the E class counterparts. However, it’s a worthy investment for many reasons, among which include the myriad of luxury features it offers. This is together with modern tech, poised handling, and a spacious interior design.

Standard Features of S Class

Basically, the S class is designed to guarantee a gentle ride. Another amazing thing to note is that it features a strong and robust engine that produces more power and torque than the E class models. S class is fuel economical, but not as economical as the E class. The estimated EPA rating of the S class is 19 mpg when driving in the city and 28 mpg in the highway.

What Are the Key Differences Between the Mercedes E Class and S Class Models?

When comparing the Mercedes E Class and S Class models, one can easily notice the prominent differences among prius c models. From a size perspective, the S Class tends to be larger, offering more spacious interiors and a slightly longer wheelbase. In terms of luxury, the S Class surpasses the E Class with its superior features, premium materials, and advanced technology. However, the E Class stands out with its sportier aesthetic and agile performance. Overall, the key disparities among these Mercedes models lie in size, luxury, and dynamic appeal.


Choosing the best between the two Mercedes Benz models depends on your preference. Both models come with a range of amazing features, and they are among the best luxury brands in the world today. We have highlighted their main differences and the benefits that come with using either of the two models.

Mercedes E Class is an amazing option to get if you’re on a budget. However, this doesn’t imply that it doesn’t offer amazing features due to its lower price. It offers high levels of acceleration and power. However, if you’re after getting the best comfort and speed, the Mercedes S Class is the option to consider.

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