Why Are Honda S2000 So Expensive: A Detailed Look at the Classic Car

Why are Honda S2000 so expensive?’ If you’re asking this question, you might be considering getting one of these classic Honda models for yourself, but you need to consider the expensive price and if it’s worth it.

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Although the Honda S2000 was discontinued in 2009, it still remains on the market and at a pretty high price, especially the 2004 models. In this guide, we take a closer look at why the Honda S2000 is so expensive and what the resale value is.

Why Is the Honda S2000 So Expensive?

The Honda S2000 is so expensive because it is a classic sports car that has attracted a wide following. The car has a high demand and provides top performance. Since it is scarcely available, the high demand and low availability result in high prices.

The limited production, timeless design, reliability and durability of the models, and high-performance engine make the car expensive. It has also become popular among car collectors, improving its value.

Limited Production

One of the reasons why the Honda S2000 is so expensive is its limited production. When the S2000 was first released, unlike other cars, it was not made in large numbers. A little over 110,000 models were produced in the 10 years that the S2000 was released.

Due to this, there are very few S2000s that you can buy in the used market. The rarity of the car increases its demand, but this also drives up the prices.

Reliable and Durable Cars

The Honda S2000 is a highly reliable and durable vehicle, which is why it’s so expensive. Since the vehicles are so durable, they can last for a long time and feature impressive build quality. Honda is known for building long-lasting cars, and the S2000 is like this, too.

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If you’re buying a S2000, you might find some that have recorded over 100,000 miles of mileage, but they won’t have too many issues and damages. So, it is an attractive choice for buyers who want to buy a car that will last for a long time.

Timeless Vehicle Design

Another reason why the Honda S2000 is so expensive is its classic design. The classic car has a look that remains attractive over the years, making it a top choice for buyers who enjoy these kinds of cars.

The S2000 comes with a long hood, sleek lines, and a short deck, and this gives it an impressive and unique performance. The look appeals to a lot of car enthusiasts. Due to this, the demand for the S2000 is high.

Engine Is High Performance

Another highlight of the S2000 is the high-performance engine, which increases the price. The car comes with a 2.0-liter inline-four engine that can rev up to 9,000 RPM, which is quite rare for a classic sports car.

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This gives the Honda car a unique driving experience, which makes it stand out from other cars. Due to this, enthusiasts value the car’s engine, thereby increasing its engine power.

Quality Brakes and Wheels

The brakes and wheels on the Honda S2000 are of high quality and expensive to produce, adding to the overall price of the car. It is fitted with 17-inch alloy wheels, which are made of lightweight metal and designed to enhance the car’s performance.

Also, the Brembo brakes are a very rare type for cars, which makes them attractive to car enthusiasts. This makes the car even more pricey.

High Demand Among Collectors

Another reason why the Honda S2000 is so expensive is the high demand. Features like rare brakes and wheels, high-performance engines, durable build quality, and sleek exteriors contribute to the demand among car collectors.

As a car like these ages, it would become rarer, and the collectors would want it more. This makes them willing to pay a lot of money for the car, especially if it is properly maintained. Also, the S2000 is popular among collectors who enjoy tuning and customizing a car, making it an appealing choice.

Why Does the Honda S2000 Have a High Resale Value?

The Honda S2000 has a high resale value because it has limited production, high demand from collectors, timeless design, durable build quality, and a high-performance engine. These features increase the resale value, making it quite expensive. The prices of the car range between $18,000 and $60,000.

The depreciation rate of the S2000 has remained stable for a long time, even if the car was initially released in 1999. The car has been resilient in its market value. When it was first released, it had an average depreciation rate of 42% in the first five years of ownership.

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If you want to buy a Honda S2000 with a good resale value, you should consider the 2009 model. The average recommended price of the car was $36,660, but the resale value is about $25,000. The car was an attractive one, with a two-seater and easy-to-customize body.

Although the 2009 models are less expensive, the previous models are costlier. If you want to buy the S2000 from the 1999 or older models, you would spend about $60,000 or more on a model. But it depends on how well it was maintained, so it’s best to thoroughly inspect the used car before you buy it.

Is the Honda S2000 Reliable?

The Honda S2000 is reliable. The S2000 is known to be highly durable and reliable. Some drivers have owned an S2000 model that lasted over 100,000 miles without having major issues. As long as it was well-maintained, the car would remain reliable.

The Honda S2000 is just as reliable as other cars from Honda. If you’re thinking of getting any of these models, you should avoid the 2000, 2001, and 2002 models, which are the least reliable. These models have the worst reputation among other options, as they feature engine troubles, power loss, faults with the transmission, grinding gears, and light failures.

In general, the common faults of the S2000 include the heavy oil consumption, the grinding noise when changing your gear, the growling noise from the clutch, and the vibration when you accelerate. You should look out for these faults when you purchase this car.

Also, the S2000 has a cheap maintenance cost, although it depends on the model year. The older model years would have rare parts, which makes it harder to maintain than the newer models. In general, it costs about $500 to maintain your Honda. If you purchase the car, you should maintain it regularly throughout the year.

Can I Still Buy a New Model of the Honda S2000?

You cannot buy a new model of the Honda S2000 because it was discontinued in 2009. The production ended in 2009, and so the new S2000 is not available. Even with this, you can buy the used model available on the market, but it would command a very high price.

The S2000 was first released in 1999 when Honda was celebrating its 50th anniversary. It was a high-revving, lightweight sports car that appealed to driving enthusiasts. The car came with a 2.0-liter inline-four engine that produced 240 horsepower, and it came with a six-speed manual transmission.

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The car has also gone through different improvements and updates over time. It came with a larger engine, which improved the horsepower, and the revised suspension setup. However, the production of the car ended in 2009, and this made it a rare car.

Although there is no chance of the Honda coming back, there was a rumor of the Honda S2000 Electric coming back in 2023. It was expected that the electric car would come with a rear-mounted motor and would be a successor to the popular S2000 model.

Should You Buy the Honda S2000?

You should buy the Honda S2000 if you are interested in adding a classic car to your collection or if you simply like the look of the car. You should also consider the cost, as it can go up to $60,000 for a used model.

Before buying a used Honda S2000 model, you should keep some factors in mind. For one, the S2000 has had different designs over the years because of the changes. The newer model years are softer, with features like traction control and softer anti-roll and spring bars. You should consider the newer models if you’re buying it for the look.

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You should also consider the softer suspension, which shows that you need to be a careful driver. Also, the car goes through oil quickly, consuming as much as a liter every 1,000 miles. If you buy one, expect to spend a lot of money on the oil. Oil changes are also advised every 6000 miles or six months, whichever comes first.

Another thing you should consider when buying a Honda S2000 is the rusted body. The car does not have a lot of rust protection, so it’s best to inspect it before you purchase. Once you own the car, inspect it regularly for rust, especially the rear wheel arches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is The Honda S2000 Worth?

The Honda S2000 is worth between $19,991 and $59,995, with the mileage between 9,324 and 171,828. The car has a high worth as long as it is maintained and protected from rust. You should inspect the car thoroughly before purchasing a used model.

Why Did Honda Discontinue The S2000?

Honda discontinued the S2000 because of the change in the laws for carbon emissions. When the law required cars to reduce their carbon emissions, Honda had to discontinue the S2000 model. That is because it didn’t meet the emissions standards of that time.

Is The Honda S2000 Fast?

The Honda S2000 is fast because the normally aspirated production car engine produces up to 124 horsepower per liter. The engine also came with a sturdy manual transmission for better speed.

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If it has been well-maintained, the S2000 can hit a top speed of 158 miles per hour.

How Long Will The Honda S2000 Last?

The Honda S2000 will last as long as 300,000 miles or more without any major issues. Once the car hits the 150,000-mile range, it would require constant maintenance like the clutch replacement, struts and brakes repair, and more. Many owners have reached 300,000 with the S2000.


Now that we’ve answered the question, ‘Why are Honda S2000 so expensive?’ you know what contributes to the value of this car. Here’s a rundown of what we covered:

  • The Honda S2000 is so expensive because of its limited production, high-performance engine, sleek design, and quality brake and alloy wheels.
  • The Honda S2000 has a high resale value because of its low depreciation rate and build quality.
  • The S2000 is a reliable car that can last over 300,000 miles, but the 2000, 2001, and 2002 models are the least reliable.

With our complete guide, you can consider whether you want to get the S2000 and add it to your collection or not. Before buying a used model, it’s best to thoroughly inspect it.


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