1968 Dodge Charger: A Look at the Powerful Muscle Car

1968 Dodge Charger was one of the best muscle cars when it was released, and remains that way for collectors today. The interesting B-design and coke-bottle style come together to make this stylish car stand out.

1968 Dodge Charger

The sports cars we see today were inspired by this muscle car, so it was not surprising that many car owners wanted to own them. If you’re one of these enthusiasts, you can check out our detailed review on the 1968 Charger below.

Overview of the 1968 Dodge Charger

The 1968 Dodge Charger is one of the famous muscle cars that was released in the 1960s. Known for its elegant design, it featured a wasp-waisted Coke bottle style. The car was designed with a slim full-width grille, hidden headlights, a tunnel back window, and flying buttresses at the rear.

The Charger was produced during a time when muscle cars were popular; the 1958 Charger was an example of what keeps muscle vehicles in high demand. With the attractive design and sturdy engine, it remains one of the best cars of its time.

The 1968 Charger belongs to the second generation of this model. The highlight was that the Charger was redesigned for the 1968 model year. It was based on the Chrysler B platform and had some updates, like the undivided grill, hidden headlights, and rounded tail lights. There was also the 225 cubic-inch 3.7-liter slant-6 engine.

Dodge planned to produce 35,000 units of the Charger in the 1968 model year, but the demand was really high, and there were 96,100 Chargers that were actually produced. The Charger was very popular but not successful in racing events like NASCAR.

Features and Specs

The 1968 Dodge Charger manufactured and marketed by Dodge for the 1968 model year. In 1968, the Charger produced was a muscle car with a redesigned look. Based on the 117-inch wheelbase B series body and chassis from Chrysler Corporation, it was considered a pleasant surprise when it was released.

The 1968 Charger came with a sporty design that appealed to the masses. The stylists alsooffered an original look with the Charger, combining a fresh design that attracts attention. The highlight was the aerodynamic wedge theme of the car. The 1968 model was seen as a big improvement over the previous generation.
  • Engine Power

The performance of the 1968 Charger was noteworthy for its time. It was powered by multiple engine options, with some carried over from the previous generation. The engine options include the 318 cubic-inch 5.2-liter V8 engine, 426 cubic-inch Hemi V8 engine, and 225 cubic-inch 3.7-liter slant-6 engine.

Engine Power of Dodge Charger

The engine is coupled with three-speed manual transmission, but drivers could choose the automatic transmission that was in previous Charger models. The future models came with four-speed manual transmission.

  • Exterior Design

The 1968 Charger was different from other models because of its design, made by Richard Sias. It was not as upscale as the previous model year, but it came with a distinctive look like the Coke bottle styling. This added curves around the front fenders and rear quarter panels.
Drivers loved the aerodynamic wedge theme which outlined the exterior. This is because the look was similar to that of racecars. The car that looked the most similar to the Charger was the 1968 Corvette. The celebrity car had a roughneck style.

  • Other Specifications

The 68 Charger is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 4-passenger sports sedan with an all-steel integral body and chassis. The engine type is a pushrod water-cooled V-8 with cast-iron block and heads. The engine features a three-speed automatic transmission.
The dimensions of the wheelbase, length, width, and height are 117, 298, 76.6 and 53.2 inches, repsectively. The curb weight of the vehicle is 4,035 pounds.

History of the 1968 Charger

The Charger wa first released in 1966. Dodge was focused on making an upscale pony car that could compete with the muscle cars in the newly emerging market niche, like the Rambler Marlin that American Motors made. Mercury also released the Cougar car in 1964, and there was the Ford Mustang.

The Charger was made to compete with the Ford Thunderbird and Oldsmobile Toronado, so most of its marketing was base on it being a luxurious coupe. When the Charger made its debut in 1966, it came with a chassis and front-end sheet that looked like the Coronet. It was competing with the Rambler Marlin.

The 1966 model changed the market, with an easily accessible interior space from the rear hatch while the rear seats are folded and all-bucket seating. Then in the 1967 model year, Dodge updated the design by adding a vinyl roof and removing the console on the inside. Despite this, the model only sold half of the initial sales volume.

So Chrysler released the ’68 Charger to turn the tables, and it did. Some car enthusiasts say that the 1968 model year is the best Charger released. The muscle car came with sleek curves, a roomy cabin and aerodynamics.

Interesting Facts About the 1968 Dodge Charger

If you’re interested in classic muscle cars released in the 1960s, you might want to know some interesting facts about the 1968 Charger.

  • It Was the First R/T Charger

The R/T package means Road and Track and is one of the famous muscle car packages for Dodge cars. It was first provided to customers on the 1968 Charger, making the already popular car more appealing.

First 1968 Dodge R_T Charger

With the Dodge Charger R/T, drivers got a 440 Magnum V8 engine offering 375 ponies.

  • It Was Featured in Movies

Muscle cars were often used in hit shows, and the Charger was not left behind. The 1968 Charger was found in the classic movie “Bullitt,” where it was part of a legendary car chase with the Ford Mustang GT of the same model year. You might also notice the car in the movie “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

The 1968 Charger was also spotted in the screen adaptation of “Christine,” a Stephen King novel. You can also spot some 1968 Chargers that have been modified in the “Fast and Furious” movies, specifically the seventh and ninth installments.

  • It Was More Popular Than Previous Models

The ’68 Charger was a more popular option than the previous model years. This muscle car model did not begin as one of the best-selling muscle cars. In 1966, Dodge only produced 37,344 units. Then by 1967, the number dropped to a worse 15,788 units. It was not a good look for Chrysler, a top carmaker.

1968 Dodge Charger Review

So, the 1968 Charger came to the rescue when it was released. It had a total production of 96,100 Chargers, which was about three times the production of the first model year. Around 17,000 of the units in 1968 were with R/T packages.

  • It Is a Popular Choice for Modification

One of the reasons why the ’68 Charger is still a popular option for car collectors is the easy modification that it offers. There are different aftermarket touches that would improve the look of your Charger.

  • It Was Not a Good Racing Model

Despite being a muscle car, it was surprising that the ’68 Charger was not a racing model. Even with the Road & Track package, it could not deliver great results on the track like other cars. At NASCAR, the Charger lost to Ford due to its inefficient aerodynamics and the design elements that make the car drag.

  • It Is a Muscle Car Icon

If you ask any car enthusiast to mention the muscle car icons, you will definitely find the ’68 Charger on the list. The car got a lot of fame as one of the best muscle cars of its time. It could also offer top performance on the race track with some changes.

Buying Guide for the Classic Car

If you’re a collector, it would be exciting to see that you could get the 1968 Charger in your collection. Those who want to modify their classic cars will want this muscle car because it’s easy to upgrade. It’s important to note that there were over 96,000 Chargers built in that model year, so there is no shortage of this model in online markets.

  • Value

While the Charger was a pretty affordable muscle car upon its release, it’s now an expensive classic car. When the ’68 model was released, it came with a price of $3,014. In modern times, this would cost $26,724. If buyers purchased the R/T model, it increased to $3,480, which is $30,336 today.

Value of 1968 Dodge Charger

With the high interest in the 1968 Charger in classic car circles, the value has greatly increased. You can get behind the wheel of the ’68 Charger by paying up to $150,000 and more. You might spend up to $100,000 on a classic Charger.

  • Identifying an Authentic Charger Model

Before you purchase a Charger for your classic cars collection, it’s important to check all the features closely. For one, the Charger vehicle identification number starts with X, and this is followed by a letter that shows their position in the lineup. Next is the number 29, to show that it is a two-door hardtop coupe body style, and then the fifth value is for the car’s engine.

The sixth would be the model year, while the seventh would show the plant that the Charger was manufactured in. You should check the VIN on the instrument panel for the dashboard to ensure it is authentic before you purchase it. The serial number is also found on the passenger side and on the transmission housing.

Frequently Asked Questions

– How Fast Is a 1968 Dodge Charger?

A 1968 Dodge Charger is fast enough to reach a speed of 156 miles per hour. The car can go from nothing to 60 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds. It is powered by a 425-hp V8 engine and 490 pound-feet of torque.

– Which Dodge Charger Model Year Is the Fastest?

The 2023 Dodge Charger model year is the fastest. Also called the SRT Hellcat Redeye, it is the most powerful mass-produced 4-door muscle car that offers a maximum speed of 203 miles per hour. It can speed from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds

Was the 1968 Dodge Charger available as an electric car option?

The history of electric vehicles does not showcase the 1968 Dodge Charger as an option. During that era, electric cars were not widely produced by major manufacturers. The 1968 Dodge Charger was exclusively offered with gasoline-powered engines, representing the muscle car era rather than the rise of electric vehicles.


The 1968 Dodge Charger is a pretty popular vehicle that would make a great addition to your collection. After reading this complete guide, you now have all the necessary knowledge about this car, so

here’s a summary before you go:

  • The 1968 Charger is one of the famous muscle cars ever made, and its timeless look continues to be a iconic one.
  • The car model was redesigned for the year 1968, which resulted in impressive sales of over 96,000 units.
  • It was based on the Chrysler B model and offered a lot of curves, with an aerodynamic wedge surrounding it.
  • It has a front ending and rear-wheel drive, going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds.
  • The Charger went for $3,014 during its production. With the R/T package, it was $3,480, but the classic car goes as high as $150,000 today.

If you’re curious about the 1968 Charger, you can consider getting a unit at a trusted auction or a classic car marketplace. If you want a more modern muscle car, you should consider purchasing the 2022 model, as the timeless Dodge Charger is still being produced.

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