Who Makes Toyota Oil? (Does It Meet the Quality Standards?)

Who makes Toyota oil?” is a question that arises among Toyota car owners. Toyota does not manufacture the oil but rebrands the oil other manufacturers produce. In this article, we will explore the manufacturers and have a clear understanding of why this oil is the best option for Toyota car engines.

Origin of Toyota Oil ~ Ran When Parked

This article is a good resource for those who value engine longevity and sound performance as we delve into the best TGMO products and their alternatives.

Which Company Manufactures the Toyota 0W-20 Synthetic Oils?

The Toyota 0W-20 synthetic oils are manufactured by the Exxon Mobil Corporation and rebranded as the Toyota Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO). This oil is formulated to meet the standards of the engines of Toyota automobiles. When this oil flows through the engine, it provides optimal performance, protection, and reliability.

If you’re wondering, “Who makes Toyota synthetic engine oil other than Toyota?” you need to know that Toyota itself does not manufacture the oil. Instead, it rebrands oil from other manufacturers, such as TGMO.

These oils are specifically produced to meet the criteria of Toyota vehicles and provide the necessary lubrication and controlled emissions.

TGMO is a product of Exxon Mobil, a fusion of Exxon Corporation and Mobil Corporation, and manufactures the oil in Japan. Exxon and Toyota have been in an alliance for 25 years as they signed the cooperation agreement in 1998.

They design and manufacture various elements and components that lead to engine efficiency, decreased emissions from the engine, and other purposes.

And if you’re wondering who makes Toyota 0w16 oil, and who makes Toyota oil 5w30? Toyota’s Motor Corporation itself typically manufactures them. These oils also meet the criteria of their vehicles and increase their performance and longevity.

Whether it’s synthetic oil, 0W-16, 5W-30, or even conventional oil, Toyota ensures that its lubricants meet the specific standards that are needed for exemplary performance in their vehicles.

If you are curious about the other car brands, like who makes Honda oil, they are also supplied by other manufacturers, which Honda rebrands and sells as its own to its customers.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Toyota 0W-20 Oil in Vehicles?

The benefits of using Toyota 0W-20 oil in vehicles include its suitability for the engines of Toyota automobiles, its protection for the engine, and its high fuel efficiency. It is known for preventing sludge formation and corrosion in the engine. Another fantastic benefit is its thin consistency, even at low temperatures.

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The Toyota motor oil is ideal for Toyotas and other vehicles due to its excellent quality. Here are some benefits of this high-grade oil:

  • This oil provides engine protection, especially if you constantly drive in harsh conditions.
  • It reduces the wear and tear of the various engine components and increases engine longevity.
  • This oil is synthetic, so it increases the fuel economy due to fewer impurities and better chemical properties than regular oils.
  • It keeps the engine clean by preventing sludge formation and is known for preventing corrosion.
  • This oil remains thin at low temperatures and provides a smooth flow and less friction in the engine, so it is perfect if you live in cold states like Alaska, Montana, and Vermont.
  • Several vehicles can use the Toyota Full Synthetic 0W-20, like the Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Prius, Toyota Prius Prime, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Corolla iM, and the Toyota C-HR.
  • Toyota recommends this oil to its customers as it meets the standards of their vehicles and leads to better performance of Toyota engines.
  • If your Toyota automobile is maintained correctly and you use good quality oil like that recommended by Toyota, it will lead to a high resale value.

What Are the Best TGMO Products for Vehicles in the Market?

The best TGMO products for vehicles in the market include Toyota Motor Oils SL/CF 10W-30, SN/CF 5W-30, and 15W-40 CI-4, Toyota Car Oil 15W-40 SN, and Toyota Car Oil CF-40. Some of them are approved for both diesel and gasoline engines.

TGMO Products for Vehicles ~ Ran When Parked

Toyota Car Oil SL/CF 10W-30

SL/CF 10W-30 oil is approved for gasoline and diesel engines and is produced in Singapore. It meets the American Petroleum Institute (API) SL and CF service classifications. The “SN” rating means that the oil is suitable for gasoline engines, and the “CF” rating means it is ideal for diesel engines.

Toyota Car Oil SN/CF 5W-30

It is also produced in Singapore and carries the SN and CF designations. It is known for providing good lubrication in adverse conditions.

Toyota Car Oil 15W-40 SN

This oil is only available for modern gasoline engines. It is a good oil for cold conditions and is also manufactured in Singapore.

Toyota Car Oil 15W 40 SN ~ Ran When Parked

Toyota Car Oil 15W-40 CI-4

It is available only for diesel engines, provides excellent lubrication, and reduces wear and tear in vehicle engines.

Toyota Car Oil CF-40

It is a robust engine oil for diesel engines. It provides satisfactory service in harsh conditions by ensuring that the vehicle engine is running smoothly and has good fuel efficiency.

How Are Toyota Lubricant Filters Better Than Other Filters in the Market?

Toyota lubricant filters are better than other filters in the market because they have the correct hole size to ensure proper engine functioning. Poor-quality oil filters cause oil contamination due to their larger holes. Although Toyota filters are expensive, they are good at filtering compared to knock-offs in the market.

Toyota Lubricant Filters ~ Ran When Parked

An oil filter is a vehicle component that keeps the oil clean by filtering it so that it properly lubricates the engine. As the oil passes through the engine, it can get contaminated by dirt, sludge, metal particles, and other impurities from the combustion engine.

So, if you have a damaged or bad-quality filter, chances are you’ll have to face many issues. A good filter for the oil is just as important as high-quality oil, as a clogged or damaged filter will contaminate it anyway.

The genuine Toyota oil filters are made of high-quality materials and work seamlessly with the Toyota engines, leading to their high price. You will find many cheaper lubricant filters on the market and can be tempted to purchase them as they look pretty similar to the high-quality ones, but they can get you in a lot of trouble.

Such filters have larger holes than the genuine ones, leading to incomplete filtration. The various issues that a damaged lubricant filter can cause include the following:

  • The larger particles in the oil will cause an increase in friction due to metal-to-metal contact, leading to wear and tear in the engine.
  • It will lead to low oil pressure due to disrupted oil flow.
  • There will be inadequate lubrication in the engine, which will cause bad engine performance.
  • They will cause oil flow restriction and pressure problems, and the contaminated oil will run in the engine and cause reduced lubrication and sludge formation. The repair process will cost you more than the high-priced filters, so you should go for them in the first place to avoid inconvenience.

Want to know who makes Toyota oil filters? Denso or Nippondenso manufactures them. It is a well-known corporation that provides good-quality automotive components like lubricant filters for vehicles by Toyota.

What Are the Available Alternatives for Toyota 0W-20 Oil?

The available alternatives for Toyota 0W-20 Oil include Mobil 1 Advanced 0W-20 Motor Oil, Amazon Full Synthetic Lubricant, Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-20, and Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 0W-20.

Alternatives for Toyota Oil ~ Ran When Parked

These oils are of good quality, meet the standards of Toyota automobiles, and provide good lubrication for proper engine functioning.

  • Mobil 1 Advanced 0W-20 Car Oil: A fully synthetic motor oil by the company Mobil 1. It is known for its good quality and has connections with genuine Toyota motor oil. Although Toyota oil is a bit different from Mobil oil due to some additives, Toyota does recommend this oil as it fits the criteria of their vehicles.
  • Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Lubricant: It is a suitable alternative for Toyota 0W-20 Oil as it has the required characteristics of high resistance to thermal breakdown and viscosity and reduces friction.
  • Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-20: Valvoline also offers a full synthetic 0W-20 oil that provides protection against deposits, corrosion, sludge, and extreme temperatures.
  • Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 0W-20: It is also a high-quality oil that meets the requirements of various Toyota automobiles.

Now that you know who manufactures the TGMO and its various benefits, you should know the oil change intervals for Toyota automobiles. Multiple factors determine whether the oil needs replacement, such as the specific vehicle model, driving conditions, engine type, and the type of oil used.

If the oil you use is conventional, primarily required in older engines, you typically need to replace it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or every 3 to 6 months, depending on driving conditions. If your car uses synthetic fuel, it must be changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles or after 6 to 12 months.

But before making any decision about the oil change, always refer to the owner’s manual to find out what the manufacturer recommends. Also, if you replace the oil with a different one, ensure the previous oil has been completely drained, as a mixture of two different oils can cause complications due to their varying compositions.


The article provides a comprehensive overview of Toyota oil manufacturing and usability. Here is a quick summary of this article:

  • The oil is not manufactured by Toyota itself and is supplied by other brands that Toyota rebrands and sells.
  • The benefits of using genuine Toyota 0W-20 oil include high fuel efficiency, engine protection, and the prevention of corrosion and sludge formation.
  • There are various TGMO products other than the Toyota 0W-20 oil, including Toyota Car Oil SL/CF 10W-30, Toyota Car Oil 15W-40 SN, Toyota Car Oil 15W-40 CI-4, and Toyota Car Oil CF-40.
  • Toyota filters are expensive but a good purchase as they properly filter the oil.
  • Some good alternatives for Toyota 0W-20 Oil include Mobil 1 Advanced 0W-20 Motor Oil, Amazon Basics Full Synthetic Lubricant, and Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 0W-20.

Now, you know who manufactures the oil for Toyota and the various qualities this oil possesses that make it perfect for Toyota automobiles. Use this information to enhance your car’s engine performance if you’re a Toyota car owner or planning to be one.

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