Who Makes Subaru Oil Filters and Are They Any Good?

Who makes Subaru oil filters?’ is commonly asked among car owners who are driving a Subaru car. When purchasing a new oil filter, you might be wondering who made it, whether it is of high quality, and if there are alternatives.

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But Subaru does not manufacture the filters compatible with their cars and receives it from another company. In this article, we will answer the question of who makes and supplies the Subaru filters and their pros and cons.

Who Makes Subaru Oil Filters?

Subaru oil filters are made by Honeywell. This is a company based in North America and also called FRAM. Honeywell or FRAM is a popular brand based in the USA that has been providing companies with quality products, including the Subaru filters.

Honeywell and FRAM were the same brands until they separated in 2011. At that time, the company was called Honeywell’s Consumer Products Group. Prior to that, the company was owned by Bendix Corporation in 1967. FRAM has also made the Subaru filters.

After the separation, FRAM was purchased by Rank Group and continued to make filters. FRAM is a leading company in Canada and the USA that supplies different automobile aftermarket products, including filters for Subaru.

Currently, FRAM or Honeywell is one of the primary US manufacturers of filters for Subaru and other brands. It also makes filters for Subaru models outside of the country, along with Purolator. Purolator also makes OEM filters for Subaru. Other oil filter manufacturers include Clarcor, Dana, Champion Labs, and Donaldson.

Who Made Subaru Filters Before?

Subaru filters were made by Tokyo Roki before. This is a Japanese-based oil filter manufacturer that partnered with Subaru to provide OEM filters for their cars. Subaru eventually took the deal from Tokyo Roki and worked with Honeywell/FRAM instead.

The exact reason why Subaru decided to work with Honeywell/FRAM rather than Tokyo Roki is unclear. It might have been because Japan was too far from the USA, and so changing companies would reduce the cost and make the process economical.

Since FRAM/Honeywell is based in the USA and Canada, it would be easier for Subaru to run a business.

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Keep in mind that many car owners maintain that the Tokyo Roki filters are the best among other options like FRAM. Although Subaru has switched to other manufacturers, the Tokyo Roki filters are still of high quality. If you want to replace the filters on your Subaru, you can consider purchasing the Tokyo Roki brand.

Tokyo Roki is a highly respected oil filter manufacturer, with the products coming directly from Japan. It is sold in the original Subaru packaging, so you can freely purchase an authentic Subaru part. But when getting a new filter, you should also replace the crush gasket of your Subaru.

Where Are Subaru Filters Made?

Subaru filters are made in Canada or the USA because that is where the manufacturing units of Honeywell and FRAM are located. Before, the filters were made in Japan because it was manufactured by a Japanese company called Tokyo Roki.

Currently, Honeywell is the company that makes the Subaru filters, and their factories are located in Canada. There are some factories that you can find in the USA, also owned by Honeywell. The factories work together to supply filters to Subaru.

There are two types of filters ideal for Subaru, and you can differentiate them by the color. The black filters are made in Japan, while the blue filters are manufactured in Canada. The black filters are designed for high-power Subaru cars, while the blue ones are more compatible with small four-cylinder engines.

The black and blue filters are very similar except for where they are made and other minor changes. However, a lot of drivers would prefer the Tokyo Roki black filters since they can handle stressful engines. You can consider your Subaru engine type before choosing one filter or ask your mechanic which one would be ideal for you.

What Are the Pros of Subaru Oil Filters?

The pros of Subaru oil filters include the back drain valve included inside the filter. The valve is designed to stop oil from draining totally while the engine has been turned off. When you turn the engine on, it will receive oil immediately, so you don’t get a dry start.

The Subaru filters are durable and long-lasting, too, so you can use them for up to 7,500 miles. The durability would match the price of the filters, and you would only have to change them after traveling for a long distance. Also, the filters are designed with an outside shell constructed with hard metal, prolonging the lifespan.

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If you are on a 3,000-mile cycle with your car, you should change your filter every 6,000 miles. But with a 6,000-mile cycle, you would have to change the filters every 12,000 miles. Whenever you are getting your car serviced, you should inspect the filters and get an oil change.

What Are the Cons of Subaru Oil Filters?

The cons of Subaru oil filters include the construction of the valve inside the filter. The valve inside the engine oil filter is made of rubber and not silicon. This makes it of lower quality than some high-end filters available for Subaru models.

The filters are also designed with a rubber valve, but this makes it function poorly in low or high temperatures. You should keep these downsides in mind when purchasing the oil filter.

What Are the Best Alternatives to Subaru Filters?

The best alternatives to Subaru filters include the FRAM Extra Guard PH6017A, FRAM Extra Guard PH6018 Black Filters, and Subaru Filters & Washers.

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These filters would also match your Subaru model, so you should consider purchasing them if you cannot find an OEM option.

FRAM Extra Guard PH6017A

These are reliable filters that are also made by FRAM. These are highly reliable and durable filters that can last for over 10,000 miles. It can be used for synthetic oil and conventional oil and is strong enough to eliminate 95% of dirt coming into motor oil.

FRAM Extra Guard PH6018 Black Filters

These are reliable filters that can also last for 10,000 miles without failing. The filter is made with resin rather than rubber, and this makes it compatible with all-terrain cars.

Subaru Filters & Washers

You can also consider the Subaru Filters & Washers, which are made by Honeywell in the USA. The filters are 6 x 6 x 6 inches in dimension and have a weight of 1.1 pounds. It makes it ideal for your Subaru car and motor oil.

Should I Use OEM or Aftermarket Oil Filters for Subaru?

You should use OEM oil filters for Subaru. If you use filters with OEM specs, you won’t have to worry about leaks and other downsides with the filter. But with aftermarket filters, you have to deal with the risk of the filter coming off due to poor fitting.

Aftermarket filters are usually cheaper than factory filters, but that is because the OEM Subaru filters are made with stronger metal. The filter housing and material would determine how long it would last, but the aftermarket options are usually made with a thin metal, which would cause it to crack or distort under heat.

It would work with conventional and synthetic motor oil.

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When choosing between an OEM and aftermarket oil filter, you need to ensure that it fits perfectly. Aftermarket filters are not always designed to fit the OEM Subaru specifications, which means that they might not fit well with your Subaru and would lead to leaking engine oil.

But OEM filters would obviously fit the Subaru specs, so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

Another factor you need to consider when getting filters for your Subaru is the warranty. When installing a new filter to your Subaru, you need to consider the warranty because the genuine Subaru oil filter replacement comes with a one-year warranty.

As long as you buy the oil filter from an authorized retailer, it will be backed by the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better In FRAM and Mobil Filters?

Mobil filters are better than FRAM filters because they have a longer lifespan, so you won’t have to replace them too many times, and they offer advanced protection against contaminants. But FRAM filters are also of high quality with superior filtration capabilities.

How Many Filters Are In A Subaru?

The Subaru has two filters, one of which is the cabin air filter, and the other is the engine air filter in your Subaru Legacy, Outback, and Impreza. The two air filters are important to the performance of your car and need to be replaced every 48,000 miles.

Why Does Subarus Consume So Much Oil?

Subarus consumes so much oil because of worn-out parts.

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If your Subaru is using too much oil, it might be because the engine oil is of poor quality, the seals and gaskets are worn out, and the piston rings are also old.

What Happens If You Don’t Put Oil In Your Oil Filter?

If you don’t put oil in your oil filter, it will be unable to properly cool and lubricate the engine. It would reduce the performance of your engine, and if you leave it unchecked, it can lead to damage to your engine. It’s best to check your oil filter regularly.


Now that we’ve answered the question, ‘Who makes Subaru oil filters?’ you can keep this in mind when purchasing OEM filters. Here’s a rundown of what we covered in this article:

  • Subaru filters are made by FRAM and Honeywell based in the USA and Canada, but it was previously made by Tokyo Roki in Japan.
  • Subaru filters are made in the USA and Canada, but the older models were made in Japan.
  • The pros of the Subaru filters are the back drain valve included in the filters and the durable and long-lasting design.
  • The cons of the filters are the rubber valves, which are of poor quality.

With our guide, you can take care of your Subaru filters and purchase the OEM options. It’s best to buy a filter designed exactly for your Subaru.


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