Who Makes Microgard Oil Filters and Are They Any Good?

Who makes Microgard oil filters?’ is something you might be wondering if you are thinking of buying one. Oil and air filters are highly important parts of your car and are vital to the maintenance of your engine and car in general, especially the engine oil.

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When particles, dirt, metal fragments, and dust get into your motor oil, it can degrade your motor oil and cause the engine to fail, which is why the filter is important. In this guide, we look at who makes the filters from Microgard and whether you should use them.

Who Makes Microgard Oil Filters?

Microgard oil filters are made by Purolator, which has been purchased by Mann+Hummel in the last ten years. The filters are sold at O’Reilly AutoParts. The filters are an affordable option fitted in your engine and are made with fibrous wood pulp and cellulose.

The Microgard filters are manufactured in the United States, as the manufacturing company is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. All the products from Microgard are made in the USA. Purolator is the leading manufacturer of filtration products, known for their durable and top-quality filters.

Many car enthusiasts go for these filters because they are made with high-quality paper and are available in different styles and sizes, making them compatible with other vehicles. The Microgard engine oil filters are also easy to install and maintain.

If you’re thinking of using filters from Microgard, you can rest assured that they are made in the United States and are of high quality. They are designed to remove contaminants from oil and are available in multiple sizes. The metal end cap would also prevent your oil leaks.

What Are the Types of Microgard Oil Filters?

The types of Microgard oil filters are the Standard Filter and the Select Filter. There are different sizes and styles of the Microgard filter, but the main options are the standard and select.

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You should check your car’s requirements before buying the filters.

Standard Oil Filters

The Standard Microgard Filter is the most popular option, offering a lot of convenience to the drivers. It is a spin-on filter in a small canister that is easy to mount. The canister has a unique design that allows you to add a smaller filter to your car without worrying about durability and performance.

The filter’s canister is fitted with an internal baffle, which stops the oil and contaminants from going through the filter media. The filter has a corrosion-resistant finish coated on the canister, which would stop rust and corrosion. If you buy the Standard filter, it comes with a limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about damage.

Select Oil Filters

The Microgard Select Oil Filter is another option to consider. It is a high-quality product that is designed to provide better protection for your engine. This filter is meant to remove contaminants like dust, metal shavings, and dirt from your oil.

With the select filter, you get a cleaner oil, which would prevent wear and tear in your engine. It has a higher capacity than other filters in the market, making it a great choice for cars with high mileage. If you want to upgrade your current filter, you should choose the Select option.

Are Microgard Oil Filters Any Good?

Microgard oil filters are very good. These filters are a top choice among consumers who are thinking about their budget but still want a high-quality option. The oil filter reviews on these filters differs based on the consumer, as some say they are cheap and of low quality.

Keep in mind that the general answer is that Microgard filters are of high quality. They are effective in getting rid of impurities and supplying your engine with clean oil. But keep in mind that the filters won’t last as long as other expensive options.

Highly Efficient

One of the highlights of Microgard is that the filters are efficient. It’s important to use a filter that is efficient so that there would be no particles getting into your engine.

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Fortunately, the filters from Microgard have 95 percent to 99 percent efficiency in getting rid of impurities in your oil. You can rely on the efficiency of the filters for your car.

Material Construction

You also need to consider the construction of the filter that you are purchasing. Most filters from Microgard are made with cellulose, but this leads to an inconsistent pore size. It would enhance the absorption of oil, prolonging the engine life and preventing contaminants from getting into the engine.

If you use acidic or harsh engine oil in your car, then you might not be able to use the Microgard filter. This cellulose material would become damaged over time with the wrong oil. If you use harsh oil, you should consider a filter made with synthetic or fiberglass instead.

Easy to Buy

Microgard MGL filters are highly accessible and easy to get. For one, these filters are highly affordable, so you can easily buy one without breaking the bank. Aside from being cheap, the filters can fit many types of cars, including makes and models from Dodge, Ram, Volkswagen, and Jeep.

When you buy a new Microgard filter, you will also get a gasket and seal. These features would be included in the price, but it would prevent leaks and lead to a higher level of contamination in the engine. You won’t need an oil change often.

Which Is Better in Microgard and Wix Oil Filters?

Wix oil filters are better than Microgard MGL filters, but it depends on your needs. Wix filters are some of the best options and come at a competitive price range, but the Microgard-made filters can easily withstand long-distance driving and are highly affordable.

Keep in mind that although Microgard air filters are easy to get and highly affordable, you would have to change them every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. It would also withstand city or highway driving easily. On the other hand, the Wix filters would last much longer. They work in severe weather conditions and are compatible with different kinds of oils.

Wix Oil Filters ~ Ran When Parked

The range of vehicles for the Wix filters is wide, and it would work with conventional, blended, or synthetic motor oils. Wix filters can last up to 10,000 miles, but you would have to change your Microgard filter three times to reach 10,000 miles.

Both filters use a similar synthetic filtering design, so it might surprise you to see that Microgard-made filters are way cheaper compared to the Wix filters. When choosing between the two filters, you should consider your driving habits and conditions and the type of car that you are driving. But you can save money with a budget-friendly Microgard filter.

What Are Some Alternatives to Microgard Oil Filters?

Some alternatives to Microgard oil filters include Wix, K&N, Motorcraft, and Mobil1 filters. If you don’t like Purolator, which makes filters from Microgard, you can consider the other options on the market. All of these provide quality filters, which would extend your engine life and protect it.

One of the alternatives you can go for is the K&N filters. This is a reliable filter brand that produces high-performance oil and air filters. The filters would also protect it from harmful contaminants.

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Another reliable alternative is Motorcraft, which is a reliable name for filters. If you’re driving a Ford car, you can get a filter from this brand. Then, you can buy a filter from Mobil1, especially if you are using synthetic motor oil. It is a convenient type of filter.

If you are driving a Chrysler, you can go for the Mopar filter. These are reliable filters designed specifically for Chrysler cars and are highly recommended. The filters would remove impurities from the oil and ensure your engine is running properly. You can consider any of these brands as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Oil Filters The Same?

All oil filters are not the same, as they come with different quality and lifespan. Filters are important to prolong the life of your engine, so you should consider the filter design, filtration technologies, and the lifespan of the brand.

Can Any Oil Filter Be Used On My Car?

You cannot use any oil filter on your car, as they all come in different sizes. Not all filters would fit your engine, so it’s important to check the size and see if it fits your engine. OEM filters are highly recommended since they are designed to fit your car.

Where Can I Buy Microgard Oil Filters?

You can buy Microgard oil filters from O’Reilly Auto Parts, eBay, and Amazon.

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These stores provide you with different kinds of Microgard air filters, which would give you dependable protection and long service life. You can check your local store for filters.

What Is The Micron Rating of Microgard Oil Filter?

The micron rating of the Microgard oil filter is set at 25 microns. The filters can work with standard and synthetic oil and are engineered for the free flow of oil in your car. It would prevent dirt from getting into your engine and enhance its performance.


Now that we’ve answered the question, ‘Who makes Microgard oil filters?’ you know where these budget-friendly filters come from. Here’s a summary of what our guide covers:

  • Microgard is made by Purolator, which is owned by Mann+Hummel and is manufactured in the USA.
  • The main types of filters are the Standard and Select, which are of high quality.
  • The filters are very good, as they are highly efficient, have quality construction, are highly affordable, and are easily accessible.
  • Wix is better than the filters, as it lasts longer and has better filtration qualities, but the Microgard is a cheaper option.
  • Some alternatives to Microgard include Wix, K&N, Motorcraft, and Mobil1.

With our complete guide, you know the company behind Microgard and if they are of high quality. The filters are of high quality, but you need to replace them often.


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