Who Makes Napa Synthetic Oil and Oil Filters? Manufacturers Revealed!

If you are wondering who makes Napa synthetic oil, it’s time to get the answers here. You might be surprised that Napa doesn’t make their motor oil and oil filters.

Who Makes Napa Synthetic Oil and Oil Filters

Instead, they are manufactured somewhere else before Napa sells them under their name.

In this guide, you will learn all about oils, oil filters, and their types and manufacturers.

Who Are the Manufacturers of Napa Oil and Oil Filters?

Valvoline are the manufacturers of Napa oil, and WIX Filters are the manufacturers of Napa oil filters. Valvoline is one of the world’s largest and most well-known manufacturers of engine oil. Its parent company is Ashland Global, a global chemical manufacturing giant.

Napa also has confirmation on their website that their engine oil is made at Valvoline. On the other hand, WIX Filters manufactures Napa oil filters. They are the famous and leading oil filter producers in the US. Their parent company is Mann+Hummel, which is a German automobile products manufacturer and owns numerous other automobile parts manufacturers.

Who makes the best oil filter? NAPA makes the best oil filters, which are the NAPAGold filters that are 50 percent more efficient than traditional economy filters. They are the best choice for use with conventional, synthetic mixes or complete synthetic lubricants.

– Napa Oil and Oil Filters

NAPA, often known as the National Automotive Parts Association, is a nationwide network of auto parts retailers in the United States. Napa has more than 500,000 items in stock, including Napa Oil and Napa Oil Filters, both of which carry the Napa brand name.

Napa Oil and Oil Filters

Napa oil is definitely the best oil you can get for your car. It helps save a lot of gas and makes the ride more comfortable. Also, it makes the engine a lot quieter, which is really impressive.

NAPA is a go-to filter brand, for anyone who does their own vehicle maintenance, works in a garage, or installs oil filters for other people’s vehicles. It offers the widest variety of oil filters for all vehicles.

– Napa Platinum Oil Filters Manufacturers

Who makes Napa Platinum oil filters? WIX makes Napa Platinum Oil Filters. For vehicles operating in extreme or harsh conditions, or those needing the latest breakthroughs in synthetic oils, NAPA Platinum oil filters are the best choice. They use entirely synthetic oil to deliver the highest filtration power. 

Towing, long periods of inactivity, high speeds on the highway, severe temperature swings, and steep climbs in low gear are just some of the situations where you’ll want to use this product.

Here are some of its characteristics:

  • NAPA Platinum filters maintain your car in top condition while ensuring your safety and peace of mind.
  • Using wire-backed, strengthened, totally synthetic media, this filter has a dirt-holding capacity up to 100 percent higher than the gold variant.
  • To maintain its integrity at high temperatures, the sealing gaskets are constructed from a hydrogenated nitrile compound.
  • This filter utilizes soft, non-hardening silicone anti-drain back valves, which are more durable than the conventional nitrile valves used in cheaper economy filters.
  • When utilizing synthetic engine oils or facing extreme driving conditions, the NAPA Platinum oil filter is one of the best filter options available.

Who makes Wix oil filters? Wix oil filters are manufactured by Mann + Hummel. They are the parent firm of Wix filter, which they purchased in 2016. They have not ceased improving the company’s capacity, quality, and value since then. Mann + Hummel is a family-owned company.

– Napa’s Gold Oil Filters Manufacturers

WIX makes their gold oil filters. The gold filter from NAPA has gained the confidence of thousands of customers, and today, NAPA’s gold air and fuel filters mirror this gold standard. The gold filters are designed to enhance durability and performance due to their innovative engineering and exclusive construction materials.

The gold variant of oil filter lives up to its title with a glass-enhanced cellulose medium that has a 50 percent greater holding capacity, which is able to collect tiny engine-damaging pollutants. The spiral core element tube provides exceptional collapse resistance, and the strong seal on each metal lid prevents oil leakage.

Maximum sealing protection is provided by the reinforced steel spring in the event of pressure bursts.

These different filters include:

  • Napa gold 1365 oil filter
  • Napa gold 1069 oil filter
  • 1348 Napa gold oil filter
  • Napa gold 1042 oil filter

So which is better between Napa Gold vs Platinum Oil Filter? If you are seeking a fully synthetic, synthetic blend, or traditional motor oil, NapaGold is your best bet. On the other hand, Napa Platinum oil filters use entirely synthetic media for the highest level of engine protection and provide the most effective filtering for vehicles.

– Napa Silver Oil Filters Manufacturers

WIX makes Napa Silver Oil Filters. In 2011, the NAPA silver oil filter, which dates back to 1968, joined the NAPA filter family. It offers significant performance advantages, such as more media, a larger capacity, and an updated anti-drain back valve, which will keep your car operating smoothly.

Napa Silver Oil Filters Manufacturers

NAPA silver oil filter is the best option for standard oil change intervals. You can’t do better for your engine than this premium oil filter, which features 10 percent more cellulose filtering media, an additional strong steel circular center tube to inhibit collapse, metal end stoppers to provide a proactive seal to inhibit oil by-pass, a revolutionary combination by-pass, anti-drain at the back of the piston, and a spiral metal spring to prevent injury from pressure rises.

Napa Synthetic Oil Manufacturer

Who makes Napa synthetic oil? Valvoline produces full-synthetic, blended-synthetic, and conventional oil for Napa. Napa Premium synthetic motor oil is developed to reduce engine friction and wear as much as possible. Its cutting-edge formula provides tried-and-true wear protection agents that stand up under extreme heat and friction. The maximum protection against sludge and deposits is provided by the additional detergents.

The formulation includes high-quality synthetic base oils and additives that delay the deterioration of your engine and keep it running smoothly for a prolonged period. Extra detergent and specific seal conditioners work together to cut down on the buildup of deposits, sludge, and varnish while decreasing oil use. To shield GDI engines from low-speed pre-ignition, it has been reclassified as API SN PLUS (LSPI).

– Napa Engine Oil Manufacturers

Valvoline, an American producer and distributor of motor oil, lubricants, and additives, is responsible for producing Napa’s motor oil. It’s also stated on Napa’s product pages, verifying the claim. 

Valvoline, a company that has been around for more than 150 years and now employs thousands of people, is a global leader in the automotive oil and lubricant industry. It is a relevant detail to note that Valvoline is owned by Ashland Global, a huge parent company that runs various chemicals industries.

– Napa 15W40 Oil Manufacturers

Who makes Napa 15W40 oil? Napa 15W40 Oil is produced by Valvoline, which is an American manufacturer and distributor of automobile oil, lubricants, and additives. It is a division of Ashland Global, a huge holding company that operates numerous chemical plants.

– Why Mann+Hummel Is Written in Some Napa Packages

If you are one of those people who recently bought NAPA oil or oil filters from NAPA auto Part stores, you might have seen Mann+Hummel written on its packaging. It is because WIX Filters, Napa oil filter manufacturers, are owned by Mann+Hummel, so this is their brand name.

Mann+Hummel is a global filtration technology company based in Germany, with 80 years of experience. Their headquarters is in Ludwigsburg. This company provides premium quality filters to automotive and other different industries. The incorporation of WIX in the Mann+Hummel Gruppe happened in 2016. This incorporation made Mann+Hummel Gruppe the most prominent and the largest in the world of filtration technology. 

The company has various supply chains at present. All offer the same performance and quality of oil filters that you can expect from any company with 80 years of experience.

What Are the Different Napa Oil Filters?

The different Napa oil filters include gold, silver, and platinum. WIX is the supplier, so you can rest assured that you’re getting genuine Napa filters. Napa oil filters are excellent if you choose the right kind and type for your car.

What Are the Different Napa Oil Filters

When it comes to oil filters, as long as there is some form of quality control in place, it’s hard to see how a manufacturer could make a mistake.

NAPA offers oil filters in a wide variety of models.

  • Materials used in filter media include cellulose, enhanced cellulose, synthetic fibers, micro glass, cotton, and more.
  • Dimensional diversity includes a range of outer diameters, thread pitches, and overall heights.
  • Cartridge filters, spin-on filters, and canister filters include many types.

What Are Different Napa Engine Oils?

The different Napa engine oils include the full synthetic motor oil and conventional motor oil, while the other two types are their high-mileage variants. As we can see, Napa offers four distinct variants of motor oil, but technically they are just two types. 

– Full Synthetic Motor Oil

If you want to know how well an oil manufacturer does in terms of quality, go no further than their complete synthetic motor oil. As the most popular choice, it must perform to the claimed criteria. Napa has 78 different types of fully synthetic oil to choose from.

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Some of the specs you can choose from are as follows:

  • The following weight ratings are covered: 5W-30, 5W-20, 15W-50, 10W-30, 0W-20, 0W-16
  • The following versions of the API are supported: SN, SN+, SM, SP, and other older standards.
  • Dexos 1 Gen 2 Rating

Reading the API standard is the most crucial step in selecting high-quality motor oil. What you want is the SN standard, or better SN+, as this is the current highest manufacturing level and essentially guarantees that the oil will be good for your engine. These are also some of the Napa full synthetic oils that pass the SN/SN+ requirement.

– Conventional Motor Oil

Conventional oil is typically used in extreme environments, but its popularity is continuously declining. It is mostly advised to combine the Napa conventional motor oil with their high-mileage variant.

Still, it’s important to note that Napa has over a hundred alternatives in the conventional oil category, covering a broad spectrum of SAE and API grades:

  • The following weight ratings are covered: 5W-30, 5W-20, 15W-50, 10W-40, 10W-30
  • Grades from the American Provisions Index: SN+, SN, and below.

Valvoline-manufactured Napa sells some of the best traditional and synthetic motor oil blends on the market. It is remarkable that their mixes are able to earn SN API ratings, given how strict the criterion is. In the end, Napa is a fantastic option if you’re set on using either conventional oil or oil blended with synthetic components.


1. Who Makes O’Reilly’s Oil Filters?

Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC, based in Shreveport, LA, is the independent lubricant producer that makes O’Reilly’s Oil Filters. It was established back in 1978, and when it first opened its doors, Omni Industries, LLC was a family-run petrochemical marketing company.

However, at present, approximately 15 percent of the United States aftermarket demand for brake fluid is met by this company.

Does Using Napa Synthetic Oil and Oil Filters Extend the Lifespan of a Dodge Charger?

Using Napa Synthetic Oil and oil filters can significantly extend the lifespan of a Dodge Charger. Regularly changing the oil with high-quality synthetic oil helps maintain engine performance and prevents harmful deposits. Furthermore, Napa oil filters efficiently remove contaminants, ensuring thorough filtration. With proper maintenance, including regular oil changes, a Dodge Charger can last for many years. So, how long do Dodge Chargers last? With proper care, they can remain on the road for decades.

Who Manufactures Napa Synthetic Oil and Oil Filters?

Napa synthetic oil and oil filters are not associated with BMW X3 manufacturing and assembly details. The production of Napa synthetic oil and oil filters is carried out by other manufacturers. The keyword “bmw x3 manufacturing and assembly details” does not pertain to the manufacturing of Napa products.

Is Napa Synthetic Oil Recommended for Use in a Chevy Malibu?

Napa Synthetic Oil is an excellent choice for a Chevy Malibu. It provides superior engine protection and performance. However, when using it, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and adhere to the appropriate viscosity. Keep in mind that the open gas tank Chevy Malibu should not be related to the oil you use but rather a separate maintenance concern.


Napa is one of the leading automobile parts providers of affordable motor oil and oil filters.

Valvoline makes their oil while WIX Filters make their oil filters, both industial giants in themselves.

  • Valvoline are the manufacturers of Napa oil, and WIX Filters are the manufacturers of Napa oil filters.
  • Napa has two main motor oil types which are full synthetic motor oil and conventional oil.
  • Napa has three oil filter types, namely silver, gold, and platinum.
  • Both products offer high performance, durability, and are extremely affordable.
  • You may find Mann+Hummel written on some Napa packages because their oil filter manufacturer, WIX, is owned by Mann+Hummel.

If you have any questions or insights, feel free to contact us and leave a comment!

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