Who Makes Polaris Oil? And Why the Lubricant Is So Special

Who makes Polaris oil in USA?” may have crossed your mind if you want to learn more about this lubricant, including what makes it so unique. Lube-Tech, an oil company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, is the genuine maker of this engine lubricant.

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Polaris buys the oil from the manufacturer, then repackages and sells it under its brand name. Read on for the full details and learn why using the oil on your engine is more beneficial than using oils from competitor brands.

Who Is the Original Manufacturer of Polaris Oil in the USA?

The original manufacturer of Polaris oil in the USA is Lubrication Technologies Inc. (Lube-Tech), based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company has offices and manufacturing points in various parts of the country, including Roseville, MN. They are also the makers of the famous Polaris oil filters.

A car engine can get extremely hot – up to 121 degrees! Engine oil helps to prevent heat buildup and ensures the various components run as efficiently as possible. It also reduces untimely wear, so your vehicle can serve you for years. That said, buying exemplary quality oil for your engine is essential.

Most car owners are familiar with the name Polaris. This brand, headquartered in Medina, Minnesota, has supplied synthetic oil for many years. It’s reputable for its top-rated lubricating oil and premium quality motorcycles, snowmobiles, and all-terrain vehicles. Polaris lubricants stand out for many reasons.

It uses a unique additive system that significantly reduces engine wear, optimizes cleanliness, and offers industry-leading corrosion protection. Polaris sells a great product, though they don’t manufacture it themselves. They procure oil from Lube-Tech, repackage, and sell it under their brand name – Polaris.

More About Lube-Tech

LubeTech oils company is a US-based wholesaler and manufacturer of lubricating fluids. The organization prides itself as a reputable partner for energy, fluid technology, lubricants, and laboratory, industrial, and equipment services.

They also claim to simplify operations, solve problems, and accelerate performance through their services. Lube-Tech produces lubricants in different areas.

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Having five facilities and offices nationwide, they boast manufacturing points in Roseville, Minnesota, Shreveport, Louisiana, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Other factories are in Des Moines, Iowa, and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Who does Lube-Tech make oil for apart from Polaris? They make oil for many other well-known oil brands like Mobil.

It develops fluid formulas for long-lasting applications, and all its products are known to strictly meet OEM warranty standards. Lube-Tech describes itself as one of the country’s largest blenders, packagers, and distributors of lubricants.

They partner with well-established OEM brands to formulate fluids for their private-label offerings. These include bar and chain oil, grease, specialty fluids, oil change kits, 2-cycle and 4-cycle oil.

Different Types of Polaris Lubricants

Polaris offers its motor oil in different types to meet all performance requirements. Most of these specially formulated lubricants are engineered to work with Polaris ATVs, Polaris Rangers, and other vehicles. They are tested to Polaris tolerances and strict wear parameters. Some of the common options include:

Polaris PS-4 Full Synthetic 5W-50

Polaris offers this product as an all-season engine lubricant to ensure peak performance for 4-stroke engines every time. It’s ideal for Powersport engines. The oil includes the latest lubricating technology that controls moisture, giving engine components maximum protection on start-up.

Moreover, the oil contains a custom clean engine additive property that lessens engine deposits.

Polaris PS 4 Full Synthetic ~ Ran When Parked

It’s 50 percent more effective in keeping the engine cleaner than other aftermarket products. The oil prevents oxidation in low and high temperatures to prevent rust and corrosion.

PS-4 Extreme Duty 10W-50

This oil type is best for Polaris off-road vehicles that operate in extreme heat conditions. It has synthetic base properties to control oil oxidation and protects vital engine parts. The oil also contains an anti-wear additive system that protects your engine against wear in extreme conditions. It’s suitable for four-stroke engines.

VES 2-Cycle Oil

As the name suggests, VES Full synthetic oil is specially formulated for 2-cycle engines, such as snowmobiles. The oil contains anti-wear and detergent additions (detergency helps break down sludge and stabilize acids to enhance oil longevity) to ensure the engine burns clean with minimum carbon deposits for new-like performance every time.

It also guarantees maximum corrosion protection from moisture, especially during off-season storage.

Polaris Blue 2-Cycle Oil

This synthetic blend oil delivers optimum performance and protection to Powersports-grade vehicles. It contains artificial and mineral-based additives for oil injection applications and vintage machines.

Polaris Blue 2 Cycle Oil ~ Ran When Parked

What Are the Benefits of Using Polaris Lubricants?

The benefits of using Polaris lubricants include improving the engine and keeping it clean. It’s also claimed to significantly improve engine performance, enhance fuel economy, and extend the engine’s life. Since it runs clean with less smoke and odor, this oil is said to help to conserve the environment.

All engine oils are formulated mainly to protect vital components against heat, rust, corrosion, and general wear. However, the quality among all the oil brands out there differs, and you may have wondered, is Polaris oil any good despite its popularity? Polaris claims that its high-quality oil offers the benefits discussed here in detail:

Lubricates Better and Keeps Engine Clean

The Polaris slick oil molecules evenly spread, creating a perfect layer of lubrication in the engine mechanism. That minimizes friction in the parts and helps them run properly. The oil also keeps the engine clean.

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As it runs through the engine components, it picks up nasty deposits, dirt, and tiny chiseled metal fillings. All these impurities can interrupt your engine’s normal functioning.

Improves Engine Performance

Polaris keeps the engine performing like new – it’s rated for high performance. The oil enables the engine to quickly respond to your inputs by ensuring adequate lubrication and reducing the friction level. It doesn’t matter how hard you ride. Polaris maintains a clean burn even in extreme weather conditions.

It’s Eco-Friendly

As mentioned, Polaris burns clean with minimal smoke and odor. That contributes to the effort to clean the environment. Burning clean also helps in better functioning of your vehicle’s exhaust valves.

Increases Engine Life

Engine life depends significantly on the quality of the oil. Polaris slick form protects vital components from friction, minimizing wear and tear. The oil contains a component that lessens the exhaust system’s rust and corrosion risk. Your engine enjoys a new-like performance for a long time.

Increases Engine Life ~ Ran When Parked

Note that Polaris lubricants are also long-lasting. Polaris recommends a break-in oil and filter swap at 25 engine hours, 800 kilometers (500 miles), or one month of use, whichever comes first. After the break-in, you should change the oil and filter every 50 hours, years, or 1600 kilometers (1000 miles), whichever comes first.

Enhances Fuel Economy

When all the engine parts run smoothly, there’s less fuel wasted during power generation. Polaris ensures the least friction, which renders better fuel burning in the cylinders.

The oil’s viscosity and slower burning properties decrease frictional heat buildup, guaranteeing a longer fuel mileage even in different climate conditions. It saves you money because you make fewer trips to the fueling station.

Polaris always stands out in all aspects, especially in fast starting, even in icy conditions. Its unique formula is thinner than regular oils. Looking at Polaris Oil vs Amsoil, the former has always taken the top position as the best. Though Amsoil is highly regarded for withstanding extreme heat and shearing forces, many users still choose Polaris.

Also, in Polaris PS4 oil vs Mobil 1, Polaris takes the lead for obvious reasons. Amsoil claims to exceed industry standards and fight viscosity breakdown 46 percent better than Mobile 1 and other competing brands. But still, it’s not close to Polaris, according to many car owners.

Polaris Filters and Their Maker

Who Makes Polaris Oil filters? Like in the case of the oil, Polaris orders filters from Lube-Tech (the genuine manufacturer) and packages and markets them under its brand. Polaris sells the Lube-Tech oil filters for nearly every vehicle, including cars, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. These filters are mainly created for Polaris vehicles.

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They are famous for their premium quality and performance. Polaris claims their filters efficiently eliminate impurities and other wear and tear-causing contaminants from the oil. And that using them offers the following benefits:

Enhanced Engine Performance

A filter directly affects the engine performance. Polaris filters perfectly sync with the engine by keeping impurities out. You’re guaranteed a peak engine running regardless of your driving conditions.

They Last Longer

When shopping for a good filter, you choose one with maximum longevity. Few brands compete with the durability of Polaris filters. They feature a heavy-duty construction comprising rolled threads to guarantee several thousands of miles more than an average filter.

They Are Eco-Friendly

A quality oil filter should filter most of the harmful emissions from the lubricating oil, and that’s why Polaris filters do. They are the best choice for any environmentally conscious drivers. You can drive without worrying about contributing to global warming.


In the article above on who makes Polaris lubricants, you’ve learned that Lube-Tech Inc. is the genuine manufacturer of the famous engine lubricant.

Here’s a summary of a few essential points:

  • Lube-Tech makes engine lubricants for Polaris and other brands, including Mobil.
  • The Polaris lubricant is mainly formulated for Polaris vehicles to cater to different engine performance requirements, such as all-season, off-roading, and extreme temperature conditions.
  • The oil is available in different types, including Full Synthetic 5W-50 (an all-season engine lubricant) and VES 2-Cycle Oil (for 2-cycle engines).
  • Using the oil for your engine ensures better lubrication, improved engine performance, and prolonged engine life, among other benefits
  • Polaris premium quality filters are also manufactured by Lube-Tech Inc.

Before buying anything, most people will want to know everything about the product to ensure they are making the correct decision. If you’re one of them, this article has informed you well, and the next time you buy a bottle of Polaris lubricant, you’ll be aware of where exactly the oil has come from and use it confidently.


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