Who Makes Blue Point Tools, and Are They Worth Buying?

“Who makes Blue Point tools?” is a question common on the lips of many car owners, and that is certainly understandable, considering the quality and reputation of Blue Point tools. Also, there is a well-known relationship between Blue Point and Snap-On, and it is worth considering the extent of their relationship as far as the manufacturing of tools and products goes.

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Who Makes Blue Point Tools and Products?

The Snap-On Tools company mainly makes Blue Point tools and products. However, there are also times when Snap-On delegates production of Blue Point tools to other manufacturers after sending them the desired specifications of the tools and products to be manufactured.

Snap-On, despite its ownership of the Blue Point brand, is a separate brand from Blue Point. This is evident in the different branding of both companies. Blue Point tools notably do not have the Snap-On brand, which indicates they are their own brand.

Although the production of the different Blue Point tools is still the responsibility of Snap-On, it is not always that the Snap-On Tools company produces Blue Point tools. Sometimes, the production of the Blue Point tools is contracted to another company. However, even then, Snap-On sends the specifications required for the Blue Point tools.

Where Are the Tools and Products Manufactured?

Blue Point tools and products are manufactured in the United States, specifically in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. However, there are instances where the production of Blue Point tools is contracted to another company, which may not necessarily be in Wisconsin or even the United States.

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Aside from Wisconsin, other states in the United States where Blue Point tools can be manufactured include Iowa and Arkansas. Outside of the United States, China is a likely destination if the manufacturing of the Blue Point tools is to be contracted.

This shows that there is no single location where Blue Point tools are manufactured. In the event that the company contracted for manufacturing Blue Point tools is located overseas, there is a high chance that the Blue Point tools are going to be manufactured overseas.

In What Locations Are the Tools Sold?

Locations where Blue Point tools are sold include Walmart and Amazon. You can also get Blue Point tools, like the wrench set, ordered online from the Snap-On website. There may be a slight difference in price, but there is certainly no shortage of options.

Are Blue Point Tools the Same as Snap-On Tools?

No, Blue Point tools are not the same as Snap-On tools, despite Blue Point being owned by Snap-On. Both brands are actually manufactured and marketed differently, and there are, therefore, differences between individual brand tools. These differences include the manufacturers, quality, constituent materials, and price.

Manufacturing Company

Snap-On Tools manufactures all of Snap-On tools and most Blue Point tools. However, there are times when Snap-On Tools contracts the manufacturing of Blue Point tools to other companies, either inside or outside of the United States.

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Since the brands are different, Blue Point tools are not branded as Snap-On tools. Likewise, when Snap-On contracts the manufacturing of Blue Point tools, the resultant Blue Point tools are still branded Blue Point.

However, even when other manufacturing companies produce Blue Point tools, like the Blue Point socket set or tool set, the specifications used for the manufacture are provided by Snap-On. This ensures that the quality and design integrity of Blue Point tools remain preserved.


Snap-On tools are the best in the industry, according to many automotive experts and professionals. Since Snap-On is responsible for manufacturing Blue Point tools, you can expect the Blue Point tools to also be of high quality.

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However, when it comes down to picking between Snap-On and Blue Point, there is really no debate on which is better. Snap-On is the superior brand, and has better tools and products. This is not a knock on Blue Point at all, as they still are higher in quality than most other brands in the industry, but a nod to the greatness of Snap-On.

Constituent Materials

The constituent materials of Snap-On and Blue Point tools may overlap, as both brands make largely the same tools. The difference is in the quality and type of the materials used. Keeping in line with the overall quality advantage Snap-On has, it will come as little surprise to you that they use the highest grade of materials possible.

Sometimes, the brands may use different materials for the same tool. For instance, Blue Point may utilize another grade of alloy than the one Snap-On uses. The engineers and designers will have their reasons for the different materials used, but you can almost always expect the Snap-On tools to be better.


Blue Point tools are not as costly as Snap-On tools, which is also not surprising considering the difference in quality between the two brands. Snap-On has better manufacturing and uses better materials, and is simply more expensive than not just Blue Point but other manufacturing brands.

What Are the Similarities Between Blue Point and Snap-On Tools?

The similarities between Blue Point and Snap-On tools include their target industry and warranty packages. Despite the multiple differences between the two brands, it is still worth noting that they belong to the same company. Hence, there will be similarities between them.

Target Industry

Blue Point and Snap-On tools are both heavily utilized in the automotive industry, and they make a plethora of tools that can be used for different purposes. Aside from the automotive industry, both brands service the equipment, marine, and rail industries.

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Basically, any industry that involves transportation is very likely going to be a target for both Blue Point and Snap-On. Additionally, industries that involve heavy-duty equipment may be potential targets for Blue Point and Snap-On.


Snap-On is famous for its lifetime warranty package, and Blue Point tools users enjoy these privileges as well. While some Snap-On products reportedly only have a year of warranty, the overwhelming majority of products you will encounter from the Snap-On Tools company will have a lifetime warranty.

Should You Buy Blue Point or Snap-On Tools?

You should buy Snap-On tools over Blue Point tools if you can afford them, as the difference in quality certainly justifies the price difference. This explains why many professionals prefer to use Snap-On tools, like the Snap-On wrench, tool kit, plier set, drive socket, impact socket, and spark plug.

In contrast, if you will be requiring the tools just for household use, you may not need to spend extra bucks on Snap-On tools. This is because Blue Point tools are of a sufficiently high quality for your household needs.

Are Blue-Point Tools Worth Buying?

Yes, Blue-Point tools are worth buying, as they offer a higher quality than most other manufacturing companies around. The higher quality comes at a cost, though, and you will typically end up paying significantly more for Blue Point tools than for other brands.

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However, for the best performance, you will not regret buying Blue Point tools. Another advantage is that they are durable tools, and in some cases, you may even end up spending less for Blue Point tools compared to lower brands.

The reason is that you may need to replace the other brands more frequently and end up paying more in the long run.

Are Blue Point Tools and Mazda Vehicles Both Reliable Brands?

When assessing the reliability of brands like Blue Point Tools and Mazda vehicles, one important factor to consider is the manufacturing location of Mazda. This information provides insights into the quality control and standards adhered to during the production process. Understanding this aspect helps evaluate the overall dependability and durability of these brands.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are the Other Options Besides Blue Point and Snap-On?

The other options besides Blue Point and Snap-On tools for automotive tools include ITT Corporation, Mac Tools, Dewalt, BorgWarner, and Cornwell Tools. These alternatives are not as good as Snap-On tools. However, some top brands may give Blue Point a run for its money.

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