White Car With White Wheels: Is This a Good Choice?

Getting a white car with white wheels seems interesting, but you probably wonder if it really looks impressive.

White Car With White Wheels

Indeed, people get white wheels for their cars due to the color’s elegance and purity, so perhaps you also want the same.

This guide will tell you all about getting these white rims for your car and whether it’s a good idea or not.

Are White Wheels a Great Choice for a White Car?

Yes, white wheels are a great choice for a white car, as they provide a clean, elegant, modern look. It increases the overall pristineness of your car, which looks amazing and gives a luxurious appearance. It draws attention to the wheels by making the rims more prominent inside black tires.

However, white rims demand more care as they can get dirty pretty quickly. Any stain will be more visible on the bright surface, so you should be careful while driving in wet or muddy areas. Overall, if you are considering replacing your current rims with white colors, you are most welcome to do so.

Can You Paint Your Car Rims White?

Yes, you can paint car rims white if you want to change your rim colors. The process may seem technical, but it is quite simple. However, you can also take your car to the nearest auto body shop, where the work will be done professionally.

Can You Paint Your Car Rims White

But remember, it can be costly as the paint job may cost you around $150 to $200 per wheel. On the other hand, it will be extra affordable if you do it yourself, but it will consume a lot of time. On average, it will cost less than $100 as the major expense will be buying 4 to 5 spray cans.

How Can You Care for White Wheels on White Cars?

To care for white wheels on white cars, you will have to wax the wheels, use the right brake pads, and avoid driving over muddy areas. Since you require extra maintenance and care for white wheels, you need to perform other preventive measures.

Here are the tips for caring for them:

  • Try to avoid off-road and muddy areas as much as possible. Wet roads and driving after the rain also include in this precaution. Splashes that will be created while you run through these roads will easily stain the wheels and be prominent.
  • The brake pad also causes stains and dirt to gather on the wheels, so replace the current brakes with ceramic ones to create less dust.
  • Waxing is also essential to keep your white rims good-looking for a long time. It will also help you in washing the wheels afterward.

How to Paint Your White Car Wheel Rims in White Color?

You can paint your white car wheels in white color by following a few simple steps. It only requires cleaning the wheels, preparing them for the paint, and then just painting them. Make sure the paint does not get anywhere else in the car.

Below, each step is described in detail, but make sure you gather the required items before you start, which are:

  • White Spray Paint Cans
  • Paint Primer
  • Paint Sealer
  • Degreasing Agent
  • Dish Soap
  • Sponge
  • Large Plastic Sheet
  • Tire Tools
  • Jack Stand
  • Sandpaper

– Remove the Wheels

While most people prefer painting while the wheels are on, you should remove it first for proper application and ease of work. First, make sure your working space is spacious, well-illuminated, and airy. Since the paint fumes can be irritating and may cause nausea to some people, you should have great airflow.

Remove the Wheels

Lift the wheel with the help of a jack stand. Use the lug wrench from the tire tools and loosen the bolts. After removing all nuts, pull off the tire and place it on a big plastic sheet. Repeat the step will all other tires. You will require three to four jack stands to keep the car above ground after wheels removal.

– Clean the Tires

Now wash the tires to remove any stain, dirt, or debris from the previous journey. Mix some dish soap to properly clean the rims and apply the solution with a sponge. Scrub it with firm hands, so no stain is left on the surface. After that, rinse them off to remove soapy residues.

Once completely washed, take a clean cloth and dry them. We will advise applying a degreaser for the most efficient results. It will remove any grease or oil that is left by soap. Apply degreaser on both sides of each rim and let it air dry.

– Prepare the Wheel Rims

After cleaning, cover the rim’s surrounding tires with masking tape to save them from spray paints. Take a steel wool or wire tool to scrub off old paint and any rust. Now take 1000 grit to create abrasions suitable for paint adherence. Wash it once more to rinse off the dust.

The professionals will remove the tire off the rims to conveniently work on them, but you probably won’t have the right tools for the job. That’s why covering all the tires but wheels will be the easiest and most effective method.

– Paint the Rims

Now, it’s time to paint the rims white. Make sure you wear protective glasses, a mask, and gloves before you start. First, apply the paint primer and let it air dry. Repeat the step to apply a few coats evenly. It will save the rims from rust and make the paint last longer.

Now apply a few coats of white paint just like the primer, i.e., spray paint, wait till it dries, reapply, wait, and repeat. To save the paint from harsh weather, apply a few paint sealer coats in the same manner.

The complete process will take approximately 3 to 4 hours. Professionals can do the job quicker, but it means you will be spending quite a lot of money. Make sure you give the rims at least a day to thoroughly dry off before you remove the masking tape and re-screw them to the car.

What Are the Benefits of White Cars With White Rims?

The benefits of white cars with white rims include providing sleek, elegant, modern, and great looks. It also doesn’t fade away easily and is great with other accessories. Your car will look monochromatic and modern, and the paint will do well in warmer locations.

Below are the most obvious advantages you can have if you get white wheels for your car.

– Clean and Elegant Appearance

White is a color of purity, cleanliness, calm, and elegance, so if you get white wheels, it will show your peace of mind and calm nature.

Clean and Elegant Appearance

Others will understand your sophisticated and elegant taste in selecting items for your car. Moreover, your vehicle will reflect a clean and classy aura to the viewer’s eyes.

– Monochromatic and Modern

Besides elegance, the white color reflects the object’s modernism and gives futuristic vibes, so the wheels will look superb by giving your car a modern and up-to-date look.

The monochromatic appearance of your car will also describe the boldness in style and beauty of simplicity.

– Luxurious Looks

Aside from that, the white color is also a symbol of luxury (along with the black).

The white rims easily stand out in the crowd, which shows you are not afraid to go against the trends (a trait of luxurious people).

So, overall, it makes your car more valuable and expensive, like a high-quality vehicle.

– Immune To Fading

Apart from all the luxury, elegance, and modern appearance, white wheels also have other useful benefits. For instance, they are timeless.

White color doesn’t show fading easily as it is the lightest color at all, so your tires won’t look dull even after months (if you care for them properly).

– Pairs Well With Other Accessories

Furthermore, white is as versatile as black since it can easily pair up with any other color. So, if you have fenders, spoilers, or any other side attachment visible outside in different colors, the wheels will support them fine. However, it will be best if you have these accessories in white too.

– Great in Hotter Areas

If we take the aspect to something scientific, white color reflects the light most, so this means it can keep the inner sides of the wheels a few Fahrenheits cooler.

The fact will help people in hotter areas where things already remain warm. However, don’t expect it will keep the wheels cool at all.

What Are the Disadvantages of White Cars With White Rims?

The disadvantages of white cars with white rims include being hard to maintain and being prone to show scratches and dents. Also, you can’t leave them in the sun for too long, and regular maintenance might be more difficult compared to rims of a different color.

Although white wheels look great on a white car, they have some specific disadvantages too. Each drawback is discussed in detail below.

– Difficult Maintenance

White rims are difficult to maintain as they catch dirt pretty easily. Any smudge or streak of soil, dirt, mud, or stain will be prominent on the surface.

It destroys the elegance of the car single-handedly, so you may need to wash the car more often.

– Dents Are More Visible

Likewise, dirt, dents and scratches are also more visible on the white rims.

It is because the shadow created on the dent or by scratched paint highlights the affected area.

Again, that region is prone to catch more dirt and affect your car’s appearance.

– Can’t Resist Sunlight

We have also noticed that white wheels can’t fade but turn yellowish. It is because that car has probably faced the sun a lot.

The UV rays in the sunlight fade the other colors, so it makes the white and transparent things yellow.

So, you will always need to find a parking spot out of the sun’s reach if you want to prolong the whiteness of the tires.

What Are the Best Rim Colors for White Cars?

The best rim colors for white cars are white, chrome, black, silver, and duo-toned colors. Usually, white cars look great with any wheel color, but these more unique choices will showcase your individual style and bold appeal, making your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

If you are thinking of changing the wheel rims color of your white car, below is a short list of the best options you can go for.

– White

As mentioned above, white can pair the best with white cars, giving them a monochromatic, sleek, clean, and modern look.

A car not emits a luxurious aura but also white provides other advantages.

Even white wheels on white SUVs look amazing, making them stand out from other vehicles on the road.

– Silver

Silver color wheels are also an excellent choice as it provides a metallic and robotic appearance. Although these rims are more common than others, so you may see them on other cars more often.

But there’s no denying that silver fantastically pairs up with white cars due to a slightly darker tone. Moreover, it will match your car’s windows, grill, and other metal parts.

– Black

One of the most combinations with white cars is black wheels. They add depth to the tires, match the black color of rubber tires, and make them one whole unit.

Black rims contrasting with the white body look marvelous and give the car a classic look.

– Chrome

Chrome rims are no exception if you want to give your cars and tires a sophisticated appearance.

Apart from the marvelous looks, they will give your tires luster and sparkling visuals that will increase their beauty and make them ultra-modern.

They will also give your car wheels a glamour that normal alloy wheels fail to provide.

– Gunmetal

Gunmetal color rims are a perfect choice if you drive a lot daily and are worried about the strain and weary look the journeys give to them.

The color easily and effectively hide the stains and dirt of the road.

– Colored

Colored rims are a perfect choice if you love sporty looks. They will represent the speed and agility of your car and set your car different from others better than normal white, silver, or black color rims.

Colored Rim Colors for White Cars

Here, the best colors are red, yellow, green, dark blue, or any other bright color.

– Duo-Tone

Duo-tone wheels have been increasingly becoming popular for a few years. They create a boldness and dual style in the tires that look super impressive.

You can either select two slightly different tones or something contrasting. However, many people opt for combining regular colors like white, black, silver, gunmetal, and matte.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Having White Wheels on a White Car?

Having white wheels on a white car definitely has its pros and cons. On the positive side, it creates a sleek, monochromatic look, enhancing the car’s elegant appearance. However, it can also make the wheels blend in with the body, potentially diminishing their visual impact. As for “parking car on grass: normal or dangerous?“, parking on grass can be risky due to the potential for sinking or damaging the ground beneath the vehicle. It’s best to park on a solid, stable surface whenever possible.


White wheels are an excellent choice for white cars as they pair fantastically well with the body.

They not only look attractive, vibrant, clean, elegant, and fashionable, but they also make them modern and stand out from others.

  • Painting your car rims white can cost around $150 from the paint shop and below $100 in DIY style.
  • To paint them yourself, remove the tires, wash them, and scrub off old paint. Then apply primer, paint, and sealer in many layers to finish the project.
  • White rims also reflect heat and don’t fade easily. However, they make dirt and dents more prominent.
  • Other than white, you can also paint your car wheels black, chrome, silver, gunmetal, colored, or two-toned.

So, if you want to have white wheels with your white car, feel free to pair them up. Since you already know how to do it yourself, paint them white today!

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