Code 82 Chevy Spark: How To Reset It in Simple Steps

Resetting code 82 Chevy Spark involves four simple steps: turn the ignition to the “ON/RUN” position, then navigate the menu to the “Remaining Oil Life” option, hold the SEL/CRL button until the “Oil Life Reset to 100 Percent” message is displayed, and lastly, turn off the ignition.

Code 82 Chevy Spark

Check out the details below for a better understanding. After that, we have addressed another quite common error code, which you may need to know how to fix in the future. So, keep reading.

How To Reset the Chevy Spark’s Code 82?

To reset the Chevy Spark’s code 82, turn the vehicle to “ON/RUN” mode, which means the dashboard is lit, but the engine is off. Use the DIC button to navigate the menu and find the “Remaining Oil Life” option. Next, hold the SEL/CRL button until the system resets.

The Chevrolet code 82 on the dashboard reminds you that it’s time to change the engine oil. In other words, it’s generally a notification and not a warning. The code usually comes on after every 7,500 miles since the last oil change.

When it appears, you should go for an oil-changing service. After that, the attendant will always reset the system for you. However, if you change the oil at home, you must reset the monitoring system. That will allow it to continue to track your life and provide accurate readings.

Fortunately, resetting the reminder and clearing the code is very easy, as explained above. Let’s review the steps to resolve the “code 82 Chevy Spark” problem. Take note that you don’t need any tools apart from your car key.

1. Turn the Ignition to “On/Run” Position

Turn on the ignition but don’t start the engine. The vehicle must only be in the “ON/RUN” mode so the dashboard is lit up.

Turning Off Car Ignition

Just turn the key without depressing the brake. Once the vehicle electronics are on, you will be ready for Step 2 below.

2. Navigate the Menu to the “Remaining Oil Life” Option

You’ll repeatedly press the DIC (Driver Information Center) menu button on the right-hand side of the instrument panel until you see the “Remaining Oil Life” message on the screen.

Remaining Oil Life Option in Car

Take note that depending on your Chevrolet’s manufacture year, the DIC button may be in different locations. For example, the 2021 model has the DIC controls on the right-hand side of the steering wheel.

The 2009 to 2015 models have the button on the right-hand side of the dashboard (instrument panel). You may also find the DIC button on the turn signal lever.

Using the control button on the turn signal lever, you will first choose the “Vehicle Information” menu. After that, use the thumbwheel to navigate the menu until you find “Remaining Oil Life.”

3. Hold the SEL/CRL Button to Reset

With the “Remaining Oil Life” on display, press and hold the SEL/CRL button for a few seconds until the display shows “Oil Life Reset to 100 Percent.” Take note that on some models, the SEL/CRL button is indicated with a checkmark icon.

4. Turn off the Ignition

Now that the maintenance minder is reset to 100%, you only need to switch off the ignition. When you turn the engine back on, code 82 will be cleared. You’re now all set, and the code will not reappear until the next time an oil change is required.

Take note that you can clear the code 82 on your Chevrolet Spark even when you’ve not changed the oil by pressing the menu button. However, that is highly discouraged. Driving with dirty and ineffective oil puts your engine at risk of serious damage.

Timely engine maintenance, including oil changes, will help it last longer and serve you well. Also, the steps above apply to other Chevy models. So, if you want to know “how to reset code 82 Chevy Sonic”, follow and execute them.

How To Reset Code 59 on a Chevy Spark?

To reset code 59 on a Chevy Spark, locate and check the oxygen sensor’s fuse and replace it if it is blown. If the fuse is okay, examine the sensor’s wiring and ensure no connection issues. Replace the oxygen sensor itself if it is the one that has failed.

The Chevrolet code 59 (some people confuse this with the Chevy Spark code 95, which means “service airbag.”) is a trouble code that appears on the dashboard primarily when the oxygen sensor (O2 sensor) fails.

The failure is due to a damaged oxygen sensor’s wiring and connectors, a blown oxygen sensor’s fuse, a failing engine control relay, or an O2 sensor’s heater ignition circuit opening. When the code pops, you may notice a decrease in the engine’s performance, power, and hard starting.

Fortunately, the Chevy Spark code 59 isn’t an emergency. Your vehicle will still run even with the code active. However, the problem can harm your engine if left unchecked for long enough.

In addition to the effects mentioned above, a malfunctioning oxygen sensor can increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption, cause rough idling and black smoke from the tailpipe, and reduce the lifespan of vital engine components, such as spark plugs.

Thus, to avoid facing the worst-case scenario, you should have the code 59 on your Chevy fixed immediately. If you hire a professional mechanic, expect to pay between $50 and $150 for parts and labor. But if you don’t want to pay that much, do the repairs on time and go the DIY way, as explained in detail here:

  • Replace a Blown Oxygen Sensor’s Fuse

The solution to “how to reset code 59 Chevy Spark?” requires a proper diagnosis. So, the first thing is to check the O2 sensor’s fuse. It could have blown probably due to faulty wiring. You’ll likely find the fuse in the fuse box under the hood, but it will be best to consult your owner’s manual for the exact location.

Replacing Blown Oxygen Sensor Fuse

Once you identify the fuse, remove it using a car fuse puller or needle-nose plier. To test if the fuse is blown, use a test light. It should light up on both ends of the fuse. If it doesn’t, you need a replacement.

Take note that before undertaking any electrical work on your car, you must turn the engine off. You must also unplug the battery’s negative terminal to prevent further damage to the various vehicle electronics. Also, since you’ll work along the exhaust system (the oxygen sensor is located on a very hot spot – between the catalytic converter and exhaust manifold), you must allow the car to cool off completely to avoid burns.

  • Fix 02 Sensor’s Wiring

Once you’re through with the fuse, the next step is to check the wiring to the oxygen sensor. Examine the wire harness, connectors, and metal tab for any damages. You’ll need a clamp meter to check for the amperage for proper and accurate testing.

With the exhaust system cold, switch the clamp meter to “DC current/DC amperage” mode. Connect the clamp around one of the O2 sensor’s heater power wires. Turn the engine on and observe the readings. They should be in the range of 0.25A to 1.5A if everything is okay. You can also use a multimeter or an oscilloscope. Replace the harness and the connectors if damaged, or go to step 3 below.

  • Replace the Faulty O2 Sensor

If the heated oxygen sensor is damaged, replacing it is best. To do that, ensure the vehicle is raised and secured using a jack, and jack stand. Disconnect the wiring harness connector and remove the damaged oxygen sensor.

Replacing Car Faulty O2 Sensor

Ensure the replacement oxygen sensor and the damaged one have the same specifications. Please put in the new sensor, tighten its fittings, then reattach the wiring harness. Once you complete the installation, use an OBDII scanner to delete any trouble codes present. You can now start the car and take a test drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

– How Far Can You Safely Drive With the Code 82 On?

The distance you can safely drive with the code 82 on depends on the circumstance. If you’ve recently changed the motor oil, just reset the system and continue driving for up to 7,500 miles. If you’re yet to change the oil, you only have a maximum of 500 miles.

The code 82 on a Chevrolet isn’t an immediate problem, and there’s no need to worry. It will show when the oil life remaining is 5 percent or less.

– Why Would the Oil Light Turn on and Stay On (Error Code 82)?

The oil light would turn on, and stay on in your Chevrolet, if there’s a problem with the oil flow through the engine. The inefficient oil flow across the various engine parts could result from low oil levels or another system malfunctioning. Seek a professional’s help.

– What’s the Meaning of Code 82 on a Chevrolet Spark 2023?

The meaning of code 82 on a Chevrolet Spark 2023 is a reminder that you’re due for an oil change. It’s typically based on the distance you’ve traveled rather than on the current oil condition. The code usually appears after about 7,500 miles since the last oil swap.

– How Do You Know the Best Motor Oil for Your Chevy Spark?

To know the best motor oil for your Chevy Spark, check the printing on the oil cap in the engine bay. Generally, the manufacturer recommends SAE 0W-20 synthetic oil or SAE 5W-20 for most climates. You can also find more information on the engine oil in the owner’s manual.

Can Resetting Code 82 on a Chevy Spark Cause the Car to Backfire?

Resetting Code 82 on a Chevy Spark typically involves resetting the maintenance reminder. It is unlikely that this action alone would cause a car to backfire. Car backfire methods usually relate to issues with the air/fuel mixture, ignition timing, or faulty spark plugs. In case of persistent backfiring, it is advisable to have a professional mechanic diagnose the problem accurately.


After reviewing our guide above, you can reset code 82 on your Chevrolet.

We leave you with a summary:

  • There are three main steps to reset the Chevy Spark codes 82 once you’ve done an oil change and 59 if it ever appears.
  • First, you turn on the ignition, then navigate the menu and choose “Remaining Oil life,” lastly, hold the SEL/CRL button until the system resets.
  • The steps will also work on a chevy sonic.
  • Code 59 on a Chevrolet indicates a problem with the heated oxygen sensor, and you can resolve the problem by replacing a blown fuse, fixing damaged wiring, or replacing the oxygen sensor.
  • The quick answer to “how long can I drive with code 82” is not more than 500 miles.

Now you’ve got the information you need to fix code 82 on your Chevy. So, get in the driver’s seat and reset that system, and don’t hesitate to consult a professional if you need help.

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