Where Jeep Grand Cherokee Made: Are They Produced in the US?

Where Jeep Grand Cherokee made is a popular question among those who admire this sturdy masterclass of a vehicle.

Where Jeep Grand Cherokee Made

It is one of the typical SUVs on our roads and the best-selling Jeep model because of its build, style and resilience.

This article answers the question and provides other vital info you need to know about this American classic.

Where Are the Jeep Grand Cherokee Models Manufactured?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee models are manufactured in the United States at the Jefferson North Assembly, Detroit, Michigan. The manufacturing plant was built in 1991 and started operation the year after that in 1992. Since then, the company has started building this SUV.

The vehicle was first introduced to the public in April 1992 but was made available as a 1993 model. To this day, the Detroit plant is responsible for assembling this Jeep SUV, especially those sold in the United States and its environs. 

Where Are Jeep Vehicles Made Across the US?

Jeep vehicles are made in different areas across the US, including Belvidere, Illinois, Toledo, Ohio, and the plant in Detroit, Michigan. Many models of Grand Cherokees are also built in Illinois. However, the Ohio plant is the production site for three models: Jeep Wrangler, Wrangler Unlimited and Jeep Gladiator

Where Are Jeep Vehicles Made Across the US

In addition, just out of Detroit in Warren, Michigan, the Jeep Wagoneer — one of the latest productions — is sited. The fact that there are different Jeep production centers in the US further establishes Jeep as an American brand. In fact, the US has more Jeep production facilities than anywhere in the world.

Where Are Jeep Parts Created?

Most Jeep parts are created in the United States by different auto parts suppliers. Jeep gets up to 70 percent of its vehicle’s parts and components within the country, so the remaining 30 percent are from other international auto parts manufacturing companies.

For example, the seats are manufactured by Lear Corporation in Southfield, Michigan, while the super-grade tires are a product of the Goodyear manufacturing facility in Akron, Ohio. The transmission systems are from ZF, located in Gray Court, Carolina.

Where Are the Jeep Grand Cherokee Engines Produced?

Where Are the Jeep Grand Cherokee Engines Produced

Jeep Grand Cherokee engines are produced in the Saltillo manufacturing plant in Mexico. The engines are a product of the parent company, Chrysler. Since the plant started operations in 1997, it has been the primary producer of all Jeep engines and a series of other Chrysler automobiles.

What Other Countries Are Jeep Vehicles Manufactured?

Other countries where Jeep vehicles are manufactured include Mexico, South American countries like Brazil and Venezuela, Australia, and even European countries like Italy. There are also manufacturing plants in Canada. Most of the time, each manufacturing facility focuses on a particular jeep model.

For example, the Mexico production center deals in the production of the Jeep Compass, while the Commander is manufactured in Brazil. It is the most sophisticated Jeep model. The Italian company deals in the production of the Renegade.

Where Are Other Jeep Models Made?

Other Jeep models are made in different Jeep-owned manufacturing factories worldwide. However, some facilities like the Jefferson North Assembly plant in Detroit create several models, including the Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Cherokee and Renegade Jeep models. The manufacturing plant in Illinois is also responsible for assembling the Cherokee and the Patriot.

Where Are Other Jeep Models Made

The Commander is made in Goiana, Pernambuco Assembly Plant, Brazil. The Gladiator is manufactured in the Toledo assembly, Ohio. The Wagoneer and the Grand Wagoneer are built in another plant just out of Detroit, in Warren, Michigan. The Jeep Renegade is often assembled in far-away Italy at the Fiat Chrysler Automobile complex in Melfi, Italy.

– Difference Between American and European Grand Cherokees

The American Grand Cherokees may be better than the European options. Until some 15 years ago, no manufacturing facility in Europe produced this vehicle, yet it garnered a reputation as one of the best Jeep products. However, there is no vast difference in quality between American and European Grand Cherokees. 

Besides that assumption, there is not enough information to decide which vehicle is better. However, irrespective of where it is produced, this vehicle has proven to be strong and highly durable over the years.

Which Company Manufactures Jeep Cherokee?

The company that manufactures Jeep Cherokee is the division of the Italian-American cooperation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), formerly known as Chrysler Group, LLC. However, Jeep is an American brand because most production occurs in the States. The company has numerous countries across a couple of other nations worldwide.

The FCA is one of the biggest automobile manufacturing companies in the world, boasting more than 37 manufacturing facilities. The American plants often focus on assembling different Jeep models, as most production happens abroad. The only exceptions include the Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X, which are assembled in Melfi, Italy. 

– History Behind Jeep

Jeep has a rich American history. The first-ever jeep was created in 1941 by Willys-Overland during the Second World War in response to the military requiring a lighter vehicle suitable for surveillance. The 4×4 Jeep at the time served as a military vehicle. 

History Behind Jeep

After the war, the company – Willys-Overland – started creating civilian jeeps, which later became Kaiser-Jeep. However, in 1970, American Motors Corporation (AMC) acquired Kaiser-Jeep. Later in 1987, Chrysler bought AMC and named their automobiles sales division the Jeep Eagle Corporation.

How To Check Where Your Jeep Was Manufactured?

To check where your Jeep was manufactured, you must go through the 17-character Vehicle’s Identification Number (VIN). Every vehicle has its VIN, which possesses specific info about the automobile, including the production country.

You just require the correct information to interpret the characters. The VIN of your Jeep is usually inside the vehicle. It is a sticker by the driver’s side door, the door jam or just on the dash.

The first character denotes the manufacturer’s location, often designated by the following:

  • 1, 4 or 5 refers to the United States
  • 2 means Canada
  • 3 signals Mexico
  • J stands for Japan
  • 8X-82 means Venezuela

Sometimes the VIN details may be misinterpreted, considering several countries manufacturing automobiles have their codes. Therefore, a quick Google search will prove effective for preventing misinterpretation errors. Besides the manufacturing location, the VIN may also inform you of the exact manufacturing plant of your Jeep. For example, if the 11th character is a C, it was built at the Jefferson Detroit Manufacturing plant.

What Material Are the Body of Jeep Cherokees Made Of?

The body of Jeep Cherokees are made of about 70 percent high-strength steel, which is the main reason for the vehicle’s high strength and sturdy build. However, the doors and fenders are composed of aluminum, which helps cut down the overall weight, improving mileage. 

The engine of this SUV is a 5,7 liter Hemi V8 with 8-speed automatic transmission. It has an independent suspension in the front, but the rear has a solid, rigid axle. Compared to many other SUVs, Jeeps tend to have a more robust structure with greater strength, improving their durability, especially when maneuvering through rough terrains. 


This article informs you of the building sites and factories of the Grand Cherokee, among other details about the SUV.

Here is a summary of everything we have discussed. 

  • The Jeep is an American brand with more manufacturing plants across the country than in any part of the world.
  • The Grand Cherokee is chiefly produced in the Chrysler plant in Detroit, Michigan. Many models of Jeep Grand Cherokees are also built in Illinois.
  • Because of its stylish and robust appearance, the Grand Cherokee is one of the best Jeep SUVs on the market.
  • Most of the Jeep’s parts and components are produced by US manufacturing companies, with just about 30 percent produced overseas.
  • The first Jeep served as a light surveillance military vehicle during World War II. Afterward, the manufacturer chose to design civilian cars.

The body of the Grand Cherokee consists mainly of steel, which affords its durability, making it easy for the car to maneuver rough terrains. 

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