What Is the Back of a Truck Called? Get the Terms Right!

What is the back of a truck called remains a prominent question that many fail to answer precisely in recent times. Suppose you are asked this question out of the blue, you may ponder and not give the proper response, especially if you do not own a truck. Next time, demonstrate your knowledge by stating that the back of a truck is called a truck bed.

What Is the Back of a Truck Called

Get comfortable and continue reading this article to quench your curiosity about truck beds and related inquiries.

What Is a Truck’s Back Called?

A truck’s back is called the truck bed. It is the space at the back of the truck. Some also call the back of a pickup truck the cargo bed. These terms have the same meaning, irrespective of whichever one you use.

Pickup trucks offer convenience, especially when you need to haul some items. Most cargo beds are usually open, while some come with covers. Depending on your preference, you can cover the bed with a tonneau cover to protect your load from elements like dirt and rain. This cover is available in different forms like plastic, cloth, or metal.

Why Is a Truck’s Back Called a Bed?

A truck’s back is called a bed because it is a truck component where you can stack and haul your cargo. Aside from the general notion that a bed denotes the fittings where people lie and sleep, the bed also means the component of a vehicle designed to carry cargo.

Why Is a Truck’s Back Called a Bed

The term bed transitioned from trains, as this had been used long before the first pickup truck hit the market. So when pickup trucks were introduced, it was only natural to assign the designations to the parts, and the name “bed” stuck. The cargo bed’s base metal makes it easy to place and unload your items after opening and closing your truck.

The next time someone asks you “Why is the back of a truck called a bed?” You now have a good explanation!

What Are the Characteristic Features of Truck Beds?

The characteristic features of truck beds include sidewalls, tailgates, tie-downs, liners, and side rails. These features provide separate functions that ensure you conveniently pack and remove your cargo. But then, not all trucks come with these features, so you may need to install the missing parts as you deem fit.

What Are the Characteristic Features of Truck Beds

Check the features of cargo beds and their functions below:

  • Sidewalls: The pickup truck sidewalls get situated on both sides of the truck bed. When opened, they allow the easy loading and dropping of items.
  • Side Rails: The railing system runs throughout the entire cargo bed length. They help secure or hold your load to prevent it from sliding off the truck bed while in motion. The rail also has a tubular body with a linear portion where bed covers get affixed.
  • Tailgate: This is the truck bed entrance. Truck owners frequently open and close the tailgate for easy access to the cargo space. Tailgates serve many functions, such as a step stool, a measuring instrument, and an aid to help load and offload cargo. It is also lockable to protect your cargo. 
  • Liners: The durable liners in truck beds help maintain the integrity of your load by protecting them from tears, dents and scratches. It also protects your cargo from paint fading from sunlight exposure. 
  • Tie-downs: Tie-downs are accessories like straps that allow you securely tie down your cargo to the truck bed and hold it in place.

What Are the Common Truck Bed Options?

The common truck bed options are the standard bed, flatbed, and utility truck bed. Generally, pickup trucks come in different dimensions and shapes, depending on the model and the maker, but all these trucks share a common component, which is the truck bed.

Let’s take a closer look at the common types of truck beds below:

The Standard Truck Bed

The standard pickup truck bed is the most prevalent truck bed available. It is also called the box bed due to its box-like shape but with an opening at the top. Typically, standard truck beds measure about six to eight feet in length, with walls on either side. The sidewalls may come with rails, allowing you to install a rack or bed cover on your truck.

A standard bed also has a tailgate that slides downward after opening. Truck owners sometimes use the tailgate as ramps for loading and dropping items. Additionally, you can remove the tailgate to generate ample space when moving bulky loads

The Flat Truck Bed

As the name suggests, the flat truck bed is a flat metal surface with no sidewalls or rails. This allows you to load the truck from either side quickly. However, note that you risk your load falling off when driving flatbed trucks, especially when the cargo is not well secured. 

The Flat Truck Bed

Likewise, flat truck beds remain well suited for conveying large objects that would not usually fit in the standard truck bed. Thus, this type of truck bed is handy for landscapers and farmers. 

The Utility Truck Bed

The utility truck bed is somewhat similar to the standard truck bed but includes an enclosure underneath the primary bed used for storage. The utility truck bed is usually comprised of side storage boxes and tailgates that slide upward after opening.

The Utility Truck Bed

This makes them suitable for storing equipment, tools, or other items. Hence, construction staffs and merchants that need quick retrieval of their tools often use trucks with utility beds.


What Do You Call Big Truck Backs?

Big truck backs are often called the trailer tail. This part is comprised of a set of usually collapsible panels, folding out from the trailer rear to create a tapered shape. Concisely, the trailer tail is an aerodynamic component or add-on that decreases drag and fuel consumption

This answers the question “What is the back of a big truck called?”

What Is the Door on a Truck’s Back Called?

The door on a truck’s back is called a tailgate. The hinged door allows entry to the rear of the truck bed. It is used for loading and unloading heavy freight. A tailgate also protects cargo from falling off when in transit. 

This answers the question, “What is the door on the back of a truck called?”

What Are the Different Terms Used to Describe the Back of a Truck and Its Components?

The chevy truck ground wire locations play a crucial role in ensuring the electrical system functions smoothly. The back of a truck consists of various components, including the cargo bed, tailgate, bumper, and rear lights. These parts work together to enhance the truck’s functionality, providing storage space and secure transportation. Understanding the terminology associated with these components can help truck owners effectively communicate and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


There you have it! We are positive you now know that a truck’s back is called the truck bed, so here are the essential points we mentioned in this article:

  • A truck bed is a space where you can stack and haul your load.
  • The truck bed features include sidewalls, tailgates, tie-downs, liners and side rails.
  • The most common types of truck beds are the standard bed, utility truck bed, and flatbed.
  • You can install the tonneau cover to your truck bed to protect your cargo from dirt and rain.

Above all, pickup truck beds offer convenience when you need to convey cargo from one place to another. Before opting to acquire a truck, it remains essential that you confirm if the truck has the features required for your intended purpose.

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