Where To Put a Blind Spot Mirror to Aid Your Vision?

Knowing where to put a blind spot mirror to aid your vision is important because fixing it in the wrong place could prove counterproductive. Though adding the mirror is cheap, its benefits are numerous and it can even save the lives of drivers and their vehicles. 

Where To Put A Blind Spot Mirror

The mirrors themselves have certain limitations that can be worsened depending on where they are placed. That is why we’ll teach you the best place to install the mirrors and the factors to consider when mounting them.

Where Should You Install a Blind Spot Mirror?

You should install blind spot mirror on top of both side mirrors of the vehicle. This is especially useful for drivers who change lanes quite frequently on roads with multiple lanes. Drivers who frequent two-lane roads only need to install one on the left side mirror

The design of some side mirrors would only allow you to place the blind spot mirror on the underside of their outer edge. Wherever you place the blind spot mirrors, always ensure that they are angled to cover the blind spots, or else they won’t perform their functions properly.

When it comes to where to put blind spot mirror on SUV, the best place is on the outside corner of the side mirror. However, on where to place blind spot mirror on motorcycle, the inside top corner of the side mirror is highly recommended.

– Blind Spot Mirror Works Mechanism

The mirror is made from convex mirrors that cover the vehicle’s side and back, enabling drivers to see what’s in their blind spot.

The blind spot is an area beside the car that the driver can’t see when he looks into the side or rearview mirror. If the mirrors are appropriately angled, they help the driver to see objects or vehicles close to them.

What Are the Various Types of Blind Spot Mirrors?

The various types of blind spot mirrors are stick-on, clip-on, rear view mirror and window-mounted. Though they are named differently and may have slightly different features, all these mirrors work the same way and are equally effective at their jobs. 

– The Stick-on Type

Just as the name suggests, a stick-on blind spot mirror can be stuck onto any or both of the side mirrors and you’re good to go. The adjustable blind spot mirror has no frame and it’s 3 mm thick with a hand-ground finish that can appear uneven at the edges.

The Stick-on Type

However, this doesn’t obstruct its functions as it gives a wide-angle view of the area beside and behind the driver. It is the cheapest among the lot and the easiest to install.

– The Clip-on Type

Next is the clip-on blind spot mirror that is clipped onto the top of the side mirror instead of acting like a sticker. Installing this type can be trickier than the stick-on but it gives a broader view and helps eliminate the dead zone of cars.

The clips hold the mirror into place and are more secure than the stick-on type, which tends to fall off. 

– The Window-Mounted Type

The window-mounted blind spot mirror is neither clipped nor stuck but rather attached to the window just like the side mirrors. Some window-mounted types use suction cups while others use special hardware that attaches them to the windows.

The Window-Mounted Type

This type is the most expensive of the lot due to the extra materials they come with, but are much more secure and efficient when mounted well.

Which of the Blind Spot Mirrors Is the Best?

The best blind spot mirror boils down to the preference of the individual drivers because each type of mirror has its advantages and disadvantages. The stick-on type is the easiest to install but can easily fall off while the clip-on type is much more difficult to fix.

The window-mounted type is also easy to install but is much more expensive and some drivers complain that they can’t see it. Thus, it all comes down to which blind spot mirror for car works best for a particular consumer. However, a few factors can guide you to choose the best blind spot mirrors that’ll suit you.

– Factors To Consider When Choosing a Blind Spot Mirror

First, consider the size of the mirror because the bigger the mirror, the broader the space you’ll see in your blind spot. Choosing a smaller mirror means that you’ll only see a small area of your blind spot. Next is to consider the shape of the mirror — the shape of convex mirrors means you’ll see more space, while flat mirrors allow you to see a smaller space. The angle of the mirror is also essential because tilting the mirror towards the driver gives a better view than tilting it away.

These mirrors are better when it comes to angles than flat mirrors, however, you can still angle the flat mirror in such a way that it covers the blind spot. Finally, choose the position to fix the mirror carefully because getting the best position would allow you to see much of your blind spot. Placing it in the wrong position sets you up for a road accident down the line as you won’t see objects and vehicles in your blind spot.

Also, consider the price of the mirror but be wary of cheaper and inferior ones as they could easily fall off and break. Don’t sacrifice quality for safety, but carefully read the reviews of the mirror before purchasing to have a fair idea of their efficiency. 

– Installing a Rectangular Blind Spot Mirror

To install a rectangular blind spot mirror, first fix the mirror on the side mirror of the car but don’t worry about adjustment and angling just yet. Once you’ve successfully mounted the mirror, sit in the driver’s seat to adjust and angle the mirror so that it can cover the blind spot. The blind spot is the specific area around the vehicle which is outside the driver’s vision and not covered by the side or rearview mirrors.

Installing a Rectangular Blind Spot Mirror

To cover the blind spot, adjust the mirror until you can view the side of the car in the mirror then move it further until you can see both the side of the car and a bit of the road. Also, take note that objects in the blind spot mirrors are closer than they appear, therefore, consider that when changing lanes.

What Are the Shapes of Blind Spot Mirrors?

The shapes of blind spot mirrors include tear-drop, round, and oval, and each has its pros and cons. None is better than the other as the best mirror shapes depend on individual preference. Some provide a wider view while others display clearer images.

The oval-shaped mirrors provide the widest view but they distort the image, which can be distracting. The tear-drop mirrors balance wide view with image clarity, but their space coverage isn’t as wide as the oval mirror. For the clearest images, use round mirrors, but then it will only cover a smaller view.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Blind Spot Mirrors Really Useful?

Yes, blind spot mirrors are really useful in helping drivers to see people, objects and other cars that may have entered their blind spots. This saves both drivers and vehicles from accidents that could cost their lives and properties. It is advisable to have them installed on your car.

2. What Is Bad About Installing Blind Spot Mirrors?

One bad thing about installing blind spot mirrors is that they are not designed to absorb glare or harsh light. Therefore, whenever a glare falls on them, they tend to reflect it, and depending on the angle, the reflection can end up in the eyes of drivers and distract them.


Knowing where to put a blind spot mirror can save you and your passengers from dangerous road accidents.

This article has covered where to place these mirrors and here is a summary:

  • The best place to place these mirrors is on top of both side mirrors of the car.
  • When they are angled well, the mirrors can cover a large area of the blind spots and aid the driver to spot vehicles or objects there.
  • There are three types of blind spot mirrors, which are clip-on, stick-on and window-mounted types.
  • Each of the types has its advantages and disadvantages, thus none is the best but it all boils down to personal preferences.
  • One negative aspect of these mirrors is that they reflect glare and harsh light into the eyes of the driver, depending on the angle, which can be distracting.

On the whole, the advantages of these mirrors far outweigh their disadvantages, thus it is better to get one to save you from avoidable accidents.

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