Toyota RAV4 Cruise Control: Mastering Usage

Toyota RAV4 Cruise Control usage guide will help you use your car to its maximum potential, as this is one of the features that make the RAV4 stand out from other models. If you want to go on a long drive with your car or use it for shorter trips, it is always a good idea to know the in-built features of the vehicle so that you have a better flow controlling it.

Toyota Rav4 Cruise Control

Knowing how to use the cruise control system will allow you to drive more comfortably in traffic or on long drives. That being said, read this to learn all about the different functions inside the cruise control feature of your Toyota and how you can control them efficiently to ensure a more effective and smooth performance from your car!

How Can You Use Toyota RAV4 Cruise Control?

You can use cruise control on the Toyota RAV4 by finding the CRUISE key and activating the cruise control system by pressing this button. With this feature, you can also adjust the speed of your vehicle, and you can use several designated buttons to use the system.

– Activating the System

You need to activate the system to use the cruise control on the Toyota RAV4. To begin the procedure, locate the “Cruise” key. This key will be positioned on the steering wheel inside your car.

After that, you must hold down the mentioned key until you see the system has been activated. Once the system is activated, you must turn the cruise control stalk up to be in the ON position. Moving on, you will see a tiny light switch near your car’s speedometer.

The color of the light will either be blue or green. The light will flicker to inform you that the adaptive cruise control system is active. Now, you can use the cruise control in your car.

– Setting the Speed

Another method you can use if you want to use the cruise control on your Toyota is by setting the speed of your car. To start the process, you have to hold down the “+” button that will be located on your system. It is important to keep holding the key down until you reach your desired speed. You can leave the button when you get the wanted speed.

If you want to reach the speed of 57 mph, keep pressing the button. You can leave it immediately when you see the number on the speedometer read as 57. This shows that you have reached your desired speed. You can get any speed you want and check on the speedometer to be sure.

– Slowing Down With the Brake

If you are busy using your cruise control, you may need to slow down your car for some reason. When slowing down, you can use any of the two methods given. For the first method, you have to press down the brake pedal.

Slowing Down Car With the Brake

There is no unique way to do it; you have to do it as you would do regularly, which would slow it down. When you do this, it will cause the cruise control system to disengage at once. Once this happens to the mentioned control, you will not face any problems while slowing down your vehicle and can do it quickly.

– Slowing Down by Pressing the Button

For the second way, you must locate the “-” button. You can find it if you look over toward the cruise control stalk. Once you have located it, you will have to press the button.

As you press the button, the speed will decrease casually as you keep the button down. It is imperative to remember that if you use this technique, you do not have to use the brake pedal. The speed will decrease on its own with the help of the button.

– Stopping With the Brake Pedal

When it comes to stopping while you are using cruise control, you can use either of the two methods that have been mentioned. Both methods are of great help in their ways and will help you stop at once. You have to put your foot onto the brake pedal for the first technique.

Stopping Rav4 With Brake Pedal

After that, you must push it down just as you do. Ensure you do not use too much force since it could cause the pedal to break. Doing this will make the cruise control system disconnect from the system. After that, you can stop it at once.

– Stopping With the Minus Button

It is also possible to use the second method. To start the procedure, you have to locate the minus button. You have to look on your cruise control stalk, and you will be able to find it there. Once you have seen the mentioned button, you must keep holding it down.

When you press it down, it will cause the speed to decrease. Finally, it will get so low that the control system will deactivate itself. When this happens, you will be able to stop at once. It is essential to remember that this technique does not involve using the brake pedal at all.

– Going Downhill or Uphill

You must remember that sometimes the cruise control does not function at all. It only works when you are going uphill or if you are going downhill in your vehicle. In these situations, the cruise control does not cooperate.

The RAV will disengage the cruise control when you try to go either downhill or uphill. The RAV will not allow keeping the mentioned controller on. Now, if you have to cancel out the cruise control for any specific reason, you have to locate the same button that will be on the stalk. After that, you will have to press it down.

Ensure you are not too harsh when doing this because it can break off the key. The lights will immediately go off as soon as you keep the cruise control switch down. Then the car will return to its initial speed.

– Turning Cruise Control off With the Button

You can apply different methods if you want to turn off your cruise control. One of the methods that you can use is only by pressing a button. To begin the procedure, you have to locate the cancel button.

It will be on the steering wheel inside of your car. You will have to press on it as soon as you find it. Pushing it down will cause the cruise control to disengage right there. Soon after this, the light on your dashboard will switch off.

– Turning Cruise Control off With the Brake

Another method that you can use if you want to turn off your cruise control is by using the brake pedal in your car. This technique will indeed work; after doing so, you can expect the control to be off. To start with this, you have to tap on the top of the brake pedal.

Turning Cruise Control Off With the Button

As soon as you do this, it will also cause the cruise control to get disconnected at once. Once it does so, the light that will be on in your dashboard will turn off as well. You can turn the mentioned control off quickly by trying this method and the one above.

– Disabling Cruise Control

If you want to disable your cruise control system, you must do just as mentioned above. To begin the process, you must locate the cruise control switch on the steering wheel. After that, you have to hold down the button. It is important to keep pressing it for at least three seconds non-stop.

By doing this, you can disable the mentioned control system. You can see the message on your dashboard if you want to assure yourself. The message will tell you you have successfully disabled your cruise control system. Once you read through, you will be sure the work is done.

– Changing the Distance on Cruise Control

It is possible to change the standard distance on your Cruise Control. To change it, you have to locate the radar range button. It will be positioned on the lower right of the steering wheel in your car. The mentioned button will symbolize a regular vehicle with radar waves coming out of the front.

Changing the Distance on Cruise Control

Once you locate the button, you will have to press it down. It is important to remember to keep pressing down the button if you want to cycle through the different types of distances. The distance will not be shown precisely in feet. However, you will see the display screen that offers you a particular blue-colored bar positioned below the icon of a small car.

Now, if only one bar is inside, the speed is at its lowest. When there are two bars visible, it represents that the speed is medium. On the other hand, if there are three full bars, it will illustrate that the speed is at its topmost.

Once the system has reached three bars, it cannot increase anymore. It is imperative to remember that you can change the number of bars by pressing the radar button. The speed will then accordingly increase or decrease.

How Does the Toyota RAV4 Cruise Control Compare to the Chrysler Pacifica Trunk Space?

When considering the chrysler pacifica trunk details, it’s essential to analyze its space in comparison to Toyota RAV4’s cruise control features. Though unrelated aspects, the difference in trunk space might be a deciding factor for buyers looking for ample storage capacity. Evaluating both vehicles’ specifications can help make an informed decision based on individual preferences and needs.


The cruise control is a handy and innovative feature in the Toyota RAV4, but it would only be useful if you knew how to work with it, a concern that should now be put away since you have read our detailed article. To review the essential bits of the guide,

please look at the list below:

  • To activate the cruise control system, you need to locate the Toyota RAV4 cruise control button next to the steering wheel and then hold it down for a while.
  • You can use the “+” button to increase the speed until you reach your desired speed on the speedometer.
  • Similarly, you can also use the “-” button to decrease the speed.
  • To disable the cruise control, you must press the cancel key near the steering wheel.
    With this feature, you can also set speed rates of the vehicle.

There are many valuable things you can achieve once you know how to handle the cruise control feature on your Toyota Corolla, but these can be slightly complicated to learn if you are unfamiliar with the car’s system in general. With luck, that will not be true after you have studied the sections above, and you can work with your vehicle much better now!

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