How to Reset or Clear the Tacoma Reset Maintenance Light

The question “How to reset or clear the Tacoma reset maintenance light?” has a pretty clear and straightforward answer, even for beginners. First, turn on the car’s ignition so that the electronics are powered; hit the “Gear” icon on display and then select the “Maintenance Reset” option from the “Settings” menu, then press “OK” and then choose the “Yes” option to confirm you want to reset.

Reset or Clear the Tacoma Reset Maintenance

Let’s discuss all the steps in detail below. We have also covered older Tacoma model years and answered critical questions for you in our FAQs section, so read on!

How to Reset or Clear Your Tacoma’s Maintenance Light?

To reset or clear your Tacoma’s maintenance light, turn on the ignition without starting the engine. Tap on the “Gear” icon on display and then navigate and choose the “Maintenance Reset” option in the “Settings” tab. Now press the “OK” and then the “Yes” option to complete the reset process.

Reset Tacomas Maintenance Light

The Toyota Tacoma maintenance light is part of the vehicle’s automated system. It will turn on during set intervals. As the driver, you rely on this light to stay on top of crucial maintenance, specifically the oil change.

Also, the maintenance required light is directly tied to your odometer. It tracks the distance you travel to determine when the engine needs servicing. Once you’ve serviced your vehicle, you’ll need to reset the light to continue giving accurate readings.

The reset procedure varies slightly on different Toyota Tacoma models. Our guide below covered the models produced before 2011, 2012-2017, 2018, and later. Let’s begin with these models.

You don’t need any tools to reset or clear your Toyota Tacoma’s service light. You only need to sit in the driver’s seat with your car key.

1. Turn on the Ignition and Select the “Gear” Icon

Turn the ignition to “ON,” but don’t start the engine. That should switch on the electronics. Now you need to tap on the “Gear” icon on your display with the help of the right and left buttons.

2. Go to the “Settings” Icon and Choose the Maintenance Option

Using the up and down buttons, choose the “Settings” option and press “OK.” While on the settings menu, use the up and down buttons to navigate to the “Maintenance Reset” option and hit the “OK” button again.

3. Acknowledge You Want to Reset the Light

You should see a prompt on the information display asking you to click to confirm if you want to proceed with the reset. Choose “Yes.” After that, the “reset complete” message will display to indicate the successful process. Now you can turn off the ignition, and the maintenance indicator will be turned off when you turn on the engine.

How To Reset Tacoma’s Maintenance Light on Models 2012-2017?

To reset Tacoma’s maintenance light on models 2012-2017, turn on the car’s ignition but don’t start the engine. Now press the “Odo/Trip” button and turn off the ignition. While holding the “Odo/Trip” button, turn the ignition back on and release the button when you see zero on display.


The maintenance indicator on these models will usually blink for about 15 seconds when you hit the 4,500 miles mark since your last reset. After 5,000 miles, the light stays on. Here are the detailed steps to clear the light once you’ve done the required servicing:

1. Set the Ignition on and Change Display to Trip A

The first thing to perform this maintenance reset is to turn on the ignition without your foot on the brake. You don’t want to start the engine. Once the ignition is on, press the Odo/Trip button in order to set the display to “Trip A.”

2. Turn the Ignition off and Then on Again

You now need to turn off the ignition. Once you’ve done that, press and hold down the “Odo/Trip” button.

Turn the Ignition off and Then on Again

While holding the “Od/Trip” button, turn the ignition back on carefully.

3. Finish up the Reset

Release the “Odo/Trip” button to complete the reset process. You can press the button repeatedly until the odometer displays a zero. When you see that, your maintenance required light will be reset.

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Tacoma Models Before 2012?

To reset the maintenance light on Tacoma models before 2012, turn the ignition off and press and hold the “Trip Reset” button. While holding the button, turn the ignition back on and continue holding the button until the display shows 0. That will indicate that the reset is complete.

The Tacoma vehicles manufactured in 2011 and earlier usually display a “Maint Reqd” message when it’s time to service the engine. After changing the engine oil, the detailed steps to reset maintenance light are as follows:

1. Turn the Ignition off and Hold the “Trip Reset” Button

Set the ignition switch to the off position. Next, find the “Trip Reset” button on your instrument cluster.

Turn the Ignition off and Hold the Trip Reset Button

Press and hold the button. While holding the button, turn the ignition “ON” without turning on the engine.

2. Continue Holding the Button While the Ignition Is On

With the ignition on, hold the “Trip Reset” button for about 5 seconds until the odometer displays all zeros (000000). That indicates the procedure is complete, and the maintenance indicator light on your Toyota Tacoma should now be turned off.

You can now turn the engine on to confirm that it’s off. If it didn’t clear, you must visit a reliable mechanic to check engine and fix any present malfunctions.


– Can You Reset Tacoma Maintenance Light by Disconnecting the Battery?

You may or may not be able to reset Tacoma maintenance light by disconnecting the battery, depending on the model. Cutting off the power and reconnecting it after a few minutes can affect the health of your vehicle. Go to a specialist or use the recommended reset procedures instead.

– Why Won’t the Tacoma Maint Reqd Indicator Reset Itself?

The Tacoma maint reqd indicator won’t reset itself because the engine monitoring system isn’t intelligent enough to tell when you’ve done the necessary servicing. You must manually reset it after each oil change to continue tracking the engine and returning accurate readings on your display.

– What Is the Danger of Not Resetting the Maintenance Light?

The danger of not resetting the maintenance light may not be immediate, but it will be difficult to remember when you should change the engine oil. Not changing the oil on time can have serious consequences including complete engine failure, which could cost a car.

Can I Use the Same Steps to Reset the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Tacoma?

Yes, you can use the same steps to reset the maintenance light on a Toyota Tacoma as you would for a reset Volkswagen Passat maintenance light. The process typically involves locating the maintenance reset button or combination of buttons on the dashboard, pressing and holding it for a few seconds, and then releasing it to reset the light. Always refer to your vehicle’s manual for specific instructions.


After going through our step-by-step guide above, you have learned how to reset or clear the Tacoma reset maintenance light.

Let’s sum up the guide in this list:

  • The steps to reset the maintenance indicator vary slightly from one Tacoma model year to another.
  • However, the procedure is straightforward regardless of your model year and anyone can do it.
  • If the light doesn’t disappear after the reset procedure, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic for a check-up and repair, if needed.

Now that you’ve got all you need to know, it’s time to put the knowledge into practice. Climb up onto the driver’s seat and reset the light today!

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