How Long Does An Oil Change Take at Walmart: Detailed Insights

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How long does an oil change take at Walmart? An oil change at a Walmart auto center can take some time. Nobody enjoys sitting in a mechanic’s shop’s waiting room for several hours while waiting for their oil change to be completed, but an oil change plays a vital role in keeping your car engine and other parts of your car in good condition. ]

How Long Does An Oil Change Take at Walmart 


We are going to provide detailed explanations for getting your oil changed at Walmart. An oil change is one of the most crucial maintenance tasks you can do for your car, so keep reading to learn more.

How Much Time Does It Take to Have an Oil Change at Walmart?

An oil change at Walmart can take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the type of car you have. It also includes the time it takes to check your vehicle’s oil level, change the oil filter and then add the new oil. The process is very quick.

An oil change service is an act of changing the oil of your car but also a comprehensive safety inspection that includes checking the oil filter, brake pads, cabin filter, fluids, and other components of the vehicle.

You should have an oil change every 3,000 miles or every six months. Oil changes are one of the most popular services that Walmart offers. During every oil change, Walmart will also inspect critical engine parts like the exhaust, spark plugs, and oil filter. They will also change your car’s oil to a fresh supply. An oil change removes dirt and grime from your car’s engine. 

It also replenishes the oil with fresh fluid to protect the engine and keep it running smoothly. Fresh oil has several advantages over old oil. Fresh oil doesn’t clog filtration systems as easily and doesn’t break down as quickly as old oil. Therefore, fresh oil can keep your car’s engine running smoother for longer.

Is It Easy To Get an Oil Change Service in a Walmart Auto Center?

It is easy to get an oil change service in a Walmart auto store. You don’t need to have an appointment before getting a Walmart oil change, but getting an appointment is always the best way to get your oil changed

You can get an appointment through online registration on the Walmart app, calling the auto care center, or visiting the Walmart store closest to you to get the best available time for your oil change

Some auto centers can change the oil by using an oil extraction tool to take the oil out, while others use the old-fashioned way of pulling the oil plug beneath the car to drain the oil. When all the oil is drained, five quarts of new oil are put into the car. Walmart auto center also provides auto services.

– Getting an Appointment Through a Phone Call

Walmart is always available to take your phone call for you to get an appointment. Since there are over 2,500 Walmart auto stores available across the United States, it can be a problem to know if you are calling the one closest to you. However, this problem has been solved through the auto care center store finder on the Walmart website. 

You will have to input your city or state and ZIP code on the website and click the set location button. After doing this, Walmart can easily know your location and show you the Walmart auto center closest to you. 

You can pick your preferred store; then you will see all the information on that store, such as the address and directions, the work hours, and the phone number of that store. If you are satisfied with what you see, you can call the number, and a Walmart representative will respond to you. Then, you can go to the store to get your service done at the time and date scheduled.

– Using the Walmart App to get an Appointment

You can get the Walmart app from an Apple Store or a Google Play Store. With the store finder, you can easily locate the nearest Walmart store and book an appointment with them. This method allows customers to easily get an appointment from their apartment’s comfort rather than going to the store in person.

Using the Walmart App to get an Appointment

Getting an appointment scheduled through the Walmart app just makes things easier for you and gives you the best experience. Having an appointment means you get attended to at the scheduled time and date. 

– Booking an Appointment in Person at a Walmart Store

You can also make an appointment by visiting a nearby Walmart and going to the service desk. The app finder can help you find a store. Although most people will not want to book an appointment this way, it does work. If you don’t have an appointment, you can park in the auto service area and specify the service you want at the service table. You might have to wait if there were others ahead of you.

If the auto center is fully booked for the day and has many customers waiting, you may have to book an appointment in person for another day. If you schedule an appointment for a specific time, you can expect to have your oil changed at that time. Not all Walmart stores have auto care, so be sure to check the Walmart website to find the store closest to you with auto care

What Are the Types of Oils Used at Walmart for Oil Changes?

There are five different types of oils used at Walmart for oil changes. If you are unsure about the kind of oil that your car requires, the professionals at the Walmart auto care center can guide you in the selection of the appropriate kind for your motor vehicle. 

Walmart always examines a car that needs an oil change to determine the right type of oil to use. There might be severe repercussions due to using the incorrect type of motor oil in a car. Your car’s manufacturer, your driving habits, the age of the engine, and the environment in which you drive all play a role in determining which oil type is best for your vehicle. There are five primary kinds of oil that are utilized in lightweight motor vehicles. 

– High-mileage Oil

This particular kind of motor oil has been developed specifically for use in cars with a mileage total of more than 75,000 kilometers. Seal conditioners are included in high-mileage motor oil, and their purpose is to improve the engine’s internal seals’ flexibility in order to protect them better.

– Premium Conventional Oil

This is the most prevalent kind of oil for automobiles. The viscosity ratings 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 are all quite common, and they cover the majority of light-duty vehicle categories. The more the number increases, the thicker the oil becomes. In general, motor oils with a thicker consistency offer increased protection for the engine, whilst motor oils with a thinner consistency result in improved fuel economy.

Premium Conventional Oil

– Synthetic Oil

This kind of oil is meant to defend against deposits and to provide performance that lasts for a longer period of time. It functions effectively in both low and high-temperature environments. Synthetic oil is generally more expensive than regular oil, and it has the potential to enhance  the overall performance of a vehicle. To know whether your car requires this specific kind of oil, Walmart can refer to the owner’s handbook provided by the manufacturer of your car.

Synthetic Blend Oil

– Conventional Oil

This motor oil is inexpensive and easy to afford. Although it complies with the API and SAE requirements, it does not include additives that may improve performance. Conventional motor oil is best used in vehicles that have low mileage and/or undergo regular oil changes.

– Synthetic Blend Oil

The benefits of conventional and complete synthetic oils can be found combined in synthetic blends. They protect your car even when the temperature is extremely high, and they do so at a lower cost than fully synthetic oils. They are commonly found in light pickup trucks and SUVs due to their performance even when subjected to increased engine loads.

What Are the Oil Change Services Provided by Walmart? 

The oil change services provided by Walmart are:

What Are the Working Hours for Oil Changes at Walmart

  • Pit crew oil change
  • Standard oil change 
  • Synthetic oil change
  • Semisynthetic oil change 
  • High-mileage oil change
  • Power and performance oil change

Thanks to the wide range of services offered by Walmart, customers can find the oil change service that suits their needs and preferences best and get value for their money. There are different options for oil change services to get at Walmart, which come at different prices as well. 

Pit crew oil change: This service involves changing the oil and oil filter. Chassis lubrication, tire pressure, and car battery inspection are also done.

Standard oil change: This oil change service includes a conventional oil change as well as the inspection of your car’s lights, air filter, battery, tire pressure, and vacuum. 

Synthetic oil change: This service includes a synthetic oil change to improve your vehicle’s performance. Synthetic oil has unique substances that provide the best engine protection.

Semisynthetic oil change: This oil change conforms to the standards set forth by Dexos as well as new car manufacturers. It also offers enhanced defense in comparison to regular motor oil.

High-mileage oil change: This oil change is recommended for a vehicle that runs at high speed. It prevents the engine from developing burn-offs and leakage due to the high mileage and makes the engine last for a longer time.

Power and performance oil change: With this oil change service, your car gets all the treatment of a standard oil package and also a synthetic oil change. This service makes your engine perform at its best. 

What Are the Prices Available at Walmart for Oil Changes?

The oil change price at Walmart varies from one Walmart store to the other, but it also depends on the service your car is getting, the type of car, and the oil it uses. Still, the price for an oil change in a Walmart store is relatively low. 

Here are the latest oil change prices for the different oil change services in Walmart:

  • Pit crew: $19.88
  • Standard oil: $29.88
  • High mileage oil: $35.88
  • Semi-synthetic oil: $42.88
  • Power and performance: $49.88
  • Synthetic oil: $52.88

What Are the Working Hours for Oil Changes at Walmart?

The working hours of a Walmart auto center vary among the auto store. Most center hours of work are from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays, 8 am to 6 pm on Saturdays, and 8 am to 5 pm on Sundays. You can easily go to a Walmart auto store to get an oil change.

What Are the Benefits of Getting an Oil Change at a Walmart Auto Store? 

You can get many benefits from getting an oil change at a Walmart auto store, which includes getting extra services for free. You get a convenient service of having an oil change of about 30 minutes and also a lower price that doesn’t mean a degraded service. Furthermore, you can get a service without having to book an appointment on a good day.


1. Is Getting an Oil Change From Walmart Less Expensive Than a Mechanic Store?

 An oil change at a Walmart store is surprisingly cheaper than at a mechanic store. There are several reasons for this:

  • Walmart doesn’t add another fee for labor time because the oil change is done quickly.
  • You don’t need to pay for the labor offered by the Walmart technicians that offer you the service of an oil change. However, you have to pay for the labor at a mechanic store.
  • The products used to get the job done are bought directly from the producers and are therefore cheaper. This, in turn, makes the service fee of services rendered at a Walmart auto store cheaper. 

2. Does Walmart Offer Valuable Oil Change Services for Your Money?

Yes, they do offer the best service. The services they render are the best you can get. You also get additional service for an oil change you don’t have to pay for, like a battery fill and an air filter change. 

3. Is an Oil Change at a Walmart Store Free?

 No, an oil change is not free. However, the prices offered at a Walmart store are relatively cheaper.

4. Is an Oil Change at Walmart the Best Option?

Based on the number of reviews, getting an oil change at Walmart is one of the best options for your car. There are many people who will recommend us for your oil change.

5. Do I Need an Oil Change at Walmart for Hybrid Cars?

A hybrid car has internal combustion engines, so you require an oil change for a hybrid car, whether it’s a mild or full hybrid. However, a regular oil change is not needed for an electric car.

Does Walmart Offer Royal Purple or Mobil 1 Oil Options During an Oil Change?

When it comes to oil changes, selecting the right oil brand is crucial. Many people wonder if Walmart offers options like Royal Purple or Mobil 1. Fortunately, Walmart does offer a range of oil brands, including these premium ones. So, customers can trust Walmart for their oil change needs and choose the oil brand that suits their preferences and vehicles.


Oil changes are very important and should be done on a regular basis, and what better place to get them than at a Walmart auto center? You won’t even have to wait long to get your oil changed, especially if you make an appointment. 

  • Doing an oil change for your car can be so exhausting sometimes. However, you can save yourself the stress of it by getting an oil change in one of the 2,500 Walmart stores around the United States. 
    • You can get your oil changed at Walmart through the Walmart app by calling the auto care center or visiting the Walmart store closest to you.
  • Walmart uses five types of oil for oil changes: high-mileage oil, conventional oil, synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil, and premium conventional oil.
  • Walmart offers pit crew oil changes, standard oil changes, synthetic oil changes, semisynthetic oil changes, high-mileage oil changes, and power and performance oil changes.

So, the next time your car needs an oil change, remember to stop by Walmart.

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