Sun Visor Won’t Stay Up: Proven Methods To Fix It

If your car’s sun visor won’t stay up, there are easy ways to fix the problem, depending on its extent. First, try to mount the visor properly by pushing it back into place; if the mounting clips are loose or broken, tighten them with a screwdriver or use Velcro stripes, a zip tie or binder clips to hold the visor into place.

Sun Visor Won’t Stay Up

Find a detailed explanation below. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the solution to your loose or drooping visor; read on.

How To Repair a Drooping Car Sun Visor That Won’t Stay Up?

To repair a drooping car sun visor that won’t stay up, try to push it back into place if it’s not properly mounted. If it doesn’t return, examine it for loose or broken clips. Fix the loose clips by tightening them, or hold the visor into place using Velcro.

A car’s sun visors are an important feature. They block sunlight to help you have a clear vision of the road ahead. They generally enhance your driving experience on a sunny day and keep you safe.

Unfortunately, with time and constant use, the mechanisms holding the visors in place tend to lose grip or wear out (particularly the swivel mounts). When that happens, your sun-blocking feature may sag or hang over the windshield, which can be unsightly and a nuisance.

There are several reasons why a sun visor won’t stay up, including needing to be properly mounted, unfastened or broken mounting bar clips or excess weight on the visor.

Fortunately, floppy sun visors are repairable, and there are several methods, depending on the situation. Now see more detail on how to fix car sun visor that won’t stay up below.

– Mount the Visor Properly

Most car sun visors are designed to partially unmount for an enhanced sun-blocking experience. This convenience allows you to block the sunlight from the side window. But the challenge happens when remounting the visor. Many people easily miss putting it back in place, so the bar is light with the clips.

Mounting Car Visor Properly

A visor without proper mounting will fail, unlevel, and hang at an angle. Fortunately, it’s easy to diagnose and fix a sun visor that won’t stay up due to being improperly mounted. You won’t need any tools for this. All you need to do is check for any sign of loose, broken or worn-out parts.

If everything appears fine, try to push the visor back in place. Hold it horizontally so that the bar and the clips perfectly align. Next, push it in gently until it produces a click indicating that the bar is in place.

– Fix Loose or Broken Mounting Clips

The clips holding the sun visors can loosen or break, probably due to excess weight on the visor. Broken or weak clips will cause the visor to flap.


So, if your car visor is drooping due to loose clips, the solution is to tighten the screws around the mount (if it’s a swivel mount) or hold the bar to the car’s roof (if the visor is on a fixed mount). For the fixed-mount visors, you’ll also need to examine the visor clips for damage.

They may be too widened, so they aren’t able to hold the visor solidly in place. In that case, you will require adding rubber caps or stripping to enhance the grip on the visor.

As you tighten the clips for a swivel set up, avoid overdoing it. The visors will only work well if they are tightly mounted. Ensure you tighten the screws just enough to secure the visor in place and allow you to easily adjust it while driving. If the clips are broken, see if you can get new ones from your local auto spare parts store.

– Use Velcro Stripes

If you can’t find new clips to replace the broken ones, consider using Velcro. It’s the most popular option to fix damaged sun clips. If you’re wondering “how to fix sun visor with Velcro”, it’s straightforward.

Using Velcro Stripes in Car Visor

You’ll need to attach a stripe of Velcro to your car’s roof and another to the back of the visor. These strips will hold the visor in place when you’re not using it. Velcro normally has an adhesive side, making it user-friendly. Just measure the correct place on the car’s roof to place the strip, and you’ll have fixed the problem.

Take note that using Velcro stripes isn’t a permanent solution for unfastened sun visors. However, it’s effective, budget-friendly, and can last many months or more than a year.

– Consider Binder Clips

Using binder clips is one of the most common broken sun visor hacks most car owners and drivers use. You can use the clips if your visor clips are broken and ineffective or in place of Velcro stripes. They are arguably more effective than Velcro.

So, the answer to “how to fix sun visor with binder clips” is simple. You’ll begin by unfastening your visor from one end. Next, flip a 1-inch binder clip over, then slide it through the visor’s backside. Now attach the clip to the visor and stick it well.

After that, hook the visor back and see if it’s fixed. If you use the clips correctly, they offer a cost-effective solution to a falling visor. The only thing you might not like about binder clips is their appearance – they may not be aesthetically pleasing.

– Enhance Friction with Zip Ties

Many have asked, “how to fix sun visor in car using a zip tie?” It’s simple. It works the same way as Velcro and will help hold your dropping visor in place by enhancing friction.

Car Visor Friction with Zip Ties

Remove the visor from its arm to create enough space behind the arm. Now place a zip tie parallel to the visor arm, then push it into it. Slip the visor back into place and test it to see if it’s working properly. You can add another zip tie if more friction is needed; you’ll typically require one to three pieces or one big zip tie.

– Use Nuts and Bolts

Using nuts and bolts is the way for those asking “how to fix loose sun visor Honda Accord” permanently. However, this method is more hands-on and will require a few basic skills. If you’re an experienced DIYer, this minor fix will take a few minutes. Before that, you’ll need tools, including a hand drill, two bolts, two nuts and locking washers, four flat washers, a marker, and a ruler.

Begin by measuring two inches from the anchor connecting the visor to your car’s roof and marking the spot. Measure another 0.5 inches from the visor’s top and make it. Place the marks on the visor’s arm. Now use the hand drill to create holes in the two spots you just marked.

Put a flat washer directly on top of each hole, then insert a bolt through each washer and hole. Place a flat washer on the screws on the other side of the visor to equalize the pressure through the visor. Finally, place a nut on top of the locking washers and tighten the nuts!

– Get a Replacement Sun Visor

Getting a car sun visor replacement may be the most practical option if your visor and parts are broken beyond repair. It’s not easy to find a perfect match for your car, but you can contact a local dealership to order the right fit for your car’s make and model.

Replacing Car Sun Visor

A generic sun visor repair kit can be a good alternative if only the clips or mounting bars are damaged. Order the kit online or at most local auto spare parts stores if you still feel the visor can be repaired.

As mentioned, a visor protects you from the sun’s glare and enables you to have a clear view of the road ahead while driving. If it’s constantly falling, it can be a hazard, and you should secure it in place or remove it completely until you figure out a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Can You Replace a Sun Visor Yourself?

Yes, you can replace a sun visor yourself because it’s an easy task that does not require advanced skills. Find generic repair tools at a local auto parts store or online when the visor becomes damaged. Note that a replacement visor may not match the other visor inside the car.

– Does a Car Need a Sun Visor?

Yes, a car needs a sun visor only during the hot sunny summer days. Sun visors contribute greatly to a car’s interior temperature control by reflecting the sun and lowering heat buildup inside. As you drive, the visor will block the sun’s glare, enabling you to see clearly ahead.

– Is a Damaged Sun Visor Worth Repairing?

Yes, a damaged sun visor is worth repairing if the damage is not severe. However, a replacement would be more cost-effective if the parts are completely dislocated and the screws are stripped. Contact a local dealer to find out if you can get a matching visor to your car’s.

– How Much Does a Sun Visor Replacement Cost?

A sun visor replacement costs between $30 and $50 for parts alone. The task requires about an hour of labor, so figuring out how much you can pay for it is easy. However, replacing the part is an easy DIY task, and you do not need to pay anyone.

Can the Methods Used to Fix a Sun Visor also be Applied to Cover a Broken Car Window?

When faced with a broken car window covered with plastic, it is necessary to evaluate if the methods used to fix a sun visor can be applied. While both situations involve damaged vehicle components, the methods differ. Fixing a sun visor usually involves small repairs or replacements, whereas a broken car window requires professional intervention and specialized glass replacement.


You can now fix a car visor that will not stay up using the knowledge you’ve acquired from our guide.

Before we leave you to it, here is a summary:

  • A sun visor can refuse to stay in its position if it’s not improperly mounted, so you only need to snap it back into place.
  • If the clips are loose, tighten them using a Phillips screwdriver.
  • If you can’t find replacements for damaged clips, use Velcro stripes, a zip tie or binder clips.
  • Use nuts and bolts to fix the issue permanently or find a visor replacement.

Now that you know how to fix loose sun visor Toyota, it is time to take matters into your own hands. Please choose a method that works for you from our guide above and fix that problem or seek the help of a mechanic or specialist.

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