Subaru Forester Heated Seats: See If the Feature Exists!

Subaru Forester heated seats have been a topic of intrigue for many potential buyers and current owners alike. There’s something undeniably appealing about sliding into a warm seat during those chilly mornings.

Subaru Forester Heated Seats ~ Ran When Parked

Throughout this piece, you’ll dive deep into the Subaru Forester, exploring whether this coveted feature is available and, if so, on which specific models. Stay here to unravel the heated mystery of this popular vehicle, ensuring you’re informed for your next chilly ride or purchase decision.

Does the Subaru Forester Come With Warmed-up Seats?

Certainly, the Subaru Forester comes with warmed-up seats, prioritizing passenger comfort in its design and helping them battle against the chilly weather. As of the 2022 model year, every trim of the Forester, except the Base model, incorporates heated front seats as a standard feature.

It’s a noteworthy addition that showcases Subaru’s dedication to enhancing the driving experience.

Base Model Features

While the 2022 Forester Base trim is built with a plethora of standard amenities, it, unfortunately, doesn’t come equipped with warmed-up front or back seats. Still, this feature’s absence from the Base model doesn’t imply Subaru compromises passenger comfort across the board.

Premium Trim Inclusions

The Premium trim of the Forester promises enhanced comfort, especially during cooler months. Every vehicle in the select category is standard-equipped with heated front seats, part of the all-weather package. Thus, those cold morning drives become a tad bit more comfortable and inviting.

Premium Trim Inclusions ~ Ran When Parked

Additionally, the Premium trim also introduces other features that amplify the driving experience, ensuring that passengers and drivers alike enjoy their journey.

Sport Trim Extras

The Sport trim isn’t just about a dynamic driving experience but also about enhancing your traveling comfort. The Forester Sport includes all the heated seat features found in the Premium trim, making sure you’re cozy regardless of the external temperatures.

Also, the Sport trim infuses a distinct aesthetic appeal, which, when combined with practical hot seats, makes it a favorite among many Subaru aficionados.

Limited Trim Luxuries

When you venture into the Limited trim of the Forester, luxury and comfort are clearly visible. Alongside the other refined features, heated front seats remain standard, ensuring consistent warmth during colder seasons. But it doesn’t just stop at the seats.

Limited Trim Luxuries ~ Ran When Parked

The Limited edition might make you wonder about the other comfort aspects it introduces, but rest assured, the focus on a comfortable drive remains paramount.

Touring Trim Offerings

Reaching the pinnacle of Forester’s trim levels, the Touring variant is all about offering the best. Not only do passengers in the front get the warmth of warmed-up seats, but those seated in the rear aren’t left in the cold either.

Yes, the Forester Touring trim level comes with heated rear seats, making it the perfect choice for those who prioritize comfort for all occupants. This top-tier model encapsulates Subaru’s dedication to blending luxury with practicality.

Types of Warmed-up Seats in Forester

The Forester front seat warmers come standard in the majority of the trims. It’s the Touring trim that raises the stakes by introducing heated back seats. Moreover, these seat heaters aren’t just a binary on or off. They come with multiple heating levels.

Front Seat Warmers

Front seat warmers in the Forester, excluding the Base model, ensure that the driver and front passenger experience instant warmth.

Front Seat Warmers ~ Ran When ParkedWith efficient heating elements, these seat heaters are designed to offer even heat distribution, ensuring that the entire seating surface is adequately warmed.

Rear Seat Warmers

The back seat warmth is delightful. It demonstrates Subaru’s intent to offer luxury and comfort to every occupant of the car. Whether it’s a short drive or a long journey, rear-seat passengers can now experience the same comfort levels as those in the front, thanks to these efficient seat heaters.

Subaru Forester Warmed-up Seats Overview

The inclusion of hot seats in the Forester is a testament to Subaru’s holistic approach to vehicle design. Recognizing that driving is not just about getting from point A to point B but also about the experience in between, the said seats add luxury and comfort to the vehicle.

Whether it’s a cold morning or a frosty night, the Forester ensures its passengers remain cozy. However, if you talk about the cheapest SUV with heated seats, note that it varies by market, but often, entry-level models from brands like Kia or Hyundai offer this feature at an affordable price.

Why Do Warmed-Up Seats Matter?

Warmed-up seats matter because they ensure a comfortable drive, especially during those frosty mornings or chilly evenings. Without having to wait for the entire car’s interior to warm up, hot seats offer instant relief from the cold, making drives more pleasant.

The Evolution of Subaru’s Comfort Features

Subaru has always been a front-runner when it comes to integrating comfort with functionality inside the vehicles. Over the years, the introduction and refinement of features like the Forester hot seats reflect the brand’s commitment to enhancing the driving experience.

Evolution of Subarus Comfort ~ Ran When Parked

Whether it’s the inclusion of a heated steering wheel or innovations in seat technology, Subaru consistently prioritizes the driver’s and passengers’ well-being.

Understanding Heated Seat Technology

The magic behind those warm seats is a blend of modern technology and thoughtful design. Typically, hot seats use a series of resistive cables that heat up when electricity passes through them. This heat is then evenly distributed across the seat, ensuring consistent warmth.

Forester’s seat heater technology is designed for efficiency, ensuring that the seats heat up rapidly and maintain the desired temperature without any hitches.

Energy Usage

Hot seats in vehicles, while providing immense comfort, are often a topic of energy consumption discussions. Generally, they use a negligible fraction of a vehicle’s total energy output, especially when compared to other systems like air conditioning or the engine itself.

For modern cars, the energy drawn for seat heaters is often sourced from the vehicle’s battery and electrical system, and its consumption can be equated to that of a small electrical appliance. However, frequent and extended use might have a slight impact on fuel efficiency or electric range, especially in vehicles with smaller batteries.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Like any feature in a car, hot seats are not immune to occasional hiccups. If they don’t heat up as they should, the most common culprits could be a blown fuse, a malfunctioning switch, or damaged wiring. But before concluding a hardware fault, it’s prudent to check the vehicle’s settings.

Troubleshooting Common Issues ~ Ran When Parked

Sometimes, the settings might be set to a low level or turned off accidentally. If basic checks don’t yield results, consulting with a professional or the vehicle’s manual is always recommended.

Regular maintenance checks can preemptively identify and resolve such issues, ensuring the seats remain warm and functional when needed the most.

Benefits of Forester’s Hot Seats

Beyond the evident comfort these seats provide, the hot seats in the Forester offer multiple advantages, including quick warm-up times and muscle therapy. They don’t just ensure warmth but also significantly enhance driving safety by preventing stiffness and ensuring alertness.

Quick Warm-Up Times

The moment you turn on the Forester’s warmed-up seats, you’ll notice an almost immediate warmth.

Quick Warm Up Times ~ Ran When Parked

This quick warm-up time is especially beneficial during colder months, ensuring you don’t have to endure a chilly seat for long. Within a few moments, the seat reaches a comfortable temperature.

Therapeutic Advantages

The hot seats can offer therapeutic benefits. Their warmth can aid in relaxing sore muscles and can be a boon for those with certain types of back pain. So, while you drive, you’re also giving your back a gentle heat massage, especially during longer journeys.

Safety During Winter

During winters, when car interiors can get extremely cold, waiting for the heater to warm up the entire cabin can take time. But with warmed-up seats, drivers can get comfortable quicker, ensuring they remain focused on the road rather than being distracted by the cold.

Operational Tips for Subaru Warmed-Up Seats

Forester hot seats are easy to use, but a few hints might improve the experience. Use the controls to turn them on and off and set the heating level. Like all automobile amenities, these seat warmers need regular maintenance to operate well and last long.

Turning On/Off the Hot Seats

Operating the Forester hot seats is a breeze. With intuitive controls located within easy reach, drivers can effortlessly turn on or off the seat heaters. Usually, a simple button or dial facilitates this, ensuring that warmth is just a touch away.

Adjusting the Heating Level

Depending on your comfort level, the Forester allows you to adjust the heating level. Multiple settings, typically ranging from low to high, enable passengers and drivers to find that perfect warmth level. It’s all about personalizing your comfort during those drives.

Adjusting the Heating Level ~ Ran When Parked

Whether it’s a mildly cool evening or a freezing morning, you have the warmth control in your hands.

Maintaining the Seat Warmers

Avoid placing sharp objects or heavy weights on the seats, which might damage the internal heating elements. Additionally, in the unlikely event of any malfunctions, seeking professional assistance rather than attempting a DIY fix ensures the seat heaters function at their best for years.

Maintaining the hot seats in a Forester is relatively straightforward, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Comparison With Other Subaru Models

When pitted against its siblings, the Forester stands tall with its heated seat offerings. Models such as the Outback, Ascent, and Crosstrek have their own heated seat features. This ubiquitous addition across models emphasizes Subaru’s consistent commitment to passenger comfort and luxury.

Forester vs. Outback Hot Seats

When drawing comparisons between the Forester and Outback regarding hot seats, there’s a shared emphasis on passenger comfort. Both models provide heated front seats in their upper trim levels. However, there might be slight differences in the controls or heating speeds.

Still, Subaru’s commitment to warmth remains consistent, whichever model one opts for.

Forester vs. Ascent Comfort Features

Both Forester and Ascent focus heavily on ensuring passenger comfort, but with its larger size, the Ascent may offer other luxurious features alongside hot seats.

Ascent Comfort Features ~ Ran When Parked

The availability of hot seats in both models affirms Subaru’s consistent aim to deliver top-tier comforts.

Forester vs. Crosstrek Heated Offerings

The burning question many have is – “Does Subaru Crosstrek have heated seats?” The answer is yes. Much like the Forester, the Crosstrek also offers hot seats in its upper trims. When comparing the Forester and Crosstrek, both cater to a demographic that values both adventure and comfort.

These models guarantee warmth and comfort throughout the journey, regardless of the terrain or weather.


Forester’s heated seats aren’t just an add-on feature – they’re a testament to Subaru’s unwavering commitment to passenger comfort. Whether you’re navigating through a cold winter morning or embarking on a lengthy night drive, the Forester warmed-up seats ensure a warm and cozy seating experience.

However, the 2023 Subaru Forester heated seats cost varies by trim level and package options.

  • The Premium and Sport trims ensure front seat warmth.
  • The Limited trim provides a luxurious experience with standard warmed-up seats.
  • Touring takes it a notch higher with heated back seats.

The Forester truly stands out in its category with its features like Subaru Forester back seat fold down, Subaru Forester rear seat recline button, 2015 Subaru Forester rear seat adjustment, and Subaru Forester heated steering wheel, ensuring every drive is as comfortable as it is thrilling.

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