Slamming Car Door – Why, What Damages Caused, and Prevention

Slamming car doors can be annoying and destructive and should never be allowed to develop into a habit. People forcibly shut doors for many reasons, and sometimes it could be carelessness but other times unintentional.

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Does slamming car door cause damage? We will explain that and more in detail below, including a few practical tips to prevent slamming and/or mitigate the effect of a slam if or when it happens.

Why Do People Bang Doors on Cars?

People bang doors on cars sometimes due to carelessness and other times because cars are different. A person used to a heavier door is likely to slam a lighter door unintentionally. Habits may also develop in people with cars with doors that always require force to close appropriately.

Modern automotive doors don’t need to be slammed – a slight push is enough to close them. So, why do people still slam shut the doors? As mentioned, these people don’t care because they haven’t been taught to respect the value of their property or others.

That, if you take care of something, you won’t need to replace it, and you can use your money to buy something else you don’t already have.

People who need to learn this lesson may forcibly close the door without minding that the action could cause damage. But sometimes, when someone slams the door, it might not necessarily be that they’re careless, or it’s a slamming car door prank simply to test your patience.

There are other reasons people might slam the door when getting in or out of a vehicle:

Cars Are Different

Every car needs a different amount of force. If one usually gets into multiple cars, getting it right every time is hard. For example, a person who drives two different cars will likely find it challenging to get used to a heavier door when they switch after a long time.

Different Cars in Road ~Ran When Parked

In other words, if the person is used to a lighter door, they will most likely slam it. Also, suppose the door is heavier than usual, or something prevents it from closing correctly. In that case, it might lead to the slamming action.

A Habit to Slam Doors

Some people may have developed the habit of banging doors if they owned cars that didn’t have automatic doors. They might not be aware that they are slamming the door because they’re used to having to use force to close it. The more a person does that, the more the habit develops.

This habit can lead drivers and passengers to forcefully close the doors without considering how hard they may be closing them. One can also develop the habit if the door was initially damaged and hasn’t been repaired. So, even if you don’t mean to slam the door, it might still happen because the frame is misaligned.

Sometimes, the psychology behind door slamming is mysterious. It’s possible that someone may not actually be slamming the door. According to a slamming car door Reddit post, it could be a matter of interpretation. The person might have shut the door properly, but the driver might perceive it as a ‘slam.’

Regardless of the reason, many have asked, Does slamming car doors cause damage Reddit? Yes, slamming doors can harm the car to the extent that you could eventually pay hundreds of dollars in repair, as discussed in the next section.

What Damages Does Banging Doors Cause?

Damages that banging doors cause include chipped paint around the door edges, leading to unsightly rust and corrosion over time. The rubber gasket can wear out prematurely. Slamming also puts other door internal components, such as latch mechanism, power windows, and hinges, at risk of damage, requiring costly repairs.

Cause of Banging Doors ~Ran When Parked

Car door damage caused by slamming may not be immediately noticeable. Also, if the slamming happens occasionally, there probably won’t be significant damage. However, if the habit continues, it can eventually result in costly car structure and functionality problems. These include:

Car’s Paint

One area that’s greatly affected is the car’s paint job. If the door is constantly forced into the closed position, the paint begins to rub off the edges, exposing the metal. When the paint gets chipped, it could result in severe rust. Repainting and repairing rust damage can get costly.

Rubber Gasket Wear

Another area that the car door slamming is likely to damage is the rubber gasket around the inside of the door. The part may wear out much quicker than usual. Once worn, air can flow into the car’s interior, leading to increased road noise and an uncomfortable driving experience. It can also make the door harder and louder to close.

Spoiled Door Latch Mechanism

The latch mechanism keeps the door closed and prevents it from opening while you drive down the road. Thus, a damaged latch can be a severe safety concern. It can cause the door to open and a passenger leaning against the door falls out onto the road if they aren’t buckled.

Spoiled Door Mechanism ~Ran When Parked

The solution to a spoilt latch would be a replacement, which can cost anywhere between $20 and $100 or more, depending on your car.

Untimely Wear of Other Parts

When force is exerted against a door on the car, there’s a risk that mechanical components like hinges will fail outright or fatigue prematurely. Many other door internal parts can also break from the force. Can slamming car door break windows?

Slamming may not lead to breaking windows. However, speakers, power window parts and door handle mechanisms are susceptible to multifunction and need replacement. The side panel turning indicators can also fall off due to the force of the car door banging. Replacing these parts will be a costly undertaking.

Tips to Prevent Slamming of Car Doors

As discussed, slamming a door can cause a lot of damage to the vehicle. If you’re concerned about the safety of your vehicle doors, follow these door slamming prevention tips:

Prevent Slamming of Car Doors ~Ran When Parked

Ensure the Door Latch Works Properly

Check the latch mechanism regularly and ensure it’s working smoothly. Ensure it’s tight enough. It’s also essential to be mindful of the type of hinges used – some hinges are more prone to damage from slamming. Consider getting the hinges and door latches examined by an experienced auto body specialist and replace the part they recommend.

Pad Your Door

Most vehicles have a butyl gasket between the door and the frame. But this gasket can get worn out over time, resulting in door misalignment, which encourages slamming. Ensure you inspect the gasket (the rubber stripping) regularly to ensure it’s not worn out. If the stripping has too much wear, replace them immediately.

Also, ensure you buy good-quality rubber stripping materials. Proper padding prevents misalignment and helps the door close smoothly. It will also prevent paint damage around the door and reduce impact when passengers put too much energy when closing the door.

Consider Installing a Smooth-Closing Hinge

Fitting a smooth-closing door hinge is another excellent way to prevent your door from slamming. The hinge or door closer will allow it to close slowly and efficiently without sudden movements, making it impossible to slam.

Installing this type of hinge is easy and requires a few tools. You can hire a professional to do it for you or do it yourself with online tutorials.

These parts are available online and in most auto parts stores. Their costs may vary, depending primarily on the brand and quality.

Install a Door Stopper

A door stopper is another straightforward and inexpensive move to prevent your doors from slamming. It’s a small device attached to the door frame or the floor to catch the door when it opens, preventing it from banging. Door stoppers are cheap, and you can find them at most auto parts stores.

Install a Door Stopper ~Ran When Parked

The best part is that they are inexpensive accessories, costing less than $10. If you hire an expert to install them for you, expect to pay for about an hour of labor. That means the total cost for parts and labor ranges between $60 and $120. A Do-It-Yourself can save you a lot of money.

Consider Using Reminders

As discussed, people bang on doors for many reasons, and sometimes, it’s not due to carelessness. Therefore, a polite reminder should remind them to close the door carefully as they get in or out of the vehicle. If it’s you with the habit of slamming the door, make a conscious effort to avoid it.

Sometimes, you may be preoccupied with your destination when exiting the car. Instead, focus on being present and attentive to softly and effectively close the door. If you must slam the door to close, it probably needs to be aligned. Contact an expert to have it examined and repaired.


As the saying goes, information is power, and you’re now informed on why people slam doors on cars, what damages it can cause, and how to prevent it.

But let’s put a few points in summary before you leave:

  • There are many reasons a person may slam a door, and on rare occasions, it could be carelessness and disregard for the property’s value.
  • Sometimes, the slamming could be unintentional, for example, if someone is used to a heavier door and gets in a car with lighter doors.
  • Slamming a door can also be a habit one can develop over time if one isn’t careful when getting in or out of the vehicle.
  • Slamming the door can cause damages such as ruined car paint and spoiled door latch, leading to expensive repairs.
  • You can prevent slamming by ensuring that your door latch is always working correctly and installing smooth-closing hinges and door stoppers.

The cost of repairs, whether for new or used cars, is rising every day, meaning the last thing you want is to cause damage to your vehicle that could have been prevented in the first place. Controlling slamming is possible by trying to be more gentle with the vehicle.

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