Service Engine Soon Light on Nissan Altima: Common Reasons

If you experienced the service engine soon light on Nissan Altima and are looking for solutions, this complete guide is for you. First, there is nothing to worry about if you ever face such a situation; in fact, a lot of people face it often. Service Engine Soon Light on Nissan Altima Here in this article, we will be sharing some of the possible reasons why your Altima might be showing an engine soon light, how to fix it, and other necessary details.

What Does Nissan Altima Service Engine Soon Mean?

The Nissan Altima “service engine soon” light means a warning indicator. It shows up when there is some issue with the car’s onboard computer or emission control system. However, you don’t have to panic whenever you notice your Altima’s check engine light flashing. All you have to do is check your vehicle for potential problems. Remember that the service engine soon light issue can occur on any other variant of Nissan. Once you have your engine light checked, you will be able to know how to fix it. However, to reset SES, first, you have to understand what can be the common causes behind this occurrence. You might be asking “How many miles can you drive with the SES light on?” You can drive around 50 to 100 miles with the SES light on. It will give you an idea of the problem that is arising so you can fix it yourself. It’s safe driving with the SES light on only if it is in a solid state. However, if the light is blinking or flashing rapidly, make sure to address the problem before any mishaps happen.

– Fixing Service Engine Soon Light on Nissan Altima on Your Own

You can fix the service engine soon light on Nissan Altima on your own by depressing and releasing the pedal about five times for five seconds. Proceed with counting for seven seconds and press the pedal for ten seconds. After pressing the pedal for ten seconds, you will start having engine light codes. Now, you can raise the pedal, and your vehicle’s system will enter a self-diagnostic mode. Take note that the SES light can reset itself only if the problem is fixed automatically. Most of the time, this automatic resetting requires 10 to 20 cycles of flashing lights.

– Solid SES Light on Nissan Altima

The solid check engine light Nissan Altima means that there is no big issue, and you can safely drive your car. But if the same SES light is flashing or if the service engine soon lights and you feel the car shaking, have the vehicle taken off the road immediately. Solid SES Light on Nissan Altima There are also several Nissan Altima service engine soon codes that could hint towards the actual issue that persists. If the check light flashes ten times, it means zero code. If the engine light flashes ten times, then four times, again four times, and lastly, two times more, this means you have a code of 0442.

What Are the Causes of Service Engine Soon Light on Altima?

The causes of the service engine soon light on Altima include a loose gas cap, a fault in the oxygen sensor, an imbalance in fluid level, the need to change oil, and other defaults. This might also mean that the car needs to be serviced. How much will it cost you to fix the SES light on your Altima? Fixing the SES light can cost around $3,000. This amount also depends on the damage caused and your current vehicle coverage. Below, we will be discussing each of these causes one by one in detail and how to fix them accordingly.

– Detached Gas Cap

A loose gas cap is the most common reason your Altima is flashing an SES light. For this reason, check engine light after you fuel your car. If the problem is related to the gas cap, you can either replace it or repair it. Detached Gas Cap Your car’s fuel cap plays an important role in preventing harmful fumes and gases from coming out of the tank. So, whenever you end up with a fuel cap that is either damaged or loose, you will also have more rounds at the gas station. Fixing or replacing a fuel cap is not a costly option. As soon as you fix this problem, you will notice the Nissan service engine soon light reset itself.

– Decreased Levels of Fluid

Decreased fluid levels can also contribute to the SES light on Altima. To have your vehicle run perfectly fine, you need to maintain the levels of fluids like brake, motor, or radiator fluid. If you ever notice the Nissan Altima check engine sign, check whether the fluids in your car are in the optimal range. While doing this, you will also be able to check for leaks or damages.

– Car Needs Service

Often, cars have this system of showing the engine soon light as soon as a specific amount of mileage is achieved. What happens is that this warning reminds the owner that his vehicle is up for a routine service check. This handy feature is integrated for super busy users who often forget to look after their car. This soon engine light will remind them to take their car for a routine check-up to avoid inevitable loss.

– Dysfunctional Airflow Sensor

If your car has a dysfunctional airflow sensor, it is likely to start showing a check engine light. Airflow Sensors are involved in determining the amount of fuel your vehicle needs. It also measures the airflow into your car’s fuel system to adjust to the altitude available. Dysfunctional Airflow Sensor Common signs that the engine light service is up due to a faulty air flow sensor involve the car becoming idle or having trouble starting. Another sign of this issue can also include the throttle pedal changing its position.

– Bad Catalytic Converter

A bad catalytic converter can also contribute to checking engine light warning signs. Cat converters are involved in converting harmful carbon monoxide gasses into less toxic carbon dioxide gasses. If your car is constantly running hot, then the Nissan service engine soon light meaning that your vehicle has a bad cat converter. As a result, your vehicle will consume more fuel and might not perform well.

– Dead Battery

Your car will be showing a check engine light because of its dead battery. Your car battery is the next thing besides fuel that helps it to go on the road. It also helps your car turn on its lights to see the road. If the battery isn’t fully charged or has some shock, your car might flash a warning sign. However, as soon as you fix this issue, possibilities are that your Nissan Altima service engine soon will reset right away.

– Faulty O2 Sensor

If, by any chance, the oxygen sensor of your car goes wrong, then you might end up with a check engine light sign. The O2 sensor of your vehicle is responsible for maintaining the amount of oxygen in your exhaust system. However, if the mechanism of this sensor is not working correctly, your car might start combusting excess fuel. This will not only have a negative impact on the fuel economy but also impact your vehicle’s working mechanism. To have the engine light reset, in this case, you have to take your car to a professional mechanic. He can decide whether your O2 meter needs to be replaced or needs some service.

– Issue With Spark Plugs

A defect in spark plugs is another common reason that might trigger your car’s check engine light. Additionally, if any cylinders are damaged, you might end up with an SES light. This defect might usually occur due to the cylinder’s imbalance of fuel and oxygen. Issue With Spark Plugs  These get to decide the amount of oxygen and fuel for combustion, so if any plugs go wrong, your car’s cat converter might turn bad. Some common signs would be difficulty starting your car or running it smoothly. Here, you can also have some help from an OBD II scanner to know the problem’s root cause and fix it.

– Need To Change Oil

If you notice the service engine soon light Nissan oil change sign on your car, it means that it’s time to change its oil. It is an indication of the low oil level of your car. This is not a serious issue; you can fix it by visiting a nearby professional mechanic. He will check the oil status and have it balanced to the optimal level.


1. Can Nissan Maxima Have an SES Light On?

Yes, Nissan Maxima can have an SES light on for several reasons. A service engine soon light on Nissan Maxima can arise due to a faulty cat converter, fuel cap, or a dead battery, among other reasons. It’s best to figure out the reason once you see this light up.

2. Can Nissan Altima SES Light Give a False Alarm?

Yes, Nissan Altima SES light can often give out a false alarm. This can be mainly due to a fault in the car’s diagnostic system, which might resolve on its own. Don’t panic when you see this light, try to figure out the reason first.

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What are Common Reasons for the Service Engine Soon Light to Turn on in a Nissan Altima?

The engine light down arrow significance in a Nissan Altima often indicates issues such as a faulty oxygen sensor, loose fuel cap, or a malfunctioning catalytic converter. Other common reasons may include issues with the mass airflow sensor, spark plugs, or ignition coils. It is crucial to address these problems promptly to avoid potential damage and costly repairs.


Now you know the reasons behind service engine soon light on Nissan Altima so you can fix it on your own. Hopefully, this article has made it clear.
  • The service engine soon is a warning sign that says there is an issue with your vehicle.
  • Various reasons behind getting an SES light on Altima can be related to a faulty spark plug, a dead battery, or an oil replacement.
  • The quickest way to fix SES on your car is by depressing and releasing the pedal seven times for seven seconds.
Make sure to take care of the temperature and brakes with the SES sign on. So the next time you see that SES light turn on, don’t panic and be sure to fix it ASAP!
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