18 RV Curtains Ideas & Hacks To Improve Your Motorhome

RV curtains ideas are not always at the top of your mind when buying your motorhome. However, if you want to add a personal touch to your motorhome, changing your RV curtain is one of the easiest ways of doing it.

What Are 18 RV Curtains Ideas _ Hacks To Improve Your Motorhome ~ Ran When Parked
In this post, you will learn cool RV curtain ideas you can implement to improve your motorhome.

List of the Best RV Curtain Ideas for Your Motorhome

If you don’t know where to start, you can search for RV curtains ideas Pinterest. This is one of the best ways to get started. But the outcome on Pinterest can be overwhelming. That’s why we compiled this list to give you a headstart.

1. Invest in Different Sets of Curtains – For Different Seasons

Even though waterproof, insulated curtains are perfect for privacy and making sure the RV remains warm, they may not suit every season. These are great as a shower curtain. With time, prolonged use will make the RV stuffy. Rather than tying weatherproof curtains back, you should have different sets to cater to the needs of different seasons.

Curtains Of a RV with Landscape Of Sea ~ Ran When Parked

  • A personal touch for every season/occasion.
  • Helps keep the RV clean and interesting.
  • High initial cost
Price Point $80 for 4 sets
Durability Rotating curtains will make them last long

With different curtains to cater to the needs of different seasons/occasions, you will transform your RV into a comfortable place. For instance, you can buy sheer floral curtains for the warm spring weather. To get started, search for RV curtains for sale on your favorite shopping platform.

2. Use Blinds Behind Your Curtains for Privacy and Choice

The use of blinds behind your RV curtains is always a good idea. With blinds, you get an extra layer of privacy. This allows you to layer your favorite curtains on top of the blinds. As a result, you get to enjoy the benefits of the blinds as well as the freedom to use your favorite curtains.

Curtains At the Entry Of Caravan ~ Ran When Parked

  • Enjoy your favorite curtains without privacy concerns
  • Easy to install
  • Not easy to maintain
Price Point $23 a piece
Durability Most PVC and polyester blinds last long

Some of the blinds come as light-filtering roller shades. This makes it easy to adjust the blinds depending on your needs. Such blinds have a polished look which is a feature in your RV. The use of RV curtains and blinds is one of the popular ideas among RV owners.

3. Double Curtains Offer Function and Aesthetic Value

This idea requires you to install a double curtain rod. With a double curtain rod, you get one of the best RV curtain track types. This will allow you to place sheer on top of weatherproof drapes. It is a classic idea that remains among the best ways of decorating your RV windows.

Kid Looking Out From The RV Window ~ Ran When Parked

  • Easy to implement
  • Offers a unique aesthetic appeal
  • Expensive
Price Point $40
Durability Lasts long

The design of the double curtain rod makes it easy to layer curtains. You only need to place the heavy drapes at the back. Lastly, place the sheer on the front to add aesthetic appeal.

4. Place Reflective Shades or Blinds Behind RV Curtains

With this DIY remedy, you have a nice way of adding insulation to your RV. Reflective shades are great if you want to block the sun’s rays from entering the RV. The best part is the shades are more affordable compared to blackout curtains or thermal curtains.

A Row Of Blinds On RV_s Window ~ Ran When Parked

  • Cheaper compared to other products with the same results
  • DIY solution
  • May lack a professional look
Price Point $22
Durability Temporary fix

To use this idea, pick foam reflective shades usually sold for windshields. In case they do not stay in place, you can use double-sided tape. Once you are done, place curtains on top.

5. Use Heavily Insulated Curtains To Contain Cool and Warm Air

Thermal curtains provide a level of insulation. Therefore, if you want to maintain a warm temperature in your RV, especially in winter, get a pair of heavily insulated curtains. These come with a layer of foam for extra insulation.

Mustard Yellow Woolen Curtain ~ Ran When Parked

  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for winter
  • Not always stylish
Price Point $17
Durability Strong and durable

These affordable curtains will help retain a warm temperature in your RV when it is freezing outside.

6. Use Thumbtacks To Make Sure Thin Curtains Remain in Place

If you are using thin or sheer curtains, you can use thumbtacks to keep them in place. However, they will not keep your heavy winter drapes in place if you try. Apart from keeping your curtains in place, you can use thumbtacks to create a room divider instead of using curtain rods.

Different Kind Of Thumbtacks For Curtain ~ Ran When Parked

  • Easy to use
  • Make curtains look neat
  • Does not work on all curtains
Price Point $4 for 100 pieces
Durability Thumbtacks last long

These reusable pins will save you money while making sure your curtains remain in position.

7. Consider Using Command Hooks in Place of Curtain Rods

One of the best things about this idea is it is easier to implement compared to curtain rods. If you already have curtains with grommets, you only need to pick self-adhesive hooks. You don’t have to drill holes in your motorhome for you to hang curtains.

Command Hooks For A Curtain ~ Ran When Parked

  • Easy to implement
  • Affordable
  • Unable to hold heavy curtains
Price Point $20
Durability Adhesive can last long as long as you don’t use heavy curtains


This idea eliminates the need for a rod pocket in your curtain. As a result, it feels like you have a floating curtain.

8. Use Blankets Instead of Winter Drapes for Insulation

If you like repurposing things, you will love this idea. Blankets are naturally made from a thick material with insulation. To replace winter drapes, you can use thumbtacks or self-adhesive hooks to keep the blanket in place. Also, you can place other blankets over the windows as you would one big curtain.

Layer Of Blankets To Be Used In Winter ~ Ran When Parked

  • Budget-friendly DIY fix
  • Effective for privacy
  • Provides insulation
  • Not for everyone
Price Point $10
Durability Can last a long time

The idea is to use cheap blankets or ones no longer useful. You can turn these into a curtain for your RV.

9. Use White Curtains To Create the Illusion of More Space

Although RVs are known as several wonderful things, space is not one of them. They tend to be too cramped. However, you can use white curtains to avoid the claustrophobic feeling. The use of light-colored curtains is a nice way of making any space feel airier.

Close Shot On White Curtains ~ Ran When Parked

  • Easy to implement
  • Makes the RV feel larger
  • Attracts dirt
Price Point $19
Durability Rotate with others to last long

However, using white curtains is for bold RVers since the color attracts and showcases even the slightest stain. That said, it is a great option if you use it for a short period.

10. Half Window Curtains Give Your RV Windows a Classic Look

Just as half window curtains serve a purpose like blocking the sun, they are also a gorgeous idea for an RV window makeover. These provide you with the perfect way of updating your RV decor. This is especially true for areas that do not require privacy like your kitchen window.

Half Window Curtains and Interior Look of RV ~ Ran When Parked

You can use these short curtains in the kitchen window to enjoy the sun as you prepare food. Also, these curtains are perfect for the living room.

  • Affordable
  • Suitable for most spaces
  • Not suitable for all seasons
Price Point $12
Durability Durable provided you take care of it

Small curtains are suitable for most spaces including being a cafe curtain. The best thing is you can use them as tiers or curtains. Depending on how you wish to implement this idea, you can use half-window curtains for your RV window, bedroom, or kitchen. These provide clean lines that decorate your window with a classic look.

11. Use Blackout Shades for Your Privacy and Light Control

Although the use of blackout shades behind curtains is a bit traditional, most motorhome owners still value a great set of shades. These are thin pieces of fabric that come in dark colors that block the sunlight. Some of these RV curtains blackout 99% of light.

Blackout Shades Of a RV ~ Ran When Parked

The best thing about these window coverings is they are easy to remove and clean. What’s more, they do not gather dust the way blinds do.

  • Provides privacy
  • Easy to install
  • Can be expensive
Price Point $27
Durability Made from durable material

Some of the shades allow you to trim them at home for the perfect fit inside or outside the RV window frame. In such cases, you will not need tools such as drills, brackets, or screws to install the shade. You can install a blackout curtain in your bedroom, children’s room, or movie area. These curtains are also great for a travel trailer or a road trip.

12. Grey Curtains Give Your RV a Modern and Clean Look

Grey is quickly becoming one of the popular modern colors. The color works well with virtually any theme. Thus, as a parent, you will not have to worry about grey displaying dirt as white does. Best of all, you can find grey thermal insulated curtains. Also, you can get grey colors from brands that make blackout curtains.

An RV With Grey Curtain ~ Ran When Parked

  • Gives a modern look
  • Works with any theme
  • Not for everyone
Price Point $22
Durability Quality grey curtains last long

If you want to give your RV a modern look without carrying out too much renovation, then a grey window cover provides a nice starting point.

13. Use Burlap Curtains for a Rugged and Perfect Country Look

If your RV has a country theme, the rugged look of burlap curtains will complement it. These curtains hold up well to rough life without becoming raggedy and torn.

White Burlap Curtain From Close Look ~ Ran When Parked

  • Great for a rugged look
  • Provides privacy
  • Does not provide insulation
Price Point $20
Durability Curtains made from this material last long

If you go with this idea, keep in mind that burlap does not does not provide blackout properties. Even though it allows light to shine through, it provides you with privacy.

14. Use Cardboard if on a Budget Before Buying New Curtains

This idea is yours if you do not care about appearance. It is a nice choice that provides insulation before you buy new curtains. For this idea, pick leftover boxes and break them down to fit your RV window. You can keep them in place using duct tape.

Card Board Which Can Be Used Instead Of Curtain ~ Ran When Parked

  • Easy to implement
  • Inexpensive
  • Not pleasing to look at
Price Point $0
Durability This is a temporary fix

With cardboard, you get to enjoy the benefits of a curtain minus the looks. If money is tight, this is one of the best options.

15. Use Old Rugs To Make Makeshift Curtains for Your RV

You can make custom makeshift curtains using old rugs. Once you have the custom curtains, you can use the thumbtacks to fix them on the window. This will give you the same service as expensive curtains.

Woman While Repairing An Old Rug ~ Ran When Parked

  • Easy fix
  • Provides insulation and privacy
  • Requires skills
Price Point $0
Durability Lasts long

If you use rugs for makeshift curtains, you get not only insulation but also blackout capabilities. As a result, these curtains protect your privacy.

16. Replace Your RV Window Valance and Shade With Curtains

One of the top window makeovers you can make for your RV is replacing all the valances with curtains. Accomplishing this is not difficult. There are plenty of decorative rods and fabrics to create a custom look. For instance, you can buy fabric to cover the window and a blackout lining for privacy.

Man While Changing The Caravan Windows ~ Ran When Parked

Alternatively, you can use decorative fabric curtain panels on the ends and sheer on the inner part for light filtering. While the sheer provides privacy after dark, the decoration on the primary sidebar will complement the decor. The secret to a nice-looking RV curtain is using wall-hugging hooks to hold the curtain rods.

  • Nice window look
  • Provides insulation and privacy
  • Expensive makeover
Price Point $60
Durability Lasts long

Of all the DIY RV curtains ideas, replacing valances and shades with curtains provides unmatched flexibility. If you like to decorate for holidays or seasonally, you should consider this option.

17. Modernize Your RV Valence Designs To Make Them Sleek

Valances provide a neat way of hiding and protecting your RV’s day and night shades. If you still want to keep them, you can swap the old valance with wood or stain that matches your RV decor. By using wood, you keep the lines clean and you get features such as a small rail or shelf for displaying your RV life souvenirs.

A Modern Interior Look Of an RV ~ Ran When Parked

  • Gives your RV a residential feel
  • Can be a feature
  • Not easy to implement
Price Point $20
Durability Can last the lifetime of the RV

Modernizing your RV valances is easy since most RV windows are not square. Therefore, you may find yourself covering the curved corners with wood slats for the trim to look good. Once you do it, it will transform the interior look of your RV.

18. Replace Window Treatment Fabric To Match Your Style & Taste

The window fabric that comes with your RV tends to have a neutral color. Such fabric does not add to the RV’s design. Therefore, you should replace the fabric with a material that suits your taste and style. For instance, replacing stiff curtains with a material that is more drape will modernize the look of your RV windows.

Happy Couple Outside An Already Camped Caravan ~ Ran When Parked

  • Modernises the look of your RV windows
  • Lets you showcase your style and taste
  • Not easy to implement
Price Point $22
Durability With proper care, it will last long

This idea allows you to use replacement camper curtains for a DIY window makeover. You can add sheers to add brightness to your dim RV interior without compromising privacy. With this idea, the number of available window treatments is limited by your imagination.


In this post, you have learned different curtain ideas you can implement in your RV.

To recap, here is a quick summary:

  • There are different RV curtain ideas regardless of your budget.
  • If you don’t have a budget at all you can repurpose old rugs and cardboard boxes.
  • In case you have a limited budget, consider ideas such as using thumbtacks or using blankets.
  • If you don’t mind the cost, ideas include replacing valances and purchasing different curtain sets.

With these ideas, you can choose one that suits your taste or budget or both.

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