RV AC Wont Turn on: Steps To Reset and Solve This Issue

If your RV AC wont turn on, resetting may be accomplished easily once you know what you are doing, since the air conditioner in your vehicle is a sensitive component and may get damaged if you do not handle it properly. You need to recognize the problems that could be the cause before you decide to reset your AC, and this will allow you to address them to ensure the issue doesn’t repeat itself.

Rv Ac Wont Turn on

You should understand the mechanics beforehand because your automobile’s AC system is complex, and you do not want to harm it. That being said, we have included all you need to know about resetting the AC in your RV in the sections below so that you can cool off in a refreshing environment!

How Can You Reset the AC in Your RV?

You can reset the AC in your RV directly by using the reset button or isolator switch. Resetting the circuit breaker can also help reset the AC. Moreover, you can also use a thermostat or remote control to reset the AC system.

  • Utilizing the Reset Button

Air conditioning units sometimes fail to start due to a malfunctioning compressor that fails to engage the electrical system. This issue is particularly common in digital appliances more susceptible to electrical discharges. However, resetting the system using the reset button could solve the problem after an outage or a sudden disconnection.

Reset Button of Rv Ac

It is essential to check for an adequate power supply before resetting your system. You can know if there is electrical energy by switching on other appliances, such as lights or fans, to ensure a reliable power supply. Once you’ve confirmed that there is power, you can proceed to restart your AC unit using the reset button.

Most air conditioning systems come equipped with a reset switch, usually a small, red button on the outdoor unit. However, you may have trouble locating the reset button. In that case, you may refer to the equipment manufacturer’s manual for relevant details on locating and resetting the switch.

Press and hold the red colored reset button for three seconds to reset your air conditioner unit and release it. You will hear three beeps indicating that the system is restarting. Suppose the reset button solution does not work. In that case, you may try other solutions, such as checking the thermostat settings or contacting a qualified technician to diagnose and provide a solution to the issue.

  • Using the Isolator Switch

An isolator is a device that differs from a circuit breaker in that the circuit breaker disconnects the electrical supply when there is an overcurrent. The isolator is usually near the outdoor unit rather than the switch box. While not mandatory, it boosts safety and protects your air conditioning unit from electrical discharges.

To reset your system, locate the isolator switch, which is usually a lever on a V-shaped socket near the condenser on the outdoor unit. However, older models may look different and may resemble conventional switches found in homes.

For split systems, the switch is usually located near the front cover of your RV’s indoor air handler. Suppose you are unable to locate the isolator switch. In that case, you can refer to the manufacturer’s manual to better understand its location.

Once you have located the isolator switch, you can turn it off and wait for 30 minutes. This time allows the appliance to dispel electrostatic charges that may cause electrical malfunctions. After waiting, you can turn the isolator lever back on, and your AC unit should restart without any problems.

  • Resetting the Circuit Breaker

Suppose you cannot reset your air conditioning unit using the isolation or reset buttons. In that case, try the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is typically located in your laundry room, on the side of your house, or in the basement. In some homes, it may be in a closet or even the crawlspace.

The breaker box usually contains one large switch and multiple switches for separate circuits in your home. Most breakers have a label indicating the specific connection. You must locate the one labeled “AC” and switch it off.

Resetting Rv Ac Circuit Breaker

It is common for an outage or electrical surge to cause the circuit breaker to switch off. If there is no label, you can find the switch that is in the neutral position and turn it on. After this, you can restart your AC unit to test if it works correctly.

It is essential to avoid repeatedly switching the circuit breaker on and off if the system does not restart. If you suspect a problem with the air conditioning unit, it is safer to consult a certified professional. Attempting to troubleshoot certain faults can cause electrocution or damage to parts of your home.

  • Via the Thermostat

If your air conditioning unit is still not working after trying the previous steps, resetting the thermostat could be the next step. The thermostat is responsible for communicating with your air conditioner and signaling it to cool the air based on temperature readings. If it’s faulty or not functioning properly, your equipment may not work.

Before resetting the thermostat, consider replacing its batteries. In some cases, removing the batteries may be necessary to discharge the electronic components in the air conditioner.

Resetting the thermostat will depend on the model you have. Most modern thermostats are programmable and have a reset button that you can press for five seconds.

  • Via Remote Control

Some RV air conditioners come with remote controls that you can press to adjust the temperature and fan speed. To reset the air conditioner using the remote, start by turning off the unit. Next, remove the batteries from the remote control. Press and hold any random button on the remote control for a few seconds to discharge any stored electrical energy.

Turning Rv Ac on Via Remote Control

After a few seconds, replace the batteries in the remote control and turn on the air conditioner. Check if the air conditioner starts working correctly. If the unit still doesn’t work, try replacing the batteries in the remote control or check for any filter blockage.

Air filters are an undeniably essential component of an air conditioning unit, and they help remove dirt and debris from the air. Over time, filters can become clogged, which can cause your RV’s air conditioner to stop working correctly. Clean or replace your filters to improve the air conditioning’s efficiency if your filters are dirty.

How Can You Identify Why Your RV’s AC Is Not Working?

You can identify why your RV’s AC is not working by taking note of issues in the power supply. Alternatively, there could also be issues with the low- or high-voltage cable. Something could also be wrong with the circuit board, so it would be best to get that checked.

  • Issues in the Power Supply

Your air conditioning (AC) unit requires electricity to function. With a steady supply of power, your AC will turn on. The primary step in troubleshooting your AC is to check that your HVAC furnace switch is on and that the circuit breaker setting is correct.

If the settings are correct and the AC still won’t turn back on, there may be a problem with the power supply. Common culprits affecting your AC’s power supply include a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, or a faulty thermostat. Additionally, power outages or electrical surges can also disrupt the power supply.

  • Issues With the High Voltage Wire

A properly functioning high-voltage wire is essential for your HVAC system to work efficiently. It is responsible for transmitting electricity from the outdoor and indoor units. However, if the wire is damaged or faulty, it can cause your AC unit to malfunction or not turn on at all.

High Voltage Wire Issues of Rv

Sometimes, a loose or disconnected wire can also prevent your system from operating correctly. Suppose you suspect your RV AC is malfunctioning due to a faulty high-voltage wire. In that case, it’s best to call a licensed HVAC professional technician to diagnose and repair the issue to ensure your safety and prevent further damage to your system.

How Can I Reset My RV AC if the Monitor Panel Troubleshooting Doesn’t Work?

If the rv monitor panel troubleshooting fixes fail to reset your RV AC, you can try a manual reset. First, turn off the AC unit and disconnect the power source. Wait for at least five minutes, then reconnect the power and restart the system. If this doesn’t work, consult a professional technician to diagnose and fix the issue.


There can be plenty of reasons behind RV air conditioners not working as they are supposed to, and you will have found that we detailed each probable cause in the article above. While we are certain that our guide would have helped you understand how you can get the RV AC to work again,

we have also covered some main points again in this summary:

  • You can utilize the reset button on the AC unit or thermostat to reset the AC in your RV.
  • Alternatively, use the isolator switch by turning it off for 30 minutes, then back on.
  • You can also reset the air conditioner with the RC by removing the batteries, pressing any button to discharge energy, and finally replacing the batteries.

It is undeniably essential to ensure that the inner systems of your vehicle are working properly, which means they need to be maintained frequently because an issue with any one component tends to affect the car’s overall performance. With our elaborate steps, you can fix the AC in no time and enjoy a refreshing experience in your RV once more!

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