Reset Maintenance Light on Honda Accord: Best DIY Method

The process to reset maintenance light on Honda Accord is simple. First, turn on the ignition, then go to the menu by pushing the home button on the steering wheel, use the selector wheel to navigate to the “Maintenance” option, and then press the wheel to choose “Oil Life,” now hold the wheel for 10 seconds then scroll and select “Item A Only,” hold the wheel until the light resets to 100 percent.

Reset Maintenance Light on Honda Accord

Read on to learn how to do this on all models!

How To Reset the Maintenance Reminder on Honda Accord?

To reset the maintenance reminder on Honda Accord 2018-2022, press the Start/Stop button with your foot off the brake. Next, scroll using the selector wheel to “Maintenance” and press the wheel once. Hold the wheel for ten seconds, scroll to “Item A Only” and hold it again to reset.

As stated, reprogramming the maintenance reminder on your Honda Accord is straightforward. You don’t need any tools besides your car key. Take note that the steps vary slightly from model to model. We will start by showing you how to reset Honda maintenance code on model years from 2018 to 2022.

1. Switch on the Ignition

Ensure your vehicle is in “Park.” Next, turn the ignition to the accessory mode (“ON” position) to enable vehicle electronics. You don’t need to start the engine. With your foot off the break, you must press the Start/Stop button twice.

2. Press the “Home” Button and Navigate to “Maintenance.”

Press the “Home” button on the left side of your steering wheel. That will open the menu screen on the instrument cluster. Next, roll down the wheel just next to the home button (left selector wheel) to scroll through the menu. Stop at the “Maintenance” sub-menu and press the wheel to select the option to display “Oil Life.”

3. Hold the Selector Wheel for About 10 Seconds

While the “Oil Life” is on display, press and hold the left selector wheel for approximately 10 seconds. That will open the “Maintenance Reset” screen. You’ll now need to scroll down using the selector wheel to choose the item you need to reset.

Holding Selector Wheel for About 10 Seconds

In this case, you need to reset the oil maintenance light. Thus, stop at the “Item A Only” option. Take note that you can choose “All Due Items,” which will clear all the maintenance items.

4. Hold the Selector Wheel Again To Reset

While on the “Item A Only” screen, press the selector wheel once. Your maintenance minder will be reset to 100 percent. Next, you can switch off the ignition and start the engine to confirm that your oil change light is turned off.

You can also perform a “Honda reset oil life” using the touch screen. Once you’ve turned the vehicle to accessory mode, touch the “Home” button on the screen to display the main menu. You’ll now select the “Settings” option, then choose “Vehicle” from the sub-menu.

That will take you to the “Vehicle Settings” screen. While on it, scroll down and tap the “Maintenance Info” option. You’ll now see a prompt on the screen that says, “Select To Reset Items.” Tap on it and choose “Oil and Filter” and the tap “Reset,” which resets your engine oil monitor to 100 percent!

How To Reset Oil Life Monitor on Accord 2012-2017 Models?

To reset the oil life monitor on Accord 2012-2017 models, press the Start/Stop button twice. Use the trip knob to navigate the menu and stop at “Oil Life.” Hold the trip button for about 10 seconds until the menu blinks, release it, then hold it until it resets.

The ninth-generation Honda Accord models have a dash-mounted knob on the right side. That’s the feature you use to reprogram the oil life indicator. Check out the details:

1. Turn Ignition On

The engine doesn’t need to start. Only vehicle electronics must be enabled. Press the Start/Stop button twice without your foot on the brake to do that. Once the dashboard is lit, head onto step 2 below.

2. Navigate the Menu to Find “Oil Life” Option

Use the trip knob (dash-mounted knob) on the right side of the instrument cluster to navigate the menu in the cluster’s center. You’ll press it repeatedly (cycle through) until the dash displays “Oil Life.” Next, press and hold the trip knob for 5-10 seconds until the menu blinks.

3. Hold the Trip Knob To Reset

While the menu blinks, release the trip knob. After that, press and hold the knob again for about 10 seconds. That will cause your Accord oil light to return to 100 percent. The maintenance indicator will be turned off the next time you start the engine.

Holding Trip Knob To Reset Maintenance Light

Take note that some 2016 and 2017 models provide other means to reset the maintenance reminder. For example, the hybrid model allows you to perform the procedure using the buttons on the right-hand side of the steering wheel. Others have a button on the left-hand side that you can use to accomplish the same. However, the menu setup is similar, and you won’t get lost.

How To Reset Oil Monitor on Honda Accord From 2006 to 2011?

To reset the oil monitor on Honda Accord from 2006 to 2011, insert the key into the ignition and turn it twice. Press the trip button repeatedly and stop at “Oil Life,” Hold the button until the menu blinks. Release and continue to hold the button until the light resets.

Note that resetting “maintenance required light Honda Accord” procedure is almost similar to the models manufactured between 2012 and 2017. The only difference is that for 2006 to 2011, you’ll use a physical key to start. So, here are the details:

1. Turn on the Ignition

Put the key into the ignition and turn it twice. Turn it to the “ON” position to light up the dashboard. The engine doesn’t need to start.

2. Navigate the Menu and Choose the “Oil Life” Option

Press and hold the trip button on the right side of the instrument cluster repeatedly until you find the “Oil Life” option. While that’s on display, you’ll hold the button (for about 10 seconds) until the menu blinks.

3. Hold the Trip Button To Reset

Once the menu starts blinking, let the trip button go. After that, press and hold it again for about 10 seconds until the menu reads 100 percent. That’s it! You can now turn the key to the “Off” position and turn on the engine to confirm that the reminder is not on.

How To Reset Accord’s Oil Monitor Models 2005 and Older?

To reset Accord’s oil monitor models 2005 and older, hold the select/reset button and while doing so, turn the key in the ignition twice. Hold the button for over 10 seconds and release it when the “MAINT REQ’D” light stops blinking.

Resetting Accord_s Oil Monitor Models 2005 and Older

These models will usually flash “MAINT REQ’D” on the top-left corner of the instrument cluster. Once you’ve changed the engine oil, here are the simple, detailed steps to reset the system:

1. Hold the Select/Reset Button and Turn on the Ignition

You must first push and hold the select/reset button on the instrument panel. While holding the button in one hand, .

Turn on Car Ignition

That will turn on the panel but not start the engine. Hold the button for at least 10 seconds, which will cause the Honda oil light to stop blinking.

2. Release the Button and Turn off the Ignition

Once the warning stops blinking, release the button and turn the key in the ignition to position zero. You can now start the engine and confirm that the light has disappeared.

Note that for some models, you may need to start the ignition first and then hold the trip knob for about 10 seconds. After that, you must turn the key off while holding the trip button. Don’t release the button yet. Turn the key back to position two and hold the button for at least 10 seconds, and the light will be reset.

The instrument panel is different if you have an Accord made in 1999 and later. It has two buttons on the instrument panel- “Select” and “Reset.” You need to press and hold the two buttons simultaneously while the ignition is in the “Off” position.

While holding the buttons, turn the ignition to “RUN,” and don’t let the buttons go yet. Please hold them for about 10 seconds to reset the oil change light. Note that the steps may differ slightly depending on your specific model. Please compare the notes with your owner’s manual if you have one.

Can I Use the DIY Method for Resetting the Maintenance Light on my Nissan Altima?

Resetting the nissan altima service engine soon light can be done using the DIY method. By following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can easily reset the maintenance light on your Nissan Altima without any professional assistance. However, it is important to ensure you are comfortable and confident in performing the procedure correctly to avoid any potential issues.


You now have the answer to “how to reset the maintenance light on the Honda Accord” after going through this guide.

Here’s a summary:

  • The maintenance reminder reset procedure varies, primarily depending on your model year.
  • For a 2018-2022 model, you can reset the light through the touch screen by following simple steps.
  • If you have 2017 to 2007, you’ll use the trip button on the instrument cluster to perform the reset.
  • For all the models made from 2007 to the present, the reset process starts by turning on the ignition.

We now leave you to reset the reminder on your specific model. Please consult your owner’s manual or a professional if you need further assistance.

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