Remote Start Not Working After Battery Change: Reset To Fix

Remote start not working after battery change is quite an annoying thing to experience as a vehicle owner. If you change your batteries, you could discover that your remote start is no longer functional.

Remote Start Not Working

Although this might be upsetting, you can take certain steps to reset your remote starting and get it running once more. We have provided you with these precise and pertinent steps to assist you in troubleshooting and resolving this problem, so read on!

How To Reset Your Broken Remote Start After a Battery Change?

To reset your broken remote start after battery change, you have to restart remote start, replace key fob battery, hard reset remote starter, disable valet mode, turn on remote starter switch, troubleshoot hood pin switch or sensor, reinitialize remote starter programming, and finally deactivate second-car mode.

1. Restart Remote Start

Restarting the remote start should be your first course of action if your remote start has stopped functioning after changing the batteries. You might not need anything else to fix your automobile other than this straightforward fix. Turn off the vehicle and remove the car key from the ignition before attempting to resume the remote start.

This will guarantee that the electrical system of the automobile is turned off. Then, for at least five seconds, push and hold the remote start button on your car’s key fob. The remote start system will be restarted and reset as a result.

Release the button once at least five seconds have passed. Then, try pressing the remote start button once more to see if it responds. You will need to go to the next step if the remote start is still not functioning.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that restarting the remote start is a quick remedy that may address a variety of problems, not only those involving battery replacements. It’s usually a good idea to try restarting your remote start if it’s not working for whatever reason before attempting more involved troubleshooting techniques.

2. Replace Key Fob Battery

The key fob battery can be a problem if your remote start still does not function after changing the batteries. A weak or dead battery might prohibit the remote control start from functioning since it powers the signal used to communicate between the fob and the remote start device.

Replacing Key Fob Battery

An inexpensive and simple remedy that you may perform on your own is changing the battery in the key fob. Finding out what kind of battery your key fob needs is the first step. To determine what sort of battery you require, consult the owner’s handbook or conduct an internet search.

You may begin the replacement process after you have the appropriate battery. To pry the fob open to change the battery, you will need a little screwdriver or flat tool. To separate the two sections, look for a little groove or gap on the fob and carefully place the tool there.

Take caution not to harm the battery compartment or the fob. After opening the fob, take out the old battery and put in the fresh one. Snap the fob back together after making sure the battery is firmly inserted in the compartment. Check the key fob’s functionality by using it.

3. Hard Reset Remote Starter

The next action step is to do a hard reset on the remote car starter if restarting it and changing the key fob batteries didn’t help. This will restore the system to its factory settings, perhaps resolving any software or programming problems that could be keeping it from operating as intended.

The car’s battery must be unplugged in order to do a hard reset. The primary step is to switch off the car ignition and remove the key from the ignition. Then, using a wrench or pliers, find the car’s battery and unplug the negative terminal.

In order to prevent electrical shock or harm to the car’s electronics, it is crucial to first unplug the negative terminal. For the system to fully reset, leave the battery unplugged for at least 10 minutes. To use up any remaining electrical power in the automobile at this point, you might choose to switch on the hazard lights.
Reconnect your negative battery terminal and tighten it using the wrench or pliers once the 10-minute period has expired. Next, start the vehicle and try the remote start once more to see whether it functions.

4. Disable Valet Mode

It’s conceivable that the system is in valet mode if your remote start doesn’t work after changing the batteries. When you leave your car with a stranger, valet, or technician, you can disable the remote start system using the security function known as “valet mode.”

Disabling Valet Mode

Even if all other car components are functioning properly, the remote start won’t start operating if valet mode is engaged. You must find the valet button in order to turn off valet mode. Usually, you may find this button in the glove compartment, under the dash, or next to the steering wheel.

To determine the precise position, check your owner’s handbook or conduct an online search based on the make and model of your automobile. Find the valet button, then push and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds. Valet mode will be turned off as a result, and the remote start will once again operate.

If valet mode has been turned off, you should hear a beep or see a light flash. It’s conceivable that the system has been configured with an alternative valet mode override process if pushing and holding the valet button doesn’t work. For further instructions in that situation, refer to your owner’s handbook or get in touch with the manufacturer.

5. Turn on Remote Starter Switch

The remote car starter switch may have been switched off if your remote start stopped operating after changing the batteries. This switch, which is used to turn on or off the remote start system, is normally found underneath or to the side of the dash. Locate the starter switch and make sure it is in the “on” position to turn on the remote car starter switch.

The switch may have an “on” and “off” label, or it may have a symbol that designates which position it is in. Try flipping the switch on and off and back on again if it is already in the “on” position. This can aid in system reset and perhaps resolve any problems that might be keeping the remote start from functioning.

6. Troubleshoot Hood Pin Switch or Sensor

Your remote start system’s hood pin switch or sensor is a crucial security component. It is intended to stop the vehicle from starting if the hood is not properly closed or is open. The remote start system may not function correctly if the hood pin switch or sensor is broken.

Troubleshoot Hood Pin Switch

Start by making sure the hood is completely closed and latched before attempting to troubleshoot the hood pin switch or sensor. The car remote start system will not function if the hood is not closed completely. Moreover, you might want to physically check the hood pin switch or sensor to determine if there are any telltale signs of wear or damage.

If the hood is closed and the hood pin switch or sensor doesn’t seem to have any obvious damage, you can test it with a multimeter. Start by removing the hood pin switch or sensor from the wire harness before doing a multimeter test on it.

7. Reinitialize Remote Starter Programming

After attempting the aforementioned methods, if your remote start system is still not functioning, it’s conceivable that the programming has been lost or corrupted. In this case, you will need to now reset the remote starter’s programming.

Depending on the make type and model of your car and the remote start system, the procedure for reinitializing the programming may be different. But the fundamental procedures usually entail unplugging the remote start device from the car’s battery, waiting a good while, and then plugging it back in.

Find the remote start module first, which is generally hidden behind a kick panel or beneath the dash. The module’s negative battery cable should then be removed in order to detach it from the car’s battery. To remove your cable from the battery post and to loosen the cable nut, use a wrench.

Then, give the remote start system at least 5 to 10 minutes to completely shut down and reset. Reconnect your negative battery cable to the battery post after the waiting period, then use a wrench to tighten the cable nut.

You might need to reprogram your car key fob to make sure that it is correctly synchronized with the remote start system after reconnecting the remote start system to the battery.

8. Deactivate Second-Car Mode

Using a function known as second-car mode, you can operate several vehicles with one key fob on some remote start systems. It’s conceivable that the system is attempting to connect with the incorrect car if this option is activated and the remote start system does not function after a battery change.

Deactivating Second Car Mode

You will need to turn off second-car mode in this situation. Depending on the brand model and type of your remote key start system, there may be a difference in the procedure for turning off second-car mode. The fundamental procedures, however, usually entail opening the remote start system’s programming mode and turning off the second-car mode function.

To begin, look in your owner’s handbook or get in touch with the manufacturer for detailed instructions on how to enter your remote start system’s programming mode. While you’re in programming mode, find the second-car mode option and turn it off.

Again, depending on your particular system, the precise processes may change. You might need to reprogram your car key fob after turning off second-car mode to make sure the remote start system is correctly synchronized with it.

Can Resetting the Remote Start Fix Ignition Switch Issues?

Resetting the remote start may not fix ignition switch issues. However, testing ignition switch made easy can help diagnose the problem accurately.

How Do I Reset My Remote Start After a Battery Change?

If you’re wondering how to reset your remote start after changing your battery, look no further. The ultimate Volkswagen immobilizer bypass guide has got you covered. With step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to reset your remote start in no time. Say goodbye to any immobilizer issues and enjoy the convenience of your remote start once again.


The use of remote start technology makes it easy to start your automobile while you’re away from it, but occasionally things go wrong. If that happens, you can follow the steps outlined in this remote start not working after battery change article to diagnose and resolve the problem.

In summary, we’ve explored several important points, including:

  • Turn the remote start system off and on again to restart it.
  • If the key fob battery is dead or insufficient, replace it.
  • Disconnect the car battery, wait for 10 to 15 minutes, and then reconnect it to perform a hard reset on the remote car starter.
  • If the system has valet mode activated, turn it off.
  • If the hood pin switch or sensor isn’t working properly and keeping the system from starting, troubleshoot it.

These instructions will help you get your remote to start operating once more so you can take advantage of the convenience it offers.

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