Red Brakes on Cars – Comparing the Effectiveness

Red brakes on cars raise a lot of questions in the minds of new enthusiasts regarding functionality. A general question pops up in your mind if you ever come across red brakes on a sports car.

Red Brakes on Cars

Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to learn and what’s so special about these calipers, as well as how they actually work. You will also learn how you can paint it yourself, so read on!

What Are Red Color Brake Calipers?

Red color brake calipers are components that are usually used in sports cars to give them an extra boost of performance while running on the road. These can often be spotted on exotic cars, including the M-Series, AMG, or even the ZR1, along with various packages.

While the color does not affect performance, it is still linked to high-performance vehicles. Calipers around the brake system are found in almost every vehicle. However, their color can vary widely depending on their performance and build.

– Function of Red Brake Calipers

Red brake calipers generate friction using brake rotors to slow down the car’s wheels. It acts like a cushion to have your car stop safely without turning over. Adding these calipers ensures that your car wheels do not turn when you depress the brake pedal

Function of Red Brake Calipers

When you press this pedal, it stops the rotors using the brake pads. Calipers, called clamps, are made of two metal plates that firmly hold the brakes. Most usually, you would find these calipers fixed to the rotors by bolts or screws. 

– How It Works

A brake caliper works as soon as you depress the pedal. This drives the fluid to the calipers, causing the piston to force-stop the rotor using brakes. Due to this friction, the rotor gradually slows and stops at the spot.

Without a caliper, your car’s brake would go out of control. They are essential in reducing the rotor’s spin to have the car come to rest. For this reason, make sure they are working well before you hop on the road for a long drive.

– Most Common Caliper Colors

Some of the most common colors of calipers are red, silver, and black.

Below, we have explained the significance of each of these colors.

  • Red: Red color calipers have been in style for way too long. A combination of red brake calipers black rims can give your car that premium yet aggressive look. 
  • Silver: Silver calipers can get along well with silver wheels. They are ubiquitous for giving your vehicle that elegant and simple appearance.
  • Black: Black calipers are the best option for drivers who wish to blend their calipers with their wheels. They can give your car a neutral and decent look.

How much does it cost to have your brake calipers painted red? It can cost between $250 to $450 to paint red color calipers. However, this cost can also depend on the type of services you opt for and the type of paint used. If you opt for brake caliper decals and red brakes pads, that would cost you an additional $500. 

If you are not into painting calipers, you can also purchase them from Brembo. These brake manufacturers have amazing choices to make. Additionally, the red calipers price here is attractive as well. 

– Red Caliper Manufacturers

Automakers don’t prefer the red brake calipers covers now because they have become mainstream. In the past, they were a fashion statement that you would only be able to get with exotic cars. 

Nowadays, many manufacturers like Brembo brakes have launched calipers in several hues. If you are still a lover of red color calipers, you can buy the Brembo red calipers from them. They have various calipers, including red brake calipers Honda Civic for passenger cars. 

– Replacing Brake Calipers

You need to replace the calipers if the brake pad feels spongy when depressed. Additionally, loud noises, uneven braking pads, and leakage of brake fluid are all symptoms of a bad caliper.

Replacing Brake Caliper

If you notice anything mentioned above in your car, understand that you need to replace the caliper. Avoid driving the vehicle in such situations because the inconsistent braking system might land you in some deep trouble.

What Are the Various Types of Brake Calipers?

The various types of brake calipers include floating, sliding, and fixed forms. Different vehicles require different types, as some calipers work excellently on some cars, but fail on others. Before choosing a brake caliper, make sure you know the right one to use for your car.

A detailed description of each caliper follows below, revealing their functions and performance. 

– Moving or Floating Calipers

Moving or floating calipers come with two pistons on each side of the rotor. A metal pin is placed in between these pistons to have them connected. By doing this, they can move independently and thus cool the brake system more efficiently

Moving or Floating Brake Calipers

Floating calipers are usually cast iron, making them a good force to halt the car immediately. Additionally, the heat dissipation property makes them the favorite among many automobile manufacturers.  

– Firm or Fixed Calipers

In contrast, fixed calipers consist of only one or two metal plates. They are the most common calipers and are often present as a bridge between the brake pads clamped using bolts.

Fixed calipers are made of aluminum and are expensive compared to floating ones. Because of their fixed arrangement, they offer more rigid control over the brakes. 

– Sliding Calipers

A sliding caliper is similar to a floating caliper except that it uses a single piston instead of two. The disc brake here is clamped on the car brake in a slot. The working principle here is somehow similar to other calipers; however, it differs a bit.

As soon as a piston applies pressure to a brake, the moving caliper, as a result, pushes the other pad.

How To Paint Your Brake Calipers Red?

To paint your brake calipers red, you have to start by gently lifting the car. Proceed with wiping the brake and then covering the surrounding area. Next, you can start carefully painting the caliper with red paint, and lastly, install the caliper.

You can paint your calipers red, but it is important to be extra careful not to damage any brake discs. You might ruin the caliper’s ability to brake if you mess with the other components like rotors or discs.

We will discuss each step in detail below to make it easier to understand.

– Lift the Car

Start by raising your car off the ground to paint your caliper red, as this is the only way to expose calipers. Next, you have to unbolt the nuts to remove the wheel and get hold of the caliper.

Make sure to use the right one; otherwise, it could take longer to complete the task.

– Wipe the Brakes and Calipers

Once you have the calipers, you need to clean them out. You can wipe them using a microfibre cloth along with a degreaser. Conclude with sandpaper to make the surfaces appear even.

Ensure that there are no remains of any grease to have a better application of the paint.  

– Cover the Surroundings

To avoid spilling the paint into the surrounding areas, make sure to cover it with a protective sheet. You can also cover it with adhesive tape and discard it later. Additionally, use tape to protect the bleeder valve. 

Double-check that the whole part is secured, which will help prevent color overlap. Lastly, don’t forget about the hose fittings, as you don’t want the paint to get into those links. 

– Start Painting

Start with applying one coat at a time. Slowly and gradually, apply a thin coat evenly and wait about 10 minutes before applying the second layer.

By the end of the process, ensure the hue is consistent and let it sit overnight.

– Reinstall the Calipers 

After the paint is dry, the calipers are ready to install. You must put it back in its original place and resolve the whole wheeling system to its original setting. Now slowly and gradually place the car back down and flex your car’s new look. 

Reinstalling Brake Calipers

The good news is that painting a caliper can extend its life span by protecting it from rust and corrosion. This will also safeguard the caliber from dirt and debris and let it perform well for a long period of time.

Calipers can last for about 75,000 to 100,000 miles. This can be roughly estimated to be about ten years and even more than that if you are careful while driving.


1. Are Red Brake Calipers Cool?

Yes, red brake calipers look cool when equipped in a vehicle. They elevate the overall look of a car by giving it a sporty and supercar appearance. However, the color part doesn’t impact the calipers’ performance and only enhances its visual appearance.

2. Can You Drive With a Faulty Caliper?

No, you cannot drive with a faulty caliper. If your caliper, by any chance, goes bad, your car might lose its braking abilities. Driving in such scenarios is very dangerous and must not be attempted at any cost to prevent any road accidents.

Are Red Brakes More Effective Than Other Colors?

When it comes to resolving brake caliper sticking efficiently, the color of the brakes is not a determining factor. The effectiveness of the brakes depends on their design, quality, and maintenance. Red brakes may look sporty and stylish, but their color does not impact their functionality or performance. It is essential to focus on regular inspections, proper lubrication, and professional maintenance to ensure optimal brake performance and safety.


Now you know what red brake calipers are on cars and why some cars have them while others do not.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand things more clearly.

  • Red color calipers are associated with high-performance sporting cars; however, their color doesn’t have any functional value.
  • Calipers make a car come to rest by pressing the pedal.
  • The three different types of calipers are: fixed calipers, floating calipers, and sliding calipers.
  • You can paint a caliper red by removing and painting it and then reinstalling it into the car.

So are you ready to give your car that bold, exotic look? Make sure to fetch the right tools to make the process easier!

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