Prius Reset Check Engine Light Guide: 4 Easy Methods to Try

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If you are wondering how Prius reset check engine light works, our complete guide has all you need to know about how to go about this. When the engine indicator of your car is on, this is a signal that something is wrong with your car.

Prius Reset Check Engine Light

It could be because of something as small as a faulty cap or as major as a fire hazard, and this can affect the performance of your car. Rather than ignoring the check engine light, you should try out the four methods in this guide on resetting it.

How to Reset the Check Engine Light on Prius?

To reset the check engine light on Prius, you can make use of an odometer or scanner or remove the car battery. You can also turn the ignition on and off to reset it. Avoid ignoring the engine indicator on your Prius because this can lead to a costly repair.

Once you notice that the engine indicator on your Toyota Prius is on, you should pay attention to it immediately. You might have to replace the ignition coil, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, fuel injector, or the thermostat. With the engine indicator, you get a code that lets you know what the problem is.

There are different ways to reset the engine indicator on your Prius, and these methods work for the models between 2004 and 2010. Follow the guide below to reset the engine indicator on your Toyota Prius.

1. Use a Scan Tool

You can use a scanner to reset the engine indicator on your Toyota Prius. You can reset the light by purchasing an OBD scanner. This can be obtained from any car shop or even online. Then, locate the OBD connector of your car, which is usually located under the steering area of the car. Then, connect this to the OBD tool.

The next thing to do is turn the ignition of your car on and ensure it is connected to the computer. You can check the scanner for the read option and click on it. This would present all the relevant codes related to the problem.

When you see the error codes after scanning, you should save them. The manual usually includes information on what each code means, so this will give you information on what is wrong with the car. Once you determine the problem with your car, fix it as soon as possible. This can be to replace a component, or you might have to take your car to a mechanic.

Once you have figured out the problem with your car and fixed it, you can make the car error-free. Click on the Clear or Erase button on the scanner and then turn the ignition of your car on and off. This will ensure that the engine indicator is inactive and allows you to identify any other errors that may be present.

2. Use an Odometer

You can use an odometer to reset the Prius engine indicator. It is pretty easy to use the odometer approach, and you start by switching the car off. Then, insert the key into the ignition again and hold the brake pedal down before clicking on the power button. Your Prius will turn on, and then you can look for the odometer trip button.

Press the odometer while still holding on to the brake pedal. You need to make sure you are holding the brake and odometer buttons down at the same time while turning your vehicle off. Then, you should turn the car on again while pressing the brake and odometer.

You might have to ask another person for help when doing this. The odometer should have dashed lines on the digital display and then begin a countdown. Then, the odometer would flash multiple 0s on the screen with the dashes on the right. It will flash 000000, and the dashes will move to the right.

Using Car Odometer

You should check to see if the engine light has reset once the odometer comes back on. If it did not, you should try other options on our list.

3. Switch the Ignition On and Off

Switching the ignition on and off is another way to reset the Prius engine indicator. This simply involves inserting the key into the ignition and turning it on and off. You should do this three times, but not quite immediately after each other. Instead, after turning it on and off, wait for one second. Repeat this three times.

After this, you should turn your car on and drive around for a while. You might notice that the engine indicator is off after driving. When you do this, the computer system will examine the issue and provide a solution. If the light goes off, you know that it has reset successfully. If not, try out the next step on our list.

4. Remove Your Car Battery

Removing your car battery from the Prius to reset the engine indicator is another option that you can try out. To do this, you should take the battery terminal out for a few seconds, and the engine control unit will reset itself.

It is easy to remove the car battery from your Prius by taking out the negative car battery terminal. Then, press the horn for a short time, about 30 seconds, and turn on the lights in the car. Doing all this will eliminate any electricity left in the capacitor. Once you have eliminated all the electricity, wait for about 15 minutes again.

Removing Car Battery

Then, you can reconnect the battery terminal to your car. It is important to double-check the battery and ensure you connected it properly so there is no spark. Turn on your car, and you will notice that the engine indicator is off.

Remember that this is not a fool-proof method, and you might notice the engine indicator again after a few days or weeks. If this happens, do not bother repeating the steps and rather take it to a professional.

5. Visit a Mechanic

If all the methods for resetting a Toyota engine indicator do not work or the light goes off and comes back on after a few days or weeks, it is recommended to consult a professional mechanic instead. The light coming back on can be a sign of a major complication in the car. If you tried all the resetting methods and there is no change, take your car to the service center.

How to Check the Cause of a Toyota Prius Check Engine Light?

To check the cause of a Toyota Prius check engine light code, you should consider the common reasons why the light might be on. These include faulty spark plugs, a bad oxygen sensor, a defective catalytic converter, or a malfunctioning gas cover.

  • Check for a Faulty Spark Plug

A common reason the Toyota check engine light might be on is a faulty spark plug. Spark plugs ignite the fuel and air mixture, producing combustion that makes the engine cylinders work. A faulty spark plug can lead to an engine misfire.

Checking for Faulty Spark Plug

If the engine misfires, hydrocarbons will be released, and the engine will fail. Once your car’s spark plug is damaged, the engine indicator will come on. If the light comes on and you notice the engine is misfiring, you can legitimately suspect the spark plug.

  • Check for a Bad Oxygen Sensor

Another cause of the Toyota check engine light coming on is a bad oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor is meant to measure the oxygen levels in your exhaust system. When you have too much or too little oxygen, other parts of your engine will be affected adversely.

With a faulty oxygen sensor, the engine indicator of your Prius will definitely come on. This usually occurs when the car is in motion, and so if you notice this is the problem, you can work with a mechanic to fix or replace it.

  • Check for a Defective Catalytic Converter

A defective catalytic converter is another reason your car check engine light might come on. This part of the exhaust is in charge of converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. If it is malfunctioning and the engine indicator is on, you might notice that you are using more fuel than usual, and your emissions will also increase.

If you suspect something is wrong with your catalytic converter, you will need a mechanic to look at it. Sometimes, you might simply need a replacement, but other times, it might be faulty due to issues with the head gasket.

  • Check for a Malfunctioning Gas Cap

It is a good idea to check for a malfunctioning gas cap when the engine indicator of your Prius car is on. Your gas tank system is designed with lines and valves that help distribute gas vapor, preventing them from going outside. So, if the cap is loose or malfunctioning, your check engine light can come on.

Checking for Malfunctioning Gas Cap

If this is the problem with your car, you will be using too much fuel because it causes the gas to evaporate quickly. There might also be something wrong with the circulation of your fuel system. The best thing to do if you notice this is to ask a professional to replace the cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Will Your Car Check Engine Light Go Off by Itself?

No, your Prius engine indicator will not go off by itself. The light will turn off until you solve the issue it is trying to inform you about. Even after fixing your car, you might have to wait a while before the light goes off.

– Can You Ignore The Check Engine Light?

No, you should not ignore the engine indicator. If the light is on, you should figure out the cause quickly and fix your car to work as it should. If the light is flashing, your car has an internal problem that should be fixed quickly.

Can the Methods for Resetting the Check Engine Light in a Prius Be Applied to a Tacoma?

Yes, the methods for resetting the check engine light in a Prius can indeed be applied to a Tacoma. By following the specific steps for resetting Tacoma maintenance light, which may involve turning the ignition key on and off, pressing certain buttons, or utilizing a diagnostic tool, the check engine light can be successfully reset on both Prius and Tacoma vehicles.


With this guide, you will know how a Prius check engine light reset works and can take care of your car when you notice the light.

Here is a summary of our guide before you go:

  • The Prius engine indicator can be checked with a scanner or odometer.
  • You can reset the light by turning the car on and off and removing your battery.
  • The common causes of the engine indicator coming on include problems with the spark plug, gas cover, catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.
  • The check engine light is not going to turn itself off. You have to address the problem it is highlighting first.

If you cannot reset the engine indicator on your Prius, you should contact a professional mechanic instead.

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