Nissan Rogue Trunk Space: Real Life Utilization

Nissan Rogue Trunk Space is something that many people wonder about as they watch the car gain popularity among mid-sized families in the US. Some people argue that the car can’t take much cargo given its small size, but others are of a different opinion.

Nissan Rogue Trunk Space

They believe the car’s ability to accommodate lots of cargo is the reason for its fame. Well, our team will provide you with the car’s interior and cargo area measurements so you can decide once and for all.

What Are the Nissan Rogue Cargo and Interior Space Dimensions?

The Nissan Rogue’s cargo area dimensions are 62.3 inches long, 33.3 inches tall and 54.2 inches wide, while its maximum cargo area volume is 74.1 cubic feet. The interior passenger volume is 105.4 cubic feet, but it can be sacrificed to fit in more load.

– Cargo Space Dimensions of the Nissan Rogue

Just like most vehicles, Nissan Rogue comes in several models and each has its unique cargo area. However, in all the models of the SUV, the second-row seat can be folded to create extra space to fit in bigger loads.

The 2022 Nissan Rogue features four trims: S, SV, SL and Platinum and all boast the same cargo area volume of 36.5 cubic feet when the second-row seat is upright and 74.1 cubic feet when it’s down. The 2021 models also had the same cargo area dimensions except for the Platinum, with a slightly bigger volume of 72.9 cubic feet.

The 2020 and 2021 models shared the same cargo dimensions featuring 39.3 cubic feet behind the second-row seats and a total cargo volume of 70.0 cubic feet. The maximum cargo volume remained the same from 2020 down to 2014, but the cargo area behind the second-row seats differed.

The cargo area volume of 2016, 2017 and 2018 trim levels was 32.0 cubic feet but the FWD option of the S trim had a bigger cargo area of 49.3 cubic feet. The cargo area behind the second-row seat of the 2014 and 2015 models was 39.3 cubic feet.

– Nissan Rogue Interior Dimensions

The SUV has a spacious interior that comfortably sits up to five people, making it the perfect fit for mid-size families. The first row showcases a headroom of 41.1 inches and the second row has a headroom of 39.2 inches.

Interior Dimensions of Nissan Rogue

The legroom in both the first and second-row seats are 43.3 inches and 38.5 inches, respectively. The shoulder room measures 57.1 inches for the first row while that of the second row measures 55.9 inches.

The hip room in the front seat is 54.1 inches while the hip room in the rear seat is 53.4 inches. The legroom is also generous, featuring 43.3 inches at the front seats and 38.5 inches at the rear seats. Nissan Rogue has a huge passenger volume of 105.4 cubic feet, however, the moonroofs in the SV and SL models reduce the volume to 100.4 cubic feet.

The vehicle is spacious enough to fit huge items like furniture, tabletop fridges, sports equipment, pets and some appliances. Even if the Nissan Rogue trunk is filled to capacity, the vehicle has enough wriggle room for its passengers, giving comfort, especially on a long journey. The SUV is slightly curved at the top to make more room for smaller items. However, the models with the moonroof have a reduced cargo room due to the presence of that feature.

– Third-row Seats

Unfortunately, the Nissan Rogue doesn’t have third-row seating but has enough space to accommodate a family of five and two pets. The Nissan vehicles that have third-row seats are the full-size Pathfinder and Armada models, which can seat up to eight people.

What Are the 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport Dimensions?

The 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport dimensions feature a passenger volume of 96 cubic feet, which is smaller than other models. Its headroom at the front seat measures 39.6 inches while the headrooom in the rear seat measures 38.3 inches.

The legroom in the front and the rear seat are 42.8 inches and 33.4 inches, respectively, giving enough room to stretch. Its maximum cargo area, when the second-row seats are folded, is 61.1 cubic feet while the space behind the rear seat is 22.9 cubic feet.

– Measuring the Nissan Rogue Cargo Space

If you already own a Nissan Rogue and want to double check before packing your items for the trip, then you can measure the cargo area yourself. All you’ll need is some knowledge of Math, which we’ll explain, and a tape measure.

Measuring the Nissan Rogue Cargo Space

Measuring a cargo area can be difficult depending on the size and design of the car. First, you’ll need to measure the Nissan Rogue cargo length, which stretches from the first-row seat to the rear of the vehicle. Next, measure the width of the car from one side to the other and if the wheel wells protrude into the trunk, you include those as well. The final measurement is the height of the cargo area, which stretches from the highest point in the trunk to its lowest.

Now, multiply the value of the length by that of the width and height and record the answer in cubic inches. To convert it to cubic feet, divide the answer by 1,748 and that is the cargo area of your car. With these Nissan Rogue dimensions, you can tell how many items you can fit into your cargo area or the size of each item.

– Interior Features of a 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport

The interior of the 2022 Rogue Sport includes heated front seats to keep you warm, dual-zone automatic temperature, Pro-pilot assist, and hands-free text messaging assist. Other features are a divide-and-hide cargo system and under-floor storage.

What Are the Exterior Dimensions of Your Nissan Rogue?

The exterior dimensions of your Nissan Rogue are as follows: the Nissan Rogue height is 66.5 inches while the length is 183.0 inches with a width of 72.4 inches. Its wheelbase is 106.5 inches and it has a ground clearance of 8.2 inches.

Exterior Dimensions of Nissan Rogue

The high ground clearance means that the Nissan Rogue would have no problems navigating rough terrains. The vehicle weighs 3,569 pounds (1,618.9 kilograms) and features a maximum cargo capacity of 984 pounds (446.3 kilograms).

This means that it can carry a lot of heavy items, provided they are not many or exceed the maximum payload. It can also tow small and mini-sized vehicles with its 1,500-pound (680.3-kilogram) towing capacity.

Frequently Asked Question

– Can a 65-inch Television Fit Into a Nissan Rogue?

No, a 65-inch television, which measures 58 inches in width and 32 inches in length with a 2-inch thickness, will not fit into a Nissan Rogue. Nissan cautions drivers to not carry TVs that are bigger than 50 inches because the car’s cargo area dimensions won’t allow that.


Compared with other vehicles in the small SUV category, the Nissan Rogue has a more spacious cargo space that can fit many items.

Here are major highlights of what has been discussed so far:

  • The cargo and interior dimensions of the Nissan Rogue depend largely on the year of manufacture and model.
  • The model with the biggest cargo area is the 2016 Nissan Rogue Sport FWD, which has 49.3 cubic feet of space behind the second-row seat.
  • The models with the smallest cargo area were produced between 2016 and 2018 and they featured a 32.0-inch cargo area behind the second-row seat.
  • The Nissan Rogue Sport has a passenger volume of 96.0 cubic feet, with a maximum cargo area of 61.1 cubic feet and a minimum of 22.9 cubic feet.
  • To measure the cargo area of a vehicle, multiply the length, width and height of the cargo area and divide it by 1,748.

Some interior features of the Nissan Rogue Sport include heated seats, pro-pilot assist, hands-free text messaging and dual-zone automatic temperature. If you’re looking for a small vehicle that can carry all your cargo and fit your family as well, try the Nissan Rogue.

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