Mobil vs Shell Gas: Comparison of Two Leading Gas Brands

Mobil vs Shell gas are leading oil and gas companies with a global spread. The two companies offer a range of gasoline products at their gas stations, and choosing the right brand for your vehicle is important since they have different fuel properties.

Mobil vs Shell Gas

To help you understand which brand is perfect for your car, we’ll go through their respective properties and the differences between the two brands in this comprehensive guide.

Features Mobil Gas Shell Gas
Ethanol Content 10 percent 15 percent
Prices Generally cheaper More expensive
Quality Offers premium products Offers premium products


What Are the Differences Between Mobil and Shell Gas?

The main difference between Mobil and Shell gas is in the specific additives and blends used in the products they offer. Also, Shell and Mobil gas stations vary, but this depends on market conditions and locations. However, they are both considered to be top tier gasoline providers.

Mobil and Shell are trusted brands, and they are both top-tier certified, which is a further guarantee that they only offer quality products. There are only a few differences between the two brands, among which include their availability, variety, and costs of the products they offer. We’ll go deeper into these differences to further enhance your understanding and help you decipher which company is better.

– Quality

One of the first things to consider before choosing between the two companies is the quality of the products they offer. Even though the prices offered at their respective gas stations differ, you have the assurance that neither of the two brands will disappoint you because they are top-tier gas brands. The two brands are similar when it comes to quality because they’ve both met quality standard requirements.


Mobil offers friction modifiers and detergents that can boost the performance and efficiency of your engine. On the other hand, with Shell gas, you get formulations that can handle corrosion, friction, wear, and gunk.

– Prices

Price is another factor that differentiates the two brands. With the rising costs of gasoline, you’ll find most car owners queueing up at the cheapest gas stations, but this can compromise the performance of your vehicle. Price should not be the main reason why you should choose either of the two brands, but it’s an important factor to consider.

In general, Mobil gas is cheaper than Shell at the pump, but this doesn’t completely mean that it’s a cheap gas station. Mobil also provides discounts to AAA members, which allows people to save more money. Gas prices are not always fixed, and they vary with location, oil prices, and taxes.

– Ethanol Content

About 98 percent of the gas in the United States contains ethanol, which plays a key role in oxygenating the fuel to facilitate combustion. Even though ethanol is a vital component, there are concerns about its use in gas, especially with respect to evaporative emissions. These emissions can cause destruction to the environment, which is why it’s advisable to opt for fuel with lower ethanol content.

To understand better, we’ll compare Shell E15 and Mobil E10. Basically, E10 has 1o percent alcohol and 90 percent gasoline, while E15 has 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline. In the context of ethanol content, Mobil E10 takes the lead over Shell E15. Another shell product with high ethanol content is ClearFLEX E85, which only has 17 percent gasoline and 85 percent ethanol, which is very high.

– Accessibility

For their accessibility, let us consider the market share of each company and how easy it is to get the services they offer. It’s hard to differentiate between the two companies in this aspect as they both have a decent market share. You can easily find both brands and their services in different parts of the world.

However, within the United States, there’s a slight difference in the market share of both companies. According to reports from the Oil Price Information Service, Shell takes a top spot in the ranking, with a 12.4 percent market share, followed by Mobil, with a 6.1 percent market share. With that, we can say that Shell is the preferred brand within the United States, with up to 14,000 branches, compared to Mobil that only has 11,000 branches.

– Fuel Efficiency and Engine Performance

The type of gasoline you use can affect the fuel efficiency and engine performance of your vehicle. Products like Shell’s V-Power Nitro+ and Mobil’s Synergy Extra Gasoline are designed to offer better engine cleaning and fuel economy, unlike regular gas products. Before choosing between the two products, it’s important to consider fuel efficiency.

Both brands also offer products with different additives and blend with different effects on emissions, durability, and engine performance. All of these are vital things to consider when choosing either of the two brands.

– Overview of Mobil Gas Company

Mobil gas is an international conglomerate located in over 100 countries. The company has grown to be a leader within the oil and gas sector, with their primary activities including oil and gas transmission, extraction, prospecting, distribution, and the production and sale of petrochemicals.


Overview of Mobil Gas

In addition, they also sell and manufacture high-quality gasoline products. Mobil has been a leader in the industry for many years, and this is due to its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and safety.

– Benefits of Using Mobil Gas

One of the major benefits that comes with using Mobil gas is the easy accessibility to their products. As mentioned earlier, they have a global spread, with multiple filling stations that stock up on all their products. They only offer top-grade products that will improve the performance of your vehicle.

The Synergy Supreme+ is 93 octane and has detergent that will help clean friction modifiers and injectors. This will also help prevent wearing and tearing in vital engine parts. The high-octane level is also an indication of low ethanol content, which makes the oil environmentally friendly.

The only downside of using Mobil gas is the cost of their products. There are generally more expensive than most other brands on the market, but this is understandable, considering the quality of their products.

– Brief History of the Company

The company was established in 1911, following Standard Oil’s split that gave birth to 34 companies. Among these companies was the Standard Oil Company of New York (Socony). In 1931, Socony merged with Vacuum Oil Company to form Socony-Vacuum. One of the lubricant brands from Vacuum Oil Company was Mobiloil, which was released in 1904, and the brand name was adopted by Socony-Vacuum.

In 1955, the company then became Socony Mobil Oil Company, but in 1966, it was renamed Mobil Oil Corporation. A merger in 1999 brought Exxon and Mobil Oil Corporation together, and this gave birth to Exxon Mobil. Exxon is also a product of one of the 1911 Standard Oil splits, and the company grew over the years, taking different names between the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, ExxonMobil is one of the largest companies in the world, especially when it comes to revenue. Apart from dealing in gas products, the company also deals with different car utilities like oil filters, transmission fluid, and engine oil. The company currently has its headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, and they have branches in Japan, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and many other countries.

One of the reasons why Mobil gas is popular today is because of the quality products they offer. This is also why it is mostly recommended by vehicle manufacturers. One of the bestselling products they offer is the ExxonMobil Synergy Supreme+, which is a premium gas product with a 93-octane rating. Another high-quality product they offer is the E10 Mobil gas, which features detergents to keep injectors clean and improve fuel economy and engine efficiency.

– Overview of Shell Gas Company

Shell gas is an international oil and gas corporation located in over 70 countries and a leading industry in the oil and gas sector. The company is deeply rooted in the production, exploration, marketing, and transportation of different oil and gas products, as well as petrochemicals.

They have different service stations across the world where you can get the high-quality gasoline products they offer. Shell takes pride in meeting the energy needs of the world by producing sustainable solutions.

– Benefits of Using Shell Gas

Shell has a global presence, implying that their products are easily accessible. They are also widely known for producing high-quality products which guarantee the well-being and proper functioning of vehicles. An example of one of the products they offer is the premium V-Power Nitro Plus, which is designed to enhance engine efficiency by removing friction, wear, corrosion, and gunk.

Characteristics of Shell Gas


Another benefit of using Shell gas is that it only contains 15 percent ethanol, which is for smooth operation and low emissions. However, it’s important to note that their products are coupled with high prices, and there are concerns about environmental degradation with some of their products.

– Brief History of the Company

The company was founded in 1907 following the merger of the UK’s Shell Transport and Trading Company and the Netherlands Royal Dutch Petroleum Company. This was a 60:40 merger deal, with Royal Dutch taking 60 percent of the shares. The main reason for this merger was the desire to meet the global need for oil and enter the market that was dominated by firms like Standard Oil.

Shell gas grew to become a leading oil company in the world, and during the 1920s, the company took control of the Mexican Eagle Petroleum Company. This gave birth to Shell-Mex Limited, and the entity was then sold to Shell and Eagle commodities in the UK.

The company acquired Pennzoil Quaker State Oil Company in 2002, and this helped to cement its association with Standard Oil. Shell gas has been through different challenging times during the 20th and 21st centuries, but it effectively navigated these troubling times to become a top company in the world, especially in terms of revenue.

One of the reasons why Shell is a popular company is because they don’t compromise on quality. The E15 gasoline only has 15 percent ethanol, which is lower than many brands on the market. One of the premium-grade fuels offered by the company is Shell V-Power Nitro Plus, which offers four defence levels to handle friction, corrosion, gunk, and wear. In addition to gas products, Shell also offers products like lubricants and engine oil.

Which Gas Brand Provides a Better Driving Experience, Mobil or Shell?

When determining which gas brand offers a superior driving experience between Mobil and Shell, it is essential to understand gas pedal placement. Both brands prioritize performance and fuel efficiency, and they often adhere to industry standards. However, personal preference and individual driving styles play a significant role in the overall experience behind the wheel. Carefully consider your familiarity and comfort with gas pedal placement when choosing a gas brand that suits your driving needs.


The quality of fuel you use is proportional to the performance of your vehicle, which is why it’s important to only use gas of good quality. Both Mobil and Shell are leading companies in the oil and gas industry, and we have provided their key differences in this comprehensive guide. There is no clear winner between the two companies because they both have top tier certification.

If you are after getting discounts and customer rewards programs, then Mobil is the best option for you. Shell is generally more expensive, but the price completely depends on your location. In terms of the wide array of products offered, Shell takes the lead as they offer a larger range of products suitable for different vehicles.

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