LS vs LT Engine: What is The Difference and Which Is Best?

LS vs LT engine is a comparison that many car lovers might wonder about when trying to select a new engine for their car. These are two versions of engines that are commonly used in vehicles, and you might consider both options when making a project car or as a mechanic.

LS vs LT Engine: What is The Difference and Which Is Best?

It is very important to consider your budget and the needs of your car, including the specs and the various aspects of the two engines. In this guide, we will look at the differences between the two engines and help you choose the ideal one for you.

Features LS  LT 
Compression Lower ratio Higher ratio
Fuel economy  Less efficient  More efficient 
Construction  Aluminum  Aluminum 
Modification Easier to modify Harder to modify 
Durability High Moderate 


What Are the Differences Between LS and LT Engines?

The main difference between LS and LT models is their horsepower and compression ratio. LT usually provide more horsepower to cars than the LS at the same RPM. Also, the LT has a higher compression ratio than the LS model, especially the older versions. LT models are also less durable than the other type.

The latest LT models provide more power to your car than the LS and also feature better horsepower. With the higher compression ratio of the LT, you can produce more horsepower and torque in our car. It will also improve the fuel combustion efficiency, which leads to better fuel economy in the short and long run.

– Differences in the Construction of LS and LT

A major similarity between the two engines is their construction. Many models of the LS and LT models are made with aluminum. But their construction can differ depending on the model released during the different years. These engines might also have similar bore sizes and displacements.

The basic design of the LT has changed over the years, including the camshaft, piston, and cylinder. With the unique design, the engine is able to pump a lot of fuel into the cylinders with high-pressure pump models. This would naturally lead to better horsepower.

As for the LS, it is popular because it can be so easily modified. You can easily install the crate engine into your car and customize it even further by adding more features to your taste. The later LS models were also easy to install compared to the LT. In the market, you can find new compatible parts and components for your LT.

– What the Pros and Cons of LS Engines Are

The LS engines are a series of engines made by General Motors. It is the name given to the gen III and IV of small block V8 engines and was first installed in the Chevrolet Corvette. The engine was only installed in the C5 and C6 generation Corvettes. It stands for Luxury Sport and is usually installed in high-performance cars.

LS has gained a lot of popularity among car enthusiasts due to their performance, reliability and durability. It was made of aluminum instead of iron once it was released, which reduced its weight and increased its performance. Aside from Chevrolet models, the engine was also found in Pontiac cars, GM trucks, and other kinds of cars.

Pros and Cons of LS Engines

Many car owners consider going for an LS swap. You can find them in small cars and off-roaders. If you are getting an LS engine swap, you might require fabrication, so contact a mechanic for help or use a kit.

Some of the highlights of the LS were the design elements that made it compatible with older vehicles, high airflow aluminum cylinder heads, and the compact size that makes it easy to install.

– Pros

There are different advantages of using the LS, and these features have been around for decades. For one, the engine can be easily modified, so you can improve the features whenever you want. It is also a reliable engine that will last for a long time, and the aluminum body means that it would not rust or corrode easily.

The LS has also been around for a long time. Due to this, many experts and mechanics know all there is to know about the engine, and it would be easy to hire a professional to modify and repair it. Also, LS models are affordable, so people prefer to buy them. You can even buy it second-hand and still get value for your money.

– Cons

The main downside of LS models is that since they are old, companies are not modifying the engines anymore. If you purchase it, you will get the old model and will have to modify it yourself. Also, it is hard to get components that are compatible with the LS since it is outdated, especially the superchargers.

Since newer cars will be using newer versions of engines, it would be hard to find a compatible car for the LS.

What the Pros and Cons of LT Engines Are

The LT engine was manufactured by the General Motors company to replace the LS in their cars. It was designed to meet the highest standards of fuel economy and emissions in cars. The engines are newer and more highly advanced and require less fuel than the LS. But it is more expensive than the LS because it is newer and more complex to produce.

Pros and Cons of LT Engines

The LT stands for Luxury Touring, and its major improvement is the use of direct injection. The fuel is sprayed right into the combustion chamber at high pressure, and this contributes to the fuel economy and performance of your engine. Other improvements include the active fuel management feature, piston oiling jets, and continuously variable valve timing.

Due to the design of the LT, it requires constant maintenance. The intake valves must be cleaned regularly as part of taking care of the engine. Also, the LT5 engine has a second set of injectors that requires even more maintenance.

In the LT, you will see an integrated PVS system and a stop-start system. All the engine models are made with aluminum and have a robust design. It comes with eight oil sprayers that provide higher compression, more power, better combustion and lower friction. In the newer LT models, you get a Dynamic Fuel Management system.

– Pros

The LT is highly powerful, and this is its main advantage. It is also designed with a better crankshaft and connecting rods. It features a hypereutectic piston that makes it highly durable and long-lasting, unlike the previous models. While the LS can work at 800 hp (horse power), the LT is even more durable, working at up to 1,000 hp with no issues.

The latest versions of the LT are designed to have variable timing for valve movement. This maintains the torque and produces more power. The LT is also great for conserving fuel, leading to better efficiency. With the direct fuel injection technology, you get more power and can save fuel.

Since LT crate engines are highly popular in the car market, it is easy to get aftermarket support and components to add to your car. It is a good choice to increase your Chevrolet performance.

– Cons

There are a couple of downsides that you will need to consider when using the LT. The LT uses the latest technology but this gives it a complex design. It would be hard for the mechanic to modify it or fix issues with the fuel injection system and other parts. It is best to contact a professional that is well-versed in the LT.

The LT requires regular maintenance, which can be frustrating. You might deal with intake and exhaust valves leaking to other areas, or there can be damage in the piston or injector system. Another downside is that the LT does not have a power steering pump but comes with a hydraulic power steering, so you need to find another way to use it.

If you are modifying your LT, it would be hard to find components. There are not a lot of kits or engine mounts that go well with an LT, making it easy to install it. You can make use of a fabrication to mount the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

– How Can I Check If My Engine is LS or LT?

You can check if your engine is LS or LT by checking the eighth digit of the Vehicle Identification Number. The VIN for LT models usually has 7 or 6 as the eighth digit, while the LS models can have G, S, or others. Important – ask manufacturer or check manual.

– Is The LT Engine a V8?

The LT engine features a V8 version produced by General Motors. For instance, there is the 6.2 liter V8 LT1 engine that can be used in sports cars and high-performance vehicles. There is also the 5.5 liter V8 LT6 engine which features eight cylinders.
There are different LT models that come with eight cylinders, so you can ask the manufacturer to know more.

– What Cars Feature LT models?

The cars that feature LT models include the Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, Chevy Caprice, Impala, Buick Roadmaster, and Cadillac Fleetwood. These were GM cars that came with the engine. To check if you have this engine, you should look at your manual or the specs of your car to know more.

– What is the Weakness of LS Engines?

The weakness of LS engines is their faulty piston ring seals. Many LS models have problems with their piston ring seals, and this can cause increased oil consumption or a damaged oil pump. Over time, the issue will get worse, and it will increase the amount of blow-by.

It is best to check your engine regularly so that it does not break down.

– Which is More Expensive: the LS or LT?

The LT is more expensive than the LS. Since the LT is more advanced, it would cost more to purchase. Aftermarket parts are also more expensive. Keep in mind that you might spend more on LS models because they are old, so it would cost more to purchase them.

Which Engine Upgrade is Better: LS7 or LS3?

When considering a ls7 and ls3 engine comparison, it ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. The LS7 engine is known for its raw power and high-revving nature, making it suitable for performance enthusiasts. On the other hand, the LS3 engine offers a great balance between power and affordability. Both engines have their strengths, so it’s crucial to research and evaluate your requirements before making a decision.


When it comes to comparing LS vs LT models, you should consider your budget and the type of car that you want to install the engine into. The main difference between LS and LT models is their performance, as the LT has a higher compression ratio and horsepower than the LS.The LS can be easily modified with different parts and has aluminum construction.

The LT is highly powerful and can handle up to 1,000 hp; it comes with direct fuel injection for efficiency and with great aftermarket support. You should go for the LT if you are looking for more power and better fuel efficiency in your engine, while the LS is ideal for those that are working with a tight budget but still need a decent engine.

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