How To Start My Car Without Chip Key FOB Immediately?

How to start my car without chip key FOB might be a query you have if you are wondering whether this solution is possible if there is any issue with the transponder key. Therefore, remember, in this situation, that while several conveniences come with possessing a key FOB, there are still ways to start your vehicle without one.

How to Start My Car without Chip Key

Like anything else, these keys can also get misplaced, broken, or start malfunctioning, and sometimes it is not the easiest option to go and renew the dealership just for this. Regardless of their issue, in the following guide, we have created a list of techniques you can utilize to get your car running even without it, so read on!

How Can You Start the Car Without Chip Key by Drilling?

You can start the car without a chip key by drilling by initially making a hole into the keyhole. After that, you need to insert a screwdriver into it. Finally, you must find the ignition switch and turn on the car’s ignition accordingly.

– Drilling Into the Keyhole

When you are looking for ways to start your car without a chip key, one of the methods you can use is drilling in the keyhole of your vehicle. Drilling in the keyhole will disable the lock mechanism of the steering wheel. Now, you need to follow the proper steps to do this. If you do not do as told, there is a high possibility for your ignition system to get damaged while you are drilling.

Drilling Into Car Keyhole

To begin the operation, you must start with the inner flaps. When you begin drilling, it will depend on your car’s model and make. Then, accordingly, you might have to drill the hole in the keyhole around two to three times deeper than usual.

During this procedure, many of the pins and the other items that are in the locking mechanism will be destroyed. Once you take the drill bit out of the hole, you will notice the metal strands come out with it.

– Inserting a Screwdriver in the Hole

The next step you will need to take is getting a screwdriver and making sure it has a flat head. Once you have the required screwdriver, you will have to put it into the hole you previously made. Make sure you are careful when you put the screwdriver inside. Doing this will allow you to move on to the next step.

– Turning on the Ignition

The last thing that you have to do is turn the ignition on. To do so, you must locate the ignition switch in the car. After that, you can just turn the switch on. Now, it is crucial to be careful when doing this and remember not to damage the switch in any way.

Furthermore, when you turn the switch on, the engine will start on its own. On the other hand, it is imperative to know that once you try this method, your ignition switch will be damaged forever. The warranty of your vehicle that you will have will also be out of your use. It is essential to see all the benefits and drawbacks you are obtaining from this before trying it out.

How Can You Start Your Car Without a Chip Key by Hot-wiring?

You can start your car without a chip key by hot-wiring by removing the cover from the vehicle’s steering column. Before you get started on the process, you need to protect yourself by wearing insulated gloves. Then locate the appropriate wires, and cut and connect them.

– Removing the Cover From the Steering Column

It is actually possible to start a car without using a chip car key but by using the method of hot-wiring. Hot wiring is not just removing the wires below the steering wheel and crossing them together. However, the procedure is far more complicated when it comes to working on it by yourself.

Removing Cover From the Steering Column

You have to be extremely careful when you are working on hot-wiring. First, you have to remove the hard plastic cover to begin this process. The hard plastic will be located right over the car’s steering column.

Most of the time, you will notice that the covers are kept down on the steering column. This is done by placing two large screws on both sides. The screws keep the cover in its place and prevent them from being removed quickly.

– Putting on Insulated Gloves for Safety

It is crucial to wear your insulated gloves for safety once you have removed the cover. The gloves could be thick and most importantly, they should be made of rubber. The reason for this is that you will be working with the wires connected to the entire ignition system.

The wires will be scorching and could injure you badly if you do not have gloves on. In that case, looking for your safety and preventing yourself from being hurt is the best method.

– Cutting and Connecting the Correct Wires

Now, for these steps, you must pay a lot of attention while working. If you lose focus during this procedure, it can be harmful as you might mess up the work that you are doing. First, you will have to check if there are any red wires in the ignition system. These types of red wires sometimes fit in the battery.

The yellow wires are there for the ignition system. However, the yellow wires don’t need to be yellow at all times, as they can also be brown. The next thing that you have to do is cut the red and brown or yellow cables. Make sure to be extremely careful when you are doing this.

After that, you will have to remove the insulation from the mess of wires. Moving on, you must connect the ends of the red and the brown/yellow wires. When you combine them, the starter motor will turn on, and the engine will start working automatically.

– Determining Your Car’s Model

It is important to remember that these methods will only work with some types of car models. The techniques mentioned are only for cars that are the model 90s or before that. If you try the methods for any of the latest car models, it will definitely not work out.

Determining Car’s Model

For modern cars or other vehicles, there will be immobilizers that will come with them. The immobilizers will not allow the engine to start running at once when you are busy using other methods. However, it is expected if you are using the method of the transponder chip key fob. If any cars have an ECU, it will be impossible to be hotwired.

In that case, it is possible that you will have to trigger the alarm while you are doing it. On the other hand, if the car does not have an ECU, you can use the method of hot-wiring. Using the technique of hot-wiring will allow the vehicle to start up without doing much.

How Can You Start a Car Without a Transponder Chip Key With an App?

You can start a car without a transponder chip key with an app according to your car’s brand and manufacturer. Different brands will have various applications. If your manufacturer has an app, you must install it, ensuring it is official, and you may use it to start the car.

– Identifying the Car Brand

Some modern cars can control the ignition, and some of the other features by using a mobile phone. These types of car systems are more modernized than the rest. Some of the cars that you can control the systems using your phone would be the Ford Focus and the Jaguar E-Pace.

The Volvo V60 and Land Rover Discovery also have the phone app feature to be controlled. Make sure that you remember that this feature is not available for the older cars that are made in the 80s and the 90s.

– Using the Official App if Available

It is also possible to use the official app, but you can only use it if it is available. The first thing you must do is buy a car that is one of the brands. The brand should allow you to control your ignition system through your phone. Moving on, once you get the right car, you must download their accompanying app on your phone.

Ensure you do not download the wrong app, as it can have viruses that damage your phone. After that, you will have to go over and register your account. The last thing you must do is pair your vehicle to your phone. This enables you to set the ignition system via the mobile phone.

How Can You Disable the Transponder Key System Without a Key?

You can disable the transponder key system without a key using a bypass kit. This can be purchased from a reliable store, either online or offline. Once you have got it, you need to follow the given instructions. Another thing you can do is disconnect the vehicle’s immobilizer.

– Utilizing a Bypass Kit

When it comes to disabling the transponder car key system without a key, you can use the method of using a bypass kit. It can be bought from anyone who sells the components of cars or from any online store. Once you have purchased it, you will notice a small device in the kit. You can use it instead of the transponder car key by placing it inside the ignition.

Utilizing Bypass Kit

Now, if you do not know how to use it, you can look over the instructions written on the bypass kit package you bought. Using a bypass kit, you can also use the method below to disable a transponder system without a key. To start the procedure, insert the device you got from the kit into the ignition. After that, you have to take a regular car key and use it, and you will have to start your car’s engine.

When you do this, it is important to keep watching the gadget to see if it flashes on after you start your engine. The moment you see it flash, you must remove the key immediately. Now, the transponder car key system has turned off, and you can start your engine. There will be no use of any key anymore.

– Disconnecting the Immobilizer

Another method that you can use in order to inactivate the transponder car key system without using the original key is by disconnecting the immobilizer. You have to disconnect it from the power cable it is connected with. When trying this method, it is a high possibility that this will work out as it usually does.

Once it works, you can expect everything to be functioning correctly. However, it is still possible that this technique could endanger the security system of your car. This will not be good for your vehicle, and you might have many more issues after doing so.

It is best if you only make your choice after seeing all the advantages and disadvantages that you are getting by doing it. After you make your decision, you can work on it.

Can I Start My Car Without the Key FOB After Resetting It?

If you have recently replaced the resetting key fob battery in your car key fob, you should still be able to start your car without the key fob. Most modern cars have a backup method for starting the car in case the key fob is not working.


While having a key fob or transponder keys, as they are otherwise known, does provide a vehicle owner with increased convenience, security, and other advantages, getting your car started with such a device at hand is still possible. You might have misplaced or chosen not to work with it since you might be aware of the problems that it often brings; still, at any rate,

you would do well to review what we learned in the article in the following summary:

  • You can start the car by drilling into the keyhole carefully and using a screwdriver to turn on the ignition.
  • You also have the option of hot-wiring, but you must ensure your safety while doing this.
  • If your car brand has an official app to connect to the vehicle, you can use it to start the car with a chip key.
  • A bypass kit or replacement key can also assist you in turning off the transponder key system.

Whether your transponder key has been stolen, misplaced, or damaged, you will find that the above points help teach you the proper techniques to start your car, even in its absence. All you need to know is to follow the methods and their related steps with accuracy and detail, and your vehicle should be ready in no time!

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