How to Program a Prestige Remote Starter: A Step-by-Step Guide

Programming a Prestige remote starter is an essential task for vehicle owners who value convenience and security.

As a sophisticated piece of technology, the Prestige lineup of remote starters allows users to start their cars from a distance. This is useful for warming up the engine on cold days or cooling the cabin during the summer heat before stepping in.

The remote’s functionality doesn’t stop there; it can lock and unlock doors, and some models even have an LED confirmation feature, letting you know that the signal was received and the vehicle responded accordingly.

How to Program a Prestige Remote Starter: A Step-by-Step Guide

The process for programming these devices is straightforward, but it must be done correctly to ensure the remote communicates effectively with your car’s starter system.

The essence of programming lies in a sequence of actions typically involving the car’s ignition and the remote’s buttons. This is usually finalized by audible chirps or visual cues from the vehicle to confirm successful programming.

We’ll guide you through these steps to make sure you can enjoy the full range of features your Prestige remote starter has to offer.

Key Features of Prestige Remote Start Systems

Prestige remote start systems are renowned for their robust feature set, particularly their ease of remote starting the vehicle and robust security measures.

These systems offer a seamless integration with your vehicle, providing convenience and security through innovative technology.

Remote Start Capabilities

Keyless Entry: Simplify your life with the ability to unlock and lock your vehicle without physical contact. This is particularly advantageous in harsh weather conditions or when your hands are full.

The Prestige APS620N remote start system facilitates the warming up of your car on cold mornings or cooling the interior on hot days before you enter.

We acknowledge the importance of automatic start up timer mode, which can be programmed to start the vehicle automatically at certain intervals, ensuring your engine is always ready when you are.

Enhanced Security Features

The Prestige APS995 Remote Start Security System isn’t just about convenience; it’s a robust shield for your vehicle.

It features an integrated security system with a loud siren and shock sensor to deter theft and notify you of potential breaches.

Automatic Locking:

This function automatically secures your vehicle after the engine starts, enhancing security whether you’re nearby or away.

In our experience, having such advanced security features intertwined with remote start capabilities gives us peace of mind knowing that our vehicles are protected and ready at a moment’s notice.

The added security measures work seamlessly to provide a fortified barrier without compromising the user experience or the convenience of remote starting.

Installation and Programming Guide

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key steps for installing and programming your Prestige remote starter.

We’ll ensure you have all the detailed information necessary to get your remote starter up and running smoothly.

Step-by-Step Installation Manual

Before You Begin: Make sure you have the correct model’s installation manual handy – for instance, the APSRS, APS57Z, or APS57TM – as wiring and setup can vary.

  1. Prepare Your Vehicle: Disconnect the battery to ensure safety during installation.

    Gather all the necessary tools as outlined in your model’s specific installation manual.

  2. Accessing the Vehicle’s Wiring: Carefully remove the necessary panels to reach the vehicle’s wiring.

    Use your manual to identify the wiring connections specific to your Prestige model.

  3. Making Connections: Connect the wires from the remote starter to the vehicle’s corresponding wires as per the diagrams in your installation manual.

    This may include connections for power, ignition, starter, and accessory wires.

  4. Finalizing Installation: After securing all connections, double-check each one according to your manual’s diagrams and descriptions.

    Reconnect the battery and test basic functionality such as the ignition and accessory features.

  5. Check all Functions: Ensure all features operate correctly – including the APSSECRS if your model includes enhanced security features.

Programming Instructions and Tips

Understanding Your Remote:

Get to know your remote’s buttons and the functions they perform.

  • Entering Programming Mode: Turn the ignition to the ‘On’ position and, within five seconds, press and release the option button on the remote.

    Some models enter programming mode automatically when specific conditions are met.

  • Adding a New Remote: If you want to add or replace a remote, instructions will usually involve pressing a series of buttons on your existing remote to make the new remote recognizable by the system.

  • Feature Programming: Some systems allow you to customize features, often detailed in a ‘feature programming’ section of your manual.

    You may need to locate specific bookmarks within manuals for detailed steps.

Remember, programming can sometimes be model specific.

If you have the APS57TM, for instance, there might be unique programming steps to follow as opposed to the APS25Z. Always refer back to your given model’s manual for the most accurate instructions.

Ensure that after programming, you test out each function such as Lock, Unlock, and Trunk/Start to confirm that they work as intended.

Should you encounter any issues, revisit the programming instructions for troubleshooting tips, or consult the customer support for Prestige systems.

Operation and Special Features

The operation of your Prestige remote starter is integral to the convenience and security of your vehicle.

We’re going to cover how to utilize special features such as keyless entry and the remote trunk release to enhance your user experience.

Utilizing the Remote Starter

Starting Your Vehicle:
  • Ensure the vehicle is in park and the parking lights will light up to confirm a signal was received.
  • Press and hold the start button on your Prestige remote until you hear two chirps, indicating the command has been sent.
  • The vehicle will start and remain active for a preset amount of time; the LED on your remote will flash as confirmation.

Our remote starter’s operating range allows for starting your vehicle from a distance, meaning you can warm your car up on cold mornings or cool it down in the summertime before even stepping outside.

Also, the upgradeable remote start feature offers flexibility, allowing future enhancements to the existing system.

This includes extending the operational range and adding new capabilities to the starter system on your Prestige PE1B model or similar.

Keyless Entry and Convenience Functions

Function Action Feature
Keyless Entry Press the unlock button. Locks/Unlocks doors remotely.
Panic Press and hold the panic button. Activates the alarm for safety.
Remote Trunk Release Press and hold the trunk button. Releases the trunk without keys.
Note: The system must be disarmed before using the keyless entry system.

The convenience functions of your system, such as remote trunk release and panic features, are easily accessed through your key fob.

Our keyless entry system allows for secure and effortless entry into your vehicle, adding an additional layer of convenience to your daily routine.

The valet switch also holds an essential role in disabling the remote start function in situations where you wouldn’t need it, such as when servicing your vehicle.

Product Lineup and Compatibility

When choosing a remote starter system, it’s essential to understand the array of models available and ensure compatibility with your vehicle.

Below, you’ll find a clear breakdown of Prestige remote starters by Voxx Electronics Corporation, designed to meet a variety of needs.

Key Models and Features:

  • APS787Z: Offers a wide range of features including remote start, keyless entry, and a 2,500 ft range.
  • APS901Z: A straightforward, cost-effective solution for remote start functionality.
  • APS997Z: An all-in-one system providing remote start, keyless entry, and security features.
  • APS997ZLR: This long-range model offers up to 1-mile range, enhancing user convenience.

Compatibility varies across models, with each designed for specific use cases and types of vehicles.

Model Compatibility Features
**APS901TM** Keyless Entry and Remote Start
**APSRS1Z** One-Way Remote Start System
**APSRS3Z** Three-Button Remote Starter Only

We advise checking your vehicle’s make, model, and year against the remote starter’s capabilities to ensure a flawless match.

For advanced systems, such as the APS997ZLR, verify that the extra range is supported by your environment—longer ranges can be hindered by barriers such as buildings or interference.

Remember, selecting the right remote starter extends beyond mere compatibility; it also demands consideration of your lifestyle needs, like the desire for an LCD screen or two-way communication for feedback on vehicle status.

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