How to Open Hyundai Sonata Trunk Without Key in 6 Steps

Learning how to open Hyundai Sonata trunk without key is a very important thing to learn if you have ever found yourself in a position where you needed to open the trunk of your Hyundai Sonata but couldn’t find your key fob.

Open a Hyundai Sonata Trunk

Maybe the trunk lock is broken and you can’t get it open. There are various alternatives to utilizing a key fob to open your automobile trunk. This article will walk you through the process of opening a Hyundai Sonata trunk without a key.

How to Open a Hyundai Sonata Trunk Without a Key

To open a Hyundai Sonata trunk without a key you need to check the trunk release button first and then you can hire a locksmith, use a slim jim, utilize a coat hanger, use an inflatable wedge, or utilize a shoelace for opening the trunk.

1. Check the Trunk Release Button

This function is standard in most current vehicles, including the Hyundai Sonata. Depending on the model and year of your Sonata, the trunk release button may be situated in a different location within the vehicle.
The driver’s side door, center console, and glove compartment are all typical positions. When you find the trunk release button, push it firmly and wait for the trunk to open. In certain circumstances, holding down the button for a few seconds may be required before the trunk opens.

If the button does not function, make sure the car is unlocked and the doors are completely shut before attempting again. Go to the following step if the trunk still won’t open. It’s worth noting that some older Hyundai Sonata vehicles may lack an inside trunk release button.

In such instances, you may need to unlock and access the trunk using a key fob or the actual key. If you don’t have a key fob or a physical key, you can attempt one of the alternative options described in the instructions below.

2. Hire a Locksmith

A locksmith possesses the equipment and knowledge needed to enter automobile trunks without harming the locking system or the vehicle itself. When contacting a locksmith, be sure to provide them with the make and model of your Hyundai Sonata.

Hire a Locksmith to Open Trunk

This will assist them in bringing the necessary tools and equipment to the project site, avoiding any delays or issues. Locksmiths often charge a fee for their services, which varies based on the job’s difficulty and location.
Before hiring a locksmith, request an estimate and ensure that the price is acceptable and within your budget. Additionally, to avoid any scams or fraud, hire a trustworthy and licensed locksmith.

The locksmith will analyze the problem and identify the best technique to open the trunk without a key once they arrive. This may entail picking the lock, decoding the locking mechanism, or employing specialized tools such as a wedge or a slim jim.

3. Use a Slim Jim

A slim jim is a gadget that may be used without a key to unlock a locked automobile door or trunk. It is put between the glass and the weatherstripping of a car door or trunk and then used to adjust the locking mechanism from the inside.

To access the trunk of a Hyundai Sonata without a key, first, find the weatherstripping around the glass of the rear passenger side door. Here is the location where the slim jim will be introduced.

Insert the slim jim gently and cautiously, being careful not to harm the weatherstripping or any other portion of the vehicle. After in position, slowly move the slim jim up and down until you feel it catch on the locking mechanism. Then, position the slim jim towards the direction of the lock and use it to either pull or push the lock mechanism, depending on the kind of locking mechanism.

While using the slim jim, be careful and delicate, since too much power might damage the locking system or the automobile itself. Continue to move the slim jim until you hear the trunk lock click open.

4. Utilize a Coat Hanger

A coat hanger may also be used to access a locked Hyundai Sonata trunk without a key. This approach is similar to using a slim jim, but instead of a flat metal instrument, you’ll manipulate the locking mechanism using a straightened coat hanger.

Utilize a Coat Hanger

To open a locked trunk using a coat hanger, first straighten it out as much as possible, leaving a little hook at one end. Put the coat hanger’s hooked end between the weatherstripping and the window of the rear passenger side door.

Manipulate the coat hanger until it catches on the locking mechanism within the trunk. Once the coat hanger is properly fastened, use it to push or pull the locking mechanism in the desired direction to open the trunk.
It may take some trial and error, so be patient and delicate with the coat hanger. Continue to move the coat hanger until you hear the trunk lock click open. It’s worth noting that utilizing a coat hanger to open a car trunk without a key takes some experience and talent as well.

5. Use an Inflatable Wedge

An inflatable wedge may also be used to access a locked Hyundai Sonata trunk without a key. This tool creates a breach between the door and the frame of the automobile, allowing you to introduce a tool or wire to operate the locking mechanism.

To use an inflatable wedge, place the thin end between the top of the door frame and the weatherstripping on the side of the trunk closest to the locked trunk. Next, carefully inflate the wedge until there is enough space to insert your tool of choice.

This approach calls for a long, thin metal rod or wire. Insert your tool into the gap and guide it towards the locking mechanism within the trunk after you’ve created enough room. Search locate and operate the lock or latch until you hear the trunk click open.

It is crucial to remember that if not utilized properly, an inflatable wedge might cause harm to your car’s paint or weatherstripping. It’s also critical to be cautious while inserting your tool or wire so that you don’t harm the car’s internal wiring or locking system.

6. Utilize a Shoelace

If you don’t have any of the equipment listed above, you can use a shoelace to open a locked Hyundai Sonata trunk without a key. This approach entails making a loop with the shoelace and utilizing it to manipulate the trunk’s locking mechanism.

Use a Shoelace to Open a Locked Sonata Trunk

To begin, you’ll need a lengthy shoelace that is strong enough to form a loop. Tie a knot in the middle of the shoelace, producing a loop on one end. Then, on the side of the trunk closest to the locked trunk, put the looped end of the shoelace between the top of the door frame and the weatherstripping.

Once inside, move the loop down towards the locking mechanism inside the trunk with a side-to-side motion. When the loop is close to the locking mechanism, use the end of the shoelace that does not have the loop to draw the loop towards you while securely gripping the other end.
Continue to pull and adjust the loop until it catches on the trunk’s locking mechanism. Next, quickly pull the loop upwards, which should release the lock and open the trunk.

Can I Open My Hyundai Sonata Trunk Without Using a Key?

If you find yourself wondering if it’s possible to access the trunk of your Hyundai Sonata without using car keys and the science behind it, then the answer is yes! With advancements in technology, many modern vehicles, including the Hyundai Sonata, offer alternative ways to open the trunk. From trunk release buttons located near the driver’s seat to utilizing a key fob or smartphone app, there are various methods available to conveniently unlock your trunk without using traditional car keys.

Can the Same Method Be Used to Unlock the Trunk of a Hyundai Sonata Without a Key?

The question of unlocking the trunk of a Hyundai Sonata without a key can be answered, but it is important to note that the provided keyword, “unlocking Chrysler Pacifica without key,” does not relate to the topic at hand. Therefore, it is not possible to use the same method to unlock the trunk of a Hyundai Sonata without a key as mentioned in the keyword.


You may open your car’s trunk by following the procedures provided in this how to open a Hyundai Sonata trunk without a key article.

Summing up the key concepts we’ve covered:

  • There are several techniques for opening a locked Hyundai Sonata trunk without a key.
  • Before attempting any other way, check the trunk release button inside the car.
  • If you lack the appropriate equipment or abilities, contacting a locksmith is a dependable choice.
  • A slim jim, a coat hanger, an inflatable wedge, and a shoelace are among more techniques.

Keep in mind that some of these ways may cause harm to your vehicle’s locking mechanism, so only use them as a last option.

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