How To Open a Lexus Trunk Without a Key: No-Frills Method

Learning how to open a Lexus trunk without a key is for those who have a jammed trunk or misplaced key fob since that can be annoying. You can, however, access your Lexus trunk without a key with the appropriate expertise and a few basic tools.

Open a Lexus Trunk

We will lead you through the complete procedure step by step, delivering efficient alternatives to help you restore access to your trunk in no time.

How Do You Open a Lexus Trunk Without Using a Key?

To open a Lexus trunk without using a key, you need to identify the signs of a jammed trunk, gather the necessary tools, use the emergency release lever, utilize a screwdriver, check for a dead battery, contact Lexus customer service, and finally hire a locksmith.

1. Identify the Signs of a Jammed Trunk

Before attempting to open your Lexus trunk without a key, you must first assess whether the trunk is truly jammed or whether there are other difficulties at play. This procedure will allow you to rule out any associated issues and concentrate on the trunk lock itself. Begin by checking the trunk lock mechanism.

Examine the lock to see if it is damaged or if there are any apparent indications of wear and tear. Examine the lock for any misalignments or blockages that may be preventing it from working correctly. If you find any physical damage, you should repair it before attempting to open the trunk.

Next, check to see whether the trunk release button within the vehicle is stuck or faulty. Listen for any clicking sounds or movement after pressing the button. If the button seems loose or unresponsive, there may be a problem with the release mechanism. In such instances, it is best to seek expert help or go on to the following stages in this tutorial.

Check for any other indicators of a jammed trunk if the trunk lock and release button appear to be in functioning condition. When attempting to open the trunk with the key fob or manually, look for unexpected resistance. When attempting to open the trunk, pay close attention to any weird noises or sensations.

2. Gather the Necessary Tools

To properly open your Lexus trunk without a key, you must first acquire the necessary tools. Having the proper tools and equipment on hand will make the unlocking procedure go more smoothly and efficiently. Get yourself a long, flathead screwdriver with a thin, strong tip. This will be your primary tool for manually opening the trunk.


Choose a screwdriver that is long enough to reach the trunk lock mechanism easily. The narrow and robust tip is essential for moving between the trunk and the body of the car. Check that the screwdriver is in good shape, with no evidence of bending or damage, since this might impede the unlocking process.

Opening Trunk with Tools

You’ll be better equipped to handle the trunk lock with accuracy and control if you have a long, flathead screwdriver on hand. While not required, donning protective gloves might give extra grip and help prevent injury during the unlocking procedure. Choose gloves that are ideal for tool handling and have a solid grip.

This will allow you to keep a firm and steady grip on the screwdriver while exerting force to open the trunk. Gloves can also protect your hands from any sharp edges or rough surfaces that you may come into contact with when using the screwdriver.

3. Use the Emergency Release Lever

If your Lexus model has an emergency release lever, this step will walk you through how to use it to manually unlock the trunk. Begin by looking inside your Lexus trunk for the emergency release lever. It’s usually near the trunk latch or within the trunk panel. Take your time inspecting the area carefully, since the lever may be tiny and hidden.]

Emergency Release Lever

Once you’ve found the emergency release lever, pull it gently to remove the trunk lock mechanism. To ensure that the lever is firmly engaged, apply consistent and strong pressure. Depending on the form and accessibility of the lever, you may need to use your fingers or a set of pliers to generate more leverage. The trunk lock should be deactivated after pushing the emergency release lever, allowing you to manually access the trunk.

When you press the trunk lid or lift the handle, the trunk should unlock and open without the need for a key or key fob. After successfully opening the trunk, inspect the emergency release lever. Check that it is working properly and smoothly. If you detect any problems with the lever, such as stiffness or resistance, it may need to be serviced or repaired.

4. Utilize a Screwdriver

If your Lexus model lacks an emergency release lever or if it fails to function, using a screwdriver to unlock the trunk might be a viable option. Choose a long, flathead screwdriver with a thin, strong tip. The length should be adequate to comfortably reach the trunk lock mechanism. Check that the screwdriver is in good shape, with no evidence of bending or damage.

Locate the place where the trunk lock mechanism is located and position yourself near it. This is commonly located between the trunk lid and the body of the car. Insert the screwdriver towards the trunk lock mechanism between the trunk and the vehicle’s body. Wiggle the screwdriver gently to locate the latch or locking mechanism. Apply slight pressure with the screwdriver once you’ve identified the latch.

Depending on the configuration of the trunk lock, move the screwdriver horizontally to push or pull the latch. Experiment with the direction and amount of force required to disengage the lock. The trunk lock should disengage when you apply pressure with the screwdriver. At this point, the trunk should be unlocked, allowing you to manually open it. Use caution when using the screwdriver to prevent damaging the vehicle or injuring yourself.

5. Check for a Dead Battery

If you are unable to open your Lexus trunk using the key fob, it is critical to rule out a dead battery as the culprit. Purchase a replacement battery for your Lexus key fob. To determine the right battery type, consult your vehicle’s owner’s handbook or go to an automotive retailer. Locate the battery compartment on your key fob. It is often located on the back or side of the key fob and may require the use of a tiny screwdriver or a coin to access.

Dead Battery of a Car

To access the battery compartment, use the proper tool. Insert the tool into the appropriate slot or groove and gently twist or pry the cover apart. Remove the old battery from the compartment with care. Take note of its orientation to ensure that the replacement battery is properly installed.

Insert the new battery into the compartment, making sure it is properly aligned with the polarity indications. Ascertain that the battery is firmly and snugly in place. Close the battery compartment lid tightly after inserting the new battery. Depending on the design of the key fob, you may need to apply light pressure or reconnect any screws.

6. Contact Lexus Customer Service

If you have tried all of the preceding instructions and are still unable to open your Lexus trunk without a key, contact Lexus Customer Service for assistance. Collect the relevant vehicle information before calling Lexus Customer Service. This comprises your Lexus vehicle identifying number (VIN), model, and year.

The VIN can be found on your registration paperwork, insurance card, or the driver’s side door jamb. Explain the issue you’re having with opening the trunk without a key when contacting Lexus Customer Service. Give them all pertinent information, such as the actions you’ve previously performed and any observations you’ve made during the process.

The customer care agent will then walk you through troubleshooting procedures or other trunk opening ways. They may give you particular advice based on your Lexus model or advise you to take it to a Lexus service location for further assistance.

7. Hire a Locksmith

If all prior attempts to unlock your Lexus trunk without a key have failed, a professional locksmith may be required. Begin by looking for reliable locksmiths in your neighborhood. Look for locksmiths who have experience with car lockouts and trunk unlocking. Once you’ve found a locksmith, call them and explain your problem.

Locksmith Opens a Car Trunk

Give specifics about your Lexus model, the trunk lock problem, and the procedures you’ve already performed. Arrange for the locksmith to come to you or bring your Lexus to their location at a suitable time. To minimize surprises, discuss any fees or costs related to their service in advance.

Provide the locksmith with access to your Lexus trunk when they come or when you visit their site. Pay attention to the locksmith’s recommendations for any trunk lock repairs or replacements. They may advise you on how to avoid future lockouts or strengthen the security of your trunk.


You can successfully recover access to your trunk by following the steps from this guide on how to open Lexus trunk without a key.

In summary, we’ve explored several important points, including:

  • Determine the symptoms of a clogged trunk.
  • Collect the appropriate tools, such as a long, flathead screwdriver.
  • If one is accessible, use the emergency release lever.
  • Disengage the trunk lock mechanism using a screwdriver.
  • If the preceding methods fail, contact Lexus Customer Service or call a locksmith.

If you run into any problems or prefer expert assistance, contact the Lexus company’s customer service or a licensed locksmith.

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