How To Fix a Loose Rear View Mirror Ball Joint

Learning how to fix a loose rear view mirror ball joint will prevent you from making frequent visits to the auto shop. This is because the side view mirrors are among the most adjusted parts of the car due to the differences in the height and preferences of its users.

Fix a Loose Rear or Side View Mirror Ball Joint

Due to the constant tweaking and turning they’re subjected to, they can easily become loose. This article will show you simple ways to repair your driving mirrors whenever they are loose.

How To Repair a Loose Rear View Mirror Ball Joint?

To repair a loose rear-view mirror ball joint, look for a screw under the mirror close to its flip tab. Once you locate it, use a screwdriver to drive the screw back into place and tighten it. This should do the trick.
However, if the ball-joint connection of your rear view mirror is found on the roof, then it’ll be pointless to look for it underneath the mirror. Follow these next steps to fix the loose rear view mirror:

1. Remove the Plastic Covering Around the Mirror

Rearview mirrors come in different makes, thus there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to removing the plastic covering. Consult the car’s manual for directions on how to take off the plastic cover around the mirror to get access to its base. Remember to exercise caution in removing the plastic covering so you don’t end up damaging it.

2. Tighten the Ball-Joint

Taking off the covers of the mirror will expose the base of the mirror where you’ll find the screw which will adjust the mirror. Find the right screwdriver and drive the screw clockwise until it is firmly in place, and that will be all. However, other vehicles may not have the screw under the mirror or on the roof, but inside it.

You can look up how to find the mirror’s ball-joint location in your car’s manual, which will require that you disassemble the mirror. Carefully remove the mirror and secure the ball joint firmly.

How Do You Fix a Side Mirror Loose at Pivot Ball Joint?

To fix a side mirror loose at pivot ball joint, it will depend on what is causing the side mirror to be wobbly. Thus, you’ll need to investigate and find out the exact problem and then come up with a remedy. Some methods include tightening loose screws and applying adhesives.

  • Fixing a Loose Mirror Case

If the mirror case is loosely hanging around the mirror, then you’ll need to screw it into place. This means you’ll have to look around the mirror case for a panel/opening that has screws that keep it in place.

Fixing a Loose Mirror Case

Once you locate these screws, use the right screwdriver to secure the case around the mirror.

  • Securing a Wobbly Mount

The side view mirror is connected to the vehicle by a fastener that allows the mirror to fold or open when the driver desires. Thus, you’ll need to look for the screws that hold the latch in place to tighten them. You’ll have to remove the cowl of the mirror and then fasten the screws using the right socket.

  • Fixing the Side Mirror

Some side mirrors have a ball joint that is secured by screws. To get access to these screws, you may have to remove the mirror’s cover with care so you don’t damage them. We’ll show how to remove a side mirror in a few simple steps toward the end of the article. However, some driving mirrors can’t be fixed when they become loose.

Such mirrors can only be replaced by professionals, which means you need to purchase new side mirrors and pay to have them fixed. Fixing such mirrors take only a few minutes to fix and costs a few dollars for the mirrors and labor. Whiles you’re at it, you could opt for a backup integrated camera monitor to help you keep an eye on the road whenever you’re driving.
  • Use Paper or Plastic To Adjust the Side Mirror

You can use folded paper or plastic to temporarily fix the mirror while you wait to have it permanently repaired. The ball joint is made from either metal or plastic that wears over time and can cause the mirror to sway.

Using Plastic To Adjust the Side Mirror

You can make up for that by placing a folded paper or plastic paper big enough to fill in the space left by the wearing of the side mirror. The paper might degrade and become weak over time, but you can always repeat the process.

How To Fix a Wobbly Side View Mirror With Remote Adjustment?

To fix a wobbly side view mirror with remote adjustment, you will need to purchase the electronic device that folds and unfolds it. This motor may be as expensive as the entire side mirror setup. However, if the mirror tilts downwards, then you can use a piece of paper.

– Insert a Paper Between the Mirror and the Housing

Hold the mirror up to the correct or desired position and place a piece of folded paper big enough to fit into the crevice between the mirror and housing. This will hold the mirror in a tight place, but you won’t be able to enjoy the full functionalities of the remote adjustment features. However, you can adjust the mirror with your hand as you wish.

How To Replace a Loose Side Mirror Glass?

To replace a loose side mirror glass, start by removing the old glass, cleaning the mirror mount, and sticking the double-sided tape into the rear of the glass. However, you should handle these mirrors with care or else you can injure yourself.

Replace a Loose Side Mirror Glass

Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it:

1. Remove the Old Glass

If the old mirror glass is still in the mount, then you’ll have to remove it to add the new one. This is especially dangerous if the old mirror is broken with some remnants still stuck inside. We suggest that you use thicker gloves for this step to protect your fingers.

2. Clean the Mirror Mount

The next step is to clean the mirror mount of all dirt or grime that may have gathered. This is necessary to keep the new mirror firmly placed. You can use ethanol or IPA to clean the outside of the mirror mount and the new mirror as well.

3. Stick a Double-sided Tape Inside the Mirror Mount

Cut a double-sided tape into segments and stick them inside the side view mirror mount. You can opt for superglue instead to hold the mirror glass firmly.

4. Install the New Side Mirror Glass

Once you’re done applying the double-sided tape/glue, place the glass mirror into the mount. You need to start by placing the glass at an angle and gradually pushing it into the mount until you’re convinced it’s firmly in place.


As you might have observed by now, fixing a loose rear or side mirror-ball joint isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Here’s a summary of all that we described in this article:

  • To fix a loose rearview mirror ball joint, all you have to do is look for the screws and tighten them.
  • If your ball-joint connection is in the roof of the vehicle, then you’ll need to remove the covering of the mirror to access the base and fasten the screws.
  • When you discover your mirror case is loose, then you’ll have to look for the screws around the case and tighten them.
  • You can stick a folded paper or plastic into a crevice created by a worn-out pivot to keep a wobbly mirror steady.
  • The driving mirrors of some vehicles can only be replaced when they become loose or damaged; they can’t be fixed.

Driving mirrors that are remotely controlled can only be fixed by a professional, so don’t attempt to fix them yourself. However, if the mirrors are tilting downwards, you can just stick a folded paper between the mirror and the housing.

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