How To Fix a Caved in Car Roof: A Very Easy-to-follow Guide

“How to fix a caved in car roof?” is a question that usually comes to mind when an object lands directly on top of your car, forcing it to sag. Though it hardly hampers the performance and safety of your car, a sagging roof can destroy its beauty.

Fix a Caved in Car Roof

However, if you don’t want to purchase a new roof for your vehicle, you can always undertake a car roof repair.We’ll discuss some effective ways of repairing your dented roof to help restore the beauty of your vehicle, sp read on!

What Are Some Methods of Fixing a Caved in Car Roof?

Some methods of fixing a caved in car roof include using a plunger, dry ice, rubber mallet, parking it at a hot location, or employing a professional service. Take note that the method you choose is dependent on the size of the dent in your vehicle’s roof.

  • Use a Plunger

To perform this successfully, you need a plunger that has a firmer grip. Using a weaker plunger will amount to nothing as the roof of the car is made of stronger material. Place the plunger in the center of the caved roof and then press it up and down to pump out all the air between it and the dented roof. This will give the plunger a firm grip on the dent then you can pull it up with force in one steady motion.

This should restore the roof to its normal state, but if it doesn’t, then try using a can of compressed air can to restore the roof. Spray the compressed air over the rubber part of the plunger and the force from the can would fix the dent. Once the roof is back in place, examine it to see if there are dents that’ll require additional bodywork. Repaired caved-in roofs can lead to dents that can be fixed only by professionals at an auto body shop.

  • Use Dry Ice

This paintless dent repair method uses extreme cold to force the roof back into its original state. It works by causing the roof to contract under frigid temperatures, allowing the roof to pop back into place. First, pour some ice into the center of the sagging roof and then move the ice across the roof in a circular motion. This is to allow the entire dent to get equal exposure to the temperature produced by the dry ice.

Keep spreading the ice in and around the dented area and in two minutes the roof will return to its original shape. If nothing happens after 10 minutes have elapsed, then move on to another method as this won’t work for you. The dry ice method can be affected by the climate, therefore we recommend you use this method during winter or cold evenings for maximum effect.
  • Use a Rubber Mallet

For this method, you’ll need a standard-sized rubber mallet to do a good job. However, if the dent is small, a small-sized mallet would still do the trick. To begin, get into the car and locate the center of the sagging roof, then with a little bit of force, keep hitting the dent. Repeat this several times until the roof pops back into place.

Use a Rubber Mallet on Car

However, ensure you don’t over-hit the dent, forcing the roof to dent back the other way. To avoid this, we recommend you use a wood dowel. Place the dowel in the middle of the dent and gently hit it with the rubber mallet to restore the roof’s original shape. You can add a washcloth between the dowel and the roof to reduce the impact of the rubber mallet.

  • Park Your Car at a Hot Location

You’ll need to find an extremely hot location like a parking lot or a desert, that is, if you stay near one. The idea is similar to the dry ice method where you’ll rely on extreme temperatures to pop the roof back into place.

Park Your Car at a Hot Location

Metal expands when heated, so your car’s roof will expand when exposed to high temperatures, forcing it to return to its shape. This may take a few minutes or hours depending on the heat in the location where the car is parked.

This method would not work in colder temperatures even if you place a heat source inside the vehicle, so try it on only hot days. Avoid sitting in the vehicle during this process as you may suffer dehydration or heat stroke, which could be detrimental to your health.

  • Use a Hairdryer or Hot Water

Instead of sitting in the hot sun while waiting for the dent to get fixed, you can use a hairdryer or hot water in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is switch on the handheld dryer and direct the heat toward the dent until it pops back into place. This works under the same principle that metals expand when it is hot, thus the roof’s expansion when exposed to heat will fix it. You can place a thin cloth on the dent while you direct the heat toward it to avoid damaging the paint.

Others have also found luck using hot water. It involves heating the water until it boils and then pouring it over the dent to restore its shape. This method is usually combined with turning up the heat in the car to hasten the process. However, we don’t recommend this process due to the amount of energy consumed by heating the water or using the hairdryer.

  • Use a Vacuum Cleaner

This method is effective when the dent is smaller and the other methods don’t work. Start by turning the vacuum cleaner on and placing it on top of the roof where the dent is located. Place it directly over the dent and the suction will return pop up the roof and clear the dent.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner method can work under all conditions, but only when the dent is small. If the dent is bigger, then go on to the next method.

  • Use the Help of a Professional

All the methods listed above to fix a car roof damage won’t work all the time and some of them require special conditions for them to be effective. This is because dents differ in size and depth and each one will require a different method. However, one method that is guaranteed to work 100 percent of the time is work done by a car bodywork expert. We’ll recommend you see a bodywork specialist if you have the means.

Frequently Asked Question

– Can a Crushed Car Roof Be Repaired and How Much Will it Cost?

Yes, a crushed car roof can be repaired, but its cost will be determined by several factors such as the type of vehicle and the extent of damage done to the vehicle. However, if you have insured your vehicle, then the cost will be shouldered by the car insurance company.

Can I Follow the Guide on Fixing a Caved in Car Roof for a Chevy Silverado?

Before attempting to fix a caved-in car roof for a Chevy Silverado, it’s crucial to consider the chevy silverado rocker panel replacement cost. This cost can vary depending on various factors, such as the extent of the damage and the specific replacement parts needed. Consulting a professional guide or seeking expert advice would be advisable in this situation.


Fixing a caved-in roof of a car is not an easy task, but it will ensure that your car’s beauty is not compromised. These are the best ways to go about it as discussed in this article:

  • One of the ways to repair a dented roof is by placing a plunger on the dent and pressing it up and down until the dent is gone.
  • Another way involves parking the car in a hot place and allowing the surrounding heat to force the dent to pop up.
  • During the winter months, you can use dry ice by placing a handful over the dent and waiting patiently until the roof returns to its original shape.
  • You can also use a rubber hammer to correct the fault by hitting the dent several times until it pops back into place.
  • Some hot water or a hairdryer might also do the trick of fixing the dent by applying extreme heat to the affected area of the car’s roof.

If all else fails, then call on the auto bodyworks experts to help you fix your caved-in roof. You may destroy your car’s roof if you continue using methods that don’t work.

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