Why Are Hyundais So Cheap? Detailed Guide to These Cars

Why are Hyundais so cheap is a common question people ask at the dealership – the answer is simply that they put in place a series of activities to maximize production efficiency.

Why Are Hyundais So Cheap

This price difference is very noticeable when shopping around. However, they are a good car brand to look into, as they provide their customers with value for their money. This article explores the reasons for the cheaper market value of this car brand, among other intricate details – use it as your guide to purchase.

What Makes Hyundais Cheaper Than Vehicles of Similar Models?

What makes Hyundais cheaper than vehicles of similar models is a series of activities by the Korean manufacturer to maximize production efficiency. The main steps towards this include using low-cost materials, streamlining the production process, and operating their auto plants in low-cost economic countries.

– Hyundai Use Low-Cost Materials

Hyundai tends to use lightweight materials that are easily accessible, available, and cost-effective. The company’s choice to use inexpensive production materials is an integral strategy that helps them to reduce production costs. However, you should avoid associating the reduced price of Hyundai vehicles with sub-standards.

Unlike most car manufacturers, the company is making it their priority to find the balance between luxury and cost. Consequently, they offer you value for your money. Even though they use less expensive materials, they still manufacture vehicles that compare well with the more expensive brands.

– Hyundai Manufacture Their Engines

Unlike most vehicle manufacturers that outsource their engines and other integral engine components, Hyundai manufactures its engines. This is another crucial factor that helps them cut costs.

Hyundai Manufacture Their Engines

Since they don’t rely on external companies, it gives them full autonomy to control their car prices.

– Large Volume Production

Manufacturing in bulk is an effective way to cut costs. The adoption of this simple strategy is a significant turning point for Hyundai. Initially, they struggled to keep up with their counterparts. However, today Hyundai is one of the biggest global car manufacturers, yet they make vehicles available to customers at a low price.

Considering they produce their engines in-house and manufacture in large quantities, they get to spread production costs over numerous amounts. This allows them to sell their vehicles at a more economical price.

– Application of Outdated Technology

Hyundai is somewhat rigid when it comes to adopting the latest tech. To reduce costs, they sometimes have to depend on outdated technologies. In addition, they tend to stick to a more straightforward approach for car designs and other aspects of production.

The company tends to avoid every unnecessary feature and gadget, and in the case where it is necessary, they may use a simple or outdated one, provided it gets the job done. Again, it does not mean their cars lack luxury or the needed features for optimum functionalities. They just prefer to keep things simple. Moreover, they would have to increase their prices to create vehicles with the latest tech.

– To Penetrate the Market and Stay Competitive

Hyundai started offering high-quality vehicles at low prices as a tactic to capture market share. This was initially a way to gain some competitive edge against their competitors. Customers who cannot afford the more expensive vehicles will have to settle for the cheaper ones.

White Hyundai Car at the Woods

However, they ensured to produce quality vehicles, especially with the general market perception that most Asian cars are low-grade. It was important that even though they were making good vehicles, they needed to reduce their MSRP to get as many customers as possible.

Another point to consider is that Hyundai tends to run its manufacturing plants in low-cost countries like China and India. This is critical for reducing operational costs.

Are Hyundais Durable Vehicles?

Yes, Hyundai cars are durable vehicles. If you carry out routine maintenance measures, a typical Hyundai vehicle should last you for well over 150,000 miles. Considering the average American drives less than 15,000 miles per year. Therefore, your car should guarantee 10 years without major repairs.

In addition, compared to other automotive manufacturers, especially in the US, Hyundai offers the most extended vehicle warranty. This suggests they are well assured that their products sustain you for extended periods.

What Are the Common Issues With Hyundais?

The common issues with Hyundais include transmission and electrical problems. Typical issues Hyundais owners report regarding the transmission – slipping and difficulty in shifting gears, which is necessary for driving. When the gear hesitates, it stalls the car or even prevents driving in more complicated cases.

Issues with the vehicle’s electrical system are another major problem which may be as simple as an issue with the spark plug to more complex faults affecting the alternator. In some scenarios, the car battery may die out earlier than it should or completely malfunction the vehicle’s electrical system.

Some Hyundai owners may also experience engine problems ranging from rough idling, engine running rich or stalling. These faults may arise from a clogged air filter or issues with some of the car sensors or the spark plug. You shouldn’t get turned off by any of these issues; every car has its peculiarities. Just consult a qualified mechanic or visit a reputable auto repair shop whenever you experience any problem with your vehicle.

What Is the Average Annual Cost of Maintaining a Hyundai?

The average annual cost of maintaining a Hyundai is less than $500 annually. Like the cost of acquiring the vehicle, this is relatively cheap compared to most other car brands. If you cannot afford this price, you should reconsider purchasing any car for now.

Cost of Maintaining a Hyundai

That said, if you are looking for a less expensive and low-maintenance vehicle, you’d probably find a Hyundai vehicle that fits your budget. In fact, Hyundai offers leasing options and excellent incentives, making them the perfect choice for anyone working on a strict budget.

What Are the Advantages of Buying a Hyundai?

The advantages of buying a Hyundai include the low cost and maintenance. As we have reiterated, compared to cars of similar models, they are relatively cheap to purchase, with reduced maintenance costs. Moreover, they are reliable and durable, serving you long.

Other benefits of buying a Hyundai car include the following:

  • Hyundai automobiles have top-notch fuel economy. So, even after purchasing your car at a reduced fee and spending a token on maintenance, the vehicle still guarantees good fuel mileage reducing fuel expenses.
  • The vehicle guarantees impressive handling for a smooth jolly ride, even on a long road trip.
    Hyundais have the longest warranty, offering attractive incentives, rebates, and good leasing options at minimal profit margins.
  • The Korean giant provides you with vast options, models, and features. Regardless of how choosy you are, you will find one that suits your taste.
  • You get value for money. With Hyundai, you know you are not paying any excessive fees. No one can deny the fact that, considering the price, Hyundais are of exceptional value.
  • Hyundai automobiles boast a simple yet sophisticated design with top-notch aerodynamics, guaranteeing the vehicle’s efficiency and overall durability.
  • Besides the unnecessary features, Hyundais are equipped with fantastic features like roadside assistance which will prove vital should your car break down in an unfamiliar environment.

Hyundais offer a vast range of vehicles to choose from. Whether you want a small car, sedan or a large SUV with enough room to accommodate your family, you’ll surely get one that meets your specifications.

What Are the Downsides to Acquiring a Hyundai?

The downside to acquiring a Hyundai is that it has a lower resale value and is not usually considered a luxurious vehicle. If you are one that really cares a lot about people’s perception of you, having a Hyundai might not be a good idea.However, people see it as a low-budget vehicle.

Below are some other downsides to owning a Hyundai:

  • Compared to other popular brands, Hyundais often have a lower resale value. So when looking to upgrade your car, you find it challenging to sell your Hyundai for a good price.
  • Customizing, styling and making subtle upgrades to your Hyundai may seem more challenging than expected. The vehicles tend to be too conservative. Also, the use of outdated tech and features makes styling difficult.
  • The fuel mileage of some Hyundais is not appealing.
  • Hyundai dealerships may be challenging to access, like other brands. Also, they may not provide you with the kind of hospitality and customer service you get from others.
  • Most Hyundais are less sophisticated. They may lack the latest features and tech present in the other brands. Also, the vehicle design may seem too bland or basic.
  • Even with the extended warranty, there are reports from customers that they are less comprehensive when compared with other brands.

How Does Hyundai Compare With Other Popular Brands?

Hyundai compares well with other popular brands, including Toyota and Honda. Indeed, these other brands may be more sophisticated, offering their customers cars with stylish designs. Still, Hyundai remains the brand that gives its customers high quality at a reduced price.

– Hyundai vs Toyota?

As mentioned briefly, concerning price, Hyundais are usually cheaper. Note that it does not mean they are inferior. The higher cost of Toyota vehicles is primarily related to its better market recognition.

Besides being a bigger brand, Toyota cars are usually more reliable and have a more appreciable resale value. Therefore, the choice is yours – though, if you are on a strict budget, you should go for a Hyundai. The Korean car company also offers cars with impressive performance and a superior warranty.

– Hyundai vs Honda?

Unlike Hyundai, which tends to be simplistic, Honda cars tend to have a sporty edge. They are usually faster than most cars. But regarding reliability, Hyundai takes advantage in this comparison – they are more durable than Honda cars.

Comparasion Price of Hyundai vs Honda

In the end, the choice is yours. Whenever you decide to buy a new car, it is best to streamline the vehicles you want and then compare the individual features of the cars before acting on your choice.

– Hyundai vs KIA?

Before anything, let’s start by stating that KIA Motors is, in fact, a subsidiary of Hyundai. Therefore the two brands share some similarities, though they are unique, having different brand identities and ideologies. Hyundai granted KIA production autonomy when it bought the company in 1998.

Concerning reliability, we can’t specifically pick a brand over another, considering it fluctuates depending on the car model. So when stuck on either going for Hyundai or Kia, it is in your best interest to research the kind of car you are getting. You should compare the features and the durability of either brand for that car type.

Regardless, you can be assured that with either of the brands you choose to settle for, you will find a vehicle that fits your budget and appeals to your requirement. However, at a fair price, KIA vehicles offer better comfort, handling, and luxury features.

Which Hyundai Models Are the Most Trustworthy?

The most trustworthy Hyundai models include Tucson, Elantra, Accent, Hyundai Palisade, Sonata, Hyundai Santa Fe, etc. Beyond a car with good fuel efficiency, customers consider reliability an important criterion when purchasing a car. No one is interested in getting a vehicle with high maintenance, requiring too much money and time.

– Hyundai Elantra

Like every typical Hyundai, the car has a low starting price of around $20,000 yet guarantees durability. Also, it has a high mpg, making it an ideal fit you should consider for your daily travels. The car assures you less than a 10 percent chance of requiring significant repairs. Also, the annual maintenance cost is just about $55, making it a highly reliable commuter.

Besides the Hyundai Elantra, other variants like the Elantra GT and Elantra Coupe Amos boast incredible durability. This makes this group of vehicles some of the most reliable products of Hyundai.

– Hyundai Tucson

The Tucson is one the most reliable products of Hyundai models, ranking it among the most reliable compact SUVs. The probability of the vehicle requiring a primary repair is at 10 percent, suggesting that with proper routine maintenance practices, you may avoid these issues.

Though like other compact SUV users, the car may require you to make 0.3 visits to the auto shop annually. But with this vehicle, you are likely going to spend less. The average annual maintenance cost is less than $100.

– Hyundai Sonata

The Sonata features a stylish design with features that competes well with many mid-size cars. But compared to other sedans, it’s a highly reliable car. For example, its annual maintenance cost is around $450, while most other sedans have a yearly maintenance cost of over $500.

Also, it has a reduced chance of developing major engine issues at 11 percent compared to 12 percent of a typical mid-size car. Moreover, it has excellent mileage and generates suitable power and torque to drive the engine components optimally.

– Hyundai Accent

The Accent is perhaps the most reliable of the Hyundai models, with incredible durability. Compared to other vehicles, it is super dependable, needing barely 0.2 unscheduled visits to the auto repair shop. Moreover, its probability of suffering any major engine issue is eight percent, lower than most highly reliable cars.

Are Hyundai Models of High Quality?

Yes, Hyundai models are of high quality, and even though many attribute budget-friendly cars to being undesirable, this is not the case for Hyundai brands and models. The company capitalizes on finding the appropriate ways to cut production costs without reducing quality.

In today’s market, Hyundai cars are known for offering premium quality vehicles at pocket-friendly prices. Hyundais are not only good cars, but they also have an extensive collection to select from.

Why Are Hyundais Considered a More Affordable Option Compared to Tesla Cars?

When it comes to affordability, Hyundai cars are often touted as a more accessible choice compared to Tesla. While both brands offer their distinct features, Hyundai’s lineup is known for its less expensive price tags. However, if you’re specifically seeking a Tesla, exploring the various get a cheap Tesla options available is worth considering, as they may offer some cost savings without compromising on the brand’s cutting-edge electric technology.


Having read through this article, you understand that the low cost of Hyundais is not a factor of poor quality like many would like to think. That said,

let’s take a quick summary of all the article entails.

  • Hyundais are cheap because of a group of initiatives put in place by the manufacturers to cut production costs.
  • The reasons for the reduced cost price of Hyundai automobiles include the company manufacturing their engines and taking the no-frills approach, among other strategies, to get a competitive edge over their counterparts.
  • These vehicles are highly durable. With routine servicing and maintenance practices, a Hyundai can last you for over a decade without significant damage.
  • The non-durable Hyundai products include Accent, Sonata, Elantra, etc.
  • Compared to cars of other popular brands like Toyota, Honda and Kia. Hyundai maintains its reputation for giving its customers high-quality vehicles at a low price.

Whenever you are in doubt, thinking if a Hyundai is a good choice, do not hesitate to review this article for more insight.

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