How Long Do Car Alarms Go Off For? Complete Answer Guide

How long do car alarms go off for?” is a question that many car owners wonder, especially since most people see it as a nuisance rather than a theft-deterrent system. It might seem like a good idea to have the alarm ring for a long time, but it can also cause a disturbance.

How Long Do Car Alarms Go Off For

Some car alarms also have a panic button feature which allow you to extend the sound for a longer time. With our guide below, you can learn more about how long your vehicle alarm will go on for and what factors influence the length of the alarm.

How Long Will a Car Alarm Go Off For?

A car alarm will go off for about 30 seconds, but this depends on the configuration and the system. In some cases, the alarm can continue for up to 30 minutes. If your sensors, alarm system or key fob is damaged, the alarm will go on for longer.

There are different variables that would affect how long it would take for a vehicle alarm to sound. In most cases, car alarms don’t last for more than a few minutes, but if the alarm came on due to low battery, it would last even longer.

Some alarms also have a feature that would automatically reset them after a short time. So, the alarm would come on for about a minute, then remain quiet for five to ten minutes before it starts blaring again. In the past, vehicle alarms could even go all day until you shut it off manually. But, modern systems are designed to go off after 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

Driver Try to Turn The Car Alarm Off

Some cities also set laws that state that vehicle alarms should be turned off after a few minutes or the driver would have to pay a fine. You can read your car’s manual to know more about how long the alarm would go on for. Also, if another person’s car goes off, you should call the police or drop a note to the car’s owner.

What Factors Affect How Long a Car Alarm Sounds?

The factors that affect how long a car alarm sounds includes the type of alarm, the location of the car, the model and make of your car, and the weather. All of these factors can make your alarm blare for a longer time or go off quickly.

The Car Alarm Type

There are two types of car alarms, which include passive and active alarms. The passive alarm will only sound when the car has started, but the active alarm can be unlocked by different things like if someone breaks a window or tries to open the door. The active alarm is triggered when there is a threat, and it would sound for much longer than the passive alarm.

Location of the Vehicle

The location of where your car was parked would also influence how long the alarm would keep sound. If you park your car in a public place, the alarm would sound for a short time because people would most likely report it, causing it to stop sounding. But if it’s a private garage, it would go off for a longer time.

Cars Have Been Parked In Street

Make and Model of Your Car

The length of time that the alarm rings is also determined by the make and model of your car. Some cars are designed with inbuilt alarms that cannot be turned off until you fix the problem, but other cars don’t have this feature. Also, some cars have a higher chance of setting off the false alarm than other vehicles.

The Weather

A cold weather would cause the alarm to blare for a longer time. If you’re staying in a cold weather, your vehicle battery would most likely die.

Red Car Have Been Parked Under The Rain

The vehicle alarm sounds whenever the battery is dying in some models to warn you, and so it would last for a long time. You should keep these factors in mind as they affect your alarm sound.

How Long Can a Car Alarm Go Off for Before the Battery Dies?

A car alarm can go off for about 20 minutes before the battery dies. If you have a sensitive car alarm, it would probably get triggered frequently. Your battery can die fast depending on how many times the alarm would go off.

So, it can go off for 20 minutes, stop blaring, and then go off again if you don’t manually turn it off. If your vehicle alarm is damaged, it would not stop ringing on its own and this can completely drain your car’s battery.

Mechanic Maintaining The Car_s Battery

Some car models are also designed with alarm systems that would continue working even after the battery is drained. This means that if your battery dies, it won’t stop the car alarm from ringing. The car alarms work based on the battery, and so whether it’s active or passive, it would drain your battery.

Keep in mind that a malfunctioning key fob or a dead battery can cause your alarm to ring for a longer time. If your vehicle alarm is going off frequently, it can drain your battery within a week or two.

Will the Car Alarm Go Off Indefinitely?

No, the car alarm will not go off indefinitely. Fortunately, car alarms do not keep ringing forever but they would stop after about 20 to 30 minutes. Most vehicle alarms ring for a few minutes and then reset If no one turns it off manually.

Many car alarms also come with a cutoff switch which would turn the alarm off if it keeps ringing for a certain amount of time, and the time depends on the make and model of your car. Keep in mind that there have been cases of car alarms ringing indefinitely, and that is usually because the system is damaged or the key is no longer working.

What Should You Do if Your Car Alarm is On and You Can’t Stop it?

If your car alarm is on and you can’t stop it, you should use the key to lock and unlock the driver’s door, use the remote fob to lock and unlock the car, check the panic button, or try starting your car.

If someone else’s vehicle alarm goes off, you should contact the non-emergency dispatcher from the police in your city. The police would be able to shut the alarm off, contact the owner and also figure out if a theft was about to take place or if it was something else that triggered the alarm.

On the other hand, if it’s your car alarm that won’t stop, there are different ways that you can try turning it off.

Start Your Car

One way to stop our car alarm from ringing is to start the car. Try starting the car, as many alarm systems are designed to stop if the key is used to start the car or the key fob is closed for a push button start.

Inserting Key To Start The Car

Lock or Unlock the Car

If starting your car does not stop the alarm, you should use the key to remotely lock or unlock the car. Click on the lock or the unlock button on your key remote, and the alarm should become silent.

Hit the Panic Button Again

Another helpful method you can use is to click on the panic button on your key fob. The panic button is meant to set off the vehicle alarm and make it longer, but if you’re trying to turn the alarm off, you can click on the panic button again. The alarm should stop if you click the panic button on and then off.

Use the Key to Open the Driver’s Door

Physically open the driver’s side door with your key. If your car has a physical key and not a push start system, you should insert the key into the driver’s door and lock it, then unlock it again. Many OEM alarm and aftermarket alarm systems would respond to this and shut the alarm off.

Open the Trunk

You can also consider using the key to open the trunk, or click other buttons on the key remote, to stop the alarm from blaring. You can press and hold the button to stop the car alarm from ringing. This method would usually stop the alarm.

Remove the Alarm Fuse

If nothing works and your car alarm keeps ringing, you should also remove the alarm fuse. With your owner’s manual, you can check the exact location of the fuse box and the layout diagram. Then, identify the fuse for the alarm and remove it with plastic tweezers or needle nose pliers.

Mechanic Try to Insert A Fuse In Car_s Fusebox

This should turn the alarm off. Then, you can plug the fuse back in. But, if the alarm comes back on, you should pull the fuse out and contact a mechanic to get it repaired.

Disconnect The Battery

In the worst case, you would have to disconnect your car battery entirely. It would be best to disconnect the battery so that the alarm system is rebooted. You should wear eye protection and gloves, and open the hood. Then, loosen the clamp on the negative terminal cable to remove the cable.

After it has been disconnected for a minute, you can reconnect it. The alarm would stay off. But if it comes back on, you should disconnect the battery and contact a mechanic or a tow truck.

Will a Car Alarm Stop On Its Own?

No, a car alarm will not stop on its own unless the battery is entirely dead. If an active alarm is triggered, it would most likely continue blaring for a long time. It might also stop for about 5 to 10 minutes before it continues ringing.

Some car models also design their alarm to ring for a few minutes, so you should check your user manual. The whole purpose of the vehicle alarm is to stop a robber from stealing or damaging your vehicle, so the alarm will not stop ringing until you stop it.

If the alarm has a timer, the timer would make the alarm sound for only about a minute before it is turned off. This way, it does not drain your alarm battery. If the alarm does not stop on its own if it is meant to, or you turn it off with your fob and it doesn’t work, it might be broken or faulty.

How long do car alarms typically go off for before they shut off on their own?

Car alarms, including the one on the Ford Mustang, vary in their duration before shutting off automatically. While it ultimately depends on the model and setting, car alarms typically ring for around 30 seconds to a few minutes. If you’re dealing with a persistent alarm, consider contacting a professional or referring to the vehicle’s manual to learn how to disable Ford Mustang alarm systems effectively.


With this guide on how long do car alarms go off for, you now know how your car alarm works and how you can turn it off.

Here’s a summary of what our guide included:

  • Car alarms go off for about 30 seconds but it can last for up to 30 minutes in some models.
  • The factors that affect how long the car alarm rings includes the make and model of your car, the type of alarm, the weather and the location of the vehicle.
  • A car alarm can ring for 20 minutes before the battery dies, but it can also ring indefinitely if it is damaged.

If you notice that your car alarm is ringing all the time without stopping, you should contact a mechanic to inspect the system.


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