Honda Hr V Wont Start: All the Causes and Simple Fixes

Your Honda hr-v wont start if you have a faulty battery or corroded terminals and wires. Although it is the most common and easiest problem (in terms of detection and solution), there are exceptions.

Honda Hr V Wont Start

This post describes all common and uncommon reasons that can prevent the car from starting. You can also check the repair methods and see if you can fix the car yourself.

Why Won’t Your Honda HR-V Start?

Your Honda HR-V won’t start because it has a corroded or dead battery or a battery with poor connections. Defects in the starter or its connections can also have similar effects. Lastly, the car won’t start because of a damaged alternator or fuel pump or obstructed fuel filters.

  • Corroded or Dead Honda Hr-v Battery

The most common reason behind HRV starting failure is a corroded or dead battery. You might hear an odd clicking sound when you try to start the car, but the engine still would not start.

It happens because a failing battery produces only a little charge that activates the solenoid but is insufficient for a starter. The clicking noise comes from the solenoid. Other devices, such as the wiper, lights, or radio, may work, but since the starter needs a high charge, it will not start.

However, if you keep trying to crank the engine, the battery will lose total power, and other devices will blink or stop working. A common sign of a failing battery is a flickering dashboard. Sometimes the Honda HRV won’t start after battery change. It happens if the new battery has manufacturing defects or you did not install it properly.

You can test your battery with the help of a multimeter. A healthy, fully charged battery shows 12.6 volts or more on the multimeter, so a reading below means the battery is failing.
In some cases, even a battery showing a voltage above 12.4 volts fails to crank the engine. Therefore, you should check the voltage when you start the engine. If it drops below 10 volts,

the following issues can explain the cause:

  • Internal damage to the battery
  • Not using the car for a long time
  • The faulty alternator failed to charge the battery


  • Bad Hrv Battery Connections

Another reason why your car won’t start is because the battery connections are damaged. It can happen even if the battery is in good condition. Poor connections interrupt the current flow from the battery, so the car will fail to start.

Starting Problem of Honda HR

There are many explanations for damaged connections. Old batteries get corroded around the terminals. It happens because the battery has acid that corrodes metals when in contact.
The buildup of corrosion reduces the current flow. Initially, you might hear clicking, but if you do not clean the buildup soon, your 2017 Honda HRV won’t start, and even the solenoid won’t activate.


Detecting corroded battery terminals is easy. You only have to inspect the terminals and wires. If you see silver or white deposits after lifting the plastic part from the terminals, you will know the cause.

  • Starter Motor Is Not in Working Order

A starter has a significant role in starting the engine. If the starter is out of order, it will not crank the engine. The motor draws power from the battery as soon as you turn the ignition key. Even if the Honda HRV won’t start, clicking noise from the solenoid is possible.

The following reasons can cause an inoperative starter:

  • Although the motor stops working when the engine starts, it still works every time you plan on driving. Considering its frequent use, it is not surprising the motor wears out with time. An old starter is more likely to fail because of reduced efficiency.
  • Sometimes a newly replaced motor can fail because it has manufacturing defects.
  • Buying from unreputable sellers or being unaware of the car’s compatibility can cause this problem.
  • Frequent cranking overheats the motor, which damages the motor’s internal parts.
  • Moisture inside the compartment can corrode the motor and prevent its operation.
  • Damaged motor connections or electrical upsurges deteriorate the motor.
  • Lack of lubrication or contamination wears out the motor.


  • Defective Starter Electrical Connections

Having a functioning battery or starter does not mean there is no problem with the engine. Like the battery connections, there is always a chance of bad starter electrical connections.

Sometimes people rule out the possibility of damaged wiring connections because they hear clicking from the engine compartment. It is important to note that the sound comes from the solenoid. A damaged starter connection does not affect the solenoid because they have separate circuits.

A problem in the starter connections means that the battery power will not reach it, or the starter will be unable to crank the engine. Like other wires, connections, or terminals, the starter wires get damaged because of corrosion. Moisture, dirt, or rodents chewing on the wire insulation are other possibilities.

  • Non-Operative Honda Key Fob

Honda HRV won’t start lights flashing is a situation that usually signals a non-operative Honda keyless remote. Most modern cars are equipped with a keyless entry system that operates with a keyless remote.

If you are trying to start your car with the fob and remain unsuccessful, you might have a bad keyless remote battery. However, if replacing the battery does not start the car, you can suspect other issues with the fob.

Bad key programming with the car and disrupted signals because of other devices can prevent the car from starting. Moreover, a physically damaged fob will fail to start your car’s engine. It is crucial to test the Honda HRV push button start problems one by one.

  • Clogged Fuel Filters in Your Honda Hr-v

The fuel or gasoline filters ensure that the fuel reaching the engine is clean. To protect the engine from severe damage, the filter itself gets blocked after a certain period. The clogged or blocked filter will not allow fuel to pass through when you try to start the engine.
You can detect this problem by noticing a gasoline smell from the car. You can confirm it by locating the gasoline filter and inspecting it. The location slightly varies in different car models, so you can check your car’s manual.

Although the filter clogs when it gets old, some factors expedite clogging. Impurities in the fuel system or fuel tank, using substandard fuel, or using incompatible fuel additives can prematurely clog the filter.

  • Engine Starting Issues Due to a Failed Alternator

An alternator provides power to electrical devices and car batteries. The battery drains out while providing power to the starter. Thus, the alternator provides enough power to charge the battery when the engine is running.

It does this by converting the rotational engine motion into electrical power. The alternator connects with the engine via a belt. When the belt rotates a part of the alternator, it produces an alternate electric current, later converted to a direct current.

A problem with the alternator will drain the battery, so you will not be able to start the car. Electrical issues such as irregular voltage spikes overheat the alternator. Moreover, a loose or misaligned belt or contamination may damage the alternator.

  • Defective Fuel Pump Preventing Engine From Starting

A defective fuel or gas pump can also prevent the engine from starting. The pump sends the accurate quantity of fuel toward the engine to maintain a constant pressure. A defective pump will fail to send the fuel, and the engine will not start.

This problem is usually accompanied by a loss of power. You can notice it while trying to accelerate. The pump gets damaged if exposed to dirty fuel or high ethanol fuel.
Additionally, repeatedly running the Honda HR-V on low fuel instead of filling the tank can damage the pump. Electrical issues and poor maintenance are common causes of a defective gas pump.

How To Fix a Honda HR-V That Does Not Start?

You can fix a Honda HR-V that does not start by cleaning or substituting its battery. You can also repair the starter yourself or replace it if it is too old. Replacing a blocked gasoline filter, resetting the immobilizer, or buying a new gas pump are additional repair methods.

  • Clean the Terminals or Replace the Battery in Your Car

There are two ways you can clean the battery terminals. The first one is to pour hot water on the terminals. The boiling water will melt away the corrosion in a minute. Try to clean one terminal at a time. If there is water in the middle of both terminals, make sure it does not come in contact with both terminals at once. The battery will be short this way, so dry up the water puddle as soon as possible.

Fix Honda That Does Not Start

However, if you want to clean the terminals thoroughly, you can remove the cables one by one. Always go for the black cable first, and after removing it, you can detach the red cable. You can use a wrench to remove the cable but never touch both terminals with metal at the same time.

After removing the cables, you can clean the terminals with the help of sandpaper. Make sure you scrap off all white or silver buildup. This time reconnect the cables in the reverse order, with red first and then black.

If the battery still does not work, you can go for a car battery replacement. The total cost can be around $100 to $300, based on the car model, battery type, and brand.

  • Mend the Honda Hr-v Starter

If you detect a faulty starter motor in Honda CR-V or HR-V, there is a common way to fix it without spending money. However, you have to be careful because it involves lightly hitting the motor with a hammer.

While you hit the motor, ask someone to start the engine. It solves the issue if the starter is not working because its parts are stuck together. If that does not fix it, your starter might be aging and needs a replacement. You can also check for a Honda HRV starter recall. In that case, the dealership will handle the problem.

  • Replace the Worn Components in Your Honda Car

If the battery and starter are in good condition, you can try fixing other worn-out components. If you are using a key fob to start your car, make sure you know how to start Honda HRV with keyless system. Changing its battery may prove fruitful when starting the car.

Most modern cars have immobilizers that need reconfiguration after some time. You can rule out this possibility with a Honda HRV immobilizer reset.

Moreover, replacing the gasoline filters, pump, or alternator can start the car. The replacement of filters is easy, but in the case of a pump or alternator, you will have to pay the labor cost.

Dead Battery of a Car

What Are the Common Causes for a Honda HR-V Not Starting?

When faced with Honda HR-V not starting issues, it’s crucial to identify the common causes. The nissan altima starting problems: troubleshooting guide can come in handy. Factors such as a faulty ignition switch, battery or starter motor problems, fuel delivery issues, or a malfunctioning ignition coil can contribute to this problem. Consulting a professional mechanic is advisable for accurate diagnosis and resolution.


You don’t have to stress if your Honda HR-V won’t start because simple solutions are available. The reasons discussed in this post can help you take the first step, which is problem detection,

so let us go through the main points one last time:

  • Honda battery issues such as corroded terminals, internal damage, or poor connections are the most widely seen causes of a Honda HR-V not starting.
  • A defect in the starter, gas pump, alternator, or obstructed gas filter can prevent the engine from starting.
  • Replacing the battery, starter, and alternator or resetting the immobilizer can start the car.

At this point, you must be suspecting one or two causes for the starting failure, so get your tools and narrow down the possibilities to fix the car today!

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