Ford Transit Heights: Learning the Dimensions in Detail

Learning Ford transit heights should be your main concern if you want to purchase one for business or personal use. Knowing these qualities helps you to compare it to other cargo vehicles to determine which of them would suit your needs.

Ford Transit Heights

You can also compare the dimensions of the various Ford Transit models so you can make an informed decision. Fortunately, we have all the answers you’re looking for and more interesting facts about the Ford Transit, so keep reading!

How Big Is a Ford Transit Height Length and Dimensions?

The length of the 2022 Ford Transit Connect is 190 inches and its height is 72 inches. The length of the 2022 Transit Cargo van is 217 inches with a height of 81 inches. The last one, the Ford Passenger Wagon, is 250 inches long and 83 inches tall.

Driving a Ford Transit is not difficult as the vehicle is very versatile and its feature is user-friendly. If you have the basic driving skills for a cargo van and the appropriate license, then driving a Ford Transit should be a piece of cake. Take note that these figures are to give you a fair idea of what to expect as we’ll now delve deeper into the Ford Transit dimensions and characteristics.

– Length, Height and Dimensions of the Ford Transit Cargo Van

The van is quite big and features various layouts with their measurements. The short wheelbase and low roof option is 219.9 inches long, with a wheelbase that measures 129.9 inches, a 72-inch width and a height of 83.6 inches. The long wheelbase and low roof option measure 237.6 inches in length with the same height and width as the short wheelbase low roof option.

The medium roof and short wheelbase variety is 217.8 inches long and 100.8 inches long and shares the same width as the other varieties. The medium roof and long wheelbase option has a height of 235.5 inches and is 110.1 inches in height.

The long wheelbase and high roof option is 263.9 inches long, 109.4 inches tall and 72 inches wide. The cargo volume of the van depends on the type of model. The medium wheelbase and low roof van boasts a cargo volume of 246.7 cubic feet while the medium roof features a cargo volume of 315.2 cubic feet. The long wheelbase and low roof model features a 277.7 cubic feet cargo space and the high roof has a cargo volume of 404.3 cubic feet.

– Length, Height and Dimensions of the Ford Transit Connect

The Connect, just like other Ford Transit models, comes in a variety of layouts, each with its exterior dimensions. The short wheelbase and low roof option is 174.2 inches in length, the width is 84.1 inches, and the height is 72.6 inches with a 104.8-inch wheelbase. The long wheelbase option measures 190 inches in length with its wheelbase being 120.6 inches while the height and width remain the same.

Dimensions of the Ford Transit Connect

The short wheelbase can give you a maximum cargo volume of 103.9 cubic feet while the long wheelbase model features a cargo space of 128.6 cubic feet. The Connect is designed for carrying cargo within the city, hence its small stature.

This model features two engine choices: a 2.5L Duratec DOHC engine and a 3.5L Ecoboost V6 engine. The former produces 169 horsepower at 6,000 rpm while the latter produces 178 horsepower at 5,700 rpm.

– Length, Height and Dimensions of the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

This van has a different role from the other models mentioned above, which is to carry passengers instead of cargo. It can seat up to 15 people and comes in three varieties which are Regular, Long and Long-EL with either low, medium or high roof. The regular and low roof option is 219.9 inches long with a height of 82.2 inches and a wheelbase of 130 inches. The regular with medium roof boasts a length of 217.8 inches and a height of 98.7 inches.

Then there is the long with low roof whose length is 237.6 inches, is 82.4 inches tall, and has a wheelbase of 148 inches. The long with medium roof features a length of 235.5 inches and a height of 99.2 inches while the long with high roof has a 235.5-inch length with a height of 108.6 inches.

The long-EL with a high roof is 263.9 inches long and 107.7 inches tall. Note that all three varieties (regular, long and long-EL) have the same width, which is 97.4 inches with side mirrors and 83.2 inches when mirrors are folded.

When it comes to the interior dimensions, the regular with a low roof has a maximum cargo volume of 224 cubic feet while the regular with a medium roof boasts a max cargo area of 292.7 cubic feet.

The long with low has up to 256.4 cubic feet and the long with medium roof’s cargo volume is 336.1 cubic feet. The long with high roof variety boasts 382.6 inches of cargo space while the long-EL has the biggest space which is 461.9 cubic feet.

– Height, Length and Dimensions of the Ford Transit Courier

The Courier is the smallest of them all and is the best at negotiating curves, busy streets and tight parking spaces. It has a maximum length of 163.7 inches and a height of 68.8 inches. Its width with mirrors is 81.1 inches, without the mirrors is 69.4 inches, and with the mirror folded is 77.8 inches.

– Dimensions of the Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom comes in two wheelbase options, which are short wheelbase and long wheelbase — labeled L1 and L2, respectively. Then there are two different height options; low roof and high roof which are H1 and H2, respectively. The short wheelbase is 195.7 inches long and the long wheelbase is 210.2 inches long. The height of the low roof is 79.5 inches while the high roof is 94.0 inches tall.

Ford Transit Custom

The width of the Custom is 89.4 inches with mirrors and 78.2 inches without them and when the mirrors are folded, the car’s width becomes 81.2 inches. The Custom is produced in Europe and Asia, thus it is not common in the USA and Canada, however, it is sold in Mexico.

– Dimensions of the 2023 Ford Transit – 250 Cargo Van

The 2023 Ford Transit cargo van dimensions depend on the variety of the model. However, its height ranges from 82.2 inches to 110.4 inches while its length starts from 219.9 inches to 263.9 inches. The width, which is 97.4 inches, is the same across the board.

– Ford Transit Van Height in Feet

The smallest Ford Transit height is 6 feet, while the shortest is 9 feet. These are the respective heights of the shortest Transit Ford Connect and Passenger vehicles.

Ford Transit Van Height in Feet

The height of the other Ford cargo vans is between 6 feet to 9 feet.

– Ford Transit Van Length in Feet

The length of the Connect in feet is 15.8 while the length of the longest Passenger van is 21.9 feet. This gives a fair idea of what size of space to expect when you use a Ford Transit to transport your cargo.

What Are the Height Specifications of a Ford Transit?

The height specifications of a Ford Transit may vary depending on the specific model and configuration. However, understanding tow haul button functionality can greatly assist in optimizing the vehicle’s performance during towing. It allows for smoother gear transitions and enhanced power delivery, ensuring a safer and more efficient towing experience.


This article has discussed the various heights, lengths and other dimensions of Ford Transit models.

Here is a brief summary of all the information that this complete guide has covered:

  • The height of the 2022 Ford Transit Cargo van is 81 inches while the length is 217 inches with a width of 72 inches.
  • Then the 2022 Ford Passenger van boasts a length of 250 inches, a height of 83 inches, and a 97.4-inch width.
  • The 2022 Ford Connect dimensions are 190 inches long and 72 inches tall while the width is 84.1 inches.
  • The Courier has a length of 163.7 inches and a height of 68.8 inches with a width of 81.1 inches with mirrors and 69.4 inches without mirrors.
  • The longest Ford Custom is 210.2 inches long and the smallest is 195.7 inches with a width of 78.2 inches.

All these Ford Transit dimensions are dependent on the trim levels of each model and are meant to give you a fair idea of what to expect when you purchase this vehicle. Make sure to visit the nearest Ford dealership if you want to check out the dimensions before making a purchase.

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