Ford Limited vs Platinum: What Are the Differences?

Ford Limited vs Platinum are the apexes of the Ford F-150 packages offered for class, functionality, and luxury. Anyone looking to get the best that F 150 has to offer can choose either of the two trim levels.

Ford Limited vs Platinum

However, they are not completely the same, even though they share some similarities. We’ll look at their differences in this comparison guide to help you through choosing the best.


Features Ford Limited Ford Platinum
Engine Options 3.5L V6 EcoBoost V8 5L engine
Moonroof Standard Optional
360 Camera Standard Optional
Tires 22-inch tires 20-inch tires
Price More Expensive Affordable


What Are the Differences Between Ford Limited and Platinum?

The main difference between Ford Limited and Platinum is that Ford F-150 Limited offers the capabilities and features of Platinum in addition to some extra standard features. These features include 400w outlets, a 3.5L V-6 EcoBoost engine, 22-inch wheels, and genuine wood trim accents.

Ford Limited and Platinum are high-end trims with similar features across each trim. The common similarities between the two trims are automatic emergency braking, push-button start, an 8-inch productivity screen, premium leather interior upholstery, and ventilated and heated front seats. Basically, the two trims both offer the most sought-after features.

Even though Ford Limited offers more features than Platinum, the lacking features can be added, which further makes the two trims identical. There are other factors that differentiate the two trims, and we’ll go deeper into these factors so you can understand their differences better.

– Technological Features

When choosing the ideal trim level, the technology features offered are an important factor to consider. Interestingly, both Ford Limited and Platinum offer different types of technological features. These features include a Wi-Fi hotspot, Travel Link, voice-activated navigation, and B&O Play premium audio. They also offer keyless entry and ignition, which comes together with rear parking sensors.

In addition, you also get the Ford Co-Pilot 360 Assist 2.0, which comes with lane centering, stop-and-go, speed sign recognition, built-in navigation, intersection assist, and evasive steering.

However, Ford Limited goes the extra mile to offer a 360-degree camera, while Platinum does not provide. Additionally, Limited offers Co-Pilot Active 2.0 prep package option, and these features Active Park Assist and Active Drive Assist.

– Interior Features

Both editions offer a myriad of features together with the option to perform upgrades. With that, you can be sure to always find something appealing for your pickup truck. The two models offer similar features for comfort, implying that you can choose any if you’re after comfort.

However, the interior appliques and badges for each package are slightly different, with the Limited edition offering 400W outlets, Pro Power Onboard 7.2KW, and genuine wood trim accents.

– Exterior Features

Like the interior features, the two trims also offer exclusive appliques and badges. However, with the Limited edition, you get a standard moonroof, which is an upgrade feature for Platinum. Another thing to note is that Ford Platinum offers a unique headlamp design, a wrap-around bumper, a power dome hood, and 11 grille options, all of which give its design a stronger appeal.

Another thing to note is that the Limited comes with 22-inch polished aluminum wheels, while the Platinum comes with 20-inch polished aluminum wheels. Limited also offers a power tailgate together with a work surface and step. Even though these features are not available on Platinum, you can always get an upgrade.

– Power, Mechanics, and Performance

The two trims feature a monotube rear shock and a 10-speed automatic transmission. However, the Limited trim has a larger turbocharged 3.5L V-6 EcoBoost engine that is designed to offer a maximum towing rate of 14,000 pounds and 500 torque. Fuel economy is also better in the Limited edition than in the Platinum edition.

In general, people prefer Ford Limited to Platinum, but this doesn’t mean that Platinum is not reliable or impressive. The Platinum edition features a V8 5L engine designed to produce 410 torque and 400 horsepower.

This is an upgraded option for lower trims, but the mpg offered is not as impressive as that of the Limited edition. If you want to increase the energy produced by Platinum, you can easily upgrade it to the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, the 3.0 Diesel engine, or the 3.5L PowerBoost Hybrid.

The option to upgrade to Hybrid engines is also offered by Ford Limited, but this does not include the 3.0 diesel engine. Another area that differentiates the two is the 4WD options they offer, with Limited offering a two-speed automatic AWD and locking 4WD, and Platinum only offering a two-speed automatic 4WD.

– Safety

Another key features that differentiate the two trim levels are the safety features included in both options. With the Platinum option, you get all the popular safety features required, which include blind-spot monitoring, inflatable safety belts for the backseats, and rearview cameras. However, when compared to the Limited edition, Platinum doesn’t offer as many safety features.

Safety is one of the primary focuses of the Ford F-150 Limited. The key features offered are pre-collision assistance, lane-keeping systems, park assist, and 360-degree cameras. These are additional features that are not offered by Platinum. Despite this difference, it’s worth noting that the two trims come with the Integrated Trailer Brake Controller.

– Additional Upgrade Features

In addition to all the features above, the two trims also have their unique optional upgrades that you might want to consider. However, this is completely based on individual preference, and they include an extended 36-gallon fuel tank, interior work surface, engine block heater, and an upgraded axle. Another feature is a max recline, which is available on the passenger and driver seats.

In both cases, you get everything that a luxury truck offers and even more. However, with the Limited edition, you get to enjoy additional technology and safety features. This is a key reason why it’s the preferred option among most users.


From the differences above, it’s clear that Platinum trim options offer borderline luxury, while Limited trims are generally a more practical solution. This is because it offers more features than the Platinum edition. Platinum mostly focuses on appearance, which is why it doesn’t have as many features as the Limited version.

When it comes to performance levels, and power upgrades of the twin-turbo, the two trim levels aren’t so different from each other. In general, the Limited trim is the option to go for if you’re looking to save more money while enjoying the benefit of some extra features.

For the tech aspect, Limited takes the lead, particularly with respect to the type of engine option included. Basically, the Limited has the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 diesel engine that produces more power than the conventional 5.0 V8 engine present in the Platinum. Additionally, the Limited offers more gas mileage than the Platinum.

The next thing that comes to mind is which of the two options is more expensive. Ford Limited is generally more expensive than Platinum, and this is only natural since it offers more features in addition to those already available on Platinum. Basically, the Limited is a higher package offering than the Platinum.

What Are Ford Limited’s Characteristics and Specifications?

Ford Limited’s characteristics and specifications include 360 degrees camera, 22-inch tires, a powered tailgate, and heated back seats. Other key features include the 3.5 EcoBoost engine, x140v power outlet, and Limited branding on the steering. Limited offers a range of other features that makes it a preferred option.

Specialties of Ford Limited

– Key Features

One of the key things to note about the Limited edition is that it takes on most of the offerings of XLT and significantly improves on these offerings. The trim features a hands-free power liftgate that is designed to enhance rear access. Another impressive feature is the power-deployable running boards that allow for easy entry and exit to the vehicle.

The interior part offers visually appealing leather upholstery and adjustable pedals. In addition, the second row of seats also gets heating. For people looking to equip their trucks with extra features, an option to consider is to equip the captain’s chair. This is particularly useful if you don’t have use for the bench seat on the second row.

Another key feature offered by the Limited edition is the windshield wipers to sense rain and the parking sensors, both of which are located at the front of the vehicle. You also get the power folding side mirrors. If you’re a lover of music, one of the uniqueness of Ford Limited is the Bang and Olufsen sound system it comes with.

When it comes to technological offerings, the Limited is not lacking, as it includes the Ford Co-Pilot 360 Assist. This feature is designed to offer extra assistance to drivers in peculiar instances. Safety features are also a major selling point for the Limited, and one notable safety feature is the full-speed adaptive cruise control. This feature helps maintain the speed of the vehicle within safe limits.

– Why You Should Get It

Ford F150 Limited is a worthy investment for anyone looking to get a rugged truck with amazing features in addition to luxury. Basically, with the Limited, you get it all. The interesting thing about this trim is that it offers features you won’t find in other Ford F150 trims.

Another thing to note is that the Limited is fully decked, which is reflected in its price. This is practically the only limitation of the series when compared with other versions. The technological aspect of the trim is also amazing, and you can be sure to use all the features it offers.

What Are Ford Platinum’s Characteristics and Specifications?

Ford Platinum’s characteristics and specifications include a 5.0 V8 engine, cool branding on the steering, heated back seats, 20-inch tires, and 360 degrees camera. This trim series offers many other key features like the powered tailgate and the tailgate work surface. In addition, Ford Platinum is generally more affordable.

Features of Platinum Car

– Key Features

Even though Ford F150 Platinum doesn’t offer as many features as the Limited, it also has many impressive features. One of the major distinguishing features between the two is the twin-turbo V6 variant. However, it’s not always simple to tell the difference between the engines, and there are reports from various buyers that the engine performance are similar.

With that, if you buy Platinum, you shouldn’t expect so much difference in its performance. The main thing to note about the Platinum is that the focus is majorly on its aesthetic appeal, and this can be seen from the exterior design. It offers a satin aluminum exterior, which is a further indication showing that the Platinum is a luxury-oriented trim series.

The upper part of the vehicle features roof rails and crossbars, which further enhances its visual appeal. There are extra upgrades on the interior part, examples of which include the mixture of leather and wood interior trim. On the front seats, extra comfort is enhanced by the massaging function and ventilation.

Seats of the second and third rows have a folding function that allows for space creation. Another amazing feature offered by the Ford F150 Platinum is the noise cancellation feature. This feature helps in the reduction of road and wind noise and ensures that the noise does not get into the cabin.

– Why You Should Get It

Ford Platinum is also a worthy investment, especially when compared to other lower-trim alternatives. Unlike these lower trims like King Ranch, the Platinum offers more in terms of performance, features, and appearance. Another amazing thing is that when it comes to luxury, Platinum takes the lead when compared to other trims.

However, what you should note is that it does not offer as many exciting features as the Limited. The bottom line is that it will all depend on what you want, but if you’re after luxury and visual appeal, the Platinum is the best option to consider getting.

What are the horsepower ratings for the Ford Limited and Platinum models?

The Ford Limited and Platinum models are not specifically known for being the highest horsepower Mustang models. However, both models offer powerful engine options that provide an exhilarating driving experience. While the precise horsepower ratings may vary depending on the specific year and engine variant, these Mustang models still boast impressive performance capabilities.


This Ford Limited vs Platinum trim comparison highlights the differences between both trims. However, with everything above, it’s clear that there are only a few differences between these two in terms of exterior looks, interior trim, technology, safety, performance, and upgradable features. A combination of these features are the main things that make the Ford F-150 the preferred option for pickup trucks with customizable features.

As mentioned above, Limited is more expensive than Platinum, but this is because it offers extra features like the twin-panel moonroof and a larger engine that produces up to 500 torque. These features are only available as upgrades on the Platinum edition. Even though the Limited edition offers higher features, it’s important to note that the two editions have their unique advantages and disadvantages.

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