5.7 Hemi Reliability: Common Engine Problems and Reliability

5.7 Hemi reliability is something that you should consider if you’re thinking of getting a Ram or Dodge vehicle with an engine. The 5.7-liter engine is popular, but its reliability is often questioned because some owners have used it for 100,000 miles and others for over 300,000 miles.

Hemi Reliability Problem

You should also consider the general reliability of the truck that it has been installed in and how well you maintain your engine for it to last long. In this guide, we take a closer look at the 5.7 Hemi engine, its common problems and whether it is reliable.

Is The 5.7 Hemi Engine Reliable?

The 5.7 Hemi engine is reliable as long as it has been well maintained. The engine offers top-notch durability and reliability, and although it will experience some problems along the way, there is no engine that is perfect.

The engine is found in the Ram 1500 pickup truck and some other Dodge Ram trucks. It has been in production for over 20 years, and the old-fashioned and simple design makes it a workhorse. It is a naturally aspirated V8 that uses big displacement to create power, but this fact makes it feature poor fuel economy.

The engine was revised in 2009 and the revised engine is the 5.7 Eagle, which came with better emissions, performance, and fuel economy. The engine comes with variable camshaft timing, intake manifolds, a cylinder head and a multi-displacement system. If you want more quality features, you can consider the 5.7-liter Eagle.

The 5.7-liter Hemi came in three generations and was first developed by Chrysler to be used in the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt WW2 airplane. Then, it was used for cars and nicknamed FirePower.

What Are The Common 5.7 Hemi Engine Problems?

The common 5.7 Hemi engine problems include a valve seat drop, manifold leaks, lifter and camshaft failure, poor gas mileage, faulty multi-displacement system, engine oil leaks, poor emission control and ticking noise.

Hemi Engine Problems ~ Ran When Parked

You can maintain your engine to prevent these problems.

Valve Seat Drops

One of the most important Hemi common problems is the valve seat drop. Most drivers with this engine have complained about a valve seat drive, but the reason for this is unclear. It can be due to overheating but can also be caused by a high revolution per minute.

After your engine runs for 60,000 miles or more, it might experience this problem, and the warning signs are minor. It is mostly because of a temperature spike after you turn the car off.

The valve portion of the engine block will drop down into the block and touch the pistons. It can end up touching the valves, valve seats, piston rings and the piston.

If your valve seat drops, it can damage the cylinder walls and spread damage throughout your engine. It can lead to engine damage, and you would have to replace it.

Exhaust Manifold is Leaking

The manifold of your engine might also start leaking after some miles. The exhaust manifold bolts might become worn out or damaged after a while using the engine, and that would cause a leak.

Leaked Exhaust Manifold ~ Ran When Parked

Luckily, it is not expensive to replace your manifold bolts if they get damaged and cause a leak. The cost of replacing your bolts and gaskets, and the labor costs, can cost up to $500.

Poor Gas Mileage

While the Hemi V8 is a quality engine, no driver can doubt that it has some problems when it comes to gas mileage. Due to the outdated design, the engine draws on a lot of fuel to produce its impressive power, reducing its fuel efficiency.

If you are driving the Dodge Ram 1500 with the 5.7-liter Hemi, you get an MPG of 22 miles on the highway and 25 miles in the city. The real-life figures can also be reduced if you put a lot of pressure on the engine or carry a heavy load.

Lifter and Camshaft Failure

When the 5.7-liter Hemi was revised in 2009 to fix the problem of the valve seat drop, it also caused a problem with the lifter and camshaft. This tick is a well-known problem with Hemi. Once the lifter starts to fail, you would hear a constant ticking noise as the engine reaches the right operating temperature.

The ticking noise in the engine would lead to misfires, and after a while, the lifter might collapse. You might also deal with performance issues like stalling, rough start and shaking. The lifter will wear out if you ignore it, and it can lead to a lot of damage to the camshaft. You might spend up to $5,000 miles on repairs.

Defective Multi-Displacement System

Many drivers have complained that the multi-displacement system of their car became faulty and needed repairs. It would also reduce the lifespan of your engine if left unrepaired. Although multi-displacement engines are meant to reduce fuel consumption, they can cause a grinding sound to be heard when you’re driving.

Multi Displacement System ~ Ran When Parked

Even if you install an aftermarket exhaust system, it won’t be able to get rid of the sound that it makes when you’re driving. If you notice the ticking noise while driving, you need to repair the system.

Poor Emission Control

Another problem that might arise after using the 5.7-liter Hemi for a long time is poor emission control. The emission control system is an important component of the vehicle, but it can eventually get damaged when you have a lot of miles on your car.

Poor Emission Control ~ Ran When Parked

If you notice poor fuel economy and a bad smell from the exhaust system, you should check the emissions control.

Engine Oil Leaks

The engine oil might also be leaking if you have been using the Hemi for a long time. This is especially true if you have been using your truck for off-roading or putting a lot of pressure on the engine.

It might not seem like a problem, but it would cause your engine parts to get rusted quickly and can cause damage to the engine over time. So, if you see a puddle under your car after you park, you should inspect for leaks.

Engine Ticking Noise

You might also deal with an engine ticking noise, which is due to the broken exhaust manifold or multi-displacement system. If there is the Hemi ticking noise, the engine might also misfire when driving, which would lead to problems like power loss and increased fuel consumption.

The lifter roller damage, faulty fuel injector, faulty ignition coils and more can also lead to misfires. Also, the Hemi has a higher chance of overheating than other engines, as they don’t have enough space to cool down the engine.

How Can You Maintain The 5.7 Hemi Engine?

You can maintain the 5.7 Hemi engine by replacing the engine filter and oil regularly, checking the exhaust system, checking the CV joints and rotating the tires.

Maintain the Hemi Engine ~ Ran When Parked

Depending on how long you’ve had the car, you should also replace spark plugs and change the AC filter.

Set A Maintenance Schedule

The first thing you should do is set a schedule for your maintenance. For instance, after having the Hemi for 8,000 miles, you should replace the engine filter and oil and rotate the tires.

But, after driving the car for 96,000 miles, you should replace the engine filter and oil, replace the brake linings, check the CV joints, change the AC filter, replace the spark plugs and more.

Let The Engine Breathe

The 5.7 Hemi has a higher chance of overheating due to the tight space it is in your truck. That is why you should let your engine breathe constantly to prevent increased emissions in your car. You should keep the engine clean and replace the filters when needed to prevent Hemi problems.

Monitor The Tire Pressure

It’s also a good idea to check the tire pressure regularly.

Monitoring Tire Pressure ~ Ran When Parked

If you drive with low tire pressure, the drag and friction would increase. But if the pressure is too high, the grip would reduce. It can place pressure on the engine with the wrong tire pressure.

Change the Oil Constantly

Regular oil change is the most important part of maintenance when taking care of your 5.7 Hemi. As time goes on, oil becomes less efficient and accumulates sludge and debris. It can cause a blockage or damage your car. So, you should replace the oil and filters regularly to prevent further damage.

Check the Coolant Levels

You also need to check the level of coolant in your car for it to be well maintained. The coolant is meant to prevent your engine from overheating, so if it has a low level, it would cause overheating and can damage the parts of your engine. You should check the levels and replace them regularly.

Reduce the Pressure On Your Engine

One thing you should always do when running your car is to lower the pressure on your engine. Avoid carrying a load that is above your towing capacity, don’t shift early or brake suddenly, and use your engine properly.

Reducing Pressure on Engine ~ Ran When Parked

If the check engine light comes on, check your car immediately.

How Long Will The 5.7 Hemi Last?

The 5.7 Hemi will last as long as 200,000 miles if it is well-maintained and 100,000 miles if it is poorly maintained. Some have also reported their engines lasting as long as 300,000 miles or more if it is properly cared for.

The mileage of the engine would depend on how well the truck is maintained, too. Aside from the engine, the truck might have other damaged parts that would cause damage to the engine. If you notice any problem with your car, you should inspect the engine immediately.


With our guide on 5.7 Hemi reliability, you can take care of your Ram engine and enjoy it for many miles. Here’s a summary of our article on this engine:

  • The 5.7 Hemi engines are reliable engines that can last for a long time if it is well maintained.
  • The problems with the engine include valve seat dropping, leaking manifold, lifter and camshaft failure, and ticking noise.
  • You can maintain your engine by setting a schedule, changing the oil and coolant constantly, and monitoring the tire pressure.
  • The 5.7 Hemi would last as long as 200,000 miles or over 300,000 miles if it is well-maintained.

You should constantly maintain your 5.7 Hemi engines so that they lasts for 300,000 miles. The engine has been around for over 20 years and is known for being sturdy and reliable.


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